As A Song, Forever Together Chapter 4

As A Song, Forever Together Chapter 4

Chapter 4. We Couldn’t Wait Till After the Prom

As we were finishing up breakfast on the day after Christmas, Kate came over to pick us in her Prius. Mom and Becky welcomed her and they exchanged hugs and kisses and then I grabbed her and gave her a big bear hug as I and spun her around and gave her a deep passionate kiss. Mom then surprised Kate with a small little red gift box with a huge bow on it that was almost twice the size of the box, Kate shot me a quick look and a huge smile as she opened the box and pulled out a set of gold and pearl earrings and a matching pearl necklace, which evoked a scream from Kate and she rushed over and gave mom another hug. Which surprised my sister and me, that mom could give such a nice gift to Kate. Then Kate pulled a box out of her purse and gave it to mom, which held a photo album of the beautiful Central Asian mountains (Pamir and Tiensan), which was a neat surprise. Mom hugged her back they chatted a few minutes about both gifts then we grabbed our bags and gave mom a hug and said our goodbyes.

Kate then drove Becky and me over to dad's house, and we all grabbed our bags out of the trunk and took them inside and put them in our rooms, as I went down the hall Becky was standing in her doorway and I pushed her into her room and she stumbled into Kate and they both shrieked out in laughter, Kate’s room is across the hall from hers and next to mine the end of the hall. The master bedroom is all the way at the other end of the house along with a guest bedroom

We then went into the family room and under the Christmas tree was a huge pile of wrapped gifts, and I added the ones I brought to the pile, and Kate went to help Natalia finish up dinner in the kitchen. Becky and dad were sitting in the recliners chatting about Kate and my college plans and how happy she is about Kate’s and my future. He told her how happy he was with our plans. My father also said that he was pleased with how my sister has made good progress in the last semester of school. He praised Becky for being glad that Kate and I fell in love.

We discussed school for a while and the upcoming Prom and then the conversation switched as to what mom was up to and did she have big vacation plans also, which I could tell dad had an issue with but was curious enough to inquire about. I could also tell from his comments, that he did not forget her affairs she had, and you could see he was still heartbroken, Becky then felt she should be helping Natalia and Kate in the kitchen so she went to see if she could be in the way or not.

Dad looked at me and began, "You didn't know it, but I had seen your wireless listening devices in the living room the last time I was over there, I took it easy on your mom, we didn’t get into a yelling match. She was lucky," he smiled at me.

I responded, "Natalia said you knew about them and I haven’t said anything about them either."

Dad continued, "I'm proud of you that you're a good kid. Natalia and Kate discussed it later about me having to bite my tongue."

"What did Kate say about me?" I wondered.

Dad admitted, "Kate said you were great and she's loves you"

I was thinking about the things that were said, then Natalia came from the kitchen and she said dinner was ready. We had a cheerful Christmas dinner. We talked about going skiing in Switzerland, thanks to Natalia and her generous family gift and that now she would only get to watch since she’s seven and half months pregnant and laughingly said she would join us in the swimming pool afterwards. After we got done eating and putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher we went into the family room and had a joint discussion about the our travel plans and that we needed to be at Chicago O’Hare by eleven o'clock. Everybody else went to their rooms but Kate and I. She came over and sat on my lap and we shared a few wet kisses she then slid off my lap onto the chairs arm and she took my face in her hands and looked into my eyes and said "Ben, you can decide if we live together till our deaths or if we remain step-brother and step-sister. I give you a clue now. I love you very much. If we decide to live together, I'll never cheat on you”

She then stood up and said “As you know already I want to have at least two kids with you, when the kids get old enough I'll explain why I'll never cheat on you. You’ll have to see what a great wife and mother I will be, and until you’re a hundred percent sure, I won’t mention it again"

She gave me a huge grin and went to her room with a couple of tears in her eyes. Dad had prepared me already, so what Kate said not surprising in the least. And I still had a few questions to think about, I’m eighteen years old and other than my mom cheating on dad we are a fairly normal family, and catching Eve cheating on me really hurts. Can I settle down and be happy with only one woman in my life?? I mean high school is not quite over and then we still have college to go yet. I could see on dads face that mom’s cheating still pisses him off and it’s been a few years already, and Becky having a different dad must really be hard on him. Kate has a great personality and her promise of not cheating decided it there, I went to my room with my mind made up heck yea I was gonna make Kate my wife!

