Incestuous Tales of the Quarantine 7: Sisters' Creampie Delights

Incestuous Tales of the Quarantine 7: Sisters' Creampie Delights

Incestuous Tales of the Quarantine

Story Seven: Sisters' Creampie Delights

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

“Renee!” my big brother groaned as his cum pumped into my pussy. “Yes!”

My naughty pussy writhed around my big brother's cock. I shuddered, whimpering and moaning as his wonderful seed pumped into my cunt. I trembled, bent over the hood of the 1969 Camaro he'd been working on in our family's garage.

I'd been “helping” Clancy all week. Ever since my big brother had finally noticed me sunbathing beside the pool. He had claimed my nineteen-year-old body, taking my virginity. He made me his. I loved it. I was so happy that this dumb quarantine meant we could spend all our time together while the rest of the family was busy doing their own thing.

Dad was working in his office where Linda, the baby of the family, was hanging out. She was such a daddy's girl. Nancy, my older sister and Clancy's twin, was helping Mom make jams and pickled vegetables and all other stuff in the workshop.

I had Clancy all to myself.

I shuddered, my naughty cunny working out all his cum. It was amazing. I loved being with my big brother. I loved him. My orgasm hit that wonderful peak as he fired the last of his cum. I reached the pinnacle of—

Sandals crunched on the cement walkway that led to the garage's back door. Panic flooded through me. Clancy cursed and ripped his cock out of my pussy, his cum brimming inside of me. What was going on? Who was coming out here and ruining our fun.

“You in there, Clancy?” Mom called out.

My stomach sank.

“Yeah,” shouted Clancy, panic on his face. “I'm, uh, working.”

I looked around to find my red bikini bottom as the sound of Mom's footsteps grew louder. I snatched up my bottoms and thrust my legs through them, cum leaking out of my shaved pussy. I yanked them up, my round tits jiggling. Blonde hair swayed about my face. At the same time, Clancy grabbed his jean shorts, his handsome, twenty-one-year-old face looking as flustered as I felt. He was yanking up his muscular legs those shorts hard.

“Okay,” Mom said. She grabbed the doorknob. It turned.

I squeaked and darted to my discarded bikini top. I yanked it on in record time, covering my round tits and tying it behind my neck, my back to the door. His cum soaked into my bikini bottoms as I fumbled to tie the second string in the middle of my back.

The door creaked open slowly.

“I just needed to ask you something,” said Mom brightly.

“S-sure, Mom,” my big brother gasped then hissed at me, “Just shove my boxers beneath the car.”

As I struggled to knot the bikini, I noticed his boxers at my feet. He was pulling on his t-shirt. I kicked his underwear beneath the car, my fingers fumbling. The door was all the way open. I could feel Mom looking at us. So I whirled around to face her, finishing tying the knot. My boobs jiggled as I faced Mom.

“I just need to talk to your brother alone,” Mom told me, her blonde hair spilling about her face. A big smile spread on her lips. She didn't notice anything. “Why don't you go work on your tan some more?”

“Yes, Mom!” I squeaked, not wanting to get caught. I darted past her, my blonde hair flying behind me.

“W-what did you need, Mom?” Clancy asked as I reached the door.

I slammed it shut behind me. I drew in deep breaths as I tottered forward. Clancy would handle Mom. He wouldn't get us into any trouble. He knew how to play it cool. My big brother was amazing like that.

I reached the pool and the chaise lounge that I had been spending most of the summer on until Clancy had made his move. My body shook from how close we had come to getting caught. I drew in deep breaths, struggling to calm myself.

“Hey,” Nancy said. My big sister rushed up to me and grabbed my arm. I squeaked as she pulled me towards the house. The sliding glass door to the kitchen was open, and she hauled me towards it.

“Hey!” I protested. “What are you doing? Let me go!”

“Relax, relax,” Nancy said, her brown hair flowing down around her face. Her and Clancy had brown hair while I had Mom's blonde and Linda had Dad's black. Nancy wore a tight tank top that molded to her round breasts. She had D's, little bigger than the C's that I had. Linda, at eighteen, also had C's while our mother had F's. “You got nothing to freak out about.”

“What are you doing?” I demanded as she pulled me into the kitchen.

“Kissing you,” my older sister said.

Then she grabbed my face and planted her lips right on mine. My eyes widened in shock as her tongue thrust into my mouth. It wiggled about in me in this bold way that was so similar to how Clancy kissed me and yet was so different.

Softer lips.

No whiskers.

Feminine, not masculine.

I couldn't believe she was kissing me. Her hands slid around to grab my rump. She squeezed my ass, digging her fingers into my butt-cheeks through my bottoms. I was too shocked to do anything. My mind didn't want to work properly. Nancy was kissing me?

