Caramel Mocha at the Java Jungle

Caramel Mocha at the Java Jungle

It had been two weeks since our last encounter. Something I'd grown accustomed to. He comes in every other Monday to the Java Jungle to deliver a single box of chocolate chip cookies from Josef's Vienna Bakery and Café. The cookies were nothing special. The owner only sells them in our shop because his brother owns the bakery. But the man that delivered them really looked like something I could take a bite out of…

He was in his early 20s and his name was Miguel. Dark brown, wavy hair, and hazel eyes with a mesmerizing outer green hue but a rich, dark brown inner hue to them. He was kind of tall and muscular; I'd say about 6 feet. His dark skin made him look Puerto Rican. But his arms were the biggest turn on for me. They were strong and smooth except for a couple of veins protruding from under his skin, a symbol of strength and endurance. He had a thick wire tattoo creeping up the outside of his left arm to the left side of his neck.

The last time we met he was in his typical FedEx delivery uniform. He stopped in with his usual medium sized box of cookies and approached the counter, grinning. He said, "Hey, Jacquelyn. Looking beautiful as always. Need you to sign," as he handed me the digital pen and pad. I blushed from his compliment and quickly signed the pad, then said to him as I took the box and handed the equipment back to him, "Just like a man to tease a woman with a compliment and then disappear for two weeks, leaving her wanting more." I smiled at him to let him know I was teasing, but he did something unexpected: He placed his firm hand around mine as he took the digital pad back and looked into my eyes, grinning, and said "Well maybe next time I'll just have to stay a while longer." He finally took the pad and walked out of the café, leaving me mesmerized and a little wet.

I spent the rest of that day reliving that moment and ached to go home to let loose my desires. It's been a fantasy of mine to seduce that FedEx delivery driver and let him take me right in the middle of the café for quite some time now. The sexual attraction between the two of us was always there, but I was beginning to believe it wouldn't go anywhere. But now, after that day, I've decided…I want him. And I'm going to make sure I get him.

Today, I decided to risk going to work in something other than my work clothes. I put on a low-cut, black skirt, with white, lacy underwear beneath it. I put on a matching, black poet blouse with my name tag pinned to it in typical Java Jungle style, right above my left breast in a way that I thought might attract attention to my cleavage. Finally, after doing my hair and makeup, I added a touch of the perfume he said he liked a few weeks back to the side of my neck and behind my ears and locked a silver heart key necklace around my neck. It was time.

I waited, impatiently, at my register for Miguel to show up. I thought anxiously about how, with my luck, it'd probably be a different guy or the owner would have suddenly canceled those crappy cookies and I'd never see my FedEx delivery boy again. But sure enough, at about half past 2 o'clock, Miguel rolled up in his truck. I felt my heart suddenly start to race as I stepped out from behind the counter and waited in front of it for him so he could see my full body and outfit.

He stepped out of the truck. My breathing suddenly seemed uncontrollable as he stepped through the door, grinning, like always. I perused my lips with my tongue and darted my eyes quickly to the customer that was still inside, leeching off our free wifi service. It didn't matter. He could watch for all I cared. Nothing was going to stop me from getting this man to ravish my body today.

After what seemed like ages, Miguel was finally right in front of me. I was blushing. I could already feel myself a little wet. I looked into his eyes as he burned a hole into my soul with his deep, penetrating gaze. He said something that sounded like "Delivery," but I was too busy focusing on how we were already pressed up right against each other to notice. He set the box down and then pressed into me so I felt my lower back against the counter.

He was wearing cologne that drove my sense of smell wild. I breathed in the scent from his chest deeply and looked up as I felt his hand brush down my arm slowly. My heart went wild as he pressed his pelvis into mine hard and I already felt his long erection through our clothes. I let out a small gasp as I felt his lips on my earlobe and heard him say "I want you." I was already wet and getting worse by the second. I closed my eyes and finally let go of society's morals and rules about sex as I whispered, "Fuck me. Here. Now. Please," into his ear.

I gasped. It happened almost instantly. His firm hands were suddenly on my ass and he was pulling me against him violently. I let out a small moan as my pussy tightened in anticipation, eager for him to fill me. I could see the customer staring at us as Miguel attacked my neck with his lips and tongue. Good. I hope that dirty bastard enjoys watching this beast of a man take me.

I felt my hands fumbling for the belt on his khakis. I blushed furiously after I looked down and realized that he not only had his hand on my thigh now, but at how large his erection was. I couldn't believe how hard he already was just from a little groping. I looked back up into his eyes and licked my lips seductively as I started to undo his belt with my left hand and grabbed his dick through his pants with my right.

His breathing began to speed up suddenly. I gasped as I felt his hand slide under my skirt and let out a soft moan as I felt his fingers start tracing my opening through my panties. I let out a small whine for him as I heard him say, "God baby, you're so wet." After I finally got that damn belt off, I undid his khakis as quickly as I could and pushed them down. He kicked his shoes off and his pants away as he pulled me against him violently. I looked over at the customer that was now playing with his dick under the table and looked at him right in the eyes and bit my lower lip. I figured I may as well give him a good show; maybe I'll get a good tip out of it.

