My Photogenic Mom Chapter 2_(0)

My Photogenic Mom Chapter 2_(0)


Michael’s first objective was to get a few of the pictures in Kathy Thompson’s hands. After that was accomplished the rest would be easy. He went to the church and took the envelope with the pictures out of his pocket. He was not worried about the pictures being traced to him. He knew that very shortly Kathy would know exactly who took the pictures. It was important that she thought she was the only one he had contacted. Michael left the church after taping the pictures under the last pew. He went to the pay phone at the gas station on the corner and dialed the number for the church. His luck was good as Kathy answered the phone on its second ring. Michael told her that she would find something very interesting under the last pew. She asked who he was, and he told her that that did not matter, he would call her back in thirty minutes. He told her not to tell anyone about this call, including her husband until she found the package. After hanging up Michael thought about what the future was about to bring, and he could not help but smile. He even stopped at the local burger joint and had a sandwich while waiting to call Kathy back. Things were defiantly looking up.
Michael dialed the phone and Kathy answered on the first ring. I guess you found my package Michael said. Who are you, and what do you want said Kathy crying, why are you doing this. I am just some-one who saw your husband doing something that he should not. Obvi-ously you did to, I am sure that you do not want this to get out do you? By this time Kathy was crying harder and Michael almost felt sorry for her. But then in his mind he could see a picture of her standing naked in front of him willing to do whatever he said and that stopped any feelings of sorrow he had. Then he thought of what Reverend Thompson had done with his mom and all pity was gone. Kathy again asked what he wanted. Michael asked her if she knew where the old smith farm was outside town? She said that she did but why? Michael told her to meet him out there in one hour by the old barn and come alone. If anyone came with her he would make the pictures public knowledge. He then hung up. Michael went back home and parked his car. Susan was not home so he did not have to worry about her questions when he rode his bike instead of taking the car. Michael had gone to the old farm earlier in the day, and left a blanket in the barn. He was sure that his plan would work and he wanted to be prepared.
Shortly after he had hidden his bike in the weeds, he heard a car coming down the old road. It slowed and then pulled in the overgrown driveway. From his vantage point in the barn Michael could see that Kathy was the only person in the car. He could also see up the old road and had watched her from the time she had pulled off the highway. As he watched her, she got out of the car and stood nervously. He watched her for a little while, then climbed down and went to the barn door. He watched her looking around, and finally said “hello Mrs. Thompson." Kathy jumped at the sound of his voice and turned to face him. She looked surprised to see him standing there. All of a sudden she got a very stern look on her face and said “Michael Roberts what is the meaning of all this?”
Michael looked at her and said “I think you know exactly what the meaning is. The question is what is the price.” Kathy started crying and looked at Michael. She said “I can’t believe that you would do such a thing and I don’t think that there will be any price. Showing those pictures would ruin your mother as well as my husband and me!” “I do not think so” Michael said. “All the pictures would show was the Reverend Thompson taking advantage of a distraught married woman who came to him for counseling. Not to mention the fact that his wife stood there and watched while he did it!” “I cannot believe that you are doing this to us” said Kathy “what do you want?” “Now that you are taking this situation seriously” said Michael "what is it worth to make sure these pictures never are seen again?” “We don’t have a lot of money saved, probably not even five hundred dollars.” “I don’t think that will be enough said Michael you will need to sweeten the pot some.” “But we don’t have anything else.
