Bait and Switch Ch. 16

Bait and Switch Ch. 16

By the time Lela was done explaining the entire situation to my sister, I was exhausted, and could barely keep my eyes open, though Summer seemed to get oddly excited by the whole ordeal.

For some reason the two females seemed to get along just fine, despite being from different species, much less planets.

I don't remember getting back to my mom's house, much less falling asleep.

The front door slamming woke me up. I figured it was just mom finally getting home from up north, and I tried to roll over, but I ran into something.

Or rather, someone.

My eyes flashed open at the same time Summer's did, and we realized the predicament we were in. We were both still naked, and she was in my bed. Panic stricken, we both jumped out of bed. Well, I tried to, but my legs got caught up in the blankets, and I hit the floor with a thud.

My lovely, sweet, beautiful, and sexy sister, tittered at me, and I glared back as I got to my feet. We could hear mom coming down the hallway, and I knew there was no time for her to get out. I pointed to the closet, Summer nodded and jumped in, just in time for my door to creak open.

"Mom!" I protested, standing there naked, and trying to cover myself up.

"Oh, it's not like I haven't seen it—" she cut herself short, as she sniffed a couple times. Her sharp eyes looked deep into me for a few loud heartbeats. She looked around my room, and then back at me, before continuing to talk, her tone dropping to a serious one. "I brought breakfast home. You look like you're feeling better, so get dressed, and, um, tell your sister, too." She turned and closed the door behind her.

I knew Summer and I had been busted, even before we walked out of my room. Summer went straight to hers to get dressed, and I found mom setting out a fast-food breakfast on the table.

'How much trouble do you think we're in?' Summer's words flashed in front of my eyes.

'I don't know,' I told her.

"Mom, I—" her sharp look, locked my tongue up tight.

"We will wait for your sister, and then we can talk," she told me, and from her tone, I knew there was no arguing with her. I wondered how much trouble we were in.

I sat at the table, my heart beating loudly in my throat, and my hands going sweaty while we waited for my sister.

When Summer joined us, Mom was the first to speak, her tone flat and emotionless.

"I knew your dad was cheating on me for years. It hurt, but I had no choice, because if I left him, I knew I would lose everything." Her eyes went back and forth between us as she spoke, as if to make sure we were listening. Part of me felt shame for hurting her, but another part of me said that we weren't an official thing, so it wasn't really cheating. She was my mom, and we could never really be together. "I can't tell you that what you're doing is wrong, or even gross, because of what we've already done, Nick."

I wished she hadn't said that. Summer's eyes grew large as she figured out what mom meant. She hit my arm, and looked at me in shock. "No way! You and mom?" she demanded, and the same words flashed in front of my vision. She was using both in her shock. Despite the extra muscle on my arms, the blow still stung, as did her next words, delivered mentally, 'After everything you've confessed, you still kept this from me?'

"I see you didn't know," mom said, unperturbed. "Yes, dear, after our date, we...well, your brother was quite the gentleman, and treated me better than anyone has in years. I should have stopped it, but couldn't help myself. I didn't know that he would try to get you in bed, too. I'm sorry for the part I played in that, dear; especially with your preference in women."

"But, mom," my sister shot back, "we started the night we found dad cheating on you, so it isn't your fault! I seduced him that afternoon."

Oh boy! I thought. Now everything is coming out. Next thing they'd start talking about Lela and the demons...

Mom looked back and forth between us, and I nodded that it was true. I could see that she was trying to digest this, and she must have come to some sort of conclusion.

"Well, I feel a little better about that. I dunno, less guilty I guess." She drilled me with her eyes again. "Nick, I wanted to talk to you about that night, but haven't had the chance. I guess since all of our secrets are out, now is as good a time as any, though most of what I'd thought is obsolete now."

'We, too, will talk when this is done,' Summer promised me through the nanites, and I felt my heart sink.

"Son, I understand that you have certain...needs, and you certainly helped me out with mine the other night. I have decided that I really don't regret what happened, but we probably shouldn't do it again. What the two of you decide to do is up to you, but I hope you understand that you can never get married or anything." Mom was talking so matter-of-factly, that when she mentioned marriage, Summer and I both spluttered, and I ended up choking on my breakfast.