She took advantage of that confusion. Before I knew it, her hands were moving. She rushed them up my sides even as she broke the kiss. Her hands shoved my bikini top over my breasts while her mouth latched onto my right nipple.

“Nancy!” I gasped as she suckled on my nub.

The pleasure shot right down to my pussy full of our brother's cum. My cunt clenched, more of his jizz soaking my bottoms. I trembled as she swirled her tongue around my nub. She danced about it, her tongue fluttering around it.

I groaned. It felt good. No, my sister sucking on my nipple felt not just good but great. Amazing. Confusing emotions ran through me as she kept nursing on me. Mom was in the garage with Clancy. She could come back at any moment.

“Nancy!” I gasped. “Stop that. We're sisters.”

She popped her mouth off my nipple and moaned. “And? You just fucked our brother. God, is his cum in your pussy? Please, please say it's in your pussy.”

“What?” I gasped. “N-no. Clancy and I don't—”

She fell to her knees before me and grabbed the Lycra material of my bottoms. She yanked them down from my pussy. I squeaked as she exposed my shaved twat dripping in Clancy's incestuous cum. I whimpered at the proof of my forbidden affair with our brother.

But Nancy didn't recoil in disgust. She moaned in delight and buried her head between my thighs. Her brown hair spilled over my legs as her lips kissed at my vulva. Her tongue licked at my plump flesh around my slit, gathering up the cum that stained them. Her hands grabbed my naked ass now, fingernails squeezing tight.

“Nancy, what the fuck?” I gasped. “What are you doing? Mom could come back at any moment.”

Nancy just winked at me and licked again, gathering up our brother's cum.

“You can't do this,” I whimpered even as this heat swelled in my pussy. I had cum only once with Clancy. That wasn't enough. We had to fuck a couple of times for us to get it out of our system. He was so sexy.

I loved him.

But now I was letting our sister devour me. She had blue eyes like Mom and Linda, not the brown eyes I shared with Clancy and Dad. But there was Clancy in some of the shape of her forehead and the hue of her hair. We were all related. We all had bits of each other.

Her tongue dug into my slit now. She caressed at my folds, gathering up the cum-leaking out of my depths. I shuddered at the incestuous rush. I whimpered, shocked that I liked having a girl—my older sister—going down on me.

It was exciting and terrifying at the same time. We were in the kitchen. Dad or Linda could come downstairs. Mom could return from the garage, finished with whatever she was talking to Clancy about. I whimpered, my hips wiggling, grinding my pussy on my sister's face.

“Oh, that's delicious,” groaned Nancy. “I love eating creampies and having my twin's... Ooh, Renee, yum!”

She thrust her tongue into my cunt. I gasped as she scooped out the cum in me. My back arched, my naked breasts jiggled. Her tongue stroked me in just such naughty ways. She made me shiver and groan. My face twisted in ecstasy.

It was fantastic. Amazing. Just the sort of delight that I loved. I bit my lip and whimpered. My blonde hair danced around my face as my sister made such sweet love to my cunt. She lapped at it. Licked at my twat.

It was outstanding.

“Oh, my god,” I moaned. “Nancy!”

“Renee,” she cooed. “Mmm, you got that yummy twat full of that delicious cum.”

“It is delicious,” I purred.

“Mmm, like guzzling down our brother's jizz, huh?” she asked and fluttered her tongue up and down my slit. “You should thank me. I nudged him in your direction. I saw you had a crush on him. It's wonderful.”


“Oh, yes.” She fluttered her tongue up and down my folds, just grazing my clit. “I loved it when Clancy fucked me.”

“When did he fuck you?” I gasped, a surge of jealousy rushing through me.

“Mmm, not long before he made his move on you,” she moaned. “I don't want to steal him from you, but I would love to borrow him.”

She thrust her tongue into my cunt as I gasped in delight. Nancy was the one sister I feared could steal Clancy from me. They were twins. Shared the same womb. Linda was a Daddy's girl, and Mom was Mom. She had Dad. She would never do anything like have sex with Clancy. But Nancy was wild.

She had a reputation for guys and girls. A big-time slut. It wasn't surprising, now that I thought about it, that quarantine would drive her to go after Clancy and me. I shuddered as she thrust her tongue into my cunt and scooped out cum. I had heard she loved creampies.

Now she proved it.

Her eyes were squeezed shut as she feasted on my cunt. Clancy was amazing at eating my twat, but he would never go down on me after cumming in me. I shuddered, loving the feel of Nancy digging her tongue into my cunt.

Was this cheating on my brother? It was with our sister...

She wiggled her tongue deep into my cunt. I gasped, my back arching. I still couldn't believe we were doing this right here. Mom could literally walk in at any moment. Whether through this door or the door to my right that led to the garage.

“Oh, my god,” I whimpered. “Oh, my fucking god. Yes, yes, that's amazing. That's wonderful. Don't stop. Oh, no, don't stop!”