“Kathy said “I cannot sweeten it more.” Michael slowly walked up to her and said “I am sure you can think of a way to sweeten it up!” Michael reached out his hand and cupped one of her firm breasts. Kathy recoiled from his touch and said “do not ever touch me like that again!” Michael just smiled and said “OK if you are sure that that is what you want.” He then turned and started to walk away. He had not gone but ten feet when Kathy called to him. He turned and walked back to her. Through her tears she asked him what he wanted. Michael smiled and said “that’s better, much more sensible. He reached out and started un buttoning her blouse. He watched Kathy as he finished with the buttons, feeling her body tremble as his fingers brushed the soft skin of her breasts. Michael told her he wanted to see her take off her blouse. He told her “you know I've never been this close to a grown woman taking off her clothes, especially a beautiful one like you. Kathy just stood and stared at him. “Now take off your bra too, I want to see those beautiful tits of yours!” Kathy’s face turned bright red, but she did as Michael said tears running down her face. As she slowly removed the bra Michael asked her how many men she had been with. Kathy told him that was none of his business. Michael told her that anything he wanted to know was now his business. Kathy realized that Michael was not going to drop the question and said “my husband is the only man I have ever slept with.” “Well that’s going to change” said Michael. He reached out and slowly ran his hand over Kathy's beautiful firm tits and started playing with the large strawberry colored nipples he roughly pinched one and Kathy let out a startled yelp but did not try to pull away from him. He saw that Kathy was trying to resist any reaction to the caress of his. Kathy's nipples started to stiffen between his thumb and finger and seemed to grow bigger than any of the young girls that had ever let him get that far. Michael had both hands on her tits now and started sucking on those big luscious nipples. Kathy's breath was coming faster. Michael reached down and unzipped his pants, letting them drop around his ankles. His swelling cock was straining to get free of his underwear.
Michael told Kathy to get out of her skirt and panties. He wanted to see her totally naked. Kathy slowly stripped off her skirt trying not to stare at Michael’s swollen cock waiting to be released. Kathy slowly pulled her panties down and let them drop around her ankles.
Kathy stood up and looked at him waiting to see what he would demand next. Michael just stepped up to her and started running his hands down her body off her trim waist and onto those fantastic hips. He pulled her closer and whispered in her ear “you have a fantastic body.” He slowly moved one hand in front of her and slid it down over her belly to the front of her soft blonde mound. He rubbed the front of her mound. Kathy was starting to cry again he told her” I will not hurt you, and in the end you will enjoy this.” Michael turned her around so he could get a better view of her sexy ass. He told her to spread her legs and bend over. Kathy didn’t move until Michael put his hand on her shoulder and gave a slight push telling her to do it now. Crying Kathy bent over, knowing that as she did this her pussy was opened fully to Michaels view. Michael started running his hand over the cheeks of Kathy’s ass squeezing them and enjoying her reaction to that. Taking both hands he pulled her ass cheeks apart exposing her completely to his eyes. He took his finger and ran it down the valley of her ass, enjoying the way Kathy jumped as his finger slid over her tight puckered asshole. He continued sliding it until it reached her waiting pussy lips slipping a finger into her hole, searching for her clit. Michael knew that when he started massaging her clit Kathy would not be able to keep resisting him. He wanted to feel her pussy all hot and wet on his finger before he rammed his swollen cock into it. Slowly he could feel Kathy starting to move her mound against his hand. Her legs parted slightly allowing the advance of his probing fingers. Michael knew that once he got a finger in her pussy she would be his. He could feel the slippery wetness of her cunt closing around his finger tips. Kathy opened her legs completely and he slid his finger up into the depths of her cunt. Kathy moaned and leaned forward against the car. As Michael fingered Kathy's pussy, he reached around her and grabbed her hanging tits with his other hand. Michael could feel Kathy pumping her pussy against his hand faster and faster. He was really enjoying this now. He slowly pulled his fingers out of her pussy and turned her around so he could look at her. Michael kissed her and slowly Kathy responded. Michael kissed her neck and then kissed and sucked her breasts. Kathy was moaning as Michael sucked her nipples and bit the underside of her breasts. Kathy started pushing Michael down over her stomach towards her now wet and swollen pussy. Michael had never eaten a woman’s cunt before, but he like the way Kathy was acting. Slowly Michael put his tongue into the musky darkness. He started lapping at her clit faster and faster. Kathy went stiff and ground her cunt into Michael's mouth as she held him motionless in her cunt. After what seemed forever to Michael she relaxed her grip on his head and slumped against the car. Kathy looked at him and said “nobody has ever done that to me before!”
