Wife & her sister have fun_(1)

Wife & her sister have fun_(1)

My wife and her sister have fun....

My wife is of Indian descent; 34 years old; athletic body with boobs that accommodate her good looks. Short black shoulder length hair; which now is in a boy’s cut; average height and a killer smile.
I on the other hand frequent the gym; so at the age of 39 my body still seems to be in good shape. I am bald headed; well built and of average height. Her sister is short; chest height; with shoulder length hair; well built legs (anyone would want to wrap those legs around their head). Nice small perky breasts; who is 17 years of age.

It was a cool Friday afternoon; driving home from work with Fats (my wife); all happy and energetic because its weekend; turns and tells me that her sister Ari wants to come for the weekend. Of cause I’m going to object as our sexual sessions would mean “A Postponement”. Never the less; with her hand rubbing my thigh and fingers grazing against my now swelling cock I gave in and mumbled an “okay she can come stay over”. With that said my hard cock got stroked through the trousers and she whispered that it will get a blow job when Ari falls asleep.

On our way home we stopped by her mom’s place to pick Ari up. Freaking girls; all excited about the sleep over. Poor raging hard cock desperately in need of some action and attention. As we drove home i had to make a few stops for the girls to pick up some items for the sleepover (I knew I was in for a long night). Fats is not one who was shy in bed; she would make anyone’s knees tremble, once she’s finished. Finally we reached home; unpacked the vehicle while the 2 girls went giggling on inside. As they walked away from the vehicle I watched their asses move in amazement; coursing my cock to ache more for release.
Slowly the afternoon went by; both girls (Fats & Arif) busy in the kitchen; preparing supper. What was i suppose to do; do what man does, sit in front of the telly. Fats changed into a loose fitting shorts & flops; Arif in a short flare skirt. A lot of whispering was heard and I barely made out that they were talking about boys. Into the living room they wondered with food prepared. Arif turns to me and says, put a nice scary movie on; which I obliged (Scary movies were my favourite)...
We enjoyed the meal with small talk and the scary movie playing. Sleeping arrangements was made as we lived in a 1 bedroom place. It was decided that Arif would sleep on the mattress on the floor, in the room. Fats seated next to me turns and asks if I took my sleeping pill (yeah; I was diagnosed with a sleeping disorder a few weeks back) I said no and she goes and brings it to me with a glass of water.
An hour later; as sleep and the pill start kicking in, i make my way to bed. The 2 girls are still talking and giggling. I change into my boxers (silk sleep shorts) and tiredly climbed into bed; retracting the bed covers.

