Shayla and Jade

Shayla and Jade

My wife and I had moved to our new chalet bungalow six months ago. We had downsized, having never being blessed with kids, my wife had taken a job at a local hospital which specialised in child care, to compensate. The move involved me giving up my job, to keep her happy, so I managed to get a job, from home, which mainly involved spending a lot of time on the computer, boring but it brought in an income.

After sixteen years of marriage our sex life had dwindled to infrequent, “What was the point if we can’t have children?” she would moan, giving up her body occasionally for me to satisfy my lust.

We had met and made friends with a local couple who ran a restaurant in town. They were mixed race, her being Malaysian, him being Danish. They had two daughters, one 12 year old and a 16 year old. The eldest helped in the restaurant, the younger not able to, due to employment laws. Summer holidays had arrived and they were in a dilemma as their usual sitter had moved away. It was my wife’s suggestion that I should volunteer to look after Shayla, the youngest daughter, whilst her folks were at work. At 12 years old I thought that she would be more or less able to look after herself, so I volunteered. Shayla’s parents were overjoyed that they had found a solution to their problem, it was hard finding someone they could trust.

Shayla was about 5’2” tall, lean, long jet black hair and being the youngest, full of herself. She had boundless energy and was mischievously into everything and anything, always asking “What’s that? What does that do? How much? Etc etc.” To be honest she was tiring and I wasn’t looking forward to 6 weeks of that! However the first day of the holidays arrived and Jade, Shayla’s older sister brought her round. Jade was a stunner, if Shayla, sharing Jade’s features, grew up like her older sister, boys of the neighbourhood beware! Jade had legs that went on forever, boobs well in proportion to her lithe frame, huge brown eyes, the same long black hair that her sister had and a smile that could melt rock! It was instant boner time every time I saw her, I tried to subtly flirt with her a couple of times, of which she seemed to like the attention, flashing those perfect teeth through those thick lips of hers.

To be honest I never paid any attention to Shayla, as her sister stood in the doorway. Shayla had run past me, leaving me drooling like an idiot, fawning all over Jade. “Now you look after my little sister” she said “And don’t let her boss you, she will if you let her” I was informed, not that I heard a word, I was taking in the sight of Jade, tanned legged in tight shorts and showing more than enough cleavage!

I watched as Jade walked away, eventually turning back into the room and closing the door. Shayla was stood there facing me, arms crossed, legs astride, as If going to tell me off. “Your supposed to be looking after me, not ogling my sister” she admonished me. I was still in dreamland but did notice Shayla’s gaze lowering towards my crotch area. I quickly attempted to cover myself up with my hands but I think she had already seen the effect her sister had had on me. “So what are you going to do with yourself?” I asked, not having a clue as how to look after a girl of this age. “I’m going to play in your pool” she suddenly replied. It was only then that I had noticed she had come prepared, dressed in her bathing costume. A two piece that covered her skinny arse and two triangles that covered her budding breasts. Yep, she was going to grow to be a stunner, just like her older sister, I thought to myself as she ran through the patio doors and “Bombed” into the pool. I shouted “If you need anything I’ll be in the den”. A distant “O.K.” came as a way of a response.

I had a good view of the pool and patio area, as I worked, so I could keep an eye on Shayla, to make sure she was alright. I got down to work, occasionally looking out the window to see her splashing about. Don’t ask me how long it was but after a while I looked out and saw that she had gotten out of the pool and was now lying, face down, on one of the loungers, soaking up the sun. She had undone the straps of her top and let them fall to her sides. I made a mental note not to let her lay in the sun too long.

Again, after an, unknown, while I looked up again to see what she was up to and to tell her to come out of the sun. She was now laid on her back, her top still loose, with the straps hanging down her side, a hint of the bottom of her boobs was showing as she laid feet towards me. Her top had obviously not been put into place correctly as she had turned over. It was then that I noticed that her wet bottoms had moulded themselves to her crack, clearly defined as if she hadn’t anything on, her smooth genital area right in my line of sight. What on earth was I doing! Leching at a young 12 year old and getting a boner too boot! I quickly buried my head back to my P.C. trying to take my mind off what I had just seen. It didn’t work, my hard-on raged in my pants and I kept taking furtive glances out of the window. The little minx had opened her legs even more, giving an even clearer view!

