T or D part 2

T or D part 2

I was just wondering if it would be a hassle to you guys if the next one had some guy on girl action. I will definately keep the gay but the straight will help develope the story for more parts so if you want it to continue leave a comment

The next morning the four boys woke up after a short rest.

“So Ace and Mike how long are you staying over?” asked Bryce.

“Well I just remembered that I got to go somewhere with my dad today,” said Mike.

“Oh, okay, how about you Ace?” asked Bryce.

“Yeah I can stay for as long as I want,” said Ace.

Mike left leaving Bryce, Ace and Logan.

“So it is just us 3 now,” said Bryce.

“Shit I got to go to my basketball game,” said Logan while running to get changed.

“Okay so the two of us, hang out while I get a shower,” said Bryce.

“Okay,” said Ace.

Bryce felt hot as he removed his shorts and shirt. He looked down on his body and loved the way it looked. He ran his hand down his chest as he stepped into steaming shower. He got to the thick bush of hair and then he grasped his flaccid cock and started to stroke it. The water splashed off of Bryce’s body as his cock became rigid. He started moaning as he stroked his hard cock. He leaned over and sucked on the head of his own cock. Ever since masturbating for the first time he wondered if he could do it and he found out he could suck the head. He sucked it harder and harder while his hand stroked the rest of the shaft. His balls tightened and he continued sucking until he felt his cock spasm in his mouth and started cumming. He felt the hot cum splash in his mouth and he swallowed it down until none remained.

Bryce got out of the shower and toweled himself off. He put it around his waist covering his cock that was becoming flaccid. He walked to his room and he was surprised.

“Holy fuck Ace,” said Bryce.

Bryce’s cock caused a tent in the towel at what he looked at. There was Ace lying on Bryce’s bed naked. There were two big piles of whip cream on each of his tits, a cherry on each of those piles and a very large pile of whip cream covering his hard cock.

“I guess it’s time for dessert,” said Bryce.

Bryce walked over to Ace letting the towel fall off as he moved his mouth to Ace’s one tit. He ate the cherry before eating off the whip cream and licking the remaining off his warm chest. He repeated the process before going to the last pile.

“Come on Bryce finish your dessert,” said Ace.

Bryce leaned in and licked off the whip cream before sliding his mouth down on his cock. He sucked the hard cock feeling the vein running down the thick shaft.

“Finger my ass while you suck,” said Ace between moans.

Bryce continued sucking the white shaft, but now he reached his one hand back and poked a finger at the brown star. He felt some kind of lube as his finger penetrated his hole. He slowly fucked the asshole with one finger, then two and finally 3 fingers.

“I’m not going to last much longer,” said Ace.

And he did not. A minute later Ace came with a large moan as he shoved it in to the hilt before letting cum go flying into Bryce’s warm mouth. Bryce was used to it and sucked almost the entire load down before getting up and licking his lips.

“So what now Ace?” asked Bryce.

“Fuck me,” said Ace.

“Uh huh sure,” said Bryce sarcastically.

“I need your cock in my ass,” said Ace.

“Fine,” said Bryce knowing this was the second time he fucked someone. The first was his girlfriend.

Ace got on his hands and knees while Bryce got on his knees and slowly pushed the head against the hole.

“Are you sure?” asked Bryce.

“Just do it,” said Ace.

With that Bryce pushed his cock into his hole all the way.

“What the fuck!” screamed Ace in pain not expecting him to shove it all in so fast.

The pain was intense and Bryce’s cock stayed still in the warm cave of Ace’s ass. The tight feeling on Bryce’s cock was intense and he wondered if he could last any time at all. Luckily he remembered how he sucked himself off so he could last longer. Bryce started to slowly fuck the tight brown star almost coming completely out before thrusting back in.

“Fuck me hard,” said Ace who was now by the pain.

Bryce started to pound the asshole raw and continued his assault on Ace’s backside. Bryce couldn’t take much more of this before his balls started to tighten. He felt his cum rising in his cock, but before he came he heard Ace moan incredibly loud and realized he was cumming. Bryce then shoved his cock all in and blew his load deep in Ace’s ass. Bryce’s flaccid cock slipped out of the ass leaving the hole stretched and he watched cum leak out of the hole. Bryce and Ace collapsed on the bed.

“What the fuck are you two doing?!”…

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