Chat rooms- a girlfriends wicked revenge

Chat rooms- a girlfriends wicked revenge

You get home after a long day at work; you take your coat off and head to the kitchen for a beer. As you open the fridge door, your girlfriend approaches from behind – covering your eyes with a blindfold. She ties it tight being a little rough ‘I’ve got a bone to pick with you!!’ she snaps at you.

‘What the….?! You question, raising your hand up to uncover your eyes. She slaps the back of your hand and grips your wrist pulling you out of the kitchen. Being blindfolded you’re disorientated and loose your balance, almost tripping up as she drags you up the stairs. Your girlfriend’s snappy conversation and rough attitude leaves you apprehensive as to her intensions.

You hear the bedroom door creak as she pulls you inside. ‘Now strip naked!!’ she tells you, you’re surprised at her new character and rough foreplay, but feel a little excited at her assertive and aggressive attitude, so you oblige and strip.

You feel her pull you round and you feel her warm breath on your lips as if she’s about to kiss you. But she presses her hands on your chest and roughly pushes you backwards causing you to loose balance. Scrambling to catch you’re balance, you relieved when your body hits the chair rather than the floor. ‘You bitch!!.... What the fuck??!!....’

‘Shut up!!’ she snaps. You feel her roughly grab your wrist and can feel cold metal surround your wrist, then a clicking sound. You wriggle your wrist but find it securely fastened against the chair. She grabs your other wrist securing it to the arm of the chair in same way; you feel the handcuffs dig into your wrist. You start to get a little scared when she grabs your ankles ‘Please baby…. You’re hurting…. Why are you doing this??’

Her voice stays eerily calm…. ‘Did you think I wouldn’t find out about your dirty little secret?’

‘What??’ you question.

‘Your little hussy…. Your whore….’ She calmly states. Its not her words that scare you so much as the calmness in her voice. ‘I read your emails, I know about your little affair….’

‘Oh fuck….’ You sigh ‘Please baby, I can explain….’ You plead to her compassion, she doesn’t reply. Without saying a word she rips the blindfold from your eyes. It takes a few moments for your eyes to get accustomed to the light again, by which time your girlfriend is sat on the edge of the bed, legs crossed, leaning back on her hands. ‘Untie me please baby…. Lets talk about this….’ You plead again.

She shakes her head. ‘It’s a little late for that now…. You’re a horny little bastard and I’m gonna have to teach you lesson you’re not gonna forget!’ You feel a little worried and a little scared but then…. A very wicked naughty smile appears on her face, you’re puzzled. She bites her lip, looking coy and sexy with a wicked glint in her eye, ‘I wrote an email of my own…. I found myself a playmate…. And I’ve invited them round to play…. To help me teach you a lesson’

‘You bitch!’ you mutter, she lets out a wicked little giggle.

There’s a knock at the front door. ‘Mmmmmmm my playmate has perfect timing’ she says softly with a giggle. Your heart sinks and your stomach starts to do summersaults. Your girlfriends eyes light up, she stands up and replaces your blindfold before playfully squeezing your cock lightly. ‘Don’t go anywhere; we’ll be back in a minute….’ She giggles as she leaves the room, closing the door behind her.

You’re left tied, blindfolded and exposed, you’re extremely nervous and feeling worried thinking what exactly is your girlfriend capable of….?

After what seems like an eternity, you hear the bedroom door creak open once again, you take a big gulp and hold your breath, feeling very nervous of your exposed compromising position. You hear your girlfriend giggle quietly ‘Hushhhhhhh, baby, just get on the bed ready to play…..’ You hear movement as someone climbs onto the bed. You feel very vulnerable and exposed, but there’s nothing you can do to change the situation.

You feel the gentle touch of your girlfriends hand stroke up your cheek ‘Oh baby, please untie me…’ you plead with a last ditch attempt to get her to untie you. Blush a little, knowing there’s not just your girlfriend watching you.

She presses her finger softly against your lips ‘Shhhhhhhh, you deserve this….’ She very softly whispers into your ear. She slides her hand round and gently removes your blindfold. She stands close in front of you blocking your view to the bed. Within a second of opening your eyes, you’re stunned into silence, hypnotised with her sexy body, dressed only in her favourite black French silk camisole and shorts, black lace top silk stockings and high heels. She smiles sweetly before walking towards the bed, you’re anxieties disperse slightly as you watch your girl friend sexily walk towards the bed. The movement of her hips and sexy ass dressed in her favourite lingerie has you completely stunned and you forget for a second that she’s actually walking towards her playmate.

You catch a glimpse of flowing white lace and long red hair. You hold your breath in surprise and anticipation as you watch a slim hand with red nails wrap around your girl friends waist. ‘Hello sexy baby….’ you here her whisper. Your eyes wide in amazement as your girl friend moves slightly revealing the identity of her new playmate ‘oh my God!’ you mutter, completely lost for words. You’re stunned into silence as you look at your girl friend kneeling on your bed, next to your own naughty little secret...

You look at me, looking surprised and shocked, kneeling next to your girl friend. She runs her fingers through my hair. She then looks at you ‘I guess your naughty little secret caught my eye to….’ I’m dressed in a white sheer-lace babydoll and thong, my hand round her waist. Her hand gently caressing my breast with her fingers, we both look at you and we can already see your excitement, mmmmm. With a sexy little girlie giggle, she gently moves and nuzzles her head into my neck, kissing me softly. I bite my lip and squeeze her curvaceous ass a little. I can feel her breath on my neck. My perfume so intoxicating to her, as she starts to nibble my earlobe while she continues to caress my lace covered cleavage.

