Tricked became enjoyed IV

Tricked became enjoyed IV

It had been over two weeks since my horrible experience. With time, I had grown to accept what had happened. Although I felt used, I had definitely invited it on myself. I didn’t know anything about the guy, and even after insulting me and telling me he was in a relationship, I still begged him to let me suck his cock. I knew I wouldn’t be going after him again.

My life was returning to normal, I wasn’t experiencing the intense desires to dress up that I had recently. I had put away my clothes and make up, and even started going out into town, trying to pick up women.

However, much to my dismay, I found every attempt to be unsuccessful. When flirting, I wanted the women to be coming on to me, complimenting me, not the other way around. I didn’t feel lusted after, and I didn’t have the desire or energy to lust after them. This continued for nearly another month before an unexpected event happened.

I was out at a club with my friends, sitting around drinking when a figure walked passed the corner of my eye. At first I let the figure pass on by, but as he entered the center of my vision, I noticed it was my first pizza delivery man. I must have made an excited face, as a couple of my friends began to ask me what was going on.

“What’s the deal? See a hot chick?” My friend Drake mocked.

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch Chris. What the fuck you looking at anyway?” Darren chimed in.

I finally snapped out of my dreamy gaze into reality. “Uh, nothing, just drifting off.” I explained hesitantly.

“You sure you’re not eyeing that fat piece of man ass at the bar?’ Drake exclaimed, much to the chagrin of our table.

I tried my hardest to laugh it off, but I could feel my face become beat red with embarrassment.

“Fuck off.” Was all I managed to reply.

The group had one final laugh, and we continued on with our night. But I couldn’t help but look out of the corner of my eye and see what he was up to. He was at the bar alone, occasionally building up the nerve to talk to women, but always getting shot down. He was obviously getting distressed, as every girl he approached left after a few minutes of talking.

“You hear us Chris? We’re going to another bar.” Darren yelled at me.

“What. Uh, Sorry. I’m pretty tired. I think I’m gonna head home. I got called in to work tomorrow morning.” I lied.

My friends seemed to buy the excuse as we said our goodbyes and they left. I started walking to the exit, when I was suddenly overcome by a desire to go to the bar. I sat down at an empty bar stool next to him, my heart racing, and struck up conversation. “Rough night?” I asked.

He looked me dead in the eyes, I was terrified he would recognize me. Luckily, he laughed saying, “If picking up chicks were a sports, I’d be winless.”

I laughed, enjoying his ability to laugh at himself. “Everyone has night’s they strike out. It just makes it that much better when we get the home run.” I said, trying to cheer him up.

“No, I wouldn’t just be winless tonight. Every time I step to the plate, I strike out.” He said, his smile fading.

I couldn’t believe what he had just said. Was he admitting to being a virgin? Was my blowjob the most action he’s ever gotten. “Really? Never?” I asked, trying not to seem to excited.

He started to laugh again. “I’ve been thrown out at first man, that’s how pathetic I am. What’s even funnier,

I’ve never been to first, but I lucked into a triple a couple weeks ago. The defense made some errors and next thing I know I’m happily on third.” He was obviously drunk; as he laughed uproariously the longer he spoke. His face was red, but he clearly was enjoying himself.
I couldn’t help but laugh back. If he only knew who he was talking to. Being a sports fan, the analogy made it even better. I couldn’t believe he had never made out with a girl, and I had given him a blow job!

“So how was it, getting to third?” I asked him slyly.

“Fucking heaven man, you probably know all about it, but it was fucking heaven. You probably won’t believe me, the few friends I told didn’t, but this chick was a total dime. 10/10. Perfect lips and the tightest ass you’ve ever seen. I’m on pizza delivery, and when she can’t afford to tip me, she practically begs to suck me off. I thought I was on some T.V. show, or this was some sort of reality TV porn show. I have no idea what was in it for her, she probably hates herself for it, but it was one of the best night’s of my life.” He said, not even really talking to himself. He laughed a bit more and finished off his beer.

I couldn’t help but blush, his description of what happened was one of the best compliment’s I had ever received, even if he didn’t know he was giving me one. I immediately felt confident in my looks again, especially my ass. I wanted to show it off to him right then, but I smartly contained myself.

“That good huh? You get that ass? You ever see her again?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Of course not! She was probably horny, or trying to get revenge on a cheating ex. I’ll never see her again.

And I was lucky to get a blow job, there’s no way she wants a fat ugly fuck like me on top of her.” He said, laughing, but clearly believing what he was saying.