I wanted to cum fast. I wanted to get off before we got caught. I whimpered as her tongue wiggled around in me. Then she groaned like she was disappointed. She must have licked out all of our brother's cum.

Then her tongue flicked to my clit. Her fingers dug into my rump as she sucked right on my bud. She latched on hard and nursed with passion. I gasped, my head throwing back, my boobs bouncing before me. This felt amazing. Just stupendous.

Her tongue danced around my bud. She swirled it about. The pleasure rushed through me. It was incredible. I loved it. My face scrunched up as she nibbled on my clit. She sucked with such passion on that naughty bud.

“I'm going to cum, Nancy!” I whimpered.

She winked a blue eye at me.

Her tongue caressed my clit between her sucks. Sparks burst from it. I groaned, loving it. This amazing pleasure surged through me. It was fantastic. My face scrunched up. The pleasure was incredible to feel.

I hurtled towards my orgasm. The floodwaters built and built, the dam holding back the ecstasy weakening. Crumbling. She nursed on my clit with hunger. Her lips nibbled on it. She danced her tongue around it. I gasped and moaned.


I came.

My pussy convulsed. Juices gushed out into my older sister's mouth. She drank down my cream. She licked and lapped, her fingers digging into my rump. She pulled my cunt hard against her mouth. Her tongue caressed my folds, adding more delight to the rapture flooding my body.

The ecstasy rushed through my flesh, pouring through the channels of my nerves to my thoughts. The waves of euphoria swept over my brain. I gasped and moaned, stars bursting across my vision. My mind drank it in, the bliss saturating my awareness.

“Oh, yes, yes!” I gasped, tits heaving. “Nancy! Nancy!”

“Mmm, little sister's pussy cream!” she moaned while my tart musk filled the air. “What a treat.”

I trembled through my orgasm, my pleasure hitting that wonderful peak. I fluttered there, gasping for breaths. My tits jiggled and heaved. That had been incredible. I swayed there, gasping in breaths, my mind buzzing from the rapture.

“Mmm, that was delicious,” my sister said and popped to her feet. “Want to see how Mom's doing with Clancy?”

“What?” I gasped, shock rippling through me.

“Mom and Clancy are having fun,” Nancy said, grabbing my hand and pulling me to the open sliding glass door, my bikini bottoms left behind. Her boobs bounced in her tank top as she walked ahead of me. “Mom should be nearly done collecting his cum.”

“What?” I stared at her in shock.

“Oh, yes, Mom and I have been lovers for weeks,” Nancy said. “And we want to get the whole family in on the fun.”

“You and Mom?” My mind reeled. “What about Dad?”

“We'll get him, too. Don't you worry about that? Of course, Linda's been taking care of him lately. They started going at it around the same time you and Clancy did.” Nancy smiled. “Yep, my plan is working great.”

I stumbled across the back patio, past our pool, and to the outside door to the garage. There was a window you could peer through. It was dirty, but you could see my brother fucking Mom. She was bent over the hood, just like I had been, his cock ramming into her pussy.

A surge of jealousy washed over me. I should be the one getting hammered by his cock. Then I heard Mom's moans. That passion. So much like my own. Clancy and I had come from Mom. She had made us both. It was almost like he was fucking me when he was pounding her.

Or with Nancy.

We were all a family.

“Mmm, let's let them finish,” Nancy purred. “God, that's hot. He's going to fill her pussy with his cum. That's where we all came from. I love it. Incest is the best. Quarantine is amazing. Really brings the family together.”

“Yeah,” I said, swallowing. “I'm glad for that.”

Nancy kissed me. I groaned as I tasted my tart pussy cream on her lips. I had enjoyed the flavor of my pussy on our brother's lips. Or his cock. I loved sucking his cock fresh from my cunt or my asshole. I was a dirty girl. I whimpered, kissing my sister.

The moans in the garage hit that feverish point as I made out with Nancy. I didn't understand the words with my heart beating so fast. I was enjoying kissing my big sister. I didn't love her like I loved Clancy, but it was still so naughty.

We were sisters!

Then Nancy broke the kiss and said, “Okay, they're done. I'll go for our brother. You enjoy Mom's pussy full of his cum. Trust me, it's a treat to eat jizz out of a woman's pussy. And incestuous jizz...” She shuddered. “I ate Dad's cum out of Mom's twat once... Delicious.”

“Wow,” I said. I then grabbed the doorknob and wrenched it open.

Clancy jumped as I strolled in, his wet cock flopping before me. He opened his mouth to protest until he saw I was naked. Mostly. I still had my bikini top shoved over my tits. He stared at me in shock as I sauntered to them.

“Sup, bro,” said Nancy. “Banging Mom, huh? Nice.”

“Nancy?” gasped Clancy. “What the fuck?”

