Getting Bossed

Getting Bossed

Naomi Price was facing a crisis not of her own making but one that only she could figure out how to solve.

She was 38 and her career was going well. But her 14-year-old daughter was in private school. She and her husband had divorced shortly after she was born. His child support was not helping Naomi make ends meet. Plus, her ex’s career had gone in the tank; he was only working part-time and barely getting by himself.

A year earlier, Naomi had placed her mother in assisted living. While it was much nicer than a nursing home, it was expensive. Her mother’s savings and stock portfolio soon ran dry. Government assistance didn’t cover the costs and Naomi was struggling financially.

She had been able to take on extra projects at work, but the 60- to 70-hour weeks were wearing her out.

Almost out of desperation, she asked to meet with the company CEO. David was in his late 50s and everybody liked him. Despite the fact he was a highly successful businessman with hundreds of millions of dollars, he treated his employees well and with respect.

Her boss told Naomi that there was a new project he was developing and that he believed she would be a good fit. He told the hours would be “normal” and that the funding for the project would be able to give her a significant pay bump. For the first time in months, Naomi felt like a heavy weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

“We’re having an organizational meeting at the Omni Hotel tomorrow,” David said. “This deal is gonna happen but we’re keeping it really hush hush until it’s ready to launch. There’s a conference room on the fourth floor that’s out of the way. When you get to the front desk, give them your name and they’ll give your directions. Meeting starts at one.”

“Thank you so much, David,” she said as she rose to leave. “I can’t tell you how much this means to me.”


Naomi left the office and took a cab to the Omni. She had dressed in one of her sharpest suits – dark gray jacket, matching pencil skirt and light pink blouse. The fact that she had been chosen for this special project had given her confidence a boost and she strode confidently to the front desk. The clerk gave her directions to the conference room. As he walked away, she couldn’t see that he had a knowing smile on his face.

She found the room, opened the door and stepped in. She surprised that it was semi-dark and there were just two office chairs. David was sitting in one of them but as he entered, he got up.

“Naomi, so glad you could make it,” he said, brushing past her and locking the door. “Have a seat.”

Naomi was confused. “Where’s the rest of the team?”

“We’re it,” he said. David looked 10 years younger than his age. He worked out regularly and had a solid physique. He had started losing his hair in his 30s and had then started shaving his head bald. He wore steel-rimmed glasses, behind which were steely blue eyes.

“I don’t understand. It’s just the two of us.”

David’s smile could best be described as feral. “You could say that. Let me explain.

“I have a reputation of being a nice guy and a good boss. And I am. But I have certain hobbies that are private and that some folks would frown about.

“I’m gonna offer you a deal. I’m going to possess you, take your body, own you. In exchange, I will offer you private payments that will double your income.”

Naomi sat back in the chair like she had been slapped. She couldn’t believe that her boss was making this kind of proposal. When he said, “take your body, own you” she felt a shiver up her spine. But she was in no way inclined to accept the deal.

“Sir, I can’t believe you’re coercing me, blackmailing me like this,” she said as she stood up. “You know how much I need to earn more money. But I can’t do this.”

David also stood up and moved close to her. “You don’t have a choice. If you refuse, I can make no guarantees about the future of your position. You know how volatile our industry and the job market is. You could be out of a job within a month.”

Naomi couldn’t believe he was making that kind of threat. “You bastard,” she said, starting to swing her hand to slap his face. He grabbed her wrist before she could make contact, then twisted her arm behind her.


“My dear, the decision has been made … by me. This is my own special conference room here, one of the places near work where I can indulge my hobbies. It’s sound proof so scream all you want if you wish.”

With her arm twisted behind her, Naomi was forced to walk toward a curtain she hadn’t noticed. They moved through into a bigger area of the room which was well lit. She could see a large king bed and a lot of equipment and apparatuses.

He grabbed the collar of her suit jacket, pulling it down her arms, letting go of her arm. She stumbled a few steps away.

“Nooooo. Please. What are you gonna do? Please, leave me alone, don’t do this.”

He was quickly upon her, grabbing her wrists and dragging her toward a metal contraption that had a bar about eight feet high and was secured to the floor.

“My dear, have you ever done bondage, restraints? It’s a big party of my hobby.”

She didn’t answer but he quickly restrained her wrists to two Velcro straps hanging from the upper bar and two others secured her ankles about shoulder width apart. The suddenness of her helplessness left her gasping for breath.


David ignored her and began removing his clothing. Suit jacket, tie, dress shirt, pants, shoes and socks. Soon he was standing in front of her in just his boxers. His erection was evident, tenting the front of his shorts. He had a thick mat of black and gray chest hair.

Naomi was uselessly struggling to free herself, her gyrations causing her hair to become tousled and her full breasts to bounce. David eye’s gleamed. He thought that breaking this spirited woman would be a special treat.