Michael looked at her in disbelief “nobody he said thinking of what he had witnessed Reverend Thompson doing to his mother.” “No” said Kathy “I always thought that it was perverted and Jim never even tried.” Michael said “well maybe we will find other things today that you have never tried.” “I do not think so” said Kathy “you have had your fun now it's over.” Michael looked at her for a minute “I think you forget one thing, I still have the negatives so until I say it's over its not.” Michael took the blanket off the hood of the car and spreads it out in the grass. He grabbed Kathy's hand and pulled her down on it. He stood at the edge of the blanket looking at her body. “take my underwear off he said, Slowly Kathy reached up and did what he said. ”Take hold of my cock and see how good it feels.” Kathy started crying again, but done as Michael told her. As she held his cock, it started growing even harder in her hand. She started stroking it unwillingly at first, but faster as it grew. Michael took hold of her head and started pulling it toward his now huge cock. No she cried I cannot. The last of her words barely heard as he forced his throbbing cock into her mouth. He started rocking his hips back and forth whipping his cock in and out of Kathy's hot mouth. Kathy had stopped fighting him and was working in rhythm with his hips. Michael could feel himself at the verge of coming in her mouth. He did not want her pulling away like the girls at school did so he grabbed her head again and started pumping harder. All of a sudden he felt himself start to explode. He pulled Kathy's head tightly to him. So tight he could feel the back of her throat with the head of his exploding cock. He could feel her trying to push away but he did not care. He exploded in her throat, pumping again and again into her hot mouth. Michael loved feeling Kathy swallow his hot cum again and again. His wad shot he let her head go. He smiled at her and said “that was real good Kathy, today is going to be a lot of fun.” Michael looked at her for a minute, slumped back on the blanket, her tits heaving with the exertion of the last few minutes. Drops of juice from her pussy drying on her legs and he could not believe just how sexy this woman was. He could already feel his cock starting to stir. He knelt down on the blanket beside her and started stroking her tits her nipples were still standing tall and firm. Michael knew that in spite of herself, she was loving every minute of this. He moved on hand over her stomach and slid a finger into her pussy slowly rubbing her clit. Kathy started to moan softly and moved her leg so that Michael could finger her cunt better. Michael put his hand behind her head and pulled her to his cock saying “a little mouth to cock resuscitation will bring him back to life.” Kathy opened her mouth and sucked Michael's cock in to the hilt. The faster he moved his hand the faster Kathy sucked his cock. Slowly Michael pulled his cock from her mouth and pushed her down on the blanket. He rolled on top of her and she grabbed his cock and guided him to the entrance of her pussy. Michael slid the tip of his cock into her cunt and stopped. Kathy gave him a confused look and tried to draw him farther into her burning pussy. Kathy opened her mouth and said “please Michael I want your cock inside me now!” Michael smiled and slammed his cock deep into her. Kathy shuddered as he hit bottom and then started working his cock in and out of her. This was his first real woman, and he loved the feel of her legs around his back. He loved the way her tits bounced every time he rammed his hard swollen cock into her and the glassy look coming into her eyes. He could feel her starting to arch her back under him. She kept saying “faster, harder” under him as he pounded her all of a sudden she cried out and Michael could feel her pussy squeezing and sucking his cock until he exploded in her. Michael slowly rolled off her and lay on the blanket almost exhausted. “You know Kathy I'm going to be sorry to see next week end!” She looked at him and said “why?” Michael stroked her nipple with his finger and said “because that’s when I will give you the negatives of the pictures I took.” Kathy looked irritated and said “I thought that I would get them today, especially after all the things you have done to me!” Michael started stroking her leg and nibbling on her tit but Kathy pushed him away. “Do not ever touch me again!” She yelled as she started to get off the blanket. Michael grabbed her shoulder and pulled her face down on the blanket. Kathy was struggling to get up, but Michael rolled on top of her to hold her down. “Don't tell me what to do, I have the pictures remember that you and your husband’s ass’s are mine until I give them to you.” Kathy still struggled under Michael and to his surprise his cock was responding to Kathy's ass bouncing under him. He had never had a woman from the rear