The Exhibitionists, part 2

The Exhibitionists, part 2

The Exhibitionists
Episode 2
Swim Team

Disclaimer: what follows is a work of fantasy. As such, I have chosen to set it in a world where birth control is 100% safe, effective, and available, and all STDs have been eradicated. In the real world, some of the choices these characters make would be extremely risky. Don't behave like them.

Recap: In episode 1, the protagonist and her friend Steph turned 16, got their nipples pierced, experienced sexual awakening, bought sex toys, watched a dirty old man jerk off, and exposed themselves to numerous strangers.

Before we got a chance to flash anyone else, our fathers found out about our nipple piercings, and they hit the roof. It turns out our mothers had known for a while but hadn't said anything out of respect for our privacy. But Steph's mom accidentally let the secret slip, and then it was all over. Our dads were pretty pissed at their wives for keeping secrets from them, so they maybe weren't quite as hard on us as they otherwise might have been. Still, we were each grounded for a month, and by the time we were free again, the weather had turned cold. The good news was that, after that, we no longer had to hide our piercings.

I had always been a decent swimmer, and I had a swimmer's physique - tall, thin, with broad shoulders. The girls' swim coach was my French teacher (originally from Montreal), and she recruited me to go out for the JV team. At tryouts, some of the varsity girls showed up and started boisterously commenting on who would make the team and who wouldn't. In my case, they all agreed that I was guaranteed a spot, and for some reason, they found that hilarious. Coach shooed them out before practice began in earnest. They were right, though, I did make the team.

Practice started the next Monday after school, with a grueling schedule - 90 minutes in the water, followed by a 90 minute study session while the boys' teams swam, followed by another hour in the pool. The varsity and JV teams practiced together, and the varsity girls laughed some at how weak and slow we were, but they also offered some useful tips and encouragement as well. After the first 90 minutes, I felt like my arms were going to fall off, and I was sure I'd drown in the second session. I showered with the rest, then got out my homework. Coach made sure we were all doing our work, reminding us that if our grades fell, our parents might take us off the team. Then she said that if anybody had a problem they needed help with, she'd be in her office.

Almost immediately, one of the varsity girls announced she needed help with her homework and went into Coach's office. After that, there was a steady stream of girls in and out of her office. I finished my work without trouble, so I got out a book and read until it was time to go back in the water. I survived, though by the end, I was utterly exhausted. Walking back to the locker room, the varsity captain told me one way to go faster was to shave all the hair off below the neck. A couple of girls snickered, but the captain looked serious, so I wasn't sure whether this was fun at my expense or a useful tip. I asked Coach about it after practice, and she told me that it does help, and she offered to help me with the hard to reach spots after practice the next day.

On Tuesday, the boys got the pool first, so we started in the weight room. Coach handed out clipboards with worksheets to record our weights on the various machines. She had also paired all the JV girls up with an older girl to make sure we were doing everything right. I was paired with the team captain, and she seemed very friendly, encouraging me to get one last rep in after I thought I was done. She could lift way more than me, and her body looked sculpted. Smooth, though, not like a bodybuilder. And definitely hairless. She had very dark brown hair, so I would have been able to see any hair on her arms, but none was there.

After our turn in the pool, about half of the girls went home and half stayed for a study session. Coach brought some shaving cream and razors into the shower area and told me to shave my arms and legs, and then she'd help me with the rest. When I had done my part, she came in and started with the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet. When I asked why, she said removing hair was only one part of it; we were also scraping off dead skin cells and heightening our feel for the water. Then she had me take my suit off so she could shave my back. I asked why we were shaving something that was covered by the suit anyway, and she said some of the benefit was mental. I would feel faster, so I would be more self confident, and I would end up swimming faster.

Then she had me turn around and started shaving my front. I was a little uncomfortable, but she acted like this was a normal part of the process, so I didn't say anything. She must have noticed, though, as she started making small talk to put me at ease. After asking about classes and such, she got out a stool and had me sit down, so she could shave my pussy. Again, this seemed odd to me, but she was so matter of fact about it, I just did as she said. Things got weirder then, as she started telling me she liked my nipple piercings, and that she used to have some too. Despite the strange situation, I found myself starting to get aroused. I was naked in front of someone who was talking about my nipples and touching me between my legs. I felt my nipples get hard and tingly, and my juices started to flow. It was getting a little hard to sit still, but she was almost done. When she finished, she stood up and told me her clit was pierced now. Automatically, my eyes went to her crotch, and I saw that her suit had a big wet spot there. She said if I ever wanted to see it, I should pretend I needed help with a problem during our homework sessions and come into her office. Then she left me to get rinsed off and dressed.

After that, my head was all awhirl with questions. Was Coach a lesbian? Was she really trying to seduce me? Were all the girls who went into her office during homework sessions having sex with her? What would it feel like if she touched me? Licked me? What would she taste like if I licked her? If I got excited thinking about it, did that make me a lesbian?

