Golden Lust Ch.01

Golden Lust Ch.01

All I ever really asked for was just a normal life... but for some strange reason, I always wind up into these pervy situations. What's even worse (much to my growing shame) is... I'm actually starting to like it.

I'm Dan. I just started attending the local state University. Rather than rooming up in a dorm with somebody I don't know, I was fortunate enough (or at least so I thought) to able to get to share a place with my older sister Samantha, who's also attending school (just a couple of grades ahead of me).

Staying with Samantha was definitely great. She used to tease and mess with me a lot for fun when we both were kids, but being my big sister that was nothing out of the ordinary. She always had a weird sense of humor though. She'd do unusual things like undress or change her clothes right in front of me; she once even slapped me across the face with her panties. Whenever I questioned her free-spirited behaviour with me, she'd always just smile & say "Don't worry it's fine, I'm your sister".

My sister has grown into a stunningly attractive young woman though: average height, lovely long brown hair, sensual curves with a firm rounded ass and 40D-cup tits. Despite a spectacular body and those breasts she's not particularly shy about, she oddly doesn't really date, keeping that gorgeous body at home with her brother.

I was starting to enjoy this new college life of mine, when one day, coming back home from class things really took a twist.. Samantha was already home, sitting in the living room in her bra and panties watching TV. While this is pretty normal for her, I still came into the room and froze for just a second staring at her. I really should be used to this by now, she's my sister after all, so there's nothing to be embarrassed about right?

But today something was different... she was sitting there in cute matching lacy white bra & panties, and as usual, she greeted me with a smile and "Welcome home Danny". I decided not to say anything (rather I couldn't say anything) so dropped my phone, keys, and loose change on the table and rushed to the kitchen. I paused, trying not to think of what I just saw.

I needed to eat; I hadn't eaten much since rushing out the door to get to classes earlier today, so I reached for a couple bananas we had in the kitchen, while desperately trying to get rid of the image of Samantha I captured moments ago. I've seen her undressed lots of times so this should be nothing for me, yet I was desperately trying to make my swelling cock ignore how cute she actually looked in those white underwear, with her nipples showing through the lace.

"What are you doing in there Danny?" she called out to me. She was probably suspicious that I stayed in the kitchen for so long; she probably expected me to join her on the couch since we usually watch TV together after classes. I came back into the living room and... dammit.

There was Samantha holding my phone, going through everything I had on there. I could clearly see she had opened up my photo app, and was looking at my porn stash. "Wha-what are you doing Sammy?" I called out, as I stretched my arm out in protest for her to stop, but it was clearly too late as she shot me a wide teasing smile and chuckled.

I know I can be a bit careless at times, but I clearly wasn't thinking straight when I left my unlocked phone within Samantha's reach. She had found my gallery of girls actually peeing - I download a new set everyday.

"Soooooo THAT's the kinda thing you're into huh? I never would've guessed THAT Danny" she giggled. I had been busted, and there was really nothing I could say to save myself from huge embarrassment and teasing. "It's OK, I'm your sister" she said reassuring me. "Though it is a bit funny Dan", giggling a bit.

My face glowing red, I joined her on the couch to watch television, trying to keep my eyes on the screen and away from her. I didn't know whether to be more concerned that she found all the piss porn on my phone, or the fact that couldn't forget just how damn... cute she looked in that white bra and panties.

"Ahhhh I think... I need to go potty right now", she said loudly. I tried not to react to what she just stated, but she stood up and just walked in front of me, stopping with the transparent crotch of her panties at my eye level. "Would you like to watch?" she said with a half smile.

I felt myself going hot and cold as my face turned red. I couldn't ignore such a direct question. "Wh- Why are you asking ME that?" I blurted out, my eyes fixed on her barely covered mound.

"Because Danny... that's the kinda thing you're into right? You like watching us girls go take a pee right?... You do know my eyes are up here." My mind was still in a blur, my eyes completely fixated on her pussy a few inches from my face. She turned around and pushed her tight ass against my face, so briefly, but my cheek felt it had been burned from the contact.

"It's ok I'm your sister, there's nothing to be ashamed of Danny." she said as she turned back around to face me. She put her hand on my cheek and looked down at the tent in my pants... OH MY GOD, I hadn't even noticed, but my dick was sticking up as hard as steel.

"See," she said teasingly," you really do like the idea of watching me take a piss. If you tell me the truth I'll let you watch me every time I take a pee".

I was helpless now, desperate actually... all I could do was tell her the truth. I sighed, looked back at her panty covered pussy and confessed. "Y-Yes... I do kinda like watching girls taking a piss." I said, not breaking eye contact with her mound.

"Danny come on I know you, I can tell when there's more. Tell me everything. What else do you like? Tell me how much you really like watching us girls take a piss".

God I loved hearing her say that word. Just her voice saying "Piss" or "Potty" or "Pee" was enough to have my dick hard enough to break stone... but there was nothing left I could hide. Samantha had me. "Yes I really love it. I love it with all of my heart, watching girls take a piss. Just hearing them SAY it drives me crazy and I want to see their pee flowing from their pussies" I told her.

"What else do you like to do? Do you ever want to taste it too?" she asked.

"Yes... god I would love to be able to taste it too. I would drink it, and love every drop." I murmured.

