Not what I expected._(0)

Not what I expected._(0)

Not what I expected...

=====Let me start off by saying this has never happened to me before. This is merely a story I wrote for a friend. This story is completely fictional and I hope that this does not represent a real story in life for somebody. If it does, well suck it up. You got laid. Congratulations; it really isn’t that big of a deal. Now on to the story.=====

The drive was unbearable. Seven hours on a deserted highway only to stop at two different gas stations for pee breaks and to stretch the legs. Thank you dad, you made my summer by taking me on the trip I never wanted to go on in the first place. If I had my way, I would be relaxing by our pool in the backyard at home, with a beer and some music. The weather on this trip is the only thing I guess will make up for the next month. It is supposed to be scorching and we are heading to the lake cabin so I suppose the ladies in scantily clad clothing, tanning next to my stretch of beach, will be a major highlight for the month. However I will give you a bit of a background first.

My name is Luke. I am a 17 year old high school student. I am roughly six feet and am pretty decent size for my age. No; I do not play quarter-back for the school football team, the pitcher for the baseball team, or an excellent student going to Harvard on a full ride. I am just as ordinary as the kid next to me; except for one thing. My 16 year old sister, Chelsea, is the most beautiful woman in the world; but she is still my sister.

I don’t remember when the feelings started. It might have been when I was around 13 or 14; when Chelsea was just starting to turn into a woman. Ever since then, I have been infatuated with her. Every time I see her or talk to her, my heart flutters. I sometimes get so excited, I would have to step out of the room and go “relieve” myself in the nearest bathroom. I would have to be really careful not to be walked in on because our house was quite open with nudity and privacy. Not only have I walked in on Chelsea while she is showering or using the toilet, but she has done the same with me. She once walked in on me jerking it and stopped dead to watch me before I had the chance to scream and throw something at her to get out. I don’t think of myself as that big, only average; measuring in at 6.5” on a good day and about 3” around. Some days, I wait for her to take a shower just to “accidentally” walk in on her. Now I know that I shouldn’t be doing this. She is my sister for crying out loud. But some days I just can’t help myself.

Chelsea is a heart throb and always has been. From her cute little cheeks to her glimmering, emerald eyes, there isn’t one thing about her that I don’t love. Some of my friends tease me, while others don’t care. Some only think of her as pretty or cute, not stunningly beautiful like I do. She is a lovely brunette with radiant long hair that is a bit more than shoulder length. She has sparkling emerald eyes that make me melt, and a smile with perfect teeth that will take the stability out of any man’s knees. Her breast size is a full C cup that is very perky while not wearing a bra. She tends to go without one a lot of the time because she says it is more comfortable. You can sure tell when she is cold though. Her stomach looks so soft and flat, it has a little roundness along with her hips just to show she is a true, curvy girl. Those curves travel all the way down her body to her feet. Her legs and ass are toned like a professional model’s legs from hours and hours of her yoga classes with girls just as flexible. Her ass is so round and perfect, I wish I could massage it all day long. Everything about her is just so unbelievably perfect, I just don’t know how I resist reaching out and taking a handful all the time.

This whole situation started with the great idea to go on a family trip up to the lake house. An evil and cruel eight hour drive with little stops made arriving the greatest feeling ever. In the middle of summer, when I am supposed to be relaxing with friends near my pool with some beers, I am stuck on a vacation with my family for a month; just great. As much as I rag on the place, it isn’t nearly as bad as I say. We have a boat for water-skiing and wakeboarding. My dad and I put the dock in last summer so we can go swimming and even use the diving board to flip into the chilly water. We have a pool table, a dart board, a poker set, and even a great bar that my dad loves to stock every summer. Our sound system is beyond amazing, due to my parents’ love of live concert records. My dad had it thrown in when it was built so they could lounge around listening to Clapton or Elton John. Hey, I am not complaining. They play some great music. The short of it is we have plenty of things to do. We ride our bikes into town to buy some candy or ice cream, and we even go off-roading in the Jeep if my dad is in a good mood.

My biggest problem with coming to the cabin is that I am in such constantly close proximity to my sister. She is always around and I can’t seem to find time to be alone. Her intoxicating perfume is just always lingering. Whether we play board games as a family or she tries to challenge me to another game/loss of pool; I am always spending time with her. I think she knows I have a slight crush on her. There have been times where I think she just plain teases me. A few times while we play pool, she will insist on changing right before she asks to play. She usually comes out with a short plaid skirt and a white tube top with no bra. I’ve always wondered if she intentionally leans over the pool table to give me quite a nice look at the golden ass of hers. But I shouldn’t be looking in the first place. She is my sister and I should not be having these thoughts. Oh well. Through all the teasing and flirting, my sister can actually be a ton of fun. One thing she loves is going for an early morning wakeboard and this is where the story really starts.

One morning, Chelsea and I decided to wake up early for a wake board. Well, correction; she decided to wake me up early for a morning wake board. She gave me a quite rude awakening when she burst through my door and jumped on me. After partly climbing off my recently slumbered body, she glanced down to my crotch to see my morning wood making a fairly large tent in my sheets. (I sleep with just sheets because of the heat.) Her eyes widened and she gazed at it for what seemed like eternity. Taking a moment to clear her throat, she informed me of the plan for the morning and ran upstairs to whip together some breakfast. Did she just admire my morning wood? Should I say something? I decided not to point it out and just continued to getting dressed and ready for the day.