His strong hands gripped her head, holding it in place. He leaned forward and kissed her full lips. She resisted as his tongue tried to force its way inside her mouth. He pulled back and spit a load of saliva on her lips, then licked it up.

“Now, open your mouth, bitch.”

His mouth crushed against hers again and he gave her cheek a hard slap. Her mouth popped open in shock and his tongue slipped in. It was strong and demanding, rubbing against her tongue.

She gurgled and moaned as her mouth was overtaken by his insistent tongue. She was breathing heavily at the exertion of keeping her emotions in check while her body was being stimulated and assaulted.

Satisfied with the soul kissing, David stepped back. “Naomi, you’re a beautiful, sexy woman. And I hope you enjoy sex because we’re gonna have plenty of it for the next couple of hours.”

His words fell like boulders upon her. She looked at him and shook her head. “No, please, I beg you,” she said in a barely audible whisper.

He was ready to see more of his playmate. His hands moved to her silk blouse, his fingers lightly tracing over the fabric. Naomi looked down to watch his hands move from her arms to over her upper chest and then across her stomach. He did not touch her breasts.

Then he placed each of his hands just inside the blouse’s neckline. Her eyes met his and a thin smile was on his lips.

Gripping the material, his strong hands yanked in opposite directions. There was a ripping sound and the buttons went flying as he tore open her blouse, exposing her lacy bra.

“NOOOOO, GAAAWWWDD, PLEASE. What are you doing?”

“Don’t’ worry; I have clothes for you to wear home. And I’ll gladly compensate you for any damages incurred.”

He took a few steps to a table and came back with scissors. He made a small cut in the back of the blouse and then used that to rip it fully up the back to the collar. A few more snips and rips and the sleeves were rendered strips of cloth. What was left of her blouse was left hanging around her waist.

“Marvelous. Simply marvelous,” David said in a low hissing whisper. Naomi saw that his eyes were staring at her 34-D breasts in their lacy light gray bra. Her breaths were coming in gasps and her mounds were bouncing in their cups.

His hands took possession of her breasts and she mewled in protest, but she also admitted that his caresses felt good. Naomi could tell her nipples were hardening and she was angry that her body was reacting to being forced.

David’s thumbs flicked over the hardened bumps inside her bra cups. The lacy material combined with his handling of her breasts was only increasing her arousal.

“Time to get rid of this.” His hands grabbed the bra cups and the garment was no match for his strength. He tore the cups open so all that remained was a few lacy wisps of fabric.

Naomi closed her eyes and her head whipped back and forth, further disheveling her hair. Feeling her breasts exposed in such a sudden and controlling manner was something she had never encountered. She was being forced against her will. Raped.

David’s hands returned to her exposed mounds, his hands alternating soft caresses with hard, demanding rubbing. He pushed both of her breasts flat against her chest, her erect nipples poking against his palms. He then rubbed and rotated his hands, massaging her mashed tits into her torso.

Naomi could feel a tingle in her spine and her breasts, and the feeling was transferring itself to her vagina. She was becoming fully aroused by this forceful foreplay.

His thumbs and index fingers captured each turgid bud and twirled and teased them, flicking them and making them dance at the tips of her mounds.

“Tell me you want my mouth on your tits.”

Naomi’s eyes snapped open and he looked into his steel blue eyes. She wanted to somehow keep resisting.

“No,” she hissed in a low whisper.

His fingers squeezed her nipples, twisting them painfully. She gasped and thought he was trying to pull them off her breasts.

With an agonized sigh that whooshed out of her lungs, Naomi knew she was beaten. “I … want … your mouth … on my tits.”

“What was that?” He was further establishing his control.

She threw her head back and in a loud voice directed at the ceiling repeated her request. “I want your mouth on my tits.”

David’s mouth then covered her right breast, his lips, tongue and teeth expertly working on the tip of the mound and the alert nipple. It was already a hardened nubbin, but it seemed to get harder and bigger as he displayed his oral skills. Her other breast was being fondled by one hand while his other hand moved down to cup her full and firm ass.

He pulled her lower body toward his and she could feel his erection through his shorts and her skirt. She couldn’t be sure, but it felt like a small log.

David switched breasts, the one he left was slick and shiny with his saliva. He plastered his mouth to the other mound while his hand worked on the other breast, rubbing his spit over the nibble and teasing it back and forth.

Her legs were getting shaky and she felt like the only thing keeping her upright were the restraints around her wrists.

Once he had sufficiently filled his need for breast play, David walked behind Naomi. He grabbed her hips and pulled her ass back against his crotch and again he felt his large cock bulge pressed against her.