before. Today was going to be a lot of firsts for him. Kathy felt Michael's cock rubbing between the cheeks of her ass while he was holding her down, and to her amazement she could feel it start to harden again. She had never had sex this much in one day in her life. She felt ashamed, but the thought of Michael's hard young cock in her made her pussy hot again. Michael could sense a new movement to Kathy's ass. She did not seem to be trying to get out from under him anymore. It seemed more like she was stroking his cock with her beautiful round cheeks. He slowly lifted his weight off her and she kept backing that fantastic ass against him. He got onto his knees and grabbed her hips to raise them up to his cock's level. Kathy rose up on her hands and knees then she reached between her legs and guided his cock into her cunt. He rammed forward and heard her groan with pleasure as he rammed his cock in and out of her hot dripping pussy. Kathy had never been this hot or wet in her life. She could not believe she could enjoy being fucked this much. Michael started caressing the globes of her ass with his hands. He leaned over some and saw her great tits swinging under her he reached down and grabbed them both and started squeezing them the nipples looked bigger than anything Michael had ever seen. Every time he pinched them Kathy would groan and arch her ass harder onto his cock. Michael let them fall and went back to her great ass. He pulled her cheeks apart so he could watch his cock ram into her wet pussy. When he did his thumb grazed her tight asshole and he felt Kathy clench her pussy muscles around his cock. Michael was fascinated by that tight little hole, almost as much as with her cunt itself. There was still a thick coat of pussy juice that had run into her crack from the earlier fucking so it was nice and slippery. Michael was teasing her hole sliding his finger down the slippery crack then across her hole. Every time he touched it her pussy would squeeze his cock. He slowly started to work his finger into her asshole. Kathy squealed and said “please Michael not there!” Michael could not stop now. He grabbed her cheek with one hand and shoved his finger into her tight ass. He was amazed at Kathy's reaction to this. First she tried to pull away then she rammed her ass back against him. He could feel his cock rubbing his finger through the thin wall of skin between her pussy and her ass. He held his cock deep inside her pussy and started working his finger in and out of her ass. The sensation was wonderful. Her pussy sucking his cock and her ass sucking his finger was fantastic. He started moving his finger faster until he felt Kathy's pussy start to heave. Kathy cried out and dropped to the ground with the front of her body. Her pussy was still wrapped around Michael's hard shaft. Michael slipped a second finger into Kathy's tight ass. She whimpered but was too spent to stop him. He started pistoning them in and out of her tight hole. He could feel her pussy starting to throb again but she could not move. As he watched his cock in her pussy and his fingers in her ass he wondered what it would be like to fuck her fabulous ass. Michael pulled his fingers out of her asshole and smiled as she groaned and tried to arch her ass. He grabbed on to both ass cheeks and quickly pulled his cock out of her hot pussy and shoved it into her asshole. As the head of his cock entered her hole he heard it snap shut around his shaft with a soft plop. Kathy screamed and tried to pull forward but all she did was cause Michael to lose his balance and fall ramming his shaft in her beautiful ass all the way to his balls. Kathy begged him to pull his cock out of her ass but Michael could not believe how different her asshole felt from her pussy. He slowly moved his cock in and out only about an inch when he felt Kathy tremble he moved it farther. Then he felt her trying to match his thrusts. He got both of them back on their knees, and started pumping her ass as hard as he could. Kathy reached back between her legs and started fingering his balls. She pulled him deep into her ass and held him there. Slowly she started working his balls into her hot pussy. Michael could not believe, he had his cock and his balls buried deep inside the preachers beautiful wife. The feeling was too much for Michael, he blew his wad deep inside Kathy's ass and they both collapsed on the blanket. While Michael waited to get his breath back, he played with Kathy's tits squeezing them and pulling the nipples. Kathy said “Jim has never made me feel like this, but then he has never done the things to me that you did to-day." You made my insides quake. '' 'I have never had an orgasm be-fore today.” Michael laughed and said “you taught me some things also, there will be more days like this I promise.” Kathy's legs trembled as she tried to put on her clothes. She could not believe how weak her legs were.
