Emily Goes To Vegas

Emily Goes To Vegas

Summer vacation themed story written for the 2nd writers contest on the forum.

It was a comfortable Friday night in July after everyone got home from work. We had packed the important stuff the night before, so all we really need to do was throw some last minute stuff in a bag and jump in John’s SUV. Guys in the front, girls in back, our warriors leading us on a journey across the southern California desert.

Ashley is my female lover/fianc? She was 23, with long straight blonde hair, green/blue eyes, 5' 6", 110 lbs, 36B, athletically built, toned, a cute little butt and sexy as hell without any make-up at all. Whereas I'm 24, long wavy blonde hair, green eyes, 5' 4", 103 lbs, 34C, run and swim just about every day.

We live together in my beach house along with our two boyfriends. John is: 26, 6' 2", 205 lbs., piercing blue eyes, sandy blonde hair and abs you could do your wash on! Mike is: 25, 6' 1", 210 lbs., brown hair and the eyes to match. John is actually my boyfriend, and Mike is Ashley’s. We had an open relationship, which has turned to an exclusive one with Ash and me. By exclusive I mean we can have sex with people as long as the other gets to join in, unless it’s with our boyfriends.

Ash and I should have just taken our tops off because our hands and mouths were on each other boobs most of the ride. Nothing too serious, our jeans stayed on but did get unbuttoned and our fingers did touch each other’s little wet pussies. Pretty much the typical road trip for two horny girls in love who can’t get enough of each other!
It was about a five-hour drive Southern Cal to Vegas, and we got there shortly after 11:30pm.

We checked in, had our bags taken to the room and fixed our make-up, which was pretty much kissed off. We wore pastel colored spaghetti strapped camisole tops, no bras, jeans that made our asses look good, and high heels. We met the guys down in the casino. They played the table games. Ash and I didn’t really understand them, but stood by their sides like good straight girlfriends. It was exciting when they won; Ash and I played some of the slots and joked that we were playing "Sluts & Slots." Some drunken guys thought they would hit on us. A cute cocktail waitress wearing a very sexy outfit kept bringing us drinks, and we were having fun and flirting with her.

But I wanted to go to a titty bar to see some hott Vegas girls and get a lap dance--or "whatever"!!! That didn’t happen, and we spent the rest of the night getting drunk and going from one casino to another, till finally around 2:30 a.m. Ash and I, drunk and horny, went up to the room. There weren’t many people around and as soon as the elevator door shut I had Ash’s top off her shoulders and those B cups out, licking and sucking them. Ash did the same to me and we vowed to walk the hallway to our room with our boobs out, which we two drunk girls did!!! Once in the room we pee’d the drinks out, got each other naked and did what we do. The guys showed up about half an hour later with a little less money in their pockets.

They scared the shit out of us when they opened the door. It was like we got caught doing something we shouldn’t be doing. Nothing they hadn’t seem us do before, just a surprise. The guys quickly half undressed and joined in, I was on my back in the middle of the bed while Ash had her head between my legs licking away. Mike just came up behind her, undid his belt and dropped his pants to his ankles. He gave up trying to get his shirt off and slid his hard cock in Ash’s little wet pussy. He pounded her pretty good. A couple of times she stopped licking me and just moaned and gasped as she orgasmed. While they were doing that John crawled up on the bed, one shoe still on and his pants bunched up on that ankle. He waved his cock in my face and using my hand I guided it into my mouth. He unbuttoned his shirt as I kissed, licked, and started sucking the head of his hard cock. I was enjoying his cock, Ash was licking my pussy and Mike was pounding hers. Everyone was happy. Not quite at the same time, but somewhat close, we were all cuming, Mike filled Ash’s pussy and John filled my mouth with cum. Ash leaned over me and we shared a hot cum filled kiss and we swallowed half of the load.

While the guys were using the bathroom and getting ready for bed, I had Ash trade places with me on the bed. Mike's cum was already starting to run down her leg, so I carefully licked it off her inner thigh, until all that was left was what remained in her pussy. By now the guys were done in the bathroom and I had an audience as I enjoyed licking the cream pie out of Ash’s yummy pussy. Every so often I stopped to lean over her and share a cummy kiss with her until I had her nicely cleaned up.

The room had two queen sized beds in it and we slid them together. Ash and I sleep in the middle, cuddled together like usual with our guy sleeping on the outside edge of the bed. Four in a bed is fun, no one feels left out, and if the guys don’t want to cuddle, we girls are more than happy to cuddle each other.

Around 1 p.m. Ash woke me with a kiss. The only thing better than waking with a kiss is a lick!! Since Ash and I were going to spend some time at the pool we put on our white, thong back, almost see-through bikinis, then added a simple sundress over them so we wouldn’t be almost naked where we weren’t supposed to be. We found one of those buffets that had all day breakfast and had a bite to eat. After that, the guys went off exploring Vegas, while Ash and I went shopping a little.