He found the button on the back of skirt, freed it and then slowly ran the zipper down to its destination. With her legs spread by the restraints, pulling the skirt down and off wasn’t possible. That tailed to stop him. His strong hands again gripped the fabric near where the zipper ended and after two attempts was finally able to render the fabric. The sound of tearing cloth sounded like a gun shot and he ripped the dress to the hem. It fell to the floor.

David’s cock was throbbing, but he willed himself to be patient. He walked back in front of Naomi. His index finger probed the crotch of her lacy panties and he felt moisture.

“Well, well, based on the hardness of your nipples and the wetness I can feel … you seem to be enjoying this.”

Naomi didn’t answer. But as he continued to tease her moist slit through the thin material of her panties, her hips were rocking to increase the contact.

His fingers were working under the leg bands of her panties, pulling slightly to test the elasticity. “These are gonna need to come off. How do you think I should go about it?”

Naomi felt her insides churning, there were tingles running up her spine, from her nipples to her pussy. She felt light headed.

“I guess … you’ll have to … rip them off, too.”

She had barely finished those words when he made quick work of her frilly panties. He held them to his face and sniffed her fragrance and then pushed them in Naomi’s face so she would have no doubt of her arousal. “Open your mouth.” He balled up the panties and shoved them in her mouth.


David knelt and freed Naomi’s ankles and then did the same with her wrists. She nearly lost her balance; she was still wearing her heels and thigh highs. Parts of her ruined blouse and bra were still hanging from her torso. He quickly pulled those free and then led her toward the king-sized bed.

“Get on your knees and take off my shorts,” he commanded. She did as she was old.

Her fingers grasped the waist band of her boxers. She was getting a good look at his bulge and it did look large. She had trouble getting his shorts down over his erection but when she freed it, she gasped as it sprang free.

She guessed it was 10 inches, perhaps as much as 12 inches. His veins were visible and throbbing and his cock head was a purple bulb glistening with precum.

“Suck it,” he said, pulling the panties out of her mouth.

He grabbed her behind the head and moved her face toward his prick. She used one hand to wrap around its base to give her some control. Her tongue laved over the swollen head, licking up the precum and further slickening it.

Naomi opened her mouth wide and let the top part of his prick slide in. David groaned as he felt her soft wet tongue and her hot mouth on his cock. He knew that he wouldn’t last long but he also knew that he was primed to have several orgasms.

The part of his cock that she couldn’t fit in her mouth she stroked with both hands. She could feel his heat and the throbbing in his fleshy rod.

When she moved her tongue and it swirled over his cock head, David felt his jism boiling up through is balls. Naomi could feel the spurt coming but it was so powerful that it splattered the back of her throat and pushed her head off his cock. All that meant was that the following explosions sent the creamy cum on her face. He took control, leaning back and grabbing his stalk, aiming it down so the cum bath continued on her upper chest and breasts.

Naomi had half a dozen splotches of cum on her face and an equal number on her body. David got on his knees. His fingers reached for her face, gathering up the jism and forcing her to lick it clean. “Use your hands and get all that cum off your body and eat it.”

After her protein-rich snack, David lifted her to her feet. She stood in a trance, unable to move, waiting for her partner’s next sexual move. Her body was trembling, not in fear but in arousal and anticipation.

He walked to a nearby cabinet and removed some equipment. There was a bar with cuffs. He put it behind her neck and secured her wrists to it, then pushed her back on the bed. Next, Velcro straps attached to cords were secured around her ankles. He pulled the cords through two holes in the bar. She grunted as her body was folded in half, her legs spread, her pussy totally exposed.

Next, he forced a ball gag in her mouth and secured it around her head. “I like to hear the muffled sounds you’re gonna make.”

Finally, he took two padded clamps attached to a short chain and clipped those to her erect nipples. It was more unpleasant than painful, but her eyes widened and, as he had predicted, her protests were gagged. “MMMMFFAMMMMAAA.”

He pulled her trussed body to the edge of the bed and kneeled. Her vaginal lips glistened from the moisture of her arousal. His thumbs split her sex open, revealing the pink inner chamber. His mouth plastered itself to her mound, covering it with its hot wetness. Her hips bucked at the contact.

As his thumbs held her open, his index fingers moved to the top of her slit and began to caress the hard button of her clit. She moaned against the ball gag. His tongue was circling her vagina, licking her lips and lapping her juices. His oral digit then plunged deeply into her slick cavity. “MFHGAAAGGHHHMMMMFFFFF.”

His oral sex attack on her defenseless pussy was having the desired effect on his cock. As his thick rod of flesh grew to full attention, he could feel another load of cum stirring in his balls.

David stood up and Naomi raised her head to view what was happening. She saw that his staff was fully erect, and she shivered at the prospect of that long and wide cock invading her.

He fisted the base of his staff and rubbed his cock up and down over her slickened labia, using the swollen head to mash and tease her sensitive clit. His precum and her juices turned her slit juicy. She moaned into the gag as she felt his teasing prick and heard the squishy sounds of sexual arousal.