I glanced up again, for another eyeful and noticed Shayla no longer there. She had suddenly appeared at my side. “What ya doin?” she asked. “Err…er working on my computer” I stammered in response. “Are you looking at porn?” she brazenly asked. “NO I AM NOT!” I replied sternly. “Then why have you got a boner?” she asked looking directly at the huge bulge in my shorts. Again I stammered a response “ well guys sometimes get boners, as you call them er um just because they do”. It was the that I noticed that she hadn’t done up her straps. Her top hung loosely over her pert small boobs, nothing could be seen but it was highly erotic, which didn’t help. “My dad looks at porn” she informed me, “All the time”. I tried to ignore her. “He’s always looking at young girls, some of them only my age”. I didn’t know how to handle the situation.
Should I feel sorry or her, should I bluff my way? I didn’t get chance to do either, Shayla suddenly sat on my lap, she’d pulled my knees together and straddled my thighs, her legs over the side of mine and she was pushing her wet bottom into my crotch. Her fingers were a whir on the keypad and as quick as a flash a porn site came onto my screen. It had loads of young girls on it, all naked and all playing with themselves.
“This is one of his favourites” she informed me as she leant to the left and turned her face to mine. Leaning over made her top fall forwards exposing her right breast, just enough for the nipple to come into view. My jaw dropped and I could feel myself drooling, I tried to get a grip of the situation, making it all “matter of fact”. I looked her in those big, beautiful brown eyes “Looks like you look at it too” I said, trying to turn the tables. “Sometimes” she replied. She turned her head to look back at the screen
“Why do they do that?” she asked. “Do what?” I replied.
“Touch themselves?” she said. “Well…er I suppose they like it”, I blurted “Or don’t have anyone to do it for them” I carried on.

Shayla looked deep in thought for a moment, “When I touch myself like that it just tickles” she told me. “Does it feel different if someone else does it for you?” she asked. I was getting into unknown territory here. “I don’t know” I replied, “I don’t have boobs or a cunny, so I couldn’t tell you”.
“Yeah but you’ve touched your wife’s, haven’t you” she said. “Well, yes I have” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. “Does she like it? Shayla asked. I was trying to stall enough to direct the conversation elsewhere but she was like a dog with a rabbit. “Yes she does, but she’s a lot older than you and….” I trailed off.
Shayla again turned her face to me, “These girls are my age and they like it so..” she bit her bottom lip, “Will you touch me?” she asked.

I didn’t have time to answer her, she had taken hold of both my hands and brought them up to her breasts, I just got control, my hands hovering over her boobs until she pressed them down onto her pert little mounds, her nipples, erect and almost stabbing my palms. It was she that moved my hands around in small circles, kneading her breasts. “Oooh, that feels better” she sighed “Much better than when I do it”. My hard-on was now bursting, as she moved her hands, directing mine, she also gyrated her buttocks back into my groin. My cock had found itself nestled between her crack of her butt cheeks and she was almost massaging it, with those small, firm buttock mounds, to orgasm.

Shayla took her right hand off mine and wafted her long black hair over my shoulder, exposing her smooth neck to me. I couldn’t resist and started to plant little kisses along it. She purred as I kissed and licked her neck, nibbling on her lobes as well.
Her hand returned to place itself over mine, with a little pressure she started to move my hand down over her belly and onto her pussy. Her legs were already well parted, being either side of mine and I soon had a handful of pussy in my palm. She pressed my hand down onto her. “Rub me” she almost whispered. I didn’t need any more encouragement. Things had already gone past the “He touched me” stage so I now had nothing to loose.
I pushed my palm onto the top of her pussy mound and let my fingers wander down between her legs. I pressed my middle finger into her crotch, parting her labia and pushing the thin material of her bikini bottoms into her snatch. “Mmmmm, that feels really nice” she said as she turned her face to me and smiled. I took the opportunity to move in for a kiss, gently at first but it soon turned into one of passion. She closed her eyes and drifted off in pleasure.
Her left hand reached over my head and she pulled me to her as our mouths devoured each other. Thinking she was busy concentrating on kissing, I slipped my hand under the waistband of her bottoms and caressed her naked pussy, it was as smooth as silk.

My finger once again slipped between the folds of her labia and was rewarded with a coating of her juices. I flicked her clitoris, with my finger, she gulped and her eyes shot wide open. “Do it again!” she commanded. I did, her body shook, “Again!” she said her body shook as I kept delicately flicking her. I could tell she was building up to an orgasm so I dipped my finger into her hot, wet hole. I managed to bury it deep inside her just as her pussy walls contracted onto my finger as she came. She thrashed about on my lap, her arse rubbing my cock violently as she shook and shifted about.