We always have fun shopping, and Vegas has some fabulous shops. Strolling through the shops, holding hands and exchanging softly, loving kisses. We usually buy something for each other, usually something sexy we want the other to wear in public or in private.

With shopping out of our system we went back to the room and dropped off our packages. Then off to the topless pool area the hotel had. This was something I was so looking forward to. Sure, we have had private topless pool parties at home, and most of the time we’re naked in the pool. But just like everyone I suppose I was looking forward to seeing some hotties in my favorite setting of outdoors by a pool.

We have these big canvas bags we take with us when we go to the beach, packed with a towel, sun screen and stuff like that in it. So when we got to the pool we found the perfect spot, very slowly and seductively stripped each other, making sure to run our hands over every inch of each other’s bodies. The fun part was being able to take each others tops off; as much as we have been together I think that was the first time I took a bikini top off her!! So we took our dresses and bikini tops and put them in those canvas bags, pulled out a bottle of sun screen and begin applying it to each other just like we normally do at home. Ash holds her hair while I squirt lotion on her back and rub it in, then she turns and faces me while I squirt the lotion on her chest and rub that in. That’s my favorite part, and it might have been a few others' favorite part, too, because I noticed a lot of people watching us.

Next it was my turn. I held my hair while Ash rubbed the lotion on my back, and then turned, she squirted on my chest--it did look like cum--and rubbed it in to my boobs. She was almost done when some of the hotel staff came and told us if we continued to do that we would have to leave. Do what? We couldn’t put suntan lotion on each other? I guess not! Anyway just about everyone was watching us then, so in order not to make a scene we didn’t argue and said we wouldn’t do it again, like the good girls we are.

We reclined in the lounge chairs, took in some sun, and did some people watching for a while. It seemed that a lot of them were watching us too, and some were very sexy women. Not like we hid the fact we were lovers. It is fucking hot in the desert this time of year, but we caught a little bit of a break on a partly cloudy day. Still it was time to get in the cool water of the pool.

The pool was a little crowded, but the water felt so good, Ash and I swam around a little, getting adjusted to the pool and checking out a few of the other swimmers. I hate wearing bottoms but at least we didn’t have to wear tops, too. It was almost instinctive the way we came together in the water, clinging to each other, our arms wrapped around each other, softly kissing, almost forgetting we weren’t alone. Not only did the water feel good, it gave us good cover for our hands that were soon roaming each other's bodies, and in each other’s bottoms. I wanted to take them off of her so bad.

It seems whenever Ash and I are together that way in public we tend to attract bi-curious, bisexual, or lesbian women. Because as we broke from our kiss we noticed two hott women swimming just a few feet from us almost drooling as they stared. The two women introduced themselves, said they were in Vegas for some conference or something and were staying till Sunday, that their husbands/boyfriends had no idea they were lovers. We chatted for a little while swimming, then got out of the pool and sat together as we dried off in the hot desert air. It didn’t take long and the four of us were up in our room and naked.

These women had incredible bodies, very sexy, and were lots of fun. Lots of kissing and touching while we helped each other undress. The double sized bed came in handy again with plenty of room to stretch out. We didn’t think to bring toys so everything we did was just fingers, mouths and tongues. Whatever was closest we just touched, kissed, licked.

After I had orgasmed the second time I took a minute to catch my breath and get a drink. While watching Ash 69 with one of the other women I realized that I had brought the sexiest woman in Vegas to Vegas with me. Sure, a four-woman foursome is fun, but I found myself wanting to be with just Ashley. Anyway, Ash and the girl she was with both came about the same time. We sat around chatting a little, then the girls got dressed and left. We would never see them again.

Then Ash and I took a shower together, yes the kind of shower that two horny girls in love take. Something about watching Ash with that other woman just totally turned me on and made me want her more. We carefully soaped each other up while we kissed, our hands roaming over every inch of the other. We lovingly and softly kissed while our fingers were busy touching each other’s pussies, moaning into each other’s mouths as we orgasmed.

We put on our make-up, fixed our hair and got dressed, sexy little black cocktail dresses that we had picked out for each other for an exciting night. Our dresses emphasized the things we liked about each other’s bodies, for Ash a short skirt that showed off her long sexy athletic legs. For me, she picked a very low cut front that showed cleavage almost to my tummy. I had to be very careful how I moved or I would be showing too much. We texted the guys about where they wanted to meet, and then went and got on the elevator.