“Well, that sounds amazing. Maybe you’ll get lucky again.” I was talking more to myself than him. I wanted to jump his bones right there in the bar, I had never felt so desired.

“Fat chance, excuse the pun. Good things never happen to me, especially not twice. Nice to meet you, my names, Sam. Thanks for the talk….”.

“I’m Chris.” We shook hands, and with that, he left.

I had to stay seated for a couple more minutes, as my cock was standing at full attention. I had loved our conversation, he seemed kind and funny, and the way he talked about my alter ego made my knees weak.

Even without seeing me, the look in his eyes was that of amazement and desire.
I got home and immediately had to masturbate to ease my horniness. I passed out and got some of the best sleep in my life. I woke up, eager and excited. I spent the day at work, constantly thinking of Sam and how he probably used the memory of me while touching himself. I was finally sent home for the day and rushed home. With a quick stop by the pizza store to see if Sam was working. Much to my delight, he was. I made another stop at Lovers, getting a few things I thought I might need.

I dolled myself up, getting in my skirt and blouse. Putting on my long, dark-haired wig. Applying my makeup and shaving my body head to toe. I even put on some lipstick, trying to give them some extra pop. I practiced my voice, as well as my moans, for the next 30 minutes. Really making sure I could pull off the whole package. Feeling more confident then ever, I called up the shop. But this time, I asked if Sam could be my driver, making up the excuse that he was very kind and got my food there quickest. I admired myself once more in the mirror, amazed at the mirage of cleavage my bra and tap created. I turned and glanced at my ass, plump and full. My narcissism was cut off though by the sound of the doorbell.
I casually walked towards the door, making him wait.

I opened it and smiled coyly at him. “Wow you got here fast.” I said, winking.

“When I saw the address, I got here as fast as humanly possible.” He said, panting. He had run to the car. His excitement only turned me on more.

“Well how much do I owe you?”

“Pizza’s on me, I’m gonna pay for it when I get back.” He said nervously, obviously attempting to charm me. He took a step inside.

I put my hand on his chest, “where do you think you’re going big guy?” I said jokingly, surprised at his forwardness.

“Uh…I…I don’t know…last time…” He was starting to sweat, his face was glowing red. He turned to leave and looked like he wanted to run here.

I grabbed his hand as he turned and pulled him inside. “Get your fat sexy ass in here.” I whispered jokingly.

He looked sad at my comment at first, but what I was about to do made up for it. Now, I really had no interest in kissing guys. Before, my sole interest in guys’ was their cocks. Nothing more. But with Sam, I wanted to rock his world. I slammed the door shut behind him, shoved him against the wall, and gave him the most passionate kiss of my life. He was clearly inexperienced, as his lips engulfed mine, smacking and moving a bit to much. I bit his lower lip, trying to calm him down, but it only excited him more. I felt his tongue part my lips, finding mine. He began to flick his against mine, and I tried to match by gently messaging his. He began to really shove his tongue down my throat, my mouth completely immersed in his. It wasn’t the most skilled kiss in my life, but god damn if it wasn’t the most enthusiastic. Even better, I could feel his cock get fully erect in his pants. It was pressing against me, dying to get out. I put one hand on his belly and slowly untucked his shirt. I grasped his stomach and then slowly led it down to his pants. I put my hand under his boxers and eventually found his dick. Although not the biggest, it certainly had girth.

The best part was how I could feel it throbbing in my hand, hot.

He gasped and we broke our kiss. I slowly got down to my knees, making sure to kiss his stomach as I went down. I pulled down his pants and gently kissed the head of his cock. Holy hell did I miss it. Not just cock, I was surprised at how I knew it was his cock I missed. I opened my mouth and let the head of his cock slip in my mouth. It was salty and sweaty from work, but I didn’t care one bit. He gently grabbed the back of my head, but didn’t press down at all. He wasn’t trying to force me into anything, he was enjoying the ride.

I began to use my tongue more, wrapping it around his cock, slowly licking his head. “Baby, I think I’m close.” He whispered. I immedieatley stopped.
“Oh no you don’t” I commanded. I got to my feet and gave him one more kiss.

“Do you not want me to?” He asked sadly.

I began to kiss his ear and said, “Oh no, I do, just not there.” My cock got harder when I saw his jaw drop and knees buckle.

“What, what do you mean.” He stuttered.

“What do you think it means?” I asked teasingly.

“I don’t know.” He said, with a seemingly defeated tone.

I was confused, I thought he would jump at the opportunity. Instead he seemed to want to stop and leave.

He broke the silence, but with surprising words. “Why are you doing this? I’m fat, and ugly. Girls like you have been laughing at me my whole life. What’s your motive.” He asked genuinely.