Shayla collapsed onto me, sliding down my legs as her body went limp. I more or less had to catch her to stop her falling to the floor. “Oh wow” she exclaimed, “That was fun!”
The combination of her sliding down, her bum pulled my shorts down a little, and my cock full to bursting, being pumped full of blood, made my cock head appear over the waistband of my shorts. Shayla copped an eyeful, she quickly gathered herself, tuned and bent over my lap. “Is that your cock?” she asked, parting the hair from over her face and looking up at me. “Duh yeah” I comically replied. “Can I see it?” she gleefully asked. Now how far was this going to go, how far was I going to allow it to go? I’d done far more than I should have done already. What would be the harm in letting her see it? I lifted my arse off the chair and pulled my shorts down, over my knees and off my legs. My cock stood proudly erect for inspection. Shayla attention returned to this new sight. My cock twitched and she giggled, “Can I touch it?” she asked. “As long as you are gentle” I replied. She firstly prodded it with the end of her finger and then took hold of my shaft in her hand. Her delicate little hand hardly wrapped just more than half way around my swollen member which again twitched to her touch. Almost instinctively her hand went up and down. “It’s so warm and hard” she informed me. “That’s ‘cos your doing that” I replied “That and you being such a gorgeous little girl”, I continued. She liked the complement, taking her other hand she wrapped it, as well, around my cock and started to pump. She heard me give out a huge sigh, looked up at me and started to pump faster, “Do you like that?” she asked. “Oh yes” I replied “It would help with a little lubricant on it though” I informed her.

I didn’t have to tell her a thing, she spat on my purple swollen head, brought her hand up and over the top of my cock and slid it back down, spitting and repeating the action with her other hand. “Just lick your tongue around the top” I instructed her. Keen to make me as happy as I had made her earlier she did just that, without hesitation. She rolled her tongue around and around my cock head, whilst pumping me. I felt my balls begin to tighten, somehow she sensed what was happening, her hands pumped faster, her tongue went around faster until….I exploded. Cum shot out my cock like it hadn’t done for years. The first blast, unintentionally shot into her mouth, as she pulled away the second into her hair, the third, as she recoiled onto her breasts but the little beauty kept pumping until all my cum was drained.

It was my turn to be exhausted, I lay back in the chair as Shayla swallowed the cum that had shot into her mouth. She smacked her lips, getting the first taste of guys cum. She then wiped her hair and looked at the cum that had splatted onto her in the palm of her hand, she then, with the same hand wiped the cum off her chest. She looked me in the eye, looked at the cum in her hand, gave a wicked smile and then stuck her tongue out and gave one long slow lick. I saw the cum gather on her tongue, she rolled it back into her mouth and give a large gulp as she swallowed. “Not bad” she said with a grin.

“Come on” I said “We’d better have a shower and get cleaned up”. Shayla flung her arms around me, gave my a “doe eyed” pleading look with her big brown eyes and said “Together?” Not being one to refuse a lady I agreed, but that’s another story.

We made our way, hand in hand to the bathroom. I lifted my tee shirt over my head and Shayla removed her bikini bottoms. I set the shower going and we both stepped in. Fortunately it was large enough for two. I poured shampoo onto her hair and started to wash away the cum that was still stuck in it, massaging her scalp. Shayla, the little minx was massaging my cock as she held onto me for support. “You’ll be getting another shower…of cum” I said “If you keep doing that”. She looked up at me and replied “All the more to eat” she giggled.

Having finished washing her hair I started to soap her little body, taking my tiem over her boobs and fondling her bum as I lathered her up. She kept hold of my cock the whole time, slowly pumping me. My flaccid cock soon rose again with her attentions.
“Oooh” she said “Looks like he wants to play some more”, giving me her beguiling grin. I “Tutted” her as I soaped her pussy. My right hand smoothed over her rounding butt whilst my left hand soaped her pussy. This was one wicked little girl who was going to get her comeuppance, I thought to myself, I stood sideways on to her and I slid, firstly a finger up her pussy and secondly a finger up her rosebud. This startled her as she squealed and gave my cock a big tug as she jumped, reacting to the invasion of her two holes. I continued to finger fuck both her orifices until, standing on her tip toes she took her hands off my cock and placed them on my shoulders for support. Shayla started to bob her body up and down in time to my finger fucking. Harder and harder her downward bobs went until both my fingers were buried deep within her. This went on for about thirty seconds before the inevitable orgasm ripped through her. Her hands nearly slipped off my shoulders, as she came but gripped tighter, her legs buckling beneath her.