Everyone must have been leaving their rooms for dinner because the elevator was packed. It was probably a good thing because if we would have had it to ourselves I’m sure our make-up would have gotten smeared and clothing out of place. After we stepped in the elevator, turned our backs and stared at the numbers above the door, like everyone else does, we heard someone whisper to someone, “Models.” We both smiled and kind of winked at each other. Yes, we did look good. Ashley looked so hot. We stepped off the elevator at the main floor to a crowd waiting for the next elevator going up. The looks we got verified that we did look like models. As we walked to the casino I could still feel eyes watching us, so my hand reached behind Ashley and I pulled up the skirt of her very short dress. Oh and we had no undies of any kind on. I looked back over my shoulder and smiled at the guys watching, then a grabbed Ash’s ass as we continued walking.

We went and hopped in a cab and headed to the Stratosphere to meet John and Mike for dinner. We got the same reception and looks as we stepped out of the cab and entered the casino as we did leaving the elevator. But the looks that John and Mike gave us were the best. I think they wanted to bend us over the craps table and fuck us right there and then. But instead they told us how good we looked as we gave them a hug and kiss. They looked really good too, they went to the room and changed while we were down in the pool earlier. We went and had a very nice dinner, our treat for the guys was giving them all the attention and looking like straight couples, since they were nice and let us have fun alone at the pool.

We spent the whole night at their sides, while they played table games that I don’t understand the rules to at all. We were sipping drinks and making sure everyone knew we were their girlfriends. It was really fun. When the guys got their fill of that, we went to a very nice club. Already feeling pretty loose from the casino drinks, we tried to play the straight girlfriends role and did pretty good for a while, dancing with our guys, hugging and kissing with them. Finally John said in my ear that we had been good all night and he knew I wanted Ashley bad. He slide his hand under the table and up my dress verifying what I already knew. My pussy was soaked. He pulled his hand out and I got up and grabbed Ash’s hand and lead her to the crowded dance floor. It was really crowded so no one noticed as I pulled up the skirt of my dress and straddled Ash’s thigh as we danced. I totally soaked her thigh as I grind on her. I was equally pleased when she pulled up her skirt and pressed her soaked pussy to my thigh. I was so hot we weren’t even paying attention to the music; we were in a world of our own.

It was getting late, the drinks had all kicked in, and everyone was horny so we made our way back to our room. This time there was no one in the elevator but us four for the ride up. I slipped the shoulder of my dress off and stood nude with my dress at my feet before the elevator passed the 2nd floor. I grabbed John and gave him a passionate kiss, I stroked his bulge through his pants as his hands roamed my nude body. I popped an eye open to see Ash nude doing the same thing with Mike.

We rode the elevator to our floor and walked the corridor to our room completely nude except for jewelry and high heels. It was exciting. Once in the room, Ash and I were all over each other, kissing and touching while the guys undressed. Once they were done we had two nice hard cocks to suck, so we dropped to our knees and did just that. Side by side I could see Ash out of the corner of my eyes and she could see me. She is the best at sucking cock I have ever seen and she really turns me on watching her. We did that till the guys came in our mouths and then shared cummy kisses. It’s more for show and just to be naughty, but it is fun swapping cum between our mouths, have it dribble down our chins and onto our breasts. After swallowing then we get to lick it off each other. We wound up on the bed in a 69 while the guys were recovering. Ash’s butt was at the edge of the bed and I was on top of her on my hands and knees. We licked each other to a couple of orgasms before the guys were ready again.

John climbed up on the bed and took my pussy in doggie position while Ash licked his cock, my pussy and my clit while he fucked me from behind! Mike took his place at the edge of the bed sliding his cock in Ashley’s pussy while I licked her pussy, clit and sucked on his cock. Every so often his cock would come out and I would get to suck Ash’s juices off of it and push it back in her. We kept that up until the guys came again, this time in our pussies giving us the treat of licking the cream pie out.

We licked while the guys recovered again. When they were ready again it was time for some double penetration. Mike sat at the edge of the bed and laid back. I got on him in reverse cowgirl, slowly worked his cock in my ass and started riding him. Then John stood at the edge of the bed slid his cock in my pussy, so tight and full. Ash stood over my face as I leaned my head back and she straddled my mouth. It was so hot and so naughty. After a few minutes we all switched until it was Ash’s butt John was in, Mike in her pussy and her licking mine. We all came; I licked Mikes cream pie from her pussy and kissed it back in her mouth. Ash and I hopped in the shower and cleaned up while the guys dozed off on opposite sides of the bed leaving the middle open for us. After we dried off we jumped in to bed and did some soft kissing and cuddling while the guys snored, and eventually we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

We woke the next afternoon, got dressed and went and had some lunch. The guys messed around gambling while Ash and I went to some of the shops that we went to the day before, unsure if we wanted a couple of things that we had now decided we couldn’t pass up. Then we went up to the room and packed our bags and checked out. It was a long hot ride back to Southern California. Ash and I curled up together in the back seat knowing that we had both left with the sexiest girl in Las Vegas.

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