My eyes opened; birds chirping in the distance, I am trying to adjust my vision to the semi darkness of the room. As I turn my head; my wife Fats next to me and her sister next to her. Slowly removing Fats arm from me; I stretch and lift the covers from me. I slowly get out of bed and trying to get the grogginess of the pill aside in my system; I realize that my semi erect cock (morning wood) is hanging out by my shorts. For I am certain that my sleep shorts button was tied; pushing my exposed semi hard cock back into its place I noticed that there was wetness just below my cock head. Touching and feeling this wetness, not sure what to make of it; I make my way to the bathroom. My head in a daze; foreign wetness on my cock head; I relieve myself and wonder back to the bedroom. Wife asleep; her sister asleep; bedding halfway over the 2 girls sleeping bodies. Arif’s ass with black g-string exposed. Hmmmmmmmmmmm; my mind working overtime as I stare at this awesome sight in front of me. My cock now getting hard I make my way around the bed to my sleeping wife.
I get under the covers; facing Fats I slowly turn her over; whispering i tell her to turn so that i can hold. Her; Fats loves g-strings and I love the way her ass looks in them. As Fats turn she places her arm over her sleeping sister; with that her sister turns facing the other way; now with Arif laying in foetal position; it gives me a great view of her bare ass and g-string covered pussy. Slowly while watching Arif’s naked ass; I start rubbing Fats ass; my cock hard I slip my hand between the ass cheeks of Fats and slowly rub her pussy through her g-string. I slip my fingers between her leg and g-string; slowly I rub her pussy with my middle finger inches away from her pussy hole. What amazed me was the fact that Fats was already soaked. Without further hesitation I moved her g-string aside; holding it in place on her naked ass cheek. In the dim light; with the covers halfway over the 2 of us I moved forward; my hard fat cock head touching her wet pussy; slowly I move forward and back; my hard cock slipping against her wet pussy and touching the inside of her thigh. I hold my hard cock and slowly guide my hard cock head to the entrance of her wet pussy hole. Slowly i inch forward as my hard cock head separates her wet pussy lips. Watching the bare ass and puffy g-string pussy lips of Arif; I push forward deeper into Fats. With this Fats moans and lifts her right leg; giving me more access to her wet pussy. She then places her leg onto her sleeping sister; restricting my view of her young sleeping sister’s ass. In and out I push my hard cock; slowly and deep I push my cock. Fats wet pussy covering my hard cock with her juices pushes her pussy back; causing my hard cock to go deeper in her wet pussy. She moans softly as her pussy start twitching; my hard cock now deep inside her; I pick up the pace moving my hard cock faster in and out of her. With one final thrust; my hard cock buried deeply inside of her; I release my hot come into. Spurt after spurt shoots into her. I lay still as my deflating cock slips out of her. She removes her leg from her sleeping sister and clamps down on my deflating cock. I put my arm around her waist; with this the back of my hand is touching her sister’s naked ass. For a few minutes we lay spooned together; the back of my hand slowly twitching against her sister’s naked ass. My trance gets broken by Fats pushing me away from her; wanting to get out of bed.

She climbs over me and smiles; then asks me what was that all about. Once out of bed I too get up and follow her. She enters the bathroom and I enter the kitchen. I make coffee and she comes out of the bathroom and sits by me at the table; satisfied with her morning fill of cock. Fats ask how come I was so horny; as I usually wait for her to wake up. After searching and searching my brain for an answer she blurts out: “You were fucking me while watching my sister’s ass”!!!!!! BUSTED
I started laughing as I knew I was caught. With that she punches me against my arm and says; seems like you enjoyed yourself. With the laughter I guess it woke her sister when she waddles into the kitchen. “What’s going on she says”... Nothing says Fats with a big smile on her face.

As the day progressed; the sister’s left and I had the place to myself. Silence; this is what I needed. After a shower I made my to the couch to watch telly; with which I must’ve fallen asleep. I woke up with the girls chatting in the bedroom. The conversation I overheard had my full attention. With my eyes now closed; I listened. Arif asks Fats; “Are you sure he didn’t feel anything last night”? Noooo says Fats.. Who are you talking about I ask in my mind. Then Fats says: “once he take those pills he is out for the count”.. Damn; damn; daaaammmmnnn I say in my mind. Rubbish people; you talking about me. Arif then says; I want to try it again tonight; with that Fats says, let’s wait until he takes his meds. Then it hit me; wetness on my cock, wife’s wet pussy. I was an experiment!!! “A sexual experiment; Fats the coach teaching her young sister. What is she teaching her young sister???
I fake a yawn and loud enough for them to hear.. He he he heeeeeeee. I call Fats and ask how was the mall. Smiling she comes over and kisses me with her sister close on her heels. She leaves the living room with her sister following her.

