My Girl and Her Friends: Chapter One: Math Club

My Girl and Her Friends: Chapter One: Math Club

"Riley, wait up!" I heard her coming from down the hall

"Hey Beautiful, what's up?" I asked

"Thanks cutie," Megan smiled "I was wondering if you wanted to come over after school, we could watch T.V and cuddle"

"Yah sure," I replied, not only did I enjoy just cuddling with her, but it usually led to a nice long hand job!

"Great, just come right after!" She said with a kiss, then heading away to her best friend Tatiana!
God, how I loved dating Megan, she was 5'8, 110 lbs. and practically D tits! It just adds on to her wonderful personality also with nice brunette hair that almost went down to her shoulders and was usually straight!

I was woken up from my thoughts by ring, it was the school bell declaring it was time to go to class! I started walking but I couldn't get Megan out of my mind! She was so beautiful and the way that ass moves when she walks, it wasn't like a Brazilian ass but it was getting close!

I got dragged into thoughts about how sex would be like with her, it sort of went like this...
We would be on the couch at her house, We would be making out as I add in tongue eventually, and she would to! After 5-10 minutes of that I would slowly grab the bottom of her shirt and start taking it off, I didn't go to fast because I want to savor the moment! After I was by her belly button with her shirt she would start with mine, going a little faster than me but that was probably the excitement. After I finish with her she just about finishes with me! I start to take off her bra, after I undo it the straps slide off her shoulders and arms! Making her big, soft, jiggly tits bounce out! I had both hands free and decide to grab her nipples! The erotic moment is making me ooze Pre-Cum outside of my thoughts. I slightly pinched her nipples, she would moan into my mouth! I decided to tug on them! That had a even better reaction! The moan was even harder and she started fingering herself. and then I twisted, this ended with her breaking the kiss I could see lust in her eyes! She jumped off me and pulled down my pants, right away she started-

I was at homeroom, by this point my cock is fully erect and I am horny as hell. I might just tug one out right now! Though anyone could walk out around me from their class or walk down the hall. It would be a hard one to explain to them what I am doing. "Oh hi my name is Riley, I was just masturbating in the hall way to thoughts of my girlfriend fucking me on the couch!"
So it was a bad idea, time to walk into class! "Nice of you to join us, Mr.Parks" Mrs.Walker greeted me

"Umm yah, nice" I said heading to the back row with only 2 desks,

"Hi Mr.9Inches"Alex greeted me when I sat down

"Was it really that noticeable?" I asked him, don't get me wrong, half the girls in the 12 grade are sluts! But I don't really know any of them... It wouldn't be fun fucking a random face!

"No, probably not," Alex Laughed

Alex and I talked for a bit, mostly about football, sex, masturbating, and sometimes school work
"ALRIGHT! Students, Home Room is over head to your classes!!" Mrs.Walker cheered as the students started to pile out of the class, me and Alex were lucky we stayed here for our first class! Mrs.Walkers Science!

It was getting to now 4th Period which was my free block! I really didn't know what to do because none of my friends had it... I usually just hung out on the stairs and listened to my I-pod... But I forgot that at home... Fuck... Then I saw Alex and Tatiana heading to me, "Hey Guys, wheres Megan?" I asked them

"She went home early." Tatiana replied with a smile on her face
I wonder why she was smiling, strange that she was smiling that much to! It was sort of a turn on!

"Is she OK?" I only had like 200 questions on where she is in my head right now and why is she there...

"Yah perfectly fine" Tatiana answered me again with still a really naughty smile!
Did her and Alex just? In the bathroom or something? Nah, they would never be a good couple anyways! Alex is hilarious and full of life, telling jokes all day! While Tatiana is full of life but just nice.

"I heard there is a party with cake in the gym! Math geeks and their friends are invited, they got pop, cake, and chips!" Alex just randomly blurted out

"But we aren't in the Math club..." I said seeing the only flaw in his plan

"But Ryan is!" With that we ran to the gym. I forgot my lunch that day and didnt have any extra money to buy any so I had quite a bit of chips and cake!

"I'll be back just heading to the washroom" I told Alex

"I'll come with you I sort of gotta go myself" Alex said while walking beside me

"That's called 'Cum'" I sneered at Alex

"Blah blah blah, that's what you sound like, you should really stop talking some-" Alex was interrupted by me Punching him in the Arm! It was our signal for shut up and look, "Whoa"
Whoa was right, 2 people where fucking in the bathroom, not only fucking but full out anal... The guy was on his knees right behind the girl thrusting his 6.5" cock into her ass, she motioned for Alex to come in front of her, which he did. She told him to get on his knees, which he also did! Then she reached his pants and undid them. Letting his flaccid cock come out, which then she took him into her mouth. By the look on his face he was enjoying it. It was actually quite hot to watch, 2 guys go at this one girl from each side and she is in heaven moaning and gagging, I decided if no better time to masturbate it would be now! I took out my cock which is 9 inches right now and started going up and down up and while they went at it! She motioned for me to come as I came closer she grabbed my cock and started jacking me off for me! It was quite impressive, getting face fucked and ass fucked pretty hard and still being able to jack a guy off. After 5 minutes me and Alex switched.

The warm saliva that was in her mouth was almost orgasmic, but I made sure I didn't come then and there! She started taking going farther and farther down on my cock, taking almost the whole 9" her chin was so close to my balls. I decided to help her out! Grabbing her head and pushing it a little farther down to get all of it! She swirled her tongue around a little when being down ether and started going up and down again! After 5 more minutes of deep throating and head I was starting to tense up and before I know it I was releasing my load into her mouth and some onto her face! She released my cock and I pulled my pants up and got ready to leave, Just then Alex came! Which is good but what would we tell Tatiana?

"Where were you guys?" Asked Tatiana

"Some guys in the bathroom were smoking weed and offered us some!" I said with a fake smile "Sorry,"

"Its fine" She said "You guys missed a lot though!"

"How long did this party last? 15 minutes?" Asked Alex almost like he was going to laugh, I think he really enjoyed himself in there

"Yep, it was pretty crappy!" Tatiana started laughing

"Well school is almost over! Lets go!" I said started walking off, I was wondering how today would go with Megan!

School is over and Tatiana and Alex went their separate ways leaving me to walk to Megan's, she lived in complex really close to the school. They way there I was wondering if I would actually do what was in my mind! The sex and the slow kissing... Maybe! Hopefully!

I am 20 steps away from her house, the closer I get the more I want to turn back. I am so nervous! What if she doesn't want to do it and as soon as I go for it she backs away...
FUCK! I am at the door

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