"Marriage?!?" Summer demanded. "Mom, I love Nick, but I have no intention of MARRYING him!" I nodded that I was in agreement.

'I hope you don't mind,' Summer's words flashed. 'I really like having sex with you, but marriage would be impractical.'

'I agree,' I told her back, glad that we could have this sub-conversation. 'I don't plan on getting married for years to come.'

'What about Gina?' came her response.

'Uhm,' I thought back, thinking about Shanna, but Mom spoke before I could formulate a response.

"Well that's something at least," Mom said, unaware that her two children were talking mind-to-mind.

"Mom," I started to talk, "I am truly sorry I hurt you, like dad did. I didn't think about how it would affect you." I knew how much of a heal that made me sound.

"I know, Nick, and I certainly didn't expect you to be with only me. I knew what you had done with Gina and Nancy, and didn't expect you to stop that either." I cringed as mom mentioned Nancy and Gina. Summer hadn't known about that either.

'I guess you're not so new to incest, after all.' If words could be fire, those would have burned.

'I told you I was perverted,' I thought back at her defensively.

"I guess I really don't know what I expected," mom went on, still oblivious to the other conversation. She was looking at her hands, but after a slight pause, she looked at me curiously. "I guess I should probably be completely honest with you." She took a deep breath, and I wondered what she was going to say. "I stayed up north for more than just the snow. Last night, I...we...that is, Gina, Nancy, and me all..." Her cheeks were dark red, and it didn't take a genius to figure out that there had been a threesome at Gina's house. I won't deny the thought turned me on, but I was curious about how it'd happened.

"Mom!" Summer exclaimed next to me, grabbing her hand. "I didn't know you swung that way."

"I don't, or I didn't... I don't know. Everything is so confused now. When your dad was here, I always knew what to expect. He was cheating on me, but as long as we remained married, he appeared respectable to everyone else, even though we both knew better. Now that he is gone, things have spiraled out of control." She dropped her head into her hands, and Summer gave me a significant look before getting up, and going over to comfort our mother.

'You need to use your switches on her to make her happy,' she thought to me.

'No, I won't manipulate people with them anymore,' I thought right back at her vehemently.

'You're not manipulating her, your helping her. Do it, or I won't help you with the demons.'

I knew the threat was an empty one. She had to help me, or we were all dead. Despite knowing this, I decided to help mom.

If only Lela's people hadn't abandoned us, leaving us as bait for their escape.

I touched Summer's hand, so that any switches I made could only be affected if I was with her. That way I wouldn't be tempted to use them on my own. She already had a happy switch in her, but I decided to throw in a content one and a confident one as well. I could have easily thrown them all fully on, while touching Summer, but decided to move them slowly, so that she wouldn't suspect.

'Good thinking,' Summer sent me. Of course she could sense and see everything I was doing.

My sister was gently stroking mom's back, trying to comfort her, and I could see my switches taking effect. Mom looked up at us, and smiled lightly.

"Thank you, both of you. I don't know why, but being with you two like this has made me feel better. Maybe all I needed to do was talk things through." I smiled at Summer, glad I'd been able to help.

"So how did it happen with you, Nancy, and Gina?" Summer asked, and I was certain mom was going to balk. I guess my switches were fully in effect, however, as she answered without reservation.

"We got to talking about it on the way up. I didn't tell Gina about us, Nick, don't worry." She patted my hand as she said this, but I wondered if Gina would have cared, after the way Summer and her had helped set up the date. "I admitted that I had never been with a woman, and they informed me that I was welcome to join them if I wanted to. At first I wasn't going to, aghast at the thought, but the more I thought about it, the more curious I got. The incest between mother and daughter didn't bother me as much as I thought it should, and when I dropped them off, they asked again. The weather made the perfect excuse, and I came in." She stopped talking then, and looked to her two children. "I can't believe I told you all that, but I seem completely fine by it."

Summer smiled at me, before leaning down and whispering something into mom's ear. Mom pulled away, and looked at her curiously, before shrugging.

'What did you say to her?' I wondered to my sister, but she only smiled at me, making me even more curious, and a little anxious.

Mom then looked back at me for a few seconds, before asking, "I know I said we shouldn't anymore, and last night was really great, but I could really use something only a man has." Then I understood what Summer had asked. Her 'confidence' switch must have taken full effect too, as she reached over before I could answer, and started working at my pants.