“Mmm, he fucked me just as hard as you said he would, honey,” Mom groaned, glancing at Nancy. Then her gaze shifted to me, her blue eyes gleaming with naughty delight. “You must be a happy girl to get that every day, Renee. He fucks like your father.”

What would Dad be like? I shuddered and said aloud, “I am lucky, Mom. I'm glad you got a piece.”

“Mmm, relax, Clancy,” Nancy said. “I want another go on my twin's cock. And Renee is eager for her first creampie. She just adored me licking her clean of your jizz.”

“You ate out her pussy?” asked Clancy. A smile spread on his lips. “Just devoured all my cum out of her.”

“Uh-huh.” Then she threw her arms around our brother and kissed him.

I shuddered and fell to my knees behind Mom. She was still bent over the hood of the car. Her bubbly butt was right before my face. Her blonde bush dripped with Clancy's salty cum. The scent of his jizz and her tangy pussy filled my nose. I breathed the two musks in and then shuddered at how good that scent was.

It spilled over my nostrils. They all tingled from the sensation.

Salivating, I ducked my head down and pressed my face into my mother's bush. I licked at the salty cum adorning her pubic hair, my tongue flicking through her curls. This was so hot. My cunt was on fire as Clancy pushed Nancy against the car, her clothes rustling.

Her tank top landed on my head and then slid down my back to the floor.

I ignored that annoyance and kept licking at my mother's bush, cleaning up all the cum matting those curls. Then I nuzzled into her cunt. I fluttered my tongue up and down her slit and scooped the cum out of her snatch.

Her tangy juices and his salty cum melted across my taste buds. I groaned at the flavors mixing together. It was incredible. I shuddered, my cunt clenching as I enjoyed this wild taste. It was fantastic. My mother's pussy brimmed with my brother's cum.

“Oh, Renee,” Mom groaned. “Mmm, first time licking a girl's cunt.”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, my tongue stroking her folds. “You taste good, Mom.”

“I bet you do, too.”

“She does,” Nancy and Clancy said together, the twins in sync.

He had her naked now and her ass sitting on the fender beside Mom. They kissed again, hands roaming the other's body. They were both twenty-one and looked like they fit together perfectly. That jealous fear rippled through me.

No, no, he loved me. I knew that. They were just fucking. Like I was with Mom. I didn't have to be afraid.

I thrust my tongue into Mom's cunt. I fluttered around in her. I licked and lapped at her, loving the way she tasted. Her juices soaked my tongue along with my brother's cum. Her molten passion dripped over my lips and ran down my chin to my neck.

I scooped out my brother's spunk. I savored the taste of his jizz soaking in Mom's tangy pussy. She groaned, her butt-cheeks clenching before my face. I grabbed her bubbly rump and kneaded her. I dug my fingers into her flesh and drove my tongue into her cunt.

Into the hole that had birthed me.

“Oh, yes, Clancy!” Nancy groaned, the car rocking.

He grunted. I knew that he had buried to the hilt in her. He had filled her cunt up with his big dick. I shivered in delight, loving everything that I was hearing. He groaned and drew back his hips. He pumped away at her twat. He fucked her with passion. He drove his cock into her. The sounds they made were incredible.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she gasped as he fucked her.

“Mmm, pound your sister hard,” moaned Mom.

“He's so good at that,” my sister panted.

“Yes!” I moaned my agreement.

“Damn,” grunted my brother. He sounded so pleased. Well, three women in the family did love his cock in them.

I thrust my tongue deep into Mom's pussy. I swirled about in her, looking for more of my brother's cum in her. I found it, that salty flavor setting my taste buds alight. I scooped it out while Mom's pussy clenched about my probing tongue.

Her butt-cheeks clenched and relaxed. They flexed right before my face. The sight of those plump hillocks sent naughty ideas through my mind. My fingers dug into her flesh, parting her cheeks for a moment.

Mom groaned, her silky bush rubbing on my face as I feasted on her cunt. I kept scooping out all my brother's cum, my tongue wiggling deeper into her silky flesh. I loved the feel of her cunt around my tongue.

I liked pussy.

It was a startling revelation. I liked pussy. Cunt. Twat. This was amazing. Remarkable. I thrust my tongue into her snatch. I fluttered around in her. I caressed her. Devoured her. My tongue marinated in her, soaking up the favor of her twat and his seed.

I scooped out the jizz. I lapped it out of her. This was fantastic to enjoy. A real treat. My tongue danced in fast circles around in her snatch. I groaned, savoring the way she tasted. That wonderful flavor melted across my tongue. I licked and lapped up that salty cream. I scooped it out of her twat.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Nancy gasped. “Oh, my god, Clancy, fuck that cock into my pussy. Renee, ooh, I love his dick. You have to let me borrow him.”

“Sure!” I moaned.