She had to lean against the car to get her panties on. Kathy's pussy and ass still throbbed from Michael's cock. She could feel his cum dripping down her leg from her pussy and asshole. She was really confused by the emotions that she was feeling. First she was ashamed of everything that had happened to her today. She had never even touched a man other than her husband. She had never even thought of sucking her husband’s cock or of letting him eat her pussy. Then in one day her world was turned upside down. She had sucked Michael's cock, even if not willingly at first. She thought she was going to drown when he came in her throat. She swallowed as fast as she could, and realized that she had almost enjoyed it. The taste was not like anything she had ever tasted. Then when she realized that Michael had other plans for her also, she had gotten very excited. Her pussy started getting wet before he even grabbed it. Her nipples had never been that big before. This was where her shame started, she should hate Michael for what he had done. She was acting no different than a common whore. Just thinking about what had happened started her pussy dripping again. Kathy was at a total loss about all of this. Kathy was almost dressed when Michael walked up. She was just picking up her bra to put it on. Michael reached out and cupped her breast in his hand and started rubbing her nipple with his thumb. Kith's nipple got hard at once and Michael smiled and said “I will call you tomorrow.” Tomorrow’s Sunday, you can’t expect me to get away on a Sunday” said Kathy. I expect you to get away whenever I call you said Michael and let her tit fall and walked away. Kathy started to cry because she knew that whenever Michael called she would indeed get away. The sad fact was that she was not sure that the pictures were the total reason now. Michael had awakened feelings and sensations that Kathy had never felt before. She would never see sex in the same way again. When Kathy pulled away, Michael got his bike out of the garage and went home.

During dinner with his mom Michael asked her what her plans were for the next week. Susan said she was planning on just relaxing by the pool for the week. Michael asked her if everything was all right because she was awful quiet tonight. Susan had a surprised look on her face and said that everything was just fine. Michael could tell that Susan had been really upset by what had happened at the church. He could only imagine how his plans were going to upset her. He still had not figured out how he was going to start things at home. Michael was surprised when Susan got up and made another drink after dinner. Usually she only had one an evening, two tops. Michael could tell that she had had at least three. His mother could not drink much before getting tipsy. When he had cleared the table Michael suggested that they go for a swim. Susan drained her drink and agreed. Michael followed her upstairs so they could get their suits from their rooms. Susan’s door did not quite close when she pushed it up but she did not notice. Michael quickly pulled on his trunks and went into the hallway and walked to Susan's door. Through the opening he could see Susan pulling off her panties. When she bent over to take them off her feet Michael could see her beautiful ass stretched tight, and her pink pussy lips stuck out from the downy hair surrounding them. Susan pulled on her bikini bottom and straightened up. When she turned to reach for her top Michael could see her huge firm breasts swinging in the sunlight. Much to his surprise he got a huge hard on. He could not believe that after as many times as he had fucked Kathy today his cock was ready to go again. Michael hurried downstairs and made Susan another drink. Michael took the drink out by the pool and waited for Susan. She came down shortly and dove into the pool. Michael watched her doing the backstroke down the length of the pool and could not help his growing erection as he watched her tits swing back and forth in rhythm with her strokes. Michael dove into the pool with her and swam to the shallow end where he could sit on the bottom. Susan swam up and sat beside him. Michael got out of the pool and got Susan's drink for her adding some more alcohol to it when he did. His mom never noticed, looking up at the stars thinking of how the week had gone. She was also thinking about what had happened with Reverend Thompson on Thursday, just two short days ago. She had not gone to him for sex, but when he made advances to her she had not stopped him either. She could not bear it if her son or husband knew what had happened. Finishing her drink, Susan asked Michael to get her another. She tried to compose herself while he was in the house. Just thinking of Jim's face in her bush and his tongue in her cunt had made her wet and horny. Why did Harold find it so easy to ignore her and her needs? He was probably with some young bimbo right now, doing to her what he used to do to Susan. Susan had to admit that Harold knew how to please her when they were first married. Of course she was not experienced like he was. Michael was standing by the pool watching his mom as she was lost in her thoughts. He cleared his throat and set the drink on the edge of the pool. As he slipped into the pool he let his leg slide down the side of Susan's. He felt her flinch but she did not say anything. She sat quietly for a minute then started swimming down the pool. Michael chased her splashing her