I look directly into your eyes and smile sexily. You watch me run my fingers through her gorgeous hair and gently pull her head away from my ear, moving my lips towards hers. I hold my lips an inch away from hers, not kissing her. You watch her flinch excitedly at the expectation of my kiss. She can feel my warm breath on her lips and you hear her moan softly on her breath. I move my finger up and gently stroke across her lips. You hold your breath as her lips part and she starts to lick my fingers before guiding it into her mouth with her tongue and suck it softly. Feeling the warm silkiness of her mouth, I can’t wait any longer any longer, I need to taste her. I pull my finger form her mouth and press my lips against hers, softly French kissing her, enjoying the taste of her hot lips against mine. Her body feels so amazing, my hands gently stroke over her sexy feminine curves, using the tips of my fingers to explore her. Her body so warm and sexy to the touch and her lips so soft on mine, she tastes so good.

She softly breaks from our kiss and cradling me in her arms she guides me down so I’m lying on my back on your bed. She moves in close to my side, lowering her head towards my neck. Feeling her breath on my neck, I gasp softly, my eyes closed, completely lost in passion as my fingers glide gracefully over her silky lingerie. You watch in amazement as your girl friend plays with me, kissing my shoulder. Her hand caressing over my breast, followed slowly and sensually by her mouth. Her fingers slowly pull back the lace cup, exposing my breast, before closing her lips over my breast, rolling her tongue round my sensitive erect nipple. My fingers play with her beautiful hair, pulling her gently into my chest. You watch in amazement as your girl friend slowly moves from one breast to the other, licking and sucking me into her warm velvet mouth, as she runs her fingers over the waist band of my white lacey thong, teasing me. You watch me writhe about sexily, my legs rubbing slowly against each other, parting slightly, instinctively, as her fingers lightly caress my inner thigh, my hands gliding over her back and bum, playing with her hair.

You listen to us both moaning softly as we play. Your girl friend licking, sucking and playfully biting my nipples, while I stroke my hands over her sexy body, squeezing her ass, caressing her hips and legs, teasing her magnificent breasts with my finger tips, enjoying the feeling of another woman in my arms.

From your position, you see my hand slide between her thighs, caressing slowing against her soft smooth skin. I feel the warmth of her pussy as my hand reaches the top of her legs. You hear her gasp a little as my fingers move underneath the silkiness of her shorts and dip into her hot sticky hole, then slowly remove it, before bringing it up to my lips and sucking it sensuously. We giggle quietly, softly, your two girls playing, looking so hot and sexy together. A sight you’d only ever dreamt of, your two favourite girls stripped to their lingerie on your bed, looking so beautiful and sexy as we kiss and caress each others bodies, teasing you. You can hardly take your eyes off us; you look down and notice your cock, fully erect and throbbing hard.

Your girl friend breaks from our kiss, looks over at you and smiles. You see her whisper something into my ear, we giggle sexily, I nod and we both look at you, slowly moving towards you. Still cuffed to the chair, your body feels like its on fire with excitement at the scene played out before you, and not it seems they want you…

Your girl friend steps off the bed and leans over you, she slides her finger slowly up your stiff cock, watching you gasp and hold your breath. I move next to her, sliding my hand over her shoulder and gliding it softly down her arm, down over her hand and interlocking my fingers, joining her in gently, slowly fingering and caressing you cock. I lean forward and start to nibble your ear, blowing gently on your neck. Your girl friend leans forward kissing you tenderly. You close your eyes, feeling the unbelievable sensation of two sets of lips, kissing and tasting you. Four hands touching, caressing and teasing your body with almost ghost-like touches, gently and slowly wanking you, stroking your balls, enjoying the smooth sexiness of your muscular body.

Your eyes closed in pure heaven as hands and lips sensually explore every inch of you. You moan softly on your breath, feeling yourself almost ready to explode. Your lips feel the presence of hot moist kisses, keeping your eyes closed as you feel the other joining you in a soft sensual three-way kiss. Hot breath on your lips, soft girlie moans, feather-like touches of fingers caressing your neck, ears, your chest, your balls, completely immersed in your own world of sensual lustful passion, hardly noticing your wrists and ankles are now loose form the chair, not remembering how long you’ve been free to join in the playtime.

Your mind explodes with the feeling of warm breath surrounding your dick, looking down to witness your shaft disappearing into your girl friends willing mouth as my tongue starts to gently flick over your balls, taking your over the edge. You feel yourself exploding your warm sticky milk into your girl friends mouth. As my tongue moves over your balls and the base of your shaft, I feel you twitch, knowing you’ve cum; I gently pull your girl friend off you and enjoy another long sexy French kiss, our hands caressing each other once more.

After several seconds we finish our kiss, we tilt our heads towards you, kneeling in front of you, cheek to cheek, looking so sexy in our lingerie. ‘Can my new playmate stat the night, baby?’ your girl friend asks, you smile with delight at the prospect. You giggle as your girl friend takes my hands and leads me back to the bed seductively. After a few minutes, you raise up from the chair, looking at the two hot beauties lying in each others arms on your bed. ‘Are you coming to bed baby?’ she asks. A wicked little smile spreads across your face, your eyes glint with excitement, how can you refuse….??

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