Luckily I had a lie ready. “I have my reasons for wanting guys like you. I don’t get intimate, or date people anymore. One of my exes was really aggressive and ended up scaring me in a fight in some intimate places. So I don’t let just anyone be with me. Now, I’ll admit, I’m attracted to you because your not conventionally attractive. But the way you look at me, and want me, makes you sexy, and makes me feel sexy. I saw the way you looked at my ass the first time I turned around. That look, not of lust or wanting to fuck me, but amazement and desire, that’s what I want in a man.”

My response seemed to satisfy him. He was no longer sad, or wanting to leave. “You do have an amazing ass.” Was all he managed to say.

“Well after the look you gave it, you deserve a chance to fuck it if you want.” I said bluntly.

He couldn’t even talk, instead, he only nodded his head.

“But, you need to do something for me.” I added sternly.

“Anything.” He answered immediately.

“Because of my scars, you need to be blindfolded, and handcuffed.” I kissed him and played with his cock as I said it, hoping to convince him.

“Anything. But, I haven’t done this before…” I cut him off before he could finish. “Don’t worry, I’ll do the work, you just focus on my tight ass around your cock.” I grabbed his arm and lead him to the bedroom.

I grabbed the bag from lovers and pulled out two pairs of hand cuffs and a blindfold. I stripped him naked and laid him down on the bed. His stomach was much bigger than I expected, but I really didn’t care. He was clearly self conscious and couldn’t look me in the eye. Trying to calm his nerves I kissed his stomach all over before kissing him on the lips once more. I whispered into his ear, “I’m gonna turn around and I want you to check out that ass one last time. Picture yourself inside it. Remember I’m the one who wanted you and started all this. I need YOUR dick in my ass.” I got up and turned around, bending over for him. I picked up the blindfold and put it on him. I then grabbed each of the handcuffs and cuffed him to my bedframe. Confident he was blind and without use of his arms, I stripped down. I taped my rock hard cock to my chest, not wanting it to move around and hit him during sex. Before initiating anything, I grabbed his hand and placed it on my ass, allowing him to get a squeeze.

“I’m the luckiest man in the fucking world.” He exclaimed.

Enjoying his compliment, I got on the bed and began to blow him again, covering every inch of his cock in my saliva. I made sure he was rock hard before getting my ass lubed up. I applied a generous amount and climbed on him. I slide his cock between my cheeks, teasing him as much as possible. I put one hand on his stomach, leaned down and kissed him. With the other hand, I reached behind me and grabbed the head of his cock. I placed it right against my asshole. I hadn’t been fucked there in 6 years, and I knew it was going to be tight. I slowly pressed back against him. The head of his cock slowly penetrating me. He was only centimeters inside me, but he was already moaning with delight. I stopped and applied more lube before trying again. This time, his first inch slid in me easily. It was more than I anticipated and I groaned with a combination of pain and pleasure. I laid there for a second, getting accustomed to the throbbing member now inside me. When the pain subsided, I slowly started to slide down. First two inches, then three, and finally all 5 inches of his throbbing cock were penetrating me. With all of him inside me, I began to slowly grind my hips back and forth. The pressure on my prostate was overwhelming, I moaned my most girlish moans for him. I was in heaven.

“I’m in heaven.” He yelled. “Jesus Christ your so fucking tight.

Not wanting to cum all over him, I stopped grinding back and forth and began to move up and down. He clearly enjoyed this more, as I could see him fighting against his handcuffs.

I moved down to kiss him as I bounced my cock up an down on him. I started slowly, but as his groans grew louder, my movements became faster.

“You’re so fucking hot and hard. I’ve never wanted something as badly as I’ve wanted your cock in my tight ass.” I whispered in his ear. “Now, I need your cum more than anything. I beg of you.” I kissed him once more and began to move as fast as possible. I could feel my asshole expanding and contracting with every inch of him I took. Towards the top, my asshole constricted, his girth getting smaller. But as I went back down, I could feel it expanding as I needed to take his wide base.

“Here I come!” He yelled in pure ecstasy.

I kissed him as he did. I made sure that the moment I felt him coming I had taken every inch of him inside me. I wanted his cum as deep in me as possible. Our kiss grew more passionate the longer he came. It felt as if he hadn’t come in years. I felt his cock engorge as he shot at least a dozen spurts of his cum in my ass. I could feel him filling me up, and it nearly made me cum. I was moaning in absolute pleasure, fighting off every urge in the world to cum. I honestly orgasmed without cumming, my legs trembling, my ass clenched and hole tightening around him. I laid on him, my hips arched so he wouldn’t feel my cock. I was panting, absolutely exhausted but pleased. I kissed him one last time before getting off him.