“You’re a very naughty man” she giggled as she regained her balance and took hold of my cock again and started to pump me. I moved her hands away, “I’ve got a better idea” I said as I led her out of the shower. I laid a towel on the floor and laid on my back on it. “Straddle me” I instructed her. Shayla stepped over me and lowered herself down, she took hold of my cock and lined it up with her willing pussy entrance, “No” I said. Resting her pussy onto my cock, which was laid erect but on my belly along the length of my body, I placed my hands between her legs and parted her puffy pussy lips and labia so that the flaps were either side of my shaft. I then placed my hand on her hips and pulled her up my cock and pushed her back down it so that my cock was sliding between her pussy lips. She soon got the idea and with her juices lubricating me slid effortlessly backwards and forwards. Shayla pushed her crotch onto me as she slid back and forth, my cock head disappearing and re-appearing from underneath her, as I looked down, I felt the heat emanating from her pussy hole. I held my hands up and cupped those pert little breasts of hers and massaged them as she thrust backwards and forwards, flicking her nipples with my thumbs.
My cock felt as if it was on fire. She leant over to kiss me, passionately before returning the pressure back to hers and my groin. The feeling was intense, I felt her hot pussy inflame as we both began to reach out climaxes. Shayla first, steaming hot pussy cum pouring onto my cock, making me cum too with the intense pleasure.
Cum shot up my chest, I’d not cum twice in a day for years and now cum was shooting out of my cock as if it hadn’t been drained for years.

Shayla leant over me, shibody down my legs,stuck out that tongue of hers and lapped up the cum off my chest. I’d never tasted cum before but couldn’t help but delve my tongue into her mouth, French kissing this naughty Nymph. We rolled around the bathroom floor for a while before once again showering.
After the shower I carried her lithe little body to my bed, there I buried my tongue in her pussy, lapping all her juices up before turning her over and sticking my tongue into her little rosebud of an anus. Shayla had orgasm after orgasm as my tongue revelled in her glory holes, she begged me to fuck her but I somehow managed to resist.

Time must have flown by because it was soon time for her sister to collect her. Jade promptly arrived on time, Shayla looked for all the world like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. She said a polite “Thank you for looking after me” and skipped away. “See you tomorrow” I shouted after her. “Can’t wait” she shouted back.

Needless to say I fucked my wife senseless that night, she even managed to enjoy it and joined in a little as I pounded her long and hard. “Something has gotten into you tonight?” she said. “No something hard has gotten into you for a change” I replied as I buried my cock up to the hilt inside her, spraying her womb with what little was left of my semen, all the time thinking of the horny little minx that I had pleasured and brought me so much pleasure earlier that day.

I couldn’t wait until the next day.

For the next few days things repeated themselves, pretty much the same as the first day. Jade, whom seemed to get more attractive daily, would drop off Shayla. I would get some work done until Shayla decided she wanted some “fun”. How I resisted the temptation to fuck the little minx is beyond me but I had to draw a line somewhere.
We messed with oils, massaging each other, I poked her holes, she especially liked double penetration (fingers ) whilst sucking my cock, it brought her off very quickly.

Friday afternoon and my wife arrived home, the same time as Jade rolled up to pick Shayla up. She gave Jade a funny look, the young girl being dressed to thrill, if not kill. “I’ve volunteered to work nights this weekend” she said “They’re short staffed and I said I would help”, she informed me. We bade the girls farewell, my wife watching Jade for longer than I thought necessary, as she walked off.
My wife duly washed ate and changed before heading off back to work, “I’ll be home about 7am” she informed me as she shot out the door.

I settled onto the sofa and watched T.V. About an hour or so after my wife had left there was a knock at the door. I opened it to be greeted by a smiling Jade. She had on the same tight shorts on, which clung to her like cling film and a vest top and evidently no bra underneath. “Everything O.K?” I asked, worriedly.
“Fine” Jade replied as she pushed past me. “Shyla O.K?” I asked. “Yes she’s shattered, she’s dropped off like a stone so I’ve left her asleep in bed”, Jade informed me. “You not working tonight?” I asked. “No, labour laws mean I can’t work wek-ends as well as evenings so I have time to myself. Shayla and I normally play some games or watch T.V. but she’s so tired she’s gone to bed”. We both made our way through to the lounge and sat next to each other on the sofa. “So what have you being doing to my little sister to tire her out so much?” she asked, with a glint in her eye. I blew out breath whilst I tried to think of something to say. “It’s alright” Jade said “She’s told me everything”. My face went red, my mouth moved but nothing came out. “I think it’s nice of you not to fuck her though, her being so young and all that” Jade continued. “It’s O.K. we tell each other everything and know when not to tell anyone else” she reassured me. I let out a deep, long sigh. “It took a lot of will power” I informed her, “She’s a bit of a minx”. Jade nodded and replied “If Shayla wants, Shayla normally gets”. Jade turned towards me, resting her arm on the back of the sofa.