I almost stopped her, thinking I had caused this with my switches again, but Summer sent me a message. 'Don't stop this. You helped her out, you didn't make her horny. Let this happen, she needs it.'

Looking at it that way, it was hard to argue, and instead I moaned as mom pulled my stiffening member out, and started sucking on it at the dinner table. Summer came around, and dropped down next to her, and the two women started to swap my cock back and forth, and even kiss each other around my pole. If one set of lips was great, two were phenomenal!

Mom was still sitting in her chair, bent over, and it was easy for me to slip my hands into the front of her shirt, and fondle her larger tits while she sucked on my knob. She moaned softly, as I started to roll her right nipple between my fingers. After a few seconds of this, she pulled back, relinquishing my cock completely to her daughter, and took off her top. She smiled at me lovingly, before standing and dropping her pants and panties as well.

I reached out my arms, and pulled her to me, kissing her soundly on the mouth, and letting my hand drop down to between her legs. She was already wet, and I used her natural juices to lube up my fingers, and rub them vigorously against her clit. She started to shake against me, and cry out into our kiss, as I made her cum quicker than I thought possible. She really must have been needing more than what Gina and Nancy had given her last night, to cum so quickly..

Summer left my cock hanging, the air slightly cool on my saliva soaked rod, and pulled my hand away from our mother. She immediately planted her lips on mom's vagina, and the older woman jumped as she felt her daughter's tongue.

"Oh, Summer. You really know how to do that!" she moaned, breaking our kiss. I stepped away from the two, and knelt behind my sister. Pulling her shirt up and off, I was happy to see she hadn't put on a bra. I removed her pants next, and then sat behind her on the floor, wrapping my legs around her torso, while she went back to eating out our mother. My cock was pressed between us against her back, and I took off my shirt before enfolding my lovely sister in my arms. I brought one hand to her tit, giving it a good firm squeeze, and dropped the other to her crotch. I now had my lovely tanned sister sitting in my lap, gleefully fondling her, while she sucked and licked Mom's pussy.

She was even wetter than our mom, and two of my fingers slipped into her with ease. She started to moan, as she rocked her hips against my hand, and pressed back against my cock. Mom was moaning in earnest now too, and soon came on her daughter's lips. Her legs gave out from underneath her, and she collapsed, barely catching herself on the table.

I stood up, lifting Summer at the same time and setting her off to the side. Mom was still trying to catch her breath, when I slid a couple inches of my penis into her, making the attractive older woman gasp. Her eyes flew open, and her hands went to my chest, as she looked me in the eyes.

"Fuck me with your cock, son. I really need a good screw right now." Her words shocked me, they were so different from the last time we'd made love, and I figured her 'confidence' switch had something to do with it.

I leaned forward until our lips met, and slid a little further into her. Our tongues wrestled, as I went deeper and deeper into my beautiful mother's twat. She was on fire inside, and her hands roamed my chest, as I slid back and forth, until I was fully sheathed in her birth canal, her ass planted firmly on the edge of the table.

"Damn, that is so hot!" I heard Summer exclaim, and I looked up to see her with two fingers in her pussy, and her other hand busily rubbing her clit. For some reason it has always been a massive turn on for me to see a woman masturbate, and I went wild, plunging into our mother while I watched Summer getting herself off on her fingers.

Mom had gone silent, and I tore my eyes away from the alluring sight of my sister, to see that she was having one powerful orgasm after another, due to my pounding. Her vagina was undulating around my cock, and I had to stop moving, or I was going to cum too soon. Instead, to distract myself, I hooked my arms under her armpits, and stood up, lifting her off the table, but keeping us connected.

Mom gasped, as her weight forced her down a little more on me, and her legs squeezed my torso for balance. I started walking us back to her room, knowing that Summer would follow.

Once inside, I turned and allowed myself to fall back on the bed, causing mom to grunt again, as she collapsed on my chest.

"Oh, son. The other night was good, but that was...that was unbelievable." Her breathing was ragged as she rested her head on my chest.

'I agree. Watching you two made me cum pretty hard, also,' Summer thought to me.

"I'm not done yet, mom," I told her, lifting her torso high enough that I could latch onto one of her nipples, while I started moving my hips beneath her.