I went to bed, when Kate knocked on the wall and I replied back with a tap. Soon my door opened and Kate snuck in. She was wearing an almost transparent white nightie and a matching white thong. Wow she was hot!!! Her nipples were hard and stood straight out on her gorgeous pear shaped C cup breasts and you could even see the pink of her areolas thru her nightie. Her hourglass figure quickly drew my eyes and she blushed bright red and licked her lips and stuck her tongue out at me. Her hips flared out perfectly and her muscular thighs were a sight to behold and tanned long gorgeous legs made my cock throb, and then she did a pirouette and showed off her sweet ass! Oh my god!! My cock went hard as a chunk of concrete!!

I was fucking speechless, and I told her “Oh shit Kate you’re gorgeous as hell” She stood 5’ 8’ and about 120 pounds and just 5” shorter than me. She was a perfect “10” and my cock agreed, and her scent, made my cock start to drool pre-cum like a dam had broken all of sudden, shit my boxers were getting wet and uncomfortable and I had to adjust them twice while she stood there and daydreamed about her, and took her scent in.

“Ben…earth to Ben do you hear me are you there, HEY YOU?” Kate laughingly whispered.
I jumped out of my fantasy. “Uh yes, what” I muttered damn cat had my tongue and my mouth was bone dry all of a sudden, and to think just two minutes ago I was alone and fantasizing about her and there she is. Damn and our parents are just down the hall too and I was on fire and she was throwing gas on it!

I sat up in bed and grabbed Kate by the arm and pulled her on me, I looked deep into her eyes and hugged her and smothered her face with kisses then. Our mouths joined and we swapped spit and tongues while our hands explored and caressed each other’s body.

I broke our kiss and pronounced my decision "Kate sharing our life together will be a dream come true”

Her face glowed and her eyes twinkled like bright stars and full of lust.

Then she whispered, "Make love to me," and we melted together.

Kate laughed then pushed herself up and grabbed both of my hands and pushed them up wide over my head and said, "You don't have a clue yet what loving me means." And she kissed my forehead and she then moved to my left ear and started licking it and nibbling on it, oh shit that got my cocks attention, I almost shot a load of cum right there.

We wrapped our arms around each other again and I nuzzled her neck and went apeshit licking and kissing both sides of her neck, as she moaned wildly and started breathing harder and she squirmed around on my lap and quickly raised her hips rapidly and slammed them back down repeatedly. Her scent was starting to overpower me, it went from being a light musky scent to being rich and fragrant. She led my left hand to her beautiful body and placed it on her right breast. I cupped her firm breast and squeezed and milked it with my palm and forefingers.

I said, "Oh God." And my cock grew almost another inch it seemed and I reached for the bottom of her nightie and pulled it up over her upraised arms and head, and wow!! They were perfect... nice bright pink nipples with huge rosy pink areolas and my cock agreed and throbbed and my boxers were soaking wet now and now I was squirming and panting.

She smiled and said “Ben don’t you think that you’re way over dressed”

Kate sat up and grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled up over my head and arms and threw it on the chair with her nightie. She then ran her hands over my chest and squeezed my nipples like I did hers, damn that felt and awesome and my cock seemed to agree….now I knew what she felt like when I squeezed her nipples. FANTASTIC!! Do it again!

I sat up on the bed and we kissed and embraced and again. Our tongues tried to explore our throats and we both needed big gulps of air to catch our breaths. I pushed her off of my lap and kneeled on the floor and started sucking on her toes and licking the bottom of her dainty feet which brought giggles and deep moans from her. Then I started running my tongue up the back side of each one of her calves till I reached the back of her knees and I found the motherlode there. That set her off like WOW!!

I’ll have to remember that spot so I did it again and she raised her butt up off the bed and moaned and she said “Quit teasing me”

So I got between both legs and worked my way up towards heaven slowly running my tongue up each one of her thighs and I look at her crotch and you could see that her thong was soaking wet and moisture was running down her thighs and her scent was pure Heaven... and my cock was pulsing and starting to itch and my balls were just starting to ache and screaming for release I grabbed my cock with my left hand and gave it a couple quick strokes and gave it a hard squeeze and I thought to myself oh shit my cock has never been this hard before.