"Come with me Danny" she told me. My dick was super swollen in my pants, and my mind was almost dizzy from what was going on. My eyes were fixated on her bubble butt as she swished, walking ahead holding my hand and pulling me behind her. We reached the bathroom, and she turned to face me and told me "If you're going to watch, I want you to pull my panties down for me. That way you get the full experience".

"Ye-Yes Sammy" I responded, so I got down on one of my knees and reached for the waistband of her white underwear. I couldn't believe my sister was letting me, making me do this but... I so wanted it. Her panties slid down, exposing the beautiful trimmed brown bush between her legs partially covering her pussy. I slid her panties down slowly, and I noticed the wet stain in the crotch.

"What are you thinking about, looking at my dirty panties like that Danny?" I swallowed in embarrassment, and told her "I think that is so sexy." Her panties stain was slightly yellow; I could smell it a bit, God did that turn me on even more.

"Do you want to smell or lick it? I might let you do that too after I piss." I got her panties to the floor, and looked up at her from between her legs.

"Now help me sit down. I want you to help your big sister pee," she teased... and she understood my need completely, I was enjoying every moment of this, and I gladly reached out to hold her around her hips. "Hehe" she giggled as I helped lower her down gently on to the toilet like a very personal servant.

"Spread my legs Danny" she commanded. So I took both of my hands, placed them between her thighs, and slowly parted them while I stared as her pussy came into view.

"Do you like that Dan?" she asked me playfully. "You know you're looking at your sister's naked, exposed pussy." I didn't know what to say in response, she knew I was hard for her, so there was no point in lying.. "You know you're looking at your sister about to take a piss," she prompted me again...

I gave in, "Yes I'm so glad. I'm so grateful that I get to watch you take a piss Sammy."

She laughed softly and said "Ok you can put your face right up close to my pussy. I bet you'll like that right?" God she was right. I dove my face right between her legs, wanting as close a view of her pissing as possible. She giggled again and put both her hands on top of my head. I didn't even mind though. I was so happy to have my face between her legs.

"I- I gotta piss Danny" she exhaled deeply. I could already smell the wonderful perfume of her wetness, and imagined the stream of piss that was about to force its way out between her pink lips. I was so turned on I instinctively moved my face even closer and actually opened my mouth a little.

Sammy must've felt my breath on her pussy before she started to let go, she laughed actually holding my head down between her thighs and said "It's OK Danny, you can drink it if you want". I was in heaven. My big sister had given me permission to drink her piss. I pressed my face closer to her pussy, my mouth open.

I barely made it in time, before her warm piss started cascading out of her pussy on to my lips and finally into my open mouth. Bliss.

"Oh my" she gasped, as she looked down at my head between her legs. "Drink it up Danny", she praised me again. My mouth opened wider and I finally took her pee directly into my mouth. Her piss stream blasted the front of my teeth before spreading forcibly against the roof of my mouth, then raining down on to my tongue.

Its taste was strong, salty, a slight tart flavor to it - it tasted soooooo GOOD though. I had never been with a girl who'd let me do this, and now it was my SISTER unbelievably going potty right into my mouth. I swallowed the first little bit that flew into my mouth, I welcomed it in happily. I didn't even close my mouth for it, so more could shoot in there directly. Her stream got even heavier... GOD this is delicious.

Her piss was really strong. And I wanted nothing more than to swallow as much as I could. "Good boy" she praised me more, "Drink as much as you can please." I tiled my head back a little and let the stream spray right on my tongue. It landed right on top of it with a loud *Ssssshhhh*. Rolling into the sides of my mouth, filling it quickly. Her strong salty piss flavor completely taking over my senses. I tried to swallow her piss as fast as I could, but there was so much filling my mouth and a little escaped.

Finally her stream started to slow, and I was able to gulp down her wonderful pee more confidently, my eyes closed, her piss turning into a trickle. "You really like that I can tell, you've swallowed a ton of my piss." I tried to agree with her but accidentally belched..

She laughed out loud "You burped on my piss Dan." I didn't care though, my fantasy had come to life, and I caught the remaining drips of her pee to add to what I was savouring in my mouth. "Hey wait, can I see it?" she asked. How embarrassing is that. I'd just gulped down mouthful after mouthful of my own sister's piss, and now she wants me to show it to her.

"Come on let me see it, this is too kinky" she smiled. I sat back a little and opened my mouth to show her, her golden urine that was washing around in my mouth. She laughed again and asked me, "Do you like how it tastes?"

I nodded with my mouth open trying to keep her acidic pussy water in my mouth. "If you love it, swallow it while looking right at me". My heart smiled a bit so I closed my mouth (never taking my eyes off of her), and gulped it down slowly, letting her hear the swallowing sound of me ingesting her hot piss. "You're such an awesome brother" she praised me. "We're going to be doing this a lot from now on."

Those words couldn't have made me more happy. "Really?" I asked her.

"Of course, but could you do me a favor? Could you lick my pussy and asshole clean for me please?" I looked at her in bewilderment at first, but she added, "It's alright I'm your sister." I happily dove in between her legs, she put her legs on top of my back, and her hands on top of her head, sighing contentedly. I indulged us both, licking out the last droplets of her piss, she even arched herself giving me tongue access to her sweaty asshole which I licked clean happily.

Smelling and tasting Samantha's pussy, piss, and her asshole was the happiest/strangest moment of my life... and she promised we'll be playing more like this in the future.

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