It seemed like my hand was on autopilot as I felt it slip between the folds of Miguel's boxers and pull his cock through the slit in his shorts. I pulled back momentarily to look at it and gasped: it wasn't porn star enormous, but it was definitely bigger than average. Thick, too. I moaned as I longed even more for it to enter me and started sliding my hand up and down it, slowly, and in a circular pattern. He let out a small groan and I felt him bite into my neck and I shrieked a little as he suddenly pushed my underwear to the side and entered me with two of his fingers.

My pussy tightened up hard around his fingers and my cheeks turned furiously red because I could tell I was dripping all over his fingers. I couldn't control how badly I wanted him. It just kept entering my mind how this was already the best sex I had ever had, simply out of pure lust.

He pressed his thumb against my clit hard and started sliding his fingers in and out of me at a somewhat quicker pace. I moaned loudly and gasped as I was already getting off just from him fingering me and I could barely focus to keep my hand playing with his cock. Suddenly, I felt his fingers leave me and I groaned in frustration but felt his lips meet mine suddenly. His kiss was sweet and I parted my lips almost immediately and met his tongue with mine mid kiss. He sucked on it teasingly and I moaned as he pulled back and sucked our spit off of my lower lip. It tasted almost as good as it felt.

I took a quick glance at the customer as Miguel pulled his shirt off. It seemed like my FedEx delivery boy didn't even realize we were being watched. The man had his penis out by now and was sitting on the table, jacking off a little while watching us. I licked my lips a little at him to turn him on more, but then quickly stopped in fear that he might think to join us. I turned my attention back to Miguel as the stranger continued to play with his cock while watching us get off on each other.

Miguel finally had his shirt off. I immediately noticed a large tattoo across his chest that read "Fearless" and a tattoo on his right inner thigh of a cross and felt myself immediately tighten up. I grinned as I noticed he still had his socks and boxers on and wondered if he might think it indecent to go without them while he drilled his coffee girl in the middle of a café in broad daylight. I licked my lips longingly for his body and let him watch me slowly lift up my shirt past my bra. Then I bit my lower lip as I grabbed the bra and tugged it down past my breasts and moaned quietly to tease him. It worked. He started playing with his cock.

I shook my hair out and played with my nipples by circling the tips with my fingers nice and slow and felt them harden up slowly from the sudden air that was hitting them. Then, I decided that he shouldn't be having too much fun by himself, so I shook my head at him and said, "Let me take care of that," and wrapped my hand around his large erection and licked my lips again. I asked, "You like my lips, don't you?" and felt my heart rate start to pick up again as he nodded and said, "Yeah, I like them…."

I said, "Well, let me show you why you should love them," and slowly dropped down to my knees. I looked up right at him and made sure to make eye contact and felt his penetrating gaze again as I slowly ran the tip of my tongue along the underside of the head of his penis. He gasped and reached down and moved my hair back. I grinned and wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and slowly ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft, then quickly moved up and wrapped my lips around the head and heard him gasp and press it into my mouth a little more. I purred against his cock and pressed the tip of my tongue into the opening of his dick and moaned as he drizzled just a tiny bit against my tongue. I couldn't believe how good even his cock tasted.

I felt myself getting even wetter and tighter from wanting him even more and started mindlessly sliding him in deeper into my mouth just enough for me to take without gagging. I could tell he wanted to throat fuck me but I wasn't going to let him. I sucked on his cock hard and reached down and started playing with my pussy as I ran my wet tongue along him slowly. Finally, I pulled back just enough for me to suck on his head while sliding my hand up and down his shaft as I looked up in his eyes and started fingering my wet pussy. I couldn't stop thinking about how good it would feel to have his long, thick cock sliding in and out of me with how soaking wet I am.

Finally, I stopped sucking on his head and ran my tongue up the underside of his cock one last time and grinned up at him and asked if he loves my lips now. He moaned and breathed kind of hard and said "Fuck yeah I do." I moaned and got up off my knees and gasped as he grabbed me suddenly and practically shoved me down on top of the café counter. I whined as he started pulling off my wet panties as quickly as he could and I pushed everything off the counter so we would have more room.

Once he got my underwear off , he pushed up my skirt, grabbed my knees and then spread my legs nice and wide and I moaned and ran my fingers up and down my clit slowly. Then I gasped again as he suddenly dropped down low enough to press his mouth hard against my snatch and I let out a loud moan and cranked my head up to get a better look at him start to eat me and took a side look at the customer who was now fully erect and seemed to be filming the scene with his cell phone while jacking off feverishly. I moaned, a little out of anger of being filmed and a little from his tongue starting to lap at my opening.