“You know I’m 16” she said smiling. “Yes I do” I replied trying to see where she was leading. “Well I’m old enough, to , you know” she said as she leant in her face towards mine. I didn’t have time to respond as she pressed her lips to mine. We were soon in an embrace, Jade ending up laying on top of me on the sofa. I felt my cock hardening as her nipples pressed into my chest and she soon felt my member pressing into her stomach. She broke the embrace, looked me deeply in the eye and said “So is this the big cock Shayla has told me about?” as she slid her hand down between us and fondled it through my shorts.

We kissed some more, Jade fondling my as I took my turn to grope her breast, through her vest top. “I think it’s time to remove some clothing” I said as I took hold of the bottom of her vest and slipped it over her head. Jade’s boobs were not much larger than her sisters, pert and pointed, with nipples hard and brown, about the size of my little finger end. I devoured her breast and rolled my tongue around her nipple before once again taking almost all of it back into my open mouth. Jade continued to fondle my cock. “Shall we take these off?” she asked tugging at my shorts. “If you want” I replied nonchalantly. Jade reared up on her knees and pulled my shorts completely off. Her gaze, wide eyed and directed at my cock, never taking her eyes from it as she stood and removed her shorts. Her long, slim legs went on forever, joining at the “V” at the top of her legs. I noticed that she had trimmed her pubic hair in a nice V shape but had shaved either side of her pussy lips. Saliva built up in my mouth, readying itself for a taste of her juices. Jade saw me staring at her pussy, “Want to taste it?” she asked, again giving that broad grin which mesmerised me.
“Oh hell yeah” I replied eagerly. She shimmied her legs up either side of my body, placed her knees either side of my head and then turned around and dropped her pussy onto my waiting mouth. I lapped at her like she was my last meal, the tip of my nose occasionally prodding at her anus. She smelt like heaven, clean and fresh. My tongue darted up her vaginal tunnel, not enough for me or her, so I inserted a finger and wiggled it around as I liked at her clitoris.

Jade started to wiggle her hips as I invaded her body with my finger. I felt her place a hand at my side as she lowered her head towards my throbbing member. I felt her hot breath on my now bulbous, circumcised cock. Her other hand now rested on my other side. Next thing I felt was the tip of her tongue flick my cock head, then again. You cant imagine what that felt like. No handed she managed to take my cock in her mouth and started to suck me off. Just the tip to start with and then gradually more and more went into her hot, wet mouth. I feverously licked and fingered her pussy and clit, purposely pushing my nose into her anus.
Jade bucked, clamped her teeth around my cock shaft And let out a low, guttural groan as her orgasm hit her. She pushed her pussy into my face a couple of times and then slowly dismounted. “That was nice” she said, again grinning like a Cheshire cat.
“Did you like my blow job?” I smiled back at her before replying “Very nice”.
She raised herself on her haunches, on the floor and gleefully told me, “I’ve never done that before, was it really nice?” I place my hand on the back of her head, drawing it towards my penis “Probably could do with a little more practise then” I joked to her. She took the hint, took hold of my cock and again laced it into her mouth. She started to suck me off again, glancing up at my face now and then to see how she was doing. I had my eyes closed firmly shut as I enjoyed her attention.
Soon I got the old familiar feeling of my nuts about to explode. I tried to reach her head and pull her away but it was too late, I erupted inside her mouth. Jade didn’t budge, she devoured my cock a sucked at my cum, licking and sucking like a demon possessed. I bucked my hips, forcing as much of my cock inside her mouth as she could take. She gagged a couple of times but continued to milk me dry.

“Can we fuck now?” she asked as she lay back on the carpet, one arm over her head, the other venturing down to her pussy. I let out a load sigh “It might take a while” I informed her looking down at my flaccid dick. “Aw” she moaned, disappointedly. She started to play with herself, parting her pussy lips so that I could see her pink inner lips and then thrusting a finger inside herself. Her other hand came down and started to tug at her own boobs, pinching her nipples between her forefinger and her thumb. I laid back and enjoyed the view as she brought herself to the brimkof another orgasm. “You can be my first” she said seductively as she played with herself.
I didn’t need any more prompting. I got off the sofa and told her to kneel like a dog. I took position behind, spanked her ass and then buried my tongue deep into her love canal. Jade reached between her legs and parted her pussy lips as I lapped at her, I then stuck my tongue up her anus. “Your sister loves this” I informed her. “Mmm…so do I” she replied.