“Me, too,” moaned Mom. Then she purred, “And I'll share your father with you.”

“If you can get Linda off his dick,” Nancy panted.

“Shit!” groaned Clancy, thrusting so hard into her pussy.

I loved the sounds. I squeezed my eyes shut and reveled in the incestuous passion the four of us shared. I loved every moment of it while I had this delicious pussy to devour. The flavor of my brother's cum dwindled, but I found Mom's tangy cream just as exciting.

I liked girls, I realized. Or, well, the women in my family.

I thrust my tongue into Mom's cunt and did one last flutter around in her for the last of my brother's cum. She groaned, her twat squeezing about my tongue. Her bush rubbed on my face. She tasted so wonderful. I wanted to keep licking at her cunt, but...

My tongue slid up her folds to her taint. Then I nuzzled my face up into her butt-crack. I found her sphincter and danced my tongue across her sour hole. The naughty, earthy flavor melted through my taste buds.

“Renee Britney Sampson!” Mom gasped. “You dirty girl!”

Clancy chuckled. “She loves anal. Girl will always suck my dick clean after it's been in her asshole.”

“I love the flavor,” I moaned, my own butthole tingling. “And the feel of his cock sliding into my butt.”

“Nice!” Nancy exclaimed. “Mmm, you're a freak. I love it.”

“Me, too,” Mom purred. “Ooh, honey, rim Mommy's asshole. Just like that. That's so wicked. Yes.”

I danced my tongue around her asshole, that dirty flavor suffusing through my taste buds. It was the best thing in the world. Just a lovely delight. I licked and lapped at her. My tongue caressed over her flesh. She groaned, her face twisting in delight.

Her butt-cheeks clenched about my face. I loved the way she did that. She whimpered and moaned, her hips wiggling from side to side while my right hand drifted down. I pushed my tongue against her asshole, wanting to be as dirty as possible with Mom.

“Renee,” she groaned as her asshole surrendered to my naughty tongue.

I popped into her bowels. Her sour flavor engulfed my tongue, so much stronger now.

I reveled in it, moaning my delight.

“Yes, yes, pound my cunt, bro!” Nancy moaned, the car rocking. His balls thudded against her flesh. “Give me that cum.”

“Getting there,” he growled.

I fucked my tongue in and out of my mother's asshole, utterly rejoicing in the nasty flavor. I was an anal slut, and I loved it. My fingers trailed along the bottom swell of her butt-cheek dipped into her crotch. I slid into her bush as I tongue-fucked her bowels.

My digits slid into her folds. I brushed her clit. She gasped, her asshole clenching down on my tongue. Then my finger slid up her folds and found that naughty opening. I thrust my digits into her cunt. I plunged them in deep.

She gasped, her cunt squeezing down on them. She shuddered as I probed my digits into her pussy's depths. It was such a thrill to do. She groaned as I sank my fingers deeper and deeper into her snatch. Her cunt clenched down on them.

“Oh, my god,” she moaned while my tongue danced around in her asshole. “That's... You... Oh, Renee!”

“Mom!” I cooed and then sucked on her asshole.

She gasped, her cunt squeezing down on my digits. I thrust them in and out of her pussy while nursing on her asshole. The thrill had my own cunt on fire. My shaved juices dribble down my thighs. I wanted to finger myself, but I held off.

I plunged my digits faster and faster in and out of Mom's cunt. My tongue swirled around her asshole between my suckles Her butt-cheeks squeezed about my face as she made such wanton and un-motherly sounds.

No daughter should be doing this to their mother. That made it so hot.

“Oh, my god, Renee,” gasped Mom. “You're such a dirty girl. I love it.”

“So do I!” grunted Clancy, thrusting hard into our sister's cunt. “Yes, yes, make Mom cum, Renee. God, this is hot.”

“Yes!” I squealed and sucked hard.

My thumb pressed against Mom's clit while my digits reamed her cunt. She moaned louder, joining Nancy's gasps. She had her arms and legs wrapped around Clancy, their bodies pressed tight. He kissed her hard while I pleasured our mother.

I ground my thumb on her clit and reamed out her cunt. I thrust my tongue back into her asshole. Her sour bowels welcomed me. I danced around inside of her, wiggling about in her. She gasped and groaned, my own pussy aching. My asshole tingled.

“Oh, Renee, that's it!” Mom gasped. “Oh, my god, that's it!”

The car groaned. Her pussy went wild around my digits. Juices gushed out, bathing them. Her bowels rippled around my tongue. I loved how they did that. Her holes convulsed around me in such an exciting ways.

I made my mother cum. My cunt clenched at the incestuous rush of what I had done. I sucked on her asshole, reveling in her sour flavor, while her juices soaked my hand. I jammed my digits deep into her convulsing cunt.

