Free Spirited (5)..Paying to Stay (1998)

Free Spirited (5)..Paying to Stay (1998)

I was by now out of home and barely in school. I was just surviving and living in derelict building.

I spoke to Stacy on my first night while Melissa was out working and learned a few things. I tried to continue with schooling; but found it so difficult. I found it really hard concentrating at school so I dropped out of the subjects that gave me a headache. English, Science, and Home Economic were the ones I ditched; but I continued with the rest.

Stacy told me “I have been living here since I was 14 and I am 19 now. I have been a hooker since the age of 15 and been on drugs since I was 17. I earn $500-800, and pay Tex $100 a week to stay. Most of the money I give to Tex is spent on food for the young ones; and other people that stay here”.

I gathered that there must be 6-10 prostitutes staying here. So that’s at least a minimum $600 a week Tex gets. My sums showed not all the money would go on food so Tex would be making a tidy profit too.

It only took a couple of weeks for me to realise that school was a waste of time though not before I caught up with the bitch that had caused me all this grief. On what was to be my last day at school she walked past the out door toilet block at lunch time. I hung around looking as smug as a bug in a rug waiting for her to look at me.

That is all it took I threw a broken brick which narrowly missed her head. She stopped stunned into silence when I launched myself at her. I threw a punch at her head and with my motion mixed with emotion followed through with my elbow. I had bust her nose real good as there was lots of blood flowing from it. I could not stop and I kicked her in the stomach with all the aggression I had left in me as she was hunched over. That was when I was grabbed and prevented from continuing my onslaught.

I can’t remember exactly what I yelled out, but I think it went something like this. “I am going to kill you bitch you have fucked with the wrong slut. How do you even sleep at night do you know how much pain your sticky nose has caused me”?

I was taken to the Principles office and told to ring my parents so they could talk to them.

” I am no longer living at home”. I informed them.

They said, they would normally suspend me, but as I do not have any parent or guardian control they had no option. I was expelled on the spot.

I was left with a huge dilemma; I needed to make some money or I was homeless in two weeks. I spoke to Stacy she told me “Talk to Tex as soon as you can”.

I did about a week later while he was sitting alone at the kitchen table doing some paper work. As I was walking towards him he was looking at me as if he was checking me out. He tapped a fat finger to his lips as if thinking about my problem.

“Maybe we can come to some arrangement if you really want to stay on here” he said.

I looked at him with a puzzled look; what was he thinking of?

“For each week you do not have any board money for me I get to have you”. He said.

“What do you mean? What do you mean Tex?” I said in a concerned voice.

“The deal is you can either pay $100 cash or you can sleep with me; that is for the next 4 weeks call it a probation period”; he said calmly.

“Oh, I do not know about that”. I said.

“That is the deal; sleep with me for one night a week for a month and pay me nothing or it is bye, bye” he said more assertively.

I looked at his fat body; gross I thought to myself as I looked at the ground and wriggled my toes.

“What do I have to do?” I asked still looking at the ground.

“Go to your mattress and get undressed” he ordered.

I walked from the kitchen to my mattress and started stripping. I unbuttoned my school blouse and took it off; my school skirt quickly followed it to the floor.

Stacy was watching me. “Oh, it went that well did it don’t worry we all have been through it” she said trying to reassure me.

Tears were running down my face as I unfastened my bra and took my knickers and socks off. I sat on the edge of my mattress with arms around my knees and squeezed them close to my chest. I could see the other girls gathering around me; watching and knowing what was about to happen.

Tex came out of the kitchen and was undoing his belt as he was walking towards me. “Good, now stand up” he said while taking his pants off.

He came up to me and started rubbing my nipples with both his hands. He squeezed them hard before sucking on one. He was dribbling saliva down my chest around my boob; that really disgusted me. His free hands fingers parted my pussy lips as he rubbed my clit. Then he forced I don’t know how many fingers inside my pussy; all I knew was it hurt. I just closed my eyes, and accepted it though what Tex was doing was making my pussy soaking wet.

He pulled his fingers out and revealed to me; then the other girls just how wet I was. “You are a real slut” he blurted out as he turned me around making me face the wall. He spread my legs apart and made me stick my ass up a little.

“Can you at least wear a rubber?" I pleaded.

“Sorry my roof and my rules, it's bareback for you today” he said, smugly.

“Last chance to stop me is now” he warned me again.

I just closed my eyes and was now ready to be used by this fat pig. I felt him grab my hips to position me; then felt his cock rub along my wetness. He forced the head of his cock into my opening before penetrating my wet pussy. I started to move in rhythm to his thrusts probing the inside my soaking wet pussy.

“You are a dirty little whore aren’t you" he yelled out making me feel real cheap.

At the 5 minute mark he was really ramming it in to me as my pussy loosened up. I could hear and feel his balls slap with each driving thrust. “Take that you cheap whore” he taunted me.

I was beginning to forget he was a fat 40 year old pig and starting to enjoy my pounding. After another 3-5 minute he started to ram his cock in deeper. Then I heard him grunt and felt his cock explode inside me. I tried to move; but he forced me down to all fours with his cock still inside me.

He leaned forward and kissed my ear and whispered “This is what I get each Thursday if you do not have any money for me do you understand?”

Here I was 16 out of home and school with a fat guy's cum inside me because I was broke. I felt dirty; but grateful I at least had a roof over my head for the time being.

“Did you hear me, Princess?” he asked louder.

“Yes” I nodded to him.

He pulled his flaccid cock out of me and pulled his pants up; then rubbed Stacy’s concerned head before walking back into the kitchen. I was on all fours crying with cum dribbling out of my wet pussy.

Stacy came to me to comfort me saying. “You will get used to it or find a way to get the money”; I hugged her as if she was my mother. The next week I went looking for work; I felt so dirty having him take me like that with a room full of people watching the whole event unfold.

Continued soon......

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