Satisfied they were both ready, David positioned the swollen knob of his prick against the outer lips of Naomi’s pulsing pussy. She was gasping for breath through her nose and around the ball gag as her chest heaved with undeniable arousal. His cock probed insistently at the elastic ring of Naomi’s vagina, preparing to access the ultimate core of her sensual being.

With a grunt, he thrust forward, impaling Naomi on the rigid rod, filling her completely with one push. Her high-pitched squeal of satisfaction and discomfort was squelched by the ball gag, the edges of which were slick as her saliva leaked around it.

David’s stomach quivered at the exquisite feel of his manhood enveloped in the soft, wet velvet glove of her love tunnel. Despite having given birth to her daughter, Naomi’s cunt was still tight and the fact that his cock was so thick and long only enhanced the perfect fit.

He allowed his prick to settle in, not moving it in and out but simply flexing it so that she could feel his power and control. He then slowly withdrew it until only his bulbous cock head was encased in the elastic entrance to her pussy channel. Again, he flexed his thick prick, moving it so that the tip of his rod teased the clinging mouth of her pussy. Naomi, despite her restraints, was rolling her hips in an attempt to recapture his impaling manhood.

She got her wish as he again plunged forward, his cock again filling her completely. Now, he started to slowly retreat and advance, his dick stroking in and out, fucking her in a smooth, deliberate manner. Each time he fully completed his journey, air swooshed out of Naomi’s lungs. She was surprised that she was having no trouble taking his entire manhood.

For a man who could indulge his sexual habits on a whim and never failed to get laid once a day, this encounter was sending his libido into overdrive. His plan to coerce his lovely employee had turned out better than he thought. Naomi was turning out to be a great fuck and the fact that he had imposed his will on her had ignited his passions.

David was breathing heavily as he began to truly fuck his partner. Instead of steady, slow strokes, he began to piston his cock in and out of her clenching cunt, fucking her hard and fast, the end of each incursion of his prick ending with a collision between their crotches that produced a loud slapping sound.

Despite the load he had deposited earlier, he could feel his own semen roiling and stirring in the tightening cauldron of his balls, A strangled little gasp wheezed from between his clenched teeth as he felt the flood of his blazing sperm race the length of his spasming penis and erupt inside Naomi’s cunt with great creamy gouts of milky white jism, blanketing the inside of her pussy.

As he rigidly rammed his cock to the hilt and had his orgasm, he reached for the chain connecting the clamp’s to Naomi’s nipples. He jerked and freed her nubs, eliciting a high-pitched squeal. The pleasure-pain of her tit tips being released from the clamps sent a surge of excitement to her cunt and she felt her pussy squeezing his cock. His spurting jism deep in her pussy pushed her over the edge. As her orgasm racked her body, her eyes were closed, and she could see a kaleidoscope of lights.

David pulled his still spurting cock free of her clutching pussy. Its final spurts deposited his cock dream on her trimmed pubic hair and her swollen mound. The sperm he had deposited inside was beginning to flow outward as Naomi’s walls spasmed with the after-shocks of her orgasm.

If was not already apparent, Naomi’s boss was a sexual deviant who pushed boundaries. As he looked down at his cock resting on her prominent mound, he saw the sperm flowing from his handiwork. He knelt and began slurping up his jism, combined with Naomi’s secretions.

When he had a mouthful, he climbed up on the bed and removed the ball gag. Naomi gasped in relief but before she could close her mouth, he leaned close to her and opened his, depositing a frothy glob of spit, his cum and her juices. He then clamped his lips to hers and his tongue stirred the liquid. Finally, with a couple of gulps, she swallowed.

Kneeling next to her, he undid the restraints, freeing her wrists and ankles. She collapsed in a heap like a rag doll. She was so near the edge of the bed that she slid off on the floor and laid there like a rug.

David then got off the bed, took her hands and helped her to stand. She looked at him, his icy blue eyes gazing at her in satisfaction and appraisal.

“You did well,” he said. “Agreeing to our arrangement was the thing to do. I think your financial troubles will disappear in just a month or so as you start getting paid. Just remember, this is a deal until I decide to dissolve it.”

He gripped her chin in his hand and made sure she was looking directly in his eyes. “Your body is now mine to possess when and how I want. It certainly appears that you were able to enjoy yourself. And I think that as we continue, your enjoyment and pleasure will increase.”

Naomi surprised herself by processing his words and accepting her fate. Realizing she had become a sexual play thing for her boss, and she was not in a position to resist.

He pointed to a door. “There’s a bathroom with a shower, all the toiletries you should need. You’ll find a new outfit and there’s an envelope with $1,000 that should more than cover what you were wearing today.”


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