with water when he caught her. As they were romping in the water Michael let his hand “accidentally” brush his mother’s huge breasts. He could feel her nipples pushing from underneath the material. Susan jumped like she had had an electric shock. Michael feigning innocence asked her what was wrong. Susan just shook her head and said “race you to the end of the pool and back.” She took off with Michael in pursuit. As Michael started to catch up with her he saw the string to her bikini top flowing behind her. He pretended to make a grab for Susan's shoulder to slow her down. Susan laughed and kicked forward to evade his grasp. Michael let his hand slide off her shoulder and catch the string to her bikini top. As Susan kicked forward she felt her top loosen and fall off. She could not stop as Michael was right behind her. She dove under water to find her top only to see Michael coming up under her holding her top. She was terrified that her son had seen her exposed breasts. Even more upset at the smile that was on his face. Susan tried to cover her breast with one hand and reached out to get her top from Michael with the other. Michael held it out towards her and then released the top that started to float in the other direction. Susan kicked out toward the top and was beyond belief when Michael reached out and cupped her breast in his hand. Susan would never have believed her son could do such a thing. Without even thinking Susan struck Michael across the face. She could see her finger prints on his cheek. Susan had never struck him before and she was shocked at both their actions. She grabbed her top and climbed out of the pool grabbed he drink and downed it with one swallow. She then went to her room to think about what had happened. She was confused and the drinks she had before not helping. Michael’s fleeting touch when he had brushed her breast had felt good but he was her son, not another man. In her upbringing and most of the rest of the world that was strictly taboo. When Michael had grabbed her breast that was too much and her instinct had taken over. She was sorry that she had slapped him but he should never have done that. After his mom left the pool Michael rubbed his cheek and got out of the pool. He went into the house and up to his room to dry off. He heard his mom in her room and wondered how mad he had made her. He took out a set of the photos and put them under his pillow. He was lying on his bed in his robe when Susan knocked at the door and wanted to speak to him. She came into his room and sat on the edge of the bed. Her face was still red and Michael could tell she was not sure what to say. She started out by saying that she was sorry she had slapped him but that there was no excuse for what he had done. Michael knew that he had her reeling over what had happened. He also was not going to let go of the advantage that he had. He told her that he was sorry, but when he had seen her beautiful breast in the water he just had to touch it. He thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. He could not understand how his father could have a woman like her at home and go to another. Michael could see the confusion in her face as he talked, and he knew that the combination of her loneliness and the drinking she had done was really affecting her. He knew it was only a matter of time now. While he was talking to Susan, Michael had taken her hand and was holding it in his. He sat beside her and slowly stroked her hair as he talked to her. He had meant nothing wrong he assured Susan, he just had not had much ex-perience with woman and the sight of her breasts was more than he could stand. Susan was uncomfortable with this conversation. It was not going where she had intended but her son seemed to be pouring out his soul to her and her need to be a mother overcame her unease. Susan shifted to look at Michael. Unaware that as she did so her robe loosened and partially exposed her breast and leg. Michael let a tear roll down his face and told Susan that he had not meant to upset her. Susan did not see the erection under Michael's robe or know what he was feeling right now. She was trying to find a way out of the dilemma she was in. Michael asked her what was so wrong about him feeling her breast, he had sucked on it when he was younger and held it. In her confusion Susan could not think of a good answer to this. Michael asked if he could feel it and promised never to ask again. As he was asking Susan this, his hand was slowly making its way down the side of Susan's face. He slid it down until it was at the opening to Susan's robe. She made no move to stop him as he slid his hand over her breast. He could feel her catch her breath as his thumb and finger caressed her nipple. Why does it get bigger like this he asked? Susan in her confusion just looked at him. Susan had turned scarlet red with embarrassment and shock. Michael could tell the extra liquor he had put in Susan’s drinks were really starting to affect her. Her confused reaction to his question was proof that she had way too much to drink. He leaned forward and sucked Susan’s swollen nipple into his mouth. Susan gasped “Absolutely not” she said, but Michael had already pushed her down on the bed and opened her robe completely. Susan could not resist much because of the drinks and as Michael kept sucking and kissing her swollen nipples what resistance she felt was melting away. Michael could feel the fight leave his mom’s body as she started