I smiled up at her and she said “Ben I can’t wait, you’re driving me crazy.” And I said “I could look at your gorgeous body for hours, but I also want to touch and memorize every inch of your body at the same time."

She said, "I get goosebumps when you’re looking at me, but when you touch me your hands are like blow torches and my body feels like icebergs and all of the moisture is soaking my thong and even though the clock says its only ten fifteen it seems like we have been in your room for hours.”

I had to agree it seems that time just stood still while we devoured each other.

And she smiled at me with a twinkle in her eyes. I reached for her thong and grabbed both sides and she lifted her hips up off the bed, to assist me they rolled down her thighs and down her legs I glanced up to where they were, and Oh my god my cock just jumped a foot I noticed that her pussy was glistening wet and that she was a smooth as the screen on my Iphone not a hair anywhere and her lips were very swollen and puffy and right up top her clit was very obvious it stuck out almost a full inch from her lips.

I finished taking off her wet thong and I put them up to my nose and inhaled her aroma and I got light headed, I must not have a drop of blood left in my head I thought as I dropped them on the floor, Kate grabbed my arm and pulled me close to the bed and grabbed the waistband on my wet boxers and pulled them down and they fell down around my ankles and I stepped out of them and crawled up on the bed beside her and we stared at each other’s glistening body. She had the looks of a goddess and I was her King and I soaked in her beautiful C cup tits and I took her left breast in my hand as I bent over and inhaled it and ran my tongue across it real quick and chewed on her nipple as I sucked her essence in thru my nostrils, She opened her legs a little to attract my attention and it worked. I slid my free hand down her taut and heaving belly to her promised land when my fingers met her slickness the heat coming from her pussy was smoking HOT! And so was I!!

When my fingers touched her clit she shuddered and slammed her legs closed and raised her hips up to capture my hand. I moved my mouth up to her neck and ran my tongue up to her ear and she shuddered again and moaned … I think I did something right. So... I kept on attacking her neck and ear with my lips and tongue.

She encouraged me, "I'm so happy that I can share my body with the man I am spending the rest of my life with."

My cock had been so hard since we kissed in the family room and I was now at the stage that I needed some relief and I began to explore her body again with a goal in mind, she opened up her thighs and let my hand seek out her treasures between her legs, as my fingers explored new horizons her fluids poured from her core and soaked my bed, the more I explored the wider her legs became and the more she gulped in air I pulled back my hand a little to admire her wet pussy, because I needed to catch my breath too!

I had never seen such beautiful pussy before not even on any of the porn sites or magazines I checked out, where most of the women only live in Photoshop. However Kate and her body were perfect without any photo tricks. I knew I was the luckiest man in the world to find a beautiful girl such as Kate and one that loves me.

I moaned, "Kate you're so beautiful!"

Kate smiled at me, "Ben, I'm yours! And I hope you don’t die from too much pussy!"

We laughed a little and we melted in a passionate kiss again. My hand stroked her hot wet pussy and Kate moaned from the pleasure again. When we unfolded from our kiss Kate laid back down and opened her legs wide.

She said, "You've seen my tits when we went swimming. Now my pussy is yours forever," and she smiled at me seductively.

I knelt on the end of the bed and first I feasted my eyes on her awesome pussy... so I knelt between them and ran my tongue up her thigh again right to Heaven. My first taste of her pussy was amazing!!! I savored every bit of her aroma and drank as much nectar as I could swallow. And I could feel her hymen with my tongue, and I took her clit between my lips and sucked on it and ran my tongue around it twice, oh my god did she taste great.

Kate moaned several times, "Ben, Ben, I'll, I’m um oh my god!! I’m cuming oh shit! Oh god you own my pussy."

I was near my peak also, I began to kiss her pussy again and sucked her clit back into my mouth and she flooded my bed again. She was very wet and trembling and her belly heaved up and her legs went tense.

"Oh my god Ben you’re making me cum….. again," she moaned.

She stroked my head and showed how pleased she was. And my face was soaked and my cock was screaming for its own taste of heaven.

She moaned in her post orgasmic bliss, "Ben please…fu…fuck me… now!"

She opened her legs wider and pulled me up between her legs and my cock found her wetness and her heat she placed my cock in her center and raised her hips to help me to enter her pussy. I felt my cock go thru her hymen instantly, her face showed a bit of pain, then I buried my cock to the hilt in her hot pussy, I paused so we could both savor the moment and catch our breath and let us enjoy the new sensations. We locked lips and swapped more spit and explored each other’s tonsils.