My flaccid cock was starting to harden, I gave it a little tug and soon had it as erect as it’s ever been. “Now for some fun” I said as I lined it up to her pussy. I pushed the tip of my cock into her willing pussy. I felt a small obstruction, gave a gentle push and broke her hymen. Jade gave out a squeal as I continued to penetrate her. She had the tightest pussy my cock had enjoyed for years. I felt every last millimetre of her pussy walls as I slowly pushed further and further in. I heard Jade give a large gulp as my cock bottomed out inside her and then, just as slowly withdrew. There was a small trickle of blood on my cock shaft, I saw as I withdrew but just started to push back into her. Very slowly and very gently I continued to push and pull in and out of her.
Soon her pussy was well lubricated and relaxed enough for me to speed things up a little and I started to fuck her properly. Each rime I thrust into her she gave out a load exhalation of breath. She was now furiously rubbing her clitoris with one hand, using the other for support. Not needing to pay her clit any attention myself I stuck my thumb in my mouth and inserted it into her puckered brown hole. Tight to the point of not happening, at first and then giving way to let my thumb slip up into her.
I timed it so that my cock was in and my thumb out and then my thumb in and my cock out. This soon had her pushing onto me, forcing whichever appendage was violating her at the time. Her tanned rump pumped back at me, her pussy clamped my cock and her anal ring tightened it’s grip on my thumb as she hit her orgasm. I couldn’t hold back and joined her, cum squirting into her pussy. We kept position, for a while, panting like dogs, before breaking apart.

I collapsed next to her, turned my face to hers, “Good?” I asked. She pecked my lips and replied “Awesome!”. In what seemed too brief a time she got up, dressed and made her way to the door. “I’d better get back” she said as she took hold of the door handle. She turned to me, “You can still play with Shayla but you mustn’t fuck her”, she told me “You have to save that for me”. She skipped out the door, waved and shouted, “Your wife working tomorrow night as well?”
“Yes” I replied, hoping the neighbours didn’t hear her shout. “See you tomorrow night then” she shouted as she skipped away.

Next episode: I get caught.

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Jen's Life - Chapter Six - Part One

Jen’s Life – Chapter 6 – Part one Various things stick in my mind – and my annual holidays were usually eventful. One year my parents decided to rent a villa in Corfu for 2 weeks, and my Grandpa and uncle were invited to. On the plane I had to sit inbetween my Grandpa and Uncle – and my parents sat on the other side. My Grandpa put my coat over my lap – and quickly pushed my skirt aside, pulling my knickers to one side and pushed a finger straight into me, I gasped out loud as his finger went...


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A new mistress 7

Natasha stuck her tongue in my ear and whispered, “We’re gonna have lots and lots and lots of fun sweetie…. Did mommy’s little girl get her ass dirty?” “No Mistress…Mommy!” I whispered. I yelped as someone slapped my hard dick. It bounced around like a stinging metronome. “Yes!” I whined, “Yes! My ass is dirty Mommy….” She smiled and covered my eyes with a blindfold. I felt someone sit on my chest and thought I smelled excited pussy. Natasha cooed into my ear, “Do you know that smell?” I realized there was no cock and balls in my face. “Pussy Mistress”...


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The Witch_(0)

The Witch By Gail Holmes Renee had never trusted the old woman, never knowing as to what she was up to, a more likely a more wickeder witch you couldn’t have asked for, she was into every form of Black Magic. She’d heard of her powers from other people, telling her to never cross the old woman. Trouble was it looked as if she had, and there was no way of making amends. Renee and her husband were a lovely couple, friendly to all most all, it’s just that the old woman had taken umbrage to something that was said. Stan...


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Fun time with new name

My name is Drake. I am 32 years old, 6’3” 245lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, and generally considered as a hansom guy. Growing up playing sports and a hard work ethic ensured I stayed at top physical condition. When I was 17 I married strait out of high school (with a little help of her being pregnant). She quickly gave me 2 great kids while living your typical American lifestyle. I being an engineer and her nursing ensured us a healthy lifestyle. It all ended however 2 years ago when my wife and kids were going to visit her relatives one...


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