"Son, I don't...ungh...think I can...ahhhhh...keep...going....oh, fuck!" She cried out, as I felt Summer's tongue lick my balls, and I knew she was pleasing mom too. Mom started to move her hips on her own, moaning and grinding herself against her two loving children. When she came again, it was spectacular. Her whole body locked up, and I could feel her fluids gushing out of her hole, soaking my crotch and Summer's face.

She collapsed to the side, as she tried to recover, and I slipped out of her with a very wet slurping noise. My cock wasn't free for long, before Summer swallowed as much of it as she could, between her lips. She began to hungrily clean my cock and balls of all of Mom's juices, as though she hadn't eaten in weeks.

'I can't believe she got all of your cock in her,' she thought to me. "I'm next," she said out loud, before kissing her way up my body. When our tongues met, I could taste our mother on her, and that made me moan even more as I slipped into her already slippery snatch.

I rolled us away from mom, so that I could be on top, and used long, steady strokes to get as deep as I could into my sister's vaginal cavity. I had her breasts in each hand, pinching her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, and she was tossing her head back and forth as I struck bottom again and again. "Fuck me, Nick. Fuck your sister and make me cum, like you did for Mom!"

Mom must have recovered enough, because suddenly she was right there, kissing Summer soundly on the lips, while her right hand dove to her daughter's clit, and started rubbing. My sister's tight pussy clamped down on me hard as she came, sending me over the edge.

I pulled out just in time, and shot my load across mom's hand, and my sister's stomach. I then watched in amazement as mom broke off kissing her daughter, and started licking my cum off the back of her hand. When that was clean, she started licking up all my jism from Summer's stomach.

"Don't swallow that," Summer piped up breathlessly. "I want some."

Mom sucked up more, and then brought her lips over Summer's. I thought she was just going to dribble some out, but Summer grabbed the back of mom's head, and pulled her down, sucking my seed straight from our mother's lips.

Watching them turned me on so much, I realized I hadn't gone limp. I wanted to be back in mom again, so I crawled behind her, but she stopped me.

"I can't right now, son. Not in that hole. It's been years since I've done it, but I think I would like to have you in my ass." Wow, I thought, her confidence is really high.

"The ass, mom? I've heard of people doing that, but does it really feel good?" Summer asked, curiously.

Mom gave Summer a quick peck on the lips, smiling. "Sweety, some of my best ever orgasms came from anal, but your dad didn't like it. Considering how good your brother has felt in my vagina, I can only imagine what he'll feel like in my ass." She wiggled her behind at me. "What are you waiting for?" She asked me, impatiently.

I didn't waste any more time, and dribbled some spit against her anus. My cock was still plenty lubed up between cum and saliva, so I pressed it against her small brown hole. It took a bit of pressure to get into her colon, but once the head slipped in, I groaned at the delightful feeling of her sphincter sliding down the length of my rod.

"Go slow, son. You're a lot bigger than anyone I've ever had back there, and I feel like you're going to split my ass in two." I nodded, and waited for her to give me the go ahead, before sliding deeper into her colon. "Mmm, that's it. Nice and slow. Gawd, it has been too long. Ahhh, I can feel you so deep inside me."

I was going slow, but it didn't take mom long before she was pushing back against me. I took the hint, and picked up my pace, till the room was filled with the sounds of my hips slapping into her ass, and her moaning loudly.

Summer was playing with herself again, and fondling one of mom's dangling breasts while she watched us, a hungry look in her eyes.

"That's it, son. Fuck your mother's ass. Make me cum hard on your big fucking cock. Yes, yes, yes!" Summer plastered her lips to Mom's as my sister started to cum, and I could feel Mom's tight sphincter grip me as she came right afterwards.

Mom fell forward, pulling herself off of me, as she hungrily made out with Summer.

"Okay, sweety, your turn," mom said softly. I saw a spark of fear in my sister's eyes, but it was replaced by desire as she looked over at me.

"How did it feel for you?" she asked me aloud.

"It felt wonderful," I told her, "but you should be asking mom, not me."

"Mom already told me, and I saw how much she enjoyed it. I want to make sure you enjoy it too." I don't know if I could have ever loved my sister more, than at that point.

"Let me get you ready," mom said, crawling between Summer's legs. "We should give your brother a break."