“Renee!” she gasped, her back arching. Her butt-cheeks clenched about my face. “Oh, what a sweet daughter you are.”

I smiled, so glad that I could share this delight with my mother.

She collapsed on the hood. Her pants exploded through the room. They echoed around, such wicked sounds to hear. I lifted my face and licked my lips, savoring her sour flavor lingering on them. I stood up, my pussy cream running down my thighs.

My brother hammered Nancy's cunt. He pushed her down on the hood, on top of her now. They kissed with passion. Her fingernails raked across his back the way I would when he fucked me like that. His gorgeous, muscular ass flexed as he fucked her.


I giggled after spanking his butt. “Fuck our sister and make her cum.”

He groaned and drove hard into her.

Mom rose and turned around. Her large breasts swayed before her. She cupped my face and kissed me on the mouth. I groaned, melting into her lips. Her tongue thrust into my mouth. It was incredible to feel her soft tits pillowing into my firmer mounds.

My arms went around her and kissed her back with hunger. Did she taste her sour asshole on my lips? I hoped so. Her golden curls brushed my own as we kissed with passion. We grabbed the other's ass, kneading them.

Then Mom broke the kiss and slid her hands up my back. I panted, staring at her. She was a little taller than me, but not by much. Her fingernails slid up my back. I shivered at the feel of that. It was incredible to do.

Then she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth down to her nipple. I shuddered and latched onto her nub with eager hunger. I sucked on her, nursing while my brother fucked Nancy hard beside us.

“Oh, Renee,” she moaned as I suckled. I wished so desperately that she had breast milk. “Mmm, that's amazing. Just like that. Oh, yes, yes, that's amazing.”

It was. I shuddered, savoring this wonderful delight that swept through my body. I shuddered and groaned. My tongue danced around her nub between suckles. This was so comforting and yet made my pussy so hot. More cream dribbled down my thighs.

“Fuck!” Clancy growled. “Come on, Nancy, let me feel that twat ripple about my dick.”

“Mmm, just keep fucking into me, bro, and you'll get it,” she purred.

“Yes, yes, fuck your sister,” Mom said, her fingers gently stroking through my hair. She caressed me in such a loving way. I groaned, closing my eyes and nursing harder. “Cum in your sister.”

“Yes, Mom!” he groaned.

I suckled away, happy to have her nipple in my mouth. My hands stroked my mother's sides, caressing her. The car's shocks rocked as Clancy fucked Nancy with passion. He rammed into her with such powerful strokes.

Then she squealed out in the unmistakable passion of a young woman cumming hard. I shuddered, my pussy clenching. I suckled with more force on Mom's nipple as Clancy rammed forward into our sister and growled in that familiar way.

“Yes, yes, yes, flood my cunt, bro!” howled Nancy. “Fill me up. I love it!”

“Yes!” he growled.

I shuddered, hearing him grunt, my pussy clenching. Nancy felt that same delight I had come to love: our brother's cum splashing against her cervix. A hot shudder ran through me. I popped my mouth off Mom's nipple and glanced over at the pair.

They were both shuddering through their orgasm. My brother groaned as he dumped the last of his cum into our sister. He rose and then pulled out of her. Nancy panted, her face bursting with such delight. She lay there on the trunk of the car, eyes closed.

Clancy's cock was going soft. Three cums in a row: my pussy, Mom's pussy, and now Nancy's pussy had sapped his strength. But I knew what to do. I moved to him and fell to my knees. I grabbed my brother's cock and stared up at him, the scent of Nancy's spicy pussy wreathing his dick.

Mmm, she smelled good.

“Let me get you hard again, big bro,” I said.

He smiled. “You always are such a loving sister, Renee.”

“Of course.” I shuddered. “I love you, Clancy.”

He ran his hand through my hair, his youthful and handsome face full of confidence and satisfaction. “I love you, too.”

“Ahhhhh,” gushed Mom as I licked at the side of his cock.

Then she fell down to her knees beside me and licked at the other side of his dick. That made my brother groan. He ran his hands through both our blonde hair as we lapped Nancy's pussy cream off his shaft. We fluttered up and down the sides, caressing him.

It was so hot to share his cock with Mom. It was such a delight. My tongue traveled up and down his dick to his crown and back to his balls, making sure I got every drop of Nancy's cream off of the right side of his shaft.

Mom took the left, licking and lapping while he grew harder and harder. He swelled beneath our licking. I loved how he expanded beneath my tongue. His dick pulsed against my lips. It was exciting. Wonderful. Amazing. I loved the way he groaned.

The way he shuddered.

“Damn,” he groaned, his face twisting with passion. “You two... Damn.”

“Just loving you, big bro,” I moaned.

“Mmm, yes,” cooed Mom. “You've grown up into such a strong, young man.”

“Fuck,” he panted, his cock reaching his full girth.