Evening arrives; supper is served. Laughter and small chat; Fats sits next to me and asks if I took my meds; I then get up and say let me go get quick. I leave the living room and Arif says; I can’t wait.. Into the kitchen I go; I open the kitchen cupboard and close it again; not tonight I think to myself. Drinking a glass of water; Fats walk in bringing the dishes. Are you done she says; yeahI smile. I return to the living where Arif is seated, laying down on the couch watching what she is watching. 30minslater I tell Fats; I am going to bed. Feeling a bit tired; Arif watches me slyly. I leave the living; once in the bedroom I change into my silk boxers (no underwear on); just my boxers like i always have been doing. My heart pumping; guess I was excited to see what is going to happen; I lay under the covers with my eyes closed. Room light off; few minutes later I hear Arif asking my wife;do you think he is asleep already. Fats says go check. Laying on my side with my eyes closed Arif walks in the room. She calls my name; I don’t reply. She comes closer and calls again. I don’t reply; she then shakes my shoulder and still no response from me. She leaves the room and tells Fats; “He is out”...

Fats tells her go change and make your bed I am coming. Arif enters the room; quietly she changes and makes her bed. My eyes still shut; heart racing; I turn and lay on my back. Fats walk in the room and whispers; “did you turn him”.. “No” says Arif. I hear Fats changing into her nightwear; vest and g-string.. Fats then get on the bed; whispering to Arif she says, come let me see what you do.. Arif comes over on the bed; the cover lifts off me. With my eyes still closed; I feel fumbling with the button on my boxers. A hand slips in and closes around my cock. Gently whispers Fats; I gathered by now that it was Arif hand; she slowly pulls my cock out. Gently stroking it; blood now rushing to my cock; she giggles; I feel the bed moving as Arif leans forward and places her open lips over my semi hard cock. Slowly she slips my cock into her mouth. Fats to Arif; now like I showed you, stroke it as you suck. With that; the warm wet mouth, stroking of my cock shaft, my cock now rock hard. Arif stops sucking my cock but keep stroking. Fats whisper to her;” are you ready”.. Arif then says; “yes”.. She then leaves my cock but soon it is replace by a bigger skilful hand. This must be Fats hand; I say in my mind. Fats then say; come; pull you panty aside; sit over his legs and I will guide you. Withthat she straddles my legs. Fats then whispers and say; move closer; Arif moves closer, Fats moves my now hard fat cock head towards Arif’s pussy. She tells Arif to lean forward with her hands on the side of my head. My cock now guided along the slit of Arif’s soaking wet pussy. Now; whispers Fats, you slowly rub the cock head against your clit like this. With the demonstration she rubs my hard cock head against her sisters clit. Lift yourself says Fats. My cock head wedged between the wet pussy lips of Arif; slowly she lowers herself; my hard cock head slips slowly in her wet pussy. Fats release the hold of my cock and whispers to Arif; now slowly move up and down on the cock. Arif obliges; by doing as Fats say; my whole cock; deeply embedded in her wet pussy. Slowly Arif moves on top of my hard cock. Fats tell Arif; I am going to rub, keep moving up and down. I feel a hand on my pubic area. The back of a hand which belonged to Fats; my wife, rubbing her sister’s clit. Fats whispers; enjoy Arif. As Arif moves up and down my hard cock; Fats rubbing her clit, Arif says; I feel it coming. Fats I feel it coming; Faster she rides my cock; in and out, in and out. “Aaarrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh” she moans; my cock ready to blow. Arif’s pussy twitching; her legs trembling; falls forward on top of me. Fats then says stop moving; get off him slowly. My cock slips out of Arif’s wet pussy. Panting like someone who ran a marathon she falls onto the bed next to me. I feel a familiar hand wrapped around my cock; slowly & gently stroking my shaft. Fats tells Arif; Watch... Fats then straddle me; still stroking my cock; she slips my hard cock into her wet pussy; yes; wet pussy (it seems that she was turned on by teaching her sister). She guides my cock into her wet pussy and slowly rides; my hard cock slipping in and out of her. She moves her hand between her legs and rubs her clit; my orgasm close as I could not hold back any longer. Faster and harder she rides my cock; I push up; my cock deep inside; she moans and I release my cum deep inside; coating her womb with squirt after squirt of cum.... Her pussy twitching; my cock twitching with the last of my squirting cum.

She falls onto my chest; turns to Arif and whispers get a cloth......


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