Tia My Sexy Black Neighbor

Tia My Sexy Black Neighbor

Tia is a medium brown skinned girl in her early 30’s who lives next door to me. She lives alone, has a great corporate job, and dresses nicely every day when she goes to work. She is very pretty, extremely sexy, has nice breasts, long flowing black hair, and beautiful dark colored eyes. She totally turns me on every time I see her. I have struck up a friendship with her and of course flirt with her a lot. I love her smile, and she has a pleasant personality. I always say hi to her and usually compliment her on her choice of clothing for the day, and sometimes make other small talk with her. We have found out much about each other over the past several months, such as birthdays, likes and dislikes, etc. We even exchanged cell numbers so we could talk and text each other privately. She likes the attention I give her. She is not married, and I found out she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She is immersed into her work as a career woman. She also owns a white Baby-G wristwatch. The white against her brown skin makes a great contrast that looks very hot. I have commented her on watch saying that it looks good on her, making her look young, athletic, and sexy. She works out and has a sleek body to show for it. I think black women are the hottest looking women out there, and I also have a wristwatch fetish, especially when it comes to Baby-G’s. So of course I have had sexual fantasies toward Tia and have masturbated many times because of her. One day I asked her about what she thinks about interracial relationships since I’m white. She told me she prefers white men and has an open mind about interracial relationships, also works with many of them, and wouldn’t mind going to dinner and a movie, but admits she is just too busy to think about that. Then I told her if I wasn’t married, that I would ask her out. She smiled and thought that was a sweet thing to say.

One day I was home alone working outside. She pulled in her driveway so I stopped what I was doing to talk with her for a minute. She was wearing a business suit, and of course, was wearing her Baby-G wristwatch.

I walked over to her, kissed her cheek and said hello. “You look radiate as usual today Tia” I said. “You’re home early too”.

“You must be home alone or you wouldn’t be kissing me” she said.

“Yes I am alone” I said.

“That’s good because I want you to come over and try something later if you have time. Yes, I am home early. I had a meeting upstate today earlier today and now I have some extra time for myself” she said. “I am going to bake my favorite dessert this afternoon and would like to invite you over for some.”

“Of course” I said. “I am home alone for the rest of the day.” I smiled and accepted the invitation but made every attempt to look subdued on the outside with minor body English showing my emotions, but on the inside I was very excited and thinking to myself: YES! She wants me to come over for a visit, just the two of us! I immediately got an erection when she asked me to come over.

“Okay, I’ll call you in a couple of hours on your cell” she said. She knew never to call our home phone number if she wanted me because we have caller ID, and knew enough that I didn’t want my wife to know we talked privately sometimes. “I’ll see you in a couple hours then.” “Looking forward to it” I said. “I’m sure you are” she said with a smile. She kissed me back and winked at me.

After that I couldn’t help myself. I had to go into the house and jerk off. My sexual desire temporarily satisfied, I went outside again, finished my work and got cleaned up and redressed to look presentable. Boy was I glad I was alone for the entire day. I couldn’t wait for Tia to call.

She called a couple hours later and told me to come over. I walked over and knocked on her front door. She opened it and my senses immediately went into hyper drive. First of all, Tia had the sexiest outfit I’ve ever seen her wear. She was definitely eye candy to me. Secondly, the aroma of her surprise secret dessert filled the house and my nostrils with the most pleasant smell I’ve ever enjoyed.

“Come in” she said. “Have a seat.” I looked around her house. It looked immaculate. Now I knew why she worked so hard at her job. “Would you like coffee or tea?”

“Coffee with cream and sugar” I said.

She disappeared into the kitchen and came out a minute later with a tray holding her dessert and two cups of coffee. She bent over in front of me as she put the tray down on the coffee table. I could see down her low cut top and took a long look at her luscious breasts. They hung down with her leaning over. I’d love to stick my cock in between them and fuck those tits I thought to myself. She looked up at me and smiled. She could tell I was enjoying the view. I had a bulge in my pants that I couldn’t hide. “Here you go” she said as she came around the coffee table. She handed me a piece of her dessert, bending over again on purpose right next to me. “I hope you like it” she said in her sexy voice. “These are peanut butter chocolate brownies. They are my favorite dessert.”

“I’m sure I’ll like them, they look delicious, and I can tell just by looking at them why they are your favorite dessert” I said. I picked one up and bit into it. It was delicious! I had a few of them and Tia was delighted. “I’m pleased you like them” Tia said. When we finished eating she told me to stay seated while she cleaned up.

It didn’t take very long and she came back and sat next to me on the couch. We talked for a few minutes, and for the entire time I had a hard-on. I finally touched her shoulder and worked my hand down her arm and rested my hand on her watch said “You are so beautiful.” “Thank you” she said. “I’m glad you like the way I look,” and looked down at her arm where I was holding her watch and said “I kept my watch on because I know you like it too. I don’t know why, but I can just tell.” I was a little embarrassed because I hadn’t realized I was holding her watch for so long, and quickly took my hand off. “I’m sorry” I said. “Don’t be, you can enjoy anything I have…and I mean anything. Do you have some extra time to stay?” she said. “Sure” I said.