I watched in delight, as mom lifted Summer's pelvis, and started to lick her ass. This was a sight I'd never imagined, much less thought I'd ever see, as Mom licked around Summer's anus, making my sister moan in delight.

"Mmm, that does feel good, mom. I like the feel of your tongue in my ass." Mom moved her hand up, while simultaneously moving her mouth to her daughter's pussy, and I saw my sister's eyes go wide, as mom slipped a finger into her ass. "Oh, wow! If your finger feels that good, I wonder what his cock will feel like."

"You're going to have to wait a second for that, sweety. I need to stretch you out a little first," mom told her, "and I will need you to relax a little, so that it doesn't hurt," and then went back to licking her daughter's pussy. After a few minutes, mom slipped another finger in, and then another. Summer came hard, moaning and grinding against our mother. "Okay, I think you're ready now."

I was rock hard, and about ready to explode, I was so horny right then. Mom had me lie on my back, while Summer got on top of me. My loving mother gripped my phallus, and aimed it at her daughter's ass. "Okay, Summer, come back slowly, and you will need to be relaxed. If you tense up it will hurt." Summer nodded, as she sucked in her bottom lip, and looked down at me.

'I can't wait to feel you in my ass,' she thought to me. 'I want to have you every way a woman can have a man, till you go back to school.'

I moaned loudly as I felt her brown hole hit my head, and a second later I was in her. Summer froze immediately, and mom kept whispering for her to relax. She did as she was told, and even started sliding her anus down my invading tool.

If her pussy was tight, her colon was even tighter. I couldn't believe how firmly she gripped me, as I felt every centimeter of myself slide deeper and deeper into her.

"Does my ass feel good, Nick?" she asked me, and I couldn't find my voice right then, so I only nodded. "Mmm, it feels good to me too," she moaned as our pelvises finally met. For the first time, my sword was fully sheathed in my sister.

"Good," mom told Summer, "now just take your time, and since you're on top, you can control the pace."

She nodded, and started to rock her hips back and forth. Her eyes grew wide again, and she looked at me in astonishment. "I can feel you in me deeper than ever. I can't believe how good this feels. It hurt a little at first, but now that I'm used to it...I like it!"

I smiled as I placed one hand against her tit, and moved the other to her pussy. I had to angle my hand uncomfortably in order to slip a finger inside her, but her moan when I did it, made the discomfort worth it. She gripped her free breast as she picked up her pace atop me.

Mom crawled over me, and replaced my hand, and I was able to suckle one of Mom's breasts. I moved the hand that had been replaced down to mom's pussy, and despite her earlier protestations, she let me play with her clit, while Summer's moans grew in volume. I couldn't believe I was in my sister's ass, or that my own mother had helped me do this. I was in true incestuous heaven!

"Oh, Gawd! I never knew. I never knew how good this could feel. I love you in my ass, Nick. Oh, Gawd, I'm going to cum, and it's a big one!" Summer started to shake and shudder, and I thought her sphincter was going to pinch my cock off, she got so tight. But at the same time, her colon massaged and writhed around the entire length of my cock, and without any other warning, I started to shoot deep into her ass.

Summer fell over, and mom sat up. I looked at my lovely sister, as she laid there, eyes closed and breathing heavily, a smile lightly gracing her soft lips.

"That must have really been a big one," mom whispered. "I have only passed out twice from an anal orgasm, but they were always the best." Mom gave me a soft kiss, cuddling up to my side. "I think we are going to need to be put on birth control," she said, and this time it was me that smiled.

Despite how early it still was, I was exhausted, and fell asleep, between the two lovely women in my family.

The next couple days were a blur, as we spent most of our time in bed, between one set of legs or another.

It was with a heavy heart that I drove back up north, for New Years. Thankfully the nanites worked at any distance, and I was still able to communicate with my sister, the whole time. Unfortunately, she started by giving me a play by play with mom, and I soon had to pull over, in order to masturbate, before I could continue driving.

Sorry for another short chapter, but things start to really pick up after this chapter. For more information, check the forum at

Hope you're all having a great holiday season, just one note for those that choose not to visit the forum. This is my last series, and there are 21 chapters in it total. I truly hope you enjoy it, and once again, Happy Hollidays!

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