Life went on normally, though, as though nothing had happened, until the weekend. I was having a sleepover at Steph's place when I told her what had happened. I expected her to be all grossed out, but she seemed to think it was kind of cool. She asked me if I was going to go into Coach's office and see what happened. I said no, of course not. Then, Steph said she had always wondered what it would feel like to have someone suck on her nipples. Instantly, my body switched into full hot and bothered mode. I stayed quiet a while, and the silence stretched out. Then I said okay and got up. "Okay what?" she responded. "Okay, I'll suck your nipples. Lift up your shirt." I couldn't see much in the darkness, but I heard Steph rustling around. She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her. I felt her body with my other hand and located her breasts before lowering my head and taking one nipple into my mouth. Steph gasped with pleasure, and her body did a little shimmy. I started sucking, rolling her piercing around with my tongue while I did the same with my fingers on her other nipple. Steph was breathing heavily now, almost moaning, and my wet pussy showed I was very excited too. I moved my hand down to Steph's pussy and found her hands already busy there. She moved them out of the way, and I stuck my finger in my very first cunt. It slid all the way in with a wet little squishing sound. I moved it around, feeling her insides, before withdrawing it and entering her again. I felt her press her hips up to meet me, taking my finger in as far as it could go. Now she was moaning audibly as I finger fucked her. Then my thumb found her clit and started rubbing it. She grabbed my head and pressed it against her breast, and I felt her entire body tense up. Then my finger felt the muscles of her pussy start spasming, and warm liquid flowed out, and I knew she was in the throes of her orgasm. Even after the main part was over, little aftershocks went through her body as I continued rubbing her clit and moving my finger inside her. When she was completely spent, she moved my head up to hers and gave me a passionate kiss, then said, "Your turn. Lie down."

I was a little nervous, but I really needed release, so I laid down and pulled my nightshirt up. Soon, I felt Steph's hands locating my body in the darkness, then her warm mouth engulfed my nipple, and conscious thought faded before the onslaught sexual sensations. Steph's fingers were rubbing my mound, spreading my lips, entering me, rubbing my clit. Suddenly, everything stopped, and I let out a frustrated moan. I felt Steph moving around, and then her head was between my legs, her tongue probing my slit, flicking my clit, then sucking it into her mouth as she inserted two fingers into my dripping snatch. I felt myself building to my orgasm, but then Steph stopped for a moment, bringing forth another moan. She teased me like that a few times, before I grabbed her head and kept her in place until I came. When I did, it seemed to go on forever. As spasm after spasm passed through me, the only things in the world that seemed real were Steph's mouth on my clit and her fingers inside me, getting squeezed with every wave of pleasure. Eventually, it did end, and we both crawled into bed, exhausted.

The next night, we had another sleepover, so we could discuss what had happened. We decided that we still liked boys, so we weren't lesbians, but that there wasn't anything wrong with giving pleasure to each other. Which we proceded to do again, and it was just as good. This time, I gave oral sex to Steph, too. She tasted nice, but her hair kept getting in my mouth. I made a note to suggest that she let me shave her before our next sleepover.

During Monday's study session, I thought about going into Coach's office and seeing if she really wanted to have sex with me. If it was alright to share pleasure with Steph, why not Coach, too? But what if I were wrong about what went on in there? I was too scared, so I just did my homework like a good little girl. By Wednesday, though, I was starting to feel really horny, and it was hard for me to think about anything else. The suspense was killing me, so I decided to get it over with. We had hardly opened our textbooks when I announced that I needed help with my homework and headed for Coach's office. It may have been my imagination, but I felt eyeballs boring into my back as I walked there.

I knocked on the closed door. Coach opened it, let me in, and closed it behind me. Then she pulled a couple of chairs up to a table and invited me to sit next to her. I put my books on the table, took a deep breath, and blurted out, "I don't really need help with my homework." "What do you need help with," she responded. "You said you would show me your clit ring if I wanted. I want to see it." "You're sure?" I nodded.

Coach sat up on the table and moved one leg on either side of me. Then she pulled her swimsuit aside, and there was her bald pussy right in front of my face. Sure enough, her clit as pierced. "Can I touch it?" I asked. Coach said yes, but be gentle. I reached out one finger and ran it lightly around her ring, eliciting a small gasp. I looked up at her and saw that her eyes were closed and he mouth open in an O of pleasure. She was leaning back on one arm, and her other hand was still pulling her swimsuit aside for my benefit. As I continued to touch her clit, she spread her legs wider and her vagina opened up, showing me the glistening, wet pinkness within. I leaned forward and licked at those juices. Then I sucked her clit into my mouth, ring and all, as I inserted a finger into her pussy and brought her off just like Steph and I had done for each other.

When her orgasm was done, Coach had me take off my swimsuit and lie down on the table. She unlocked a drawer in her file cabinet and withdrew a couple of vibrators. One was penis shaped and had a ring of bumps that spun around, and the other was much smaller and just vibrated. She started with the smaller one, running it all around my pussy until I was nice and wet. Then she inserted the larger one and started it spinning inside me while the smaller one went to work on my clit. Almost immediately, I was in the throes of my orgasm, and I decided that I needed to get one of those spinny things for myself. I might even use it on Steph sometimes, too.

I got myself presentable, then went outside to finish my homework as more girls took their turn with Coach. "She must be pretty darn insatiable," I thought. I felt myself getting a little excited again and figured I probably lived in a glass house when it came to that subject.

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