Mind Controlled Janice Pt. 11c

Mind Controlled Janice Pt. 11c

Brian was pleased using mind control Janice had spent the last three days living with him and she was due to spend another four days with him. Janice’s husband and sons minds had been influenced so that they did not miss her. Yesterday he had invited three friends around to his house and the four of them had fucked a willing Janice several times. Sbe was doing what ever he wanted earlier in the day she had cleaned his house for him while naked only pausing to let Brian fuck her in the bathroom. At the moment he was laid naked on his stomach, he had just had a good shit the turds hitting Janice in the face and into her open mouth, she was now licking his arse clean, better than toilet paper he thought. The control of her mind was really strong and he was about to test how strong. His dog Bruno was about to get a treat.

Janice opened the door to Brian’s bedroom. Brian had gone to work leaving cameras in each room recording all the days events.

Bruno stood there wagging his tail. She gave him a friendly pet on his head and remembered Brian’s instructions to let Bruno out into the back garden so that he could relive himself.

She crossed the living room to the back door and opened it. Bruno exited as she stepped outside into the garden not bothered that she was completely naked. After completing his business he sauntered back into the house. She closed the door and headed for the bedroom. Bruno poked her in the ass with his nose. She giggled and he pushed against her so that she fell down on the bed. He stood in front of her, face to face.

He licked her face.

“You know...I think this bed… is a great place… to sleep.” He just stared at her wagging his tail. She patted the bed with her hand and he jumped up laying down beside her. His nose pressed against her naked breast.

Janice was tired from all the sex she had been enjoying and she fell asleep.

After a few minutes she was woken by Bruno giving her bare buttocks a lick.

Everything seemed fuzzy, she was confused about what she was doing. Her train of thought was off for some reason. Maybe a shower would help. Janice moved towards the bathroom when Bruno poked her in the ass with his nose. She stopped, then looked back at him unsure what to do.

His nose investigated her bottom. She leaned forward letting him get more access and a better sniff of her. His tongue lashed out striking her pussy lips. A gasped of excitement escaped her mouth. The feeling was strange but arousing. Where did these feeling come from? Why did she let him do that, he’s a dog? Why does this feel right in some way? Brian’s mind control was working.

She bent over a little more, hoping he would go further. She allowed him more access. The tingle in her stomach moved much lower as her juices began to flow. His tongue continued its thrashing of her private area. Her willingness to fight his advances began to fade. This is wrong but why do I want this? He bumped her again with his nose this time more forcefully right in the middle of her cunt. She inhaled sharply.

Do I want him? He must want me. She tried to reason what was going on or why. It was all so confusing and incomplete. He jumped up pushing her with his paws. She fell against the back of the couch. She wanted to say no, to tell him to stop, but she couldn’t form the words in her mouth. She slid off the couch and knew she had to move on to all fours when he tried to grab her by the waist. Her heart raced. She knew what would happen if she didn’t get up, but he was a dog and Brian did call her a bitch and she had called Bruno a good boy several times over the last few days. She should be in control not him, but it did feel good to obey. She wanted to be a good girl… didn’t she?

His front paws grabbed her hips as he mounted her. Her head swam with excitement. His thrusts were off. His legs just bounced against hers. This was wrong, she knew it but why didn’t she stop him? Why did this excite her so much? His weight drove her to her elbows forcing her bottom further into the air. She pushed back against him as his cock hit her thighs not finding the sweet spot yet she knew that she needed Bruno to take her. He slumped forward while continuing his assault on her. When his head rested beside hers Janice mind cleared. Her purpose was clear. She was meant for this. She needed to obey…she wanted to obey…him.

His cock finally hit her square on and plunged deep in one stroke. Pleasure surged through her as she obeys him. Gave herself to him. She groaned as his pace picked up. She leaned back into him allowing him deeper access. He pushed further, harder and she took it all with a smile on her face. She orgasmed after the next dozens or so strokes. Then again.

She could feel his knot bouncing against her outer lips. Her fingers gripped the carpet as she pushed back against him hoping it would fit. When the knot slid into her wet hole, another orgasm hit. She knew this was wrong but she so needed sex with him to obey him meant now she was his. He continued ramming his knotted cock into her. Never has something so large been inside her body. He started to slow. The feeling of his knot expanding inside of her sent more multiple orgasms shooting up her spine she was breathless from moaning and panting each time she orgasamed. His cock seemed to grow even bigger inside her and his cum shit into her cunt. His slobber ran down her cheek as his head lay against hers.

He stopped moving and just lay against her panting. His cock filled her so completely, it drowned out all other sensations. When he brought his front leg over and then spun around he was locked in her. She orgasmed again. The shame of what just happened consumed her. I just let a dog fuck me. Why did this happen? Why did I let him? The she knew it was all OK she had to obey Bruno she was his bitch and she had done the right thing.

He started to move away from her but couldn’t free himself. The pain from his knot exploded through her hips as he dragged her for a few feet. She quickly backed on all fours to keep up with him. After they move a few more feet towards the kitchen he stopped to drink some water. She remained on all fours, locked with the dog for the next twenty minutes. She enjoyed been locked to Bruno, she was fulfilling his need.

Once his cock reduced enough in size he just walked away, leaving her looking at him and feeling his cum run down the inside of her legs. He walked to the corner and began licking himself clean. Janice collapsed onto the floor then crawled to Bruno’s water dish and took a lick of the water.

Janice crawled on all fours to where Bruno was sat waiting for him to make the next move.

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