The Seducer is the Siren

The Seducer is the Siren

When people ask me why I always stay after school-I tell them I am studying. Of course, that means to them, I am working on homework. Nu hu. I am studying all the ways to have sex, if you want to put it that way. Join my first little adventure would you?


"Celeste Ringer! After class, please!"
I groaned, slamming my phone onto my desk. Mr Perkinson, my teacher grinned evily. "I am sure your friends can talk to you later."
I sighed heavily and looked down at my hands. Me and Stephanie, my best friend were talking about going out for my 18th birthday to lose our virginity. Go clubbing, whatnot. It would be easy, me being a mermaid after all. Just sing a little verse, and boom! I'll be getting a thick, warm cock up my pussy. The bell rang and everyone scurried out, while I quickly texted Steph that I'd be late.
STEPHANIE: no prob. C u there.
I smiled and walked towards Mr P, sliding my phone slowly between my breasts. Mr P was a new teacher, probaly only 27 or 28, and every sane girl in the school had the hots for him. As I approched his desk, I pulled my skirt a little higher, thinking how I'd seduce him, then slip away...
"Celeste. We need to talk about your grades."
I Whimpered. "Sorry, sir, but I am so busy-it's my birthday, can we talk about this later...?"
I put my hand on his, and pulled it into the middle of us. "can I get off?"
Just then, I realized his eyes wher glued to my big chest. And I got an idea. Dropping his hand, I zipped my belly top down lower, exposing more cleaverage, and I saw his eyes go wider and a small lump form in his croch area. "Mr P, do you know how Horney your gaze makes me feel?"
Immediately, realizing he was caught, he looked at my face, but only for a second as I zipped the top all the way down and flung it off, revealing my large breasts in a skimpy lacey black bra. "Celeste, I am a teacher-"
"Who I want to fuck so badly. Mr P, I can see your desire. I am a virgin, who is willing to hand to over to you."
I crawled over the small desk and pinned him up against the whiteboard. "Please, Celeste, I do want you too, you look so hot, but I am your teacher, your my student."
"Then teach me! Teach me about sex, physically, not orally!"
I felt his hand cupp my butt, and I pressed my hips into his, grinding against his hard member. "Please..."
He grunted, and pulled me closer. "Fine. Lock the door. You better make this lesson worth teaching."
I locked the door, and pounced on him. He spoke after a couple heated kisses. "Call me Thomas please. Or Tom."
I smiled before unclasping my bra and letting it fall to the floor. His large hands came to my large breasts, and squeezed, messaging them. A moan escaped my lips, and Tom's mouth came to my nipple, sucking a biting at the sensitive flesh, sending my into a fit.
His free hand slipped under my skirt, and ripped away my thong, and he started to message my clint and entrance, making me scream his name.
"Your so wet already, Celeste baby. Can I fuck you already?"
I giggled, and spoke sexily, "Hard,fast and long, please. Master."
He pulled off his pants, and ripped off his boxers, his need for me obvious in his eyes. The hunger he had, would be satisfied. His manhood was huge, and he plunged it into my tight entrance. The pain hit me like a wave, as he started to thrust, deep and hard, going faster as the pain went away. He started to suck on my other breast, working on the hard nipple relentlessly. I felt his cum fill me, mixing with my cum as well. I relaxed, and flipped us over, starting to move again. Bouncing my hips up and down, I felt Tom's soft member harden inside me again. I heard the doors lock giggle open, but I only started to go faster. I'd fuck anyone who'd come in.
"Mr Perkinson? Celeste Ringer?"
I looked up to see our fat principal Mr Yoo. "Oh, hello, Mr Yoo. Mr Perkinson here is teaching me the physics of sexual enjoyment. Want to...leave please?"
He smiled creepingly, closing and locking the door behind him. He barked at Tom to get off me as he unbuckled his trousers. As Tom pulled himself out of me, I cried in fear. "No, please Mr Yoo...I.."
With unexpected strength, he pushed me up against the desk playing and teasing my entrance with his cock-which was even bigger then Tom's! "Now, Celeste, you chose the wrong time to have sexual intercourse in my school. You see, I am feeling pretty horney, and your perfect, duplex boobs made me go hard, and if I don't have sex now, Ill hurt someone later. Now, make me enjoy my time."
His large cock pushed slowly into my pussy, the walls streching uncomfortably.
"Mr Yoo-Please! I don't want to be raped!"
I struggled, but his mouth came upon mine, forcing my quiet, and slowly violating my mouth. His long they're turned harsher as he picked up the pace, throwing his hips into mine. Suddenly, it was over, Mr Yoo's cum spilling from inside me. I got pushed onto my knees, and I felt my body traitoristicly beg for Mr Yoo's cock again. Instead, I got it stuffed into my mouth, his sweet cumm and mine dancing on my tounge. Out of instinct, I started to suck, enjoying the pleasure it gave me.
"yeah, that's right little slut, suck it clean."
After another minute, I got hoisted up, and Mr Yoo asked if anyone had fucked my asshole. "No..."
"Good, then I am your first."
Immediately, his dick violated my butt hole, and Tom approached me from the front, eyes on my crotch, rubbing his dick. "I am going to enjoy this,"
Tom said hotly before sliding himself into my dripping pussy, and violently fucking me. I cried, yelling at myself for making the descision that changed my life. after being biolently fucked by my teacher and printable fir two hours, I began to love it. I prostituted for the teachers, always enjoying mr Yoo ever so often.

Mr Yoo's office, three days later

I stood in the center of the office, naked, massaging myself eroticly, moaning in pleasure. Mr Yoo nodded again, rubbing his croch on my naked ass. He pulled at his suit's button, other hand coming around and squeezing my breast.
"Take...Me...please, mr Yoo."
I felt his cock slide into my butt, streching it to an extreme. A twang of pain shot throughout my body, but I began to move, trying to pleasure my teacher as much as possible. "Celeste, baby-come to my house. Terchish road, number 448. Be ther at eight."
He pulled his dick from me and spun me around, releasing his load onto my breasts.
I licked the splatter on my lips, and smiled, rubbing my breasts on his floppy cock. "See you then. Remember, fuck me hard."
I turned and offered him my pussy, spreading my legs wide. He forced his way in and grunted, moving quickly, encouraging me to moan. "Ah, no Celeste baby...My son wants to test drive your pussy as well. Be warned-he his rough."
After finishing, I left the school excited. I wonder what Mr Yoo's son's cock will feel like...

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