She started rubbing my leg. “I know you want me” she said. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you talk to me”. I blushed. “It’s that obvious?” I said laughing. “Yes, I’m attracted to you”.

“And I’m attracted to you too” she said as her eyes widened and her smile broadened. She grabbed my hand and put it on her top and motioned for me to take off her top. I took the hint and took it off finding that she was wearing a hot pink lace bra. “You look great in pink. I’d like to see more.” I reached down and took her shorts off. She had matching hot pink panties on. “I want to fuck you” I blurted out. She smiled back and unzipped my pants and pulled them down. I put my hand on her cheek and we started kissing each other. Her lips felt moist and soft against mine. She is an excellent kisser. I started biting her lip gently while kissing her, and then eventually put my tongue into her mouth, in and out, French kissing her almost as if I was fucking her mouth with it. After a couple more minutes I slid my hand down to her breasts and start fondling them through her bra. She didn’t resist so I also put her hand on my now exposed throbbing cock. She was enjoying every minute of what I was doing. I reached around and unhooked her bra and pulled down her shoulder straps, exposing her beautiful brown tits with great big nipples that were erect just waiting for me to suck them. We continued kissing each other while I squeezed her tits and then started sucking them. We laid down and then I put my cock between her tits and started fucking them. I came all over her tits and face. “I want more” she said. She rubbing and playing with my cock to get me hard again. Then she gave me the best blowjob I’ve ever had. I shot a load of cum in her mouth and she swallowed it all.

She got cleaned up and came back where we lay next to each other naked and we put a light blanket on ourselves. We both fell asleep for a short time. It was nice waking up with her sleeping next me. I woke her up by kissing her and playing with her tits. She woke up smiling and kissed me back.

“I still want more” she said, “I want you to fuck me”. So far after all this time her panties were still on. I got hard again pretty quickly. I took her panties off and saw her shaved pussy. I started rubbing her clitoris and she started moaning with pleasure. Then I finger fucked and massaged her deep spot inside. She started to cum and was enjoying every moment. We still were lying on the couch kissing, me playing with her tits, and then she said “I want your white cock in me. Fuck me.” I put my hard white cock into her beautiful black pussy and fucked her slowly at first, then speeded up. “YES! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck…fuck…fuck!” she said between breaths she was taking. She came several times while I was fucking her. While this was going on, I reached down her left arm to her watch and started taking it off her arm. She didn’t even notice I was doing that because she was enjoying me being in her. I was able to take it completely off and then I put it on myself. We continued to fuck until I came inside of her.

Afterwards as she regained her composure, she noticed I was wearing her watch. I told her that I have a fetish for them. It is like two things in one. First, it signifies a close friendship, as the watch is tight around the arm, so goes the friendship, secondly a sexual reference, my arm represents my cock and her watch represents her pussy. She thought that was cute, stood up, grabbed my arm and said “Come with me, I want to show you something.” We got up and walked into her bedroom naked. She has a cute ass that I grabbed while walking. She lovingly slapped my hand and laughed. “Just wait till you see what I have for you” she said. She went over to her dresser and opened a drawer then took something out. It was another Baby-G watch! “I didn’t know you had another one” I said. “Yes” she said. “This was given to me as a present not knowing I already had one. I want you to have it.” “Thank you, Tia. I really like it” I said. “You can think of me every time you wear it” she said. Then she sat down on her bed and I took her watch off my arm and put it back on hers. The whole process of me doing that was sexy because she let me do everything. She looked at me with her beautiful eyes and after I was done putting her watch back on and told me she wanted me to fuck her in her bed. I reached down and rubbed her pussy again. She started breathing heavy as we fucked a second time, but this time with her on top. Her tits hung down and I could play and squeeze them while I was in her pussy.

After we were done she invited me into her bathroom. “Let’s take a shower together” she said. I was nice taking a shower with her. I washed her tits and pussy with her wash rag and she washed me. We even kissed again with the water running down us, it was so sexy. It made me think that next time I fuck her that I should fuck her standing up. Maybe we could play cops and robbers. I could put her up against a wall and act like I’m searching her. “Hands against the wall, and spread you legs” I would say. Then I could a pat down of her, grabbing her tits of course and eventually telling her I have to strip search her. “I have to check your vagina ma’am, and I have just the thing to do it with. I have a special probe just made for this.” Then I would fuck her from behind. I would also turn her around eventually and make love to her from the front. I can’t wait to try it. I also want to fuck her from behind, but lying on our sides in her bed holding her leg in the air.

After our shower together we got dressed and as I was about to leave we kissed and we said that we should get together again. We also set up a time to go out together for a dinner date. We told each other “I love you” and from that point on, every time I saw her and our eyes met, we knew what the other was thinking about. Sex with her was the best I’ve ever had.

We often meet each other in the early morning before we both go to work, while it’s still dark outside. Since she is a morning person like me, she gets up very early. She puts coffee or tea on and we enjoy each other’s company, talk about things, and of course I make love to her every time and in different positions. I have even taken out to different places and have bought her many gifts also. I love my sexy hot black next door neighbor, and of course the Baby-G she gave me. She even lets me wear it when I make love to her.

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