I moaned in pleasure, "I love you! Your pussy is so damn tight and hot!"

She moaned and wrapped her arms around my back and said, "I love you too... fuck me!"

"Fuck that feels good”, I pulled my cock out half way and slammed it back to the bottom “Oh my god," I panted.

I did it again on the next stroke I pulled it out too far and I came all the out and damn it I missed, oh shit...she reached down and lined me up and I slid back in easy all the way to till our pubic bones met, and we both moaned, “OH yeah.”

However she said something interesting after a while which was something had I not seen in any porn or erotic novel what I watched or read, "I’m on the pill, Ben please tell me when you’re close to Cumming !" she whispered, and her eyes danced like fireworks.

I grunted back, "It won’t be long and I’ll be cumming!"

Instantly Kate's vagina muscles clenched down on my cock and locked me in place. We both savored the sensations that we both were getting, and held still for it seemed like an eternity. We both thought WOW!!

She looked at my eyes full of love and said, "Ben, honey, we should both start out slow before we both cum too soon."

Her pussy muscles squeezed me again and we began to move up and down back and forth. This locomotion reached a pace that soon was increasing as each stroke was made again. I had read in many erotic novels that virgins usually didn’t last very long on their first sexual experience and we both were surprised at how long we both had gone in our first session tighter with each other, but soon her pussy clenched down again and I was in the heaven.

She hugged me and said, "Ben keep fucking me!"

I knew what she meant, so I groaned, "O.K."

I began to suck her nipple and she moaned again “OH YES.”

Suddenly she slowed down and relaxed and Kate said with a wink, "Let’s do something new, let’s switch positions."

I responded, “All right."

She stood up and she sat me down. I saw a very small red spot on the bed cloth. She sat on my cock cowgirl style and hugged me.

She said with giggle, "I think you’ll like this."

We locked lips again. We didn’t move a muscle as her pussy milked my cock. I couldn’t believe Heaven could get any better.

I moaned, "I'll cum soon."

Kate squeezed my cock-head and my urge to cum stopped, but not for long.

After our kiss she said, "I won't stop you next time."

I moaned “Oh fuck oh FUCK.”

She climbed off from me and we changed back to missionary. God she was wet and soaking the bed, and HOT as hell as I slid back in, and I knew I would be Cumming real quick.

Then Kate said, "Ben, Fuck me HARD!"

I knew from how she said that I had to change gears, soon my butt was a blur. And in just a couple more strokes that it was going to happen, and there was no way to slow it down again, just as I started to cum so did she and we thrashed about and hit bliss at the same time and my quantity of cum overflowed from her depths and soaked the sheets as we both enjoyed the post coital moment. When I came down her face and eyes showed me she was enjoying her orgasm also. She wrapped her arms around we and we searched out each other’s tonsils again. We remained kissing for it seemed liked hours till we both had to move and as I pulled out she let out a huge sigh and smiled.

The long silence was broken by Kate, "I love you Ben. You'll be the only man who that ever gets me into bed. I know you're surprised from this experience, but you’re not only one to read erotic novels or has seen porn on the web," and she giggled about her confession.

I laughed with her and we held hands as we lay down besides each other. And we smiled at each other. Kate was gorgeous in her post coital bliss, but she wanted something different and she turned to my cock and she began to stroke it with her hands and with her mouth. She licked and sucked my cock and kissed the head. She revitalized my cock quickly and she sat on my cock again.

As Kate sat on my cock and her hot silky pussy worked its magic as I played with her gorgeous breast then she bent over and we kissed. Soon we changed position and she let me enter her in doggy style. I stroked her beautiful tits, and squeezed her nipples and massaged her clit. We then changed back to missionary till we had a mutual orgasm again.

Kate broke our silence, "Ben, honey we'll have long day of travel tomorrow, so we must get a little sleep."

I understood that need also, but I asked for her, "Could you stay in my room tonight?"

Kate giggled, "Naturally."

We both went to the bathroom before going to sleep. When we came back I looked at my alarm clock on the nightstand. It was after one am. And Kate was right we would have long day. So as we went to sleep I dreamt of what memories we just made losing our virginity together, and was a sleep in a flash, wore out, till Kate woke me up an hour before the alarm went off.

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