I squeaked as he grabbed my hips and entered me with his tongue and pressed his upper mouth into my clit. It felt so good. I tightened up against his tongue and I felt him probing me deeper with it and I moaned again as I got even wetter from feeling him inside of me. He looked up into my eyes and I licked my lips slowly as he moved his lips against my clit. Then I felt him slide two fingers into my pussy and start to suck on my clit violently and I moaned out "Miguel" loud enough to make an echo and gasped as he continued to suck on my clit and finger me roughly.

After grabbing his head and pushing it harder into my pelvis for about another minute as he continued to eat me, I had finally had enough. I couldn't wait any longer. I ran my fingers through his hair and practically growled, "Fuck me! Fuck me now!" He did as I ordered him to. He immediately released my clit from his lip and mounted the counter with me and kissed my lips hard. I could taste myself on his sweet lips, and damn did it taste good. I felt him squeeze my breasts roughly with both hands as I spread my legs around him and grabbed his dick to help him position it over me. Finally, he gave me what I had been lusting over for months.

I felt his thick, long cock finally enter my starving pussy and immediately slid my hands to his back and dug my nails into him as I let out a piercing moan of "Oh fuck!" He seemed to like it, because before I knew it, he was pounding me into the counter of Jungle Java with the power of a Vanner Stallion. I quickly started to adjust to the size of his cock. At first it was so thick and deep that it hurt, but it felt amazing to be penetrated in such a lustful way.

The sound of his cock bucking into my cervix echoed across the café and I couldn't help but moan over and over again in pleasure. I gasped and looked over at the customer as he was still watching and still filming and jacking off furiously as the two of us fucked like animals. I moaned Miguel's name even louder and scraped my nails down his back kind of hard as he sped up the rhythm of drilling me into the counter.

Before I knew it I was talking dirty into his ear, telling him how I spent every night during one week fucking my toy at home from how horny he made me, and how sometimes I wouldn't wear panties to work just in case he decided to take me that day. None of it was true, but I got so much hotter when he growled into my ear and told me how tight I was and how good my pussy felt. I let out another loud moan, then gasped as he kissed me hard. I kissed him back but only briefly because he pulled away and bit my lower lip as he did so.

I bucked back against his gorgeous dick with each thrust, but my efforts to get him in deeper were in vain. He seemed to be reading my thoughts, because right at that exact moment he pulled out of me and grabbed me by the hips, then leaned down and sucked on my left nipple hard and bit it roughly. After having his fun, he pulled me off the counter with him, turned me around, then leaned me back over the counter. I gasped as he spanked my ass a bit, then moaned "Oh fuck!" again when I felt him wrap his hand around my hair and pull my head back by my hair and enter my vagina with his long cock once more. I groaned as it felt even deeper in this position and felt him pounding into me from behind even faster than he had previously.

He wrapped his right hand around my right breast and squeezed it hard and pinched the nipple between his fingers and made me screech in both pleasure and pain, all while keeping a firm grip around my hair. I was almost out of breath from how hard he was fucking me but I felt the cold counter against my left breast as he continued to plow into me and squeeze my right breast even rougher with his strong hand. I managed to move my head just in time to see the pervert watching us orgasm all over his hand and I moaned "Fuck" at the top of my lungs.

I was getting close. It seemed like Miguel was getting close too because he was squeezing my boob so hard it was beginning to hurt and he kept moaning "Oh fuck, Jacquelyn" loud enough for people outside to hear. I finally slid my hands over the opposite side of the counter and gripped its edge, leaned my head back, and screamed in pleasure and felt myself cumming all over his rock hard dick as he continued to pound into me.

I continued to gasp and moan; it wasn't long until Miguel had his fill. He started growling "Yes" over and over again and finally let go of my hair and squeezed both of my breasts hard and bit into my neck right where I had left the trace of perfume. I moaned loud for him and heard him gasp. I moaned again and asked him to cum on my lips and squeaked when he finally pulled out of me. I turned around and dropped down to my knees and whined loudly as I felt his hot cum all over my lips and a little on my cheek. When he was done, we were both panting, and I grabbed his cock and opened my mouth and slid my tongue against the underside of his head nice and slow and then sucked on his head and looked up in his eyes.

That was the best sex of my life. It was pure, lustful, sexual tension waiting to be released for months. I heard the shop bell ring and noticed that the customer that had been watching us had just left. Miguel hadn't noticed him and said, "Oh shit," when he realized someone had been in here with us. I got a couple of hand towels from the back and cleaned the cum off my lips and cheek.

Finally, we both fixed our clothes and dressed back up. He was about to leave when I stopped him so we could share one last kiss. He left, and I finally had what I'd been desiring for months. I walked over to where the customer had been sitting, still slightly out of breath, to clean up. As I was cleaning up I noticed he hadn't left a tip at all. Figures. Oh well, I thought. Still worth it. I grinned and thought once more about how I could seduce that sexy FedEx driver one more time in another 2 weeks and quietly got back to work at the quiet coffee shop.

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