responding to his attention to her breasts. Susan was starting to moan softly and Michael put his hand between her legs. He pushed them apart and gazed in awe at her perfect pussy. As Michael stared at her swollen lips, Susan started struggling to get free of his grasp. Michael calmly shoved a finger into his mother's pussy and started stroking her clit. It was hot and very wet Susan’s body betraying her and reacting to his finger inside her. Michael leaned over and started sucking on Susan’s tit again, continuing to finger her now dripping cunt as he did so. He heard her crying in frustration as he fingered her now wet dripping cunt. This was more than Susan could stand. Her hips started to work in rhythm with Michael's fingers. He smiled because he knew that his mother's pussy was his. Susan could not believe what her son was doing to her. She knew that he was going to fuck her and she was in a way helping him. Her body was responding to his invasion of her long neglected cunt. He was rubbing faster and faster and all of a sudden she exploded. Michael had never seen a woman come before. His mom tensed up and all of a sudden her pussy went into convulsions. He slid his finger deep into her and loved the way her pussy rode his finger sucking on it. Before Susan could recover, Michael slid over her head so that his cock and balls were over her face. Michael lowered his cock and was forcing it between her moist lips. Susan parted her lips and Michael's cock slid into her hot mouth. Michael started pumping his hips up and down slowly. He did not want to make Susan gag by shoving his cock too far down her throat. Michael then turned his attention to Susan's throbbing pussy leaning forward he slid his tongue down her cunt lips. He was rewarded with Susan's sharp gasp for air around his cock. Susan thrust her cunt up towards Michael's face. Michael pulled her cunt lips apart with his fingers so he could see her clit. He started blowing on it lightly. Susan started groaning under him and started sucking furiously on his cock. Michael started licking Susan's clit and she ground her cunt in his face with pleasure. Michael sucked her clit in his mouth and tickled it with his tongue and Susan exploded again, covering his face with her fragrant juices. Before she could finish, Michael pulled his cock out of her mouth. He turned around and got between her legs. Now mom he said I am going to fuck you like I have wanted to do for years. He pulled her legs up on his shoulders and rammed his cock into her juicy pussy. Susan screamed as Michaels cock stretched her long neglected love tunnel filling it as full as she could ever remember. Susan could not believe how good it felt to have a cock in her. It had been so long since her pussy had been filled like this. Reality started to come back as she opened her eyes and was looking at her sons face above her. “Please don’t do this she begged it is not right I'm your mother. Please don’t do this to me.” The more she begged the harder Michael pounded his cock into her finally Susan had to give in to the feelings coming from her pussy. Michael had definitely inherited his father's size. He was hitting the bottom of her pussy on every stroke. The way he had her legs over his shoulder, it felt like he was going to shove his cock all the way into her throat. Michael loved the way Susan’s tits bounced every time his cock hit the bot-tom of her boiling cunt, He could see his mom gasping for breath and knew she was about to drench his cock with her scalding love juices. Susan could start to feel her pussy throb and knew she was about to come. She wrapped her legs around Michael's back and pulled him far into her as her pussy exploded again. She could feel Michael’s hot cum explode inside her as her pussy sucked his cock as if it would never have another. Susan was only partially aware of Michael's weight on top of her, as she lay totally spent on his bed. The effects of the alcohol she had drunk and the fantastic fuck that she had just had had worn her out completely. She could feel Michael's cock starting to shrink back to its normal size in her but was unable to do anything about it. She could feel Michael softly sucking her tits but was unable to move. Slowly she fell asleep totally satisfied. Michael couldn’t believe what a fantastic feeling it was to have fucked and sucked his beautiful mom. He started thinking about blowing a load into her sexy mouth and down her throat while she sucked his throbbing cock and those thoughts started his cock stirring again. Michael ran his hand down between her splayed legs and slid his finger into her hot wet pussy getting it slippery with the combination of their cum juices. He slid his hand further down and felt the puckered opening of his mom’s lus-cious ass. Her ass was already slippery from the juices flowing be-tween her cheeks as he fucked her throbbing pussy, so he slowly in-serted a finger into the rubbery hole working it in and out slowly while still massaging her tits with his free hand. Susan let out a little moan and he could feel her hips moving as he worked his fin-ger in and out of her ass. Michael watched his mother as her body was responding to him even though she was still asleep. It suddenly occurred that he had done almost everything a man could do to a woman but taste her sexy full lips. Pressing his lips against Su-san’s he slowly ran his tongue across her full lips forcing it be-tween them and into her mouth. Susan finally started to