My tongue fluttered around the end of his dick. Mom's joined me. I caressed his tip, hers lapping at the other side. I swirled around him and brushed Mom's tongue. It was fantastic to feel the texture of his spongy crown and Mom's tongue all at the same time.

We caressed him with passion. I licked about his crown and brushed her tongue. Our lips came together. We both grabbed his cock and stroked him as we loved the tip. He was so hard and throbbing. He was so ready to fuck us.

“Renee,” Mom purred, standing up. “He is your lover. Why don't you enjoy him? I want to lick his cum out of your sister's twat.”

“Renee could sit on my face while our brother fucks her in the ass,” suggested Nancy as she slid off the car. “She could plant that shaved muff right on my mouth. I wouldn't mind another go at that cunt.” She glanced at me with her blue eyes. “You have such a yummy cunt.”

“Yes, you do,” groaned Clancy as he pulled me to my feet. “Nancy and I have similar tastes, don't we?”

“Mmm, if you like my pussy, then yes,” I purred and kissed him.

I thrust my tongue into his mouth as Nancy settled down on the strip of nice, fluffy carpet, leftover from a few years ago when Dad had the house recarpeted, on the cement floor. I had brought that into the garage so I had a place to kneel like a naughty bitch while my big brother fucked me hard from behind.

His dick throbbed against my belly. I was so eager to get that naughty cock in me. I couldn't wait to feel him sliding into my asshole. It would be incredible to have him fucking me over and over again. He would pound me hard. Just ass-fuck the hell out of me. It would be incredible. I ached for it, so eager to feel him pounding me in the ass.

Mom settled between Nancy's thighs. My older sister gasped. Then she whimpered in delight as Mom groaned. Clearly, Mom liked eating creampies, too. She attacked Nancy's pussy with hunger as I broke the kiss with Clancy.

“Aren't you just a lucky stud,” I told him, stroking his cock. I pumped my hand up and down his cock still wet with saliva.

“Yes, I am,” he said. “Go sit on our sister's face so I can fuck the hell out of your ass.”

“Mmm, you better,” I cooed.

“Yes, yes, come sit on my face,” panted Nancy. “God, that pussy was delicious to eat. You got a yummy one, sis. Our side of the family got all the good genes.”

“Our cousins aren't that ugly,” I said and flew to her.

“Do you want to make out with Chris or Steve?”

I blanched. “Eww, no.” I glanced at Clancy. “I could make out with Dad, though. You cool with that?”

“You cool with me fucking Mom and Nancy.”

“And Linda!” Nancy cooed.

“I am. Because I'm going to do the same!” This family incest was so naughty. I loved it.

I fell down to my knees on that fluffy carpet, straddling my big sister's face. Her hands grabbed my thighs and hauled my pussy down to her hungry mouth. I gasped as I settled my weight on her lips. A hot shiver ran through me as her tongue licked through my folds.

Mom looked up at me, cum on her lips. Then she darted up and kissed me on the mouth, spicy cunt and salty cum flavoring our passion. Her tongue thrust into my mouth while Nancy's tongue buried into my twat. I shuddered, my snatch clenching around that probing appendage while I groaned into the kiss with Mom.

“Fuck,” breathed our brother. I felt his eyes flicking up and down our bodies. “That is a delight to see.”

“God, what are they doing?” moaned Nancy. “Mom's not licking my cunt.”

“Sharing your cream and my cum with Renee.” Clancy knelt behind me. “Mmm, Suck on the tip of my cock, sis. Get me nice and wet for Renee.”

Nancy slid her tongue through my folds and past my taint. Her head tilted back, her chin rubbing into my folds. Then I heard her sucking with hunger on our brother's cock. He groaned his delight, the sound rippling through the garage.

I ground my twat on my sister's chin while kissing Mom with passion. I loved the taste of her lips on mine and the wonderful delight of her mouth working on mine. My hand shot out. I grabbed her big boobs. I kneaded them. They were so incredible to feel in my grip.

I ground my clit into Nancy's chin. Sparks burst through my juicy pussy. She suckled while I groaned in delight, savoring every moment of groping our mother.

This was magnificent.

My tongue danced around in Mom's mouth. She groaned as my fingers dug into her tits, her tongue swirling about with passion. I sucked on her tongue, loving the feel of her in my mouth. She cupped my own breasts. Her fingers played with my nipples, twisting them.

I ground my clit harder on Nancy's chin while she kept sucking on our brother's cock. He panted behind me, enjoying it. My asshole tingled, so eager for my big brother's dick to slam into my bowels and make me cum.

“I think that's good enough,” groaned Clancy. His cock plopped out of our sister's mouth, the sound echoing through the garage.

Mom broke the kiss with me, giving my nipples a final tweak. “I suppose I should go back to licking your sister clean.”