After a delicious breakfast, we made our way to the boat and set off. With a view across the surface of water, you’d think we were looking into a mirror to see the mountains on the other side. About 10 feet out, I hopped into the water, lifejacket and all; ready to pop my skis on. On the count of 3, Chelsea hit it and we were off. About a 5 minute ride down the road is a slalom course just for use by skiers and she gave me the warning. I wove in and out of the buoys, trying to keep my turns as tight and clean as possible. We went past the last one and she signalled for the U-turn to make another pass. After three more passes, we decided to kill it and let Chelsea get a turn. As she tried helping me up onto the back ledge of the boat I dragged her into the water. She gave a little yelp as she went head first into the glassy water. Soon after I was back into the boat and she was giving me the signal. She has gotten really good over the years. Ever since we got this place we have been going out with my dad to get some practice. Now we both could easily be top contenders in local events if we bothered.

As it was getting close to her finish, we passed a bigger boat that was making huge waves. I tried to give it some wide birth then take the wake head on to give Chelsea an easier time, but she caught an edge and ate it hard. She did a full cartwheel, skipped a few times and whipped her head onto the surface of the water. I circled back around to find her having a hard time staying upright in the water. As I pulled her into the boat, she was extremely dizzy and couldn’t keep her balance. She must have a concussion. I looked down and was about to pull her board off but realized she had no bikini bottoms on. They had fallen off her in the fall. Her fully shaved pussy was on display as my concussed sister tried to stand up. I just sat in pure shock at the fact my sister’s naked pussy was mere feet from my face. I nearly came right then. I almost reached out and touched her smooth mound.

I snapped out of my gaze when my conscience kicked in reminding me that not only was this girl my sister, but she has a serious head injury. I made sure to wrap a towel around her and after getting her comfortable lying down on her stomach in the recovery position (I heard that was a good thing to do), I took off for home. She was just crying on the seat; holding her head. “Just hold on; we are almost home!” I yelled back to her. Once I docked, I picked her up and carried her into the house to lay her down on the couch. My mom, being a nurse, was all she needed to be looked after and we let her rest for the day. After having the same fall a few times, I knew that Chelsea would need to be woken up every few hours to make sure she hadn’t passed out. I sat with her for most of the day. She often asked for a glass of water or a snack and I wasted no time seeing to her every need.

When my mom took over as head nurse, I decided to head to bed. The thought of Chelsea’s naked pussy had been burning in my mind all day. I couldn’t help but think of it every time I looked at my sister. Just sitting next to her; had me rock hard and I needed some relief. I pulled open my most recent playboy edition I snuck from my dad; I got into my boxers and hopped into bed. My dick had been rock hard all day long from my sister so I didn’t need to worry about that. After opening the first few pages, I realized it just wasn’t as exciting as it usually was. I knew what was exciting: my sister and I had to have more.

I got up and threw a t-shirt on then walked across the hall to my sister’s room. After listening for what seemed like ages, I finally got the nerve to knock on her door. At midnight, she would have been long asleep by then, especially with her head. With no response, I slowly opened the door to reveal her bedroom. It was quite dark but I managed to make out where her bed was. I walked over to her night stand and slowly flicked on the light. As soon as it came on, her beauty was breath taking. I stood over her slumbering body as it basked in the light. She had the most peaceful look on her face as she quietly breathed in and out. I kneeled down and gently tapped her shoulder, trying to make sure she was in a deep sleep. After shaking her with no answer for almost a minute, I finally gained enough courage to go further. I slowly peeled back the blanket, revealing the most beautiful sight. My sister, Chelsea, sleeps in the nude.

After revealing her glorious breasts, I paused for a moment to take in the sight. Her C-cup breasts were just lying there, waiting to be played with. I had to feel them. So I leaned over closely, reached out, and lightly caressed her left nipple. Instantly, her nipple became hard. Pointing up like the eraser on a pencil, I reached over and did the same to her other breast. I gained more composure and started playing with them. I even leaned over and started licking them. I gave them a serious tonguing and all of a sudden, I feel the bed shift slightly and hear a quiet but audible coo. I paused: in hopes I hadn’t gone too far and woke her up. After minutes of waiting, I finally started to play with her breasts again.

I continued to play with her breasts until I realized I wanted more. If she wasn’t waking up from licking her breasts, I am sure she won’t wake up from me doing a little probing. I reached down and pulled back the blanket the rest of the way to uncover her vagina. There it was in all its glory. Her peachy little shaved mound, just lying there waiting to be played with. Even though I had seen in earlier that morning, I still wasn’t prepared for the sight. I came hard in my pants with the first touch. I jerked around a little and came buckets into my boxers. I looked down and realized I had poked really hard into my sister and hoped she hadn’t woken up. She still lay there peacefully as she had been 20 minutes before. I decided to call it quits in case she woke up again to see a massive stain in my boxers and herself fully nude. Now that was something I couldn’t explain. Once I made my way back to my room, I cleaned up and went right to sleep.

(Feed back would be lovely and much appriciated. Great rating means I'll definitely add the other parts. I know it is a bit short but I am going to put some more work into the other ones to make them a bit longer. I am currently working on part 4 so give me a good rating and constructive criticism and I will post the other parts. Thanks for reading!)

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