I saw just a bit of his cum on his cock, and I had an overwhelming urge to lick it off him. There was no way I was letting one drop of his cum go to waste, it all needed to be inside me. I deep throated him one last time, using my tongue to lick off any cum I felt. I didn’t even care it had just been in my ass, I needed his cum.

“God you’re a sexy slut.” He exclaimed. My actions turning him on as he remained hard.
I got dressed and uncuffed him, taking off the blindfold as well.

“I see you’re still hard, next time though. I don’t want you to get fired.”

“Holy fuck I’m on the clock!” He yelled and frantically got dressed.

We walked to the door and he was about to leave, before he turned around. “I didn’t mean to fuck you and leave, or call you a slut. I’m so sorry.” He seemed genuinely concerned, which turned me on even more.
I kissed him and told him, “I’m your slut, don’t apologize. And I’ll be ordering a lot of pizza from you Sam. Please slap my ass before you go.” I bent over the table and yelped with delight as he spanked me. He pulled me into him and kissed me before leaving.

I shut the door and fell the floor. I had just experienced the best sex of my life, and was dying to experience it again. I walked upstairs to shower, my asshole loose after the intense fucking it had just received. I cleaned off my body, changed my clothes and wiped away the makeup. I was about to go to sleep when I heard an aggressive knock on the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone, and the tone of the knock alarmed me. I quietly walked to the door, and to my horror, I saw the douche delivery guy at the door. I was frozen in place.

“I know you’re in there bitch. You asked for Sam trying to get away from me. I wonder if you sucked him off you dirty whore. How was his fat tiny dick? Did his fat rolls hit you in the face? There’s no fucking way that pathetic piece of shit is getting his dicked licked while mine remain dry.” He yelled.

With every word I grew angrier. I couldn’t stand the way he talked about me, but even worse, the way he talked about Sam made my blood boil. I wasn’t going to let him talk this way about us, he needed to be taken down a notch. I began to act on instinct. I walked to my room and grabbed my baseball bat from high school.

“One last chance or I’m telling everyone I know about the whore that lives here!”

I walked to the door and opened it, the bat at rest by my side.

“Who the fuck are you!” I whispered, but as loudly as possible.

He was clearly taken aback. “Who the fuck are you?” Is all he could reply.

“This is my fucking house. I just got back from vacation, and you’re really pissing me off.”

For all the game he had been talking seconds earlier, he immediately got timid and began cowering away.

“Sorry, I think I got the wrong house.” He said, turning to leave.

“I don’t think you fuckin did. You see, my girlfriend was housesitting while I was gone, and my neighbor said he saw a guy leaving my place a couple weeks back.”

“I didn’t know man, I’m sorry. She was beggin me. If I knew she was in a relationship…” His whining was

“You call all the girls you get with whores? I should kill you just for stayin that, but you fucked my girl. For that, you really deserve a bashing.” I pulled my bat up.

“Dude, please, calm down. I’m so sorry. I have 200 bucks in my wallet from tips, it’s all yours.” He was pleading and I loved it.

“There’s no way you’re getting off that easy. I swung my bat and hit him in the leg. It wasn’t a hard hit, but
enough to get him on the ground.

He yelled in pain. “Please, I’ll give you anything. I’m sorry.”

“Get up, we’re gonna talk this out.” I helped him up and we walked inside.

I shut the door behind us. “I’m going to make this really simple for you. You know Hammurabi? I’m a big believer of his. Now, you have two choices. Either I beat the shit out of you with this bat, then shove it all the way up your pathetic ass, or you suck me off and take it in your ass. I don’t care either way, but your ass is mine one way or the other.” I picked up the bat and put it on my shoulder for effect.

“Dude, you can’t be serious. Please, anything else. I ain’t gay.” He cried out.

“Neither am I. But you fucked my bitch, now you need to get fucked like one.”

“I ain’t sucking your dick, I’ll take the first one.” As soon as he finished speaking I raised my bat and slammed it on his hand, which was resting on the table. He screamed out in pain.

“That’s a dumbass choice, but I’m not surprised.” I raised my bat again.

“No, no, please no.” He was defeated.

I pulled down my pants and grabbed his shoulders, shoving him to the ground. He kneeled there in front of me, in absolute shock at what was happening. “It’s not gonna suck itself.” I laughed.