awaken and responded to his kiss with enthusiasm sucking his tongue further into her hot mouth and pumping her ass against his hand. Michael pulled away from her and rolled Susan onto her stomach kneeling be-tween her spread legs. Grabbing her hips he pulled her ass into po-sition as he placed the swollen head of his cock between the beau-tiful round cheeks of her beckoning ass. Susan felt his huge cock stretching her asshole and heard the soft plop and he stretched sphincter muscle retracted around the head of his throbbing cock. Susan let out a groan and pushed back against his cock, helping him bury it deep into her hot ass. Michael couldn’t help but smile as he watched his cock disappear into his mothers ass hearing her moans of pleasure as he started to work it in and out of her knowing she would orgasm shortly. Susan knew she should stop what was happening, but the faster Michael plunged his glorious staff into her the more she wanted to feel him shoot his load deep into her straining belly. Letting out a stifled scream Susan lunged back onto Michael’s staff as her pussy throbbed and she went into another fantastic orgasm, almost passing out from the sheer power of it. Michael, feeling his mother’s pussy throbbing and her tight hole grabbing his cock couldn’t stop himself as he rammed deep into her insides and felt his cock explode once again. He fell forward on top of his exhausted mom and just lay there with his cock still buried up her ass and fell asleep. When he woke up a little later Michael knew there would be hell to pay in the morning when Susan sobered up. He thought
he might need some extra persuasion for Susan. He picked up his camera bag and loaded a new roll of film in the camera. Michael knew that his mom would never wake completely up this evening so he could take his time. He put the camera on its tripod and focused on the bed. Then Michael completely removed the sweaty robe that was twisted under Susan. He ran his remote shutter release to the bed and under the covers by the pillow. He spread Susan's legs a little wider so you could see right up her pussy that was still gaping open from his cock. Slowly he put a pillow under her arm and put her hand between her legs. He slowly took his mom's hand and stuck two fingers up her wet pussy. Susan moaned a little and started rubbing her clit. Michael stood back and took some pictures. He was getting another hard on just watching. While Susan was still fingering her cunt Michael climbed on the bed and straddled Susan's head. She stirred a little and Michael started rubbing her tits. This made her rub her cunt faster. Michael reached behind him and took a picture of him naked at his moms head rubbing her tits. He then opened his mom's mouth and slid his cock part way in. Even though Susan was not awake, she sucked his cock into her mouth. Michael could not believe this, just a few short minutes ago his cock had been buried in his moms ass and now she was sucking it like there was no tomorrow. He took several pictures of this. Susan’s face in her son's crotch his balls on her cheek. Michael pulled his cock out and let his balls touch her lips slowly Susan's tongue started licking his balls, she opened her mouth and sucked his balls into it. Michael almost blew his wad right then. There was still one more picture that Michael wanted to have. He rolled Susan onto her side and lay down behind her he spread her legs so that his cock would go into her pussy from behind. He then rolled her over on top of him and sat up. He could feel her cunt squeezing his cock almost like it had a mind of its own. With Susan sitting on his cock facing the camera, Michael pulled her legs up on each side of his own. This spread his mother's pussy so that you could easily see his cock buried deep inside her. Michael could feel his mom rocking her hips, working her cunt on his swollen rod. He reached around her and began squeezing her tits. Slowly Susan began moving up and down on his pole, her body responding without thought. Michael snapped picture after picture until the camera was empty. Michael rolled over on Susan and started pounding her pussy hard. Her fantastic ass jiggled with each hit. Michael’s cock had never been through such a workout as it had been through today. There had been more pussy than Michael had ever even thought about. Especially the way he was pounding his moms. He could feel her start to cum, but he had not even started. He was not even sure that he had anything left to shoot into her after today. Susan started to whimper and she suddenly screamed as she came. Michael kept pounding her pussy and she came three more times before he pulled his throbbing cock out of her pussy and kneeling over her face to finally shot his cum wad into her open mouth. Susan was just awake enough to see Michael jerking on his cock just inches from her mouth. She saw the throbbing head turning red as Michaels load was getting ready to shoot from deep in his balls. Susan locked her lips around the head of his cock just as it exploded shooting his scalding load into her throat swallowing quickly she started sucking his jerking rod until his ball were dry and no more could be urged from his cock with her lips and tongue. Michael rolled onto his side pulling Susan with him. He lay there exhausted until his cock finally fell out of her hot mouth. He slid the camera under the bed and holding his mom's tit Michael fell asleep.

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