“Yes,” Nancy squealed, her head moving. Her lips replaced her chin on my cunt. She fluttered her tongue up and down my slit, parting my labia.

I groaned in delight, my hands slipping from Mom's boobs. She knelt back down and buried her face back into Nancy's pussy. She licked and lapped at her cunt, gathering up Clancy's yummy cum. His cock pressed into my butt-crack. He slid down to my asshole.

“Mmm, yes, yes, sodomize our little sister,” groaned Nancy before she plunged her tongue into my cunt.

“God, yes,” growled Clancy. He thrust.

My anal ring stretched to swallow his amazing dick. I groaned as he penetrated into me. Inch after inch of his big dick slid into my bowels. It was incredible. I squirmed in delight, my face scrunching up as he penetrated deeper and deeper into my bowels. It was such a wonderful experience. A rush to feel him sliding into my depths.

“Big brother!” I moaned, my back arching.

His hands grabbed my boobs. He growled as he sank all the way into my bowels. His masculine hands, strong and rough, squeezed my tits. Mom's had been so gentle, and that was amazing, but this was what I craved. What I loved. His muscular chest pressed into my back. He held me. Fucked me.

All while our sister licked my cunt. Mom devoured his cum out of that same sister's cunt. The incestuous thrill of our taboo foursome rushed through me. This depraved delight filled me as he drew back his cock.

Then slammed back into me.

He pumped his cock away at my bowels. His dick plunged into my anal sheath. The heat he generated melted down to my cunt being so thoroughly licked by my sister. She fluttered her tongue up and down my folds, feasting on me while moaning.

“So good,” Mom groaned as she devoured Nancy's cunt, licking out all that yummy cum. “Mmm, I love eating jizz out of my daughters. I want to lick your father's cum out of you both.”

“Yes!” Nancy squealed.

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, my bowels clenching around my brother's cock.

“Shit, that's hot,” he panted, thrusting harder.

He fucked me with passion. He stirred up my bowels while Nancy warmed up my cunt. The two delights met and swirled and danced together. They were so amazing. I groaned, loving every moment of my big brother's cock plunging into my asshole, his heavy balls smacking my taint.

I whimpered as the pleasure swelled in me. A forbidden orgasm grew and grew in me. Our passion echoed through the garage. I squirmed, grinding my shaved folds on Nancy's face. Her tongue caressed them as our brother's dick hammered my bowels.

“Yes,” I whimpered.

I was so close to cumming. Clancy's cock brought me nearer and nearer. His strong fingers gripped my tits. I felt his love and passion for me in his every thrust. My bowels melted, the heat spilling down to my cunt. I quivered, whimpering out my passion.

Nancy licked at my clit. She fluttered against it. Then she sucked on it. I gasped, my brother's cock slamming to the hilt in my bowels. He buried so deep into my aching anal sheath. So hard. I groaned, loving every second of his cock slamming into my anal depths, his balls smacking into my taint. The pleasures surged through me. Nancy nursed. His fingers dug into my tits.

“Yes!” I squealed, cumming on my brother's dick and my sister's mouth.

My asshole convulsed around his cock. Pleasure detonated inside of my writhing pussy. Juices gushed out into Nancy's hungry mouth. She abandoned my clit to lap up my passion, groaning. Her thighs squeezed about Mom's head, holding her tight to her own cunt. Blonde curls spilled about Nancy's thighs.

“Oh, my fucking god!” she squealed into my cunt, her stomach arching. Her boobs jiggled. “Yes, Mom!”

Mom groaned, licking up my sister's cream while I trembled through my own orgasm. Shock waves rushed through my body and slammed into my mind. Stars exploded before me. I gasped, my asshole writhing around Clancy's cock hammering into my bowels.

“Oh, fuck,” he growled.

“Cum in your sister!” Mom moaned, feasting on Nancy's cunt.

“Yes!” I squealed.

“Renee!” he groaned and slammed into my bowels.

His hot cum squirted into my asshole. My bowels writhed around him harder, milking him. New detonations of bliss shot ecstasy into my mind. I quivered there, Nancy lapping at my cunt. I trembled through my euphoria. I whimpered in delight at the pleasure bursting through my body.

I hit the peak, my asshole milking Clancy's dick dry. He groaned, squeezing my tits as he dumped the last of his jizz into me. Mom lapped at Nancy's cunt while she licked at my tart quim. I groaned, my eyes fluttering.

“Oh, god, this is hot,” moaned Nancy. “And I can't wait for us to get Dad and Linda. I have just the wickedest idea.”

I floated in euphoria, eager to share the last members of my family with my brother. He held me tight. I loved him the most, and what we had was special, but that didn't mean we couldn't love the rest of our family.

I was thankful for quarantine. We were staying safe and becoming so close as a family.

To be continued in the next Incestuous Tale of the Quarantine...

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