He opened his mouth like he was allergic to it. He took me in his mouth, but his tounge was retreating down his throat, and he didn’t even press down with his lips.

“I said a blowjob. I bet a vasectomy feels better. You better enjoy yourself.” I grabbed the back of his head and pulled it towards me. I could hear him gag as he struggled to breathe. I tapped the top of his head with my bat and he stopped squirming. I felt him touch his tongue to the head of my cock, as well a gently pressing his lips against my base.

“That’s much better slut.” He continued, slowly moving his head back and forth. He began to move his tongue quicker, even flicking it against my head. I didn’t hate it, but I also wasn’t really getting hard. So I started to imagine my night with Sam. That did the trick, as I grew to my full 7 inches. He was struggling again, but I used my bat to remind him that he needed to be deepthroating me.

“Get me nice and wet, and I wanna hear you moan.” He regretfully obliged. I could feel him using more saliva, getting every inch of me wet. He moaned, I didn’t even care if it was forced and weak, he was becoming the bitch he was used to treating so poorly.

“Get up, pants down and bend over the table. Don’t say anything, and don’t you fight it.”

He was slow to do it, but eventually obeyed. I spit in my hand and began to rub my wet fingers up and down his crack, getting his hole wet. To my surprise, he was fully shaved down there.

“I thought you said you weren’t gay? You one of those sissy guys’ who only cares how they look?” I knew the answer. Although right now he was being completely submissive, he was a tall, muscular, well trimmed man. It made it even better that I was about to fuck hm.

“Tell me this is what you want, I need your permission.”

“I…I want this.” He said softly.

“You can do better than that.” I said as I placed the head of my cock against his asshole.

“I want your dick in my ass.” He said more confidently.

“That’s what I thought bitch.” With that, I unmercifully shoved my cock inside him. I didn’t ease him into it. I made sure that on one thrust he was filled with everything I could give him. He screamed out in pain and tried to buck away. But I was in control of him now and shoved him against the table.

“Talk to me the way you make girls talk to you.” I commanded him. I wasn’t even hard because of him. I was still imagining my night with Sam. I just wanted him to learn a lesson. I didn’t even pay attention to what he was saying, I knew if I wanted to cum I would have to use my imagination. Although his virgin ass was tight, the stimulation alone wasn’t enough.

“Fuck my slutty ass” He cried out. Although he was in pain, he was beginning to convince me that he was enjoying it. I began to pull out entirely and shove it in him, knowing that every time I penetrated him he was in a world of hurt.

“Oh ya, you’re so fucking big. I need it in me, don’t pull out.”

He was managing to pull me back to reality, and I happily obliged him. I didn’t even order him to, but he was beginning to match my thrusts, his hips rocking back to meet me. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I heard a moan of delight.

“Cum in me, I need your jizz.” At first I thought he was trying to get me to finish quicker, and maybe he really was, but when I pulled him up close to me, I saw that his dick was hard.

“Are you enjoying this?” I asked him.

“Your dick feels really good in my tight little ass.” He said. On one hand I could hear the fake interest in his voice, but on the other, his body really did seem to be enjoying it. I began to fuck him even faster, and he rocked his hips back at the same speed. I was close to cumming when the unexpected happened.

“Fuck me, Fuck me!” He yelled, as I saw bursts of his jizz cover my table. Shocked, I gave him one extremely deep thrust. My cock completely inside him, absolutely no part of me not in his ass, I came. The build up with my session with Sam, as well as the pleasant turn of events lead to an extremely strong orgasm. I yelled out and slapped his ass, hard. While cumming, I grabbed both of his cheeks and spread them apart, getting a good look at how widely my cock was spreading his asshole. I finished cumming and quickly pulled out of him.

He collapsed on to the table, moaning in delight, with tears also running down his face.

I pulled up my pants and grabbed his hair, pulling his straight up.

“Get out of my house, slut. If I ever see you back here, it means your giving me permission to use your ass however I want.”

He quickly got up and began to pick up his clothes, I stopped him. “No, your leaving this house in shame.”

He eventually agreed and left the house. I closed the door behind him and couldn’t believe what had happened. Two weeks ago, he treated me like a slut, and now, I had returned the favor. Even more interestingly, I had wanted him two weeks ago and finished repulsed by him. Now, I wanted him and he was the one that left satisfied. At least it seemed that way.

I went to bed, surprised my day had turned out the way it had. I had been a girl, experiencing mind blowing sex with an amazing guy that loved me. And I ended the night as a dominant man making a douche of a guy into my bitch, and he ended up loving it. I wasn’t sure what tomorrow had in store, but I was excited to find out.

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