Daughter and Dad - Part 3

Daughter and Dad - Part 3

Daughter and Dad - Part 3

Jim woke the next morning with an aching bladder that threatened to burst. His daughter Anita and he had made love until the wee hours of the morning. The recollection of that experience brought a smile to his face and a glow to his heart. She had shown him more love and tenderness than he could remember since . . . well, ever! And while she might still be only 19, she was proving to be a lover that he had a hard time keeping up with. Their sex was something that most men could only dream of, and even dreams paled in comparison to the real thing!

Over the last two days, Anita had seduced him, and she had swept him away. Both he and Anita had been deserted by his wife, Megan, seven years ago. His wife had walked out of the house, and was never seen by them again. Jim had gone into a shell, spent all his time buried in his work, and ignored his daughter’s needs beyond the basics of food, shelter, and clothing. For four years, from the time she was 12, she’d pretty much raised herself, yet had remained fiercely loyal to her father. In her heart she knew that one day he’d be there for her. It had been a long wait, but he had finally become the father that she was proud of. He had tried to make up for the time and love that he’d denied her as he mourned their loss.

Now, three years after that reconciliation, they had become lovers. Jim wasn’t quite sure how it had happened, and at first he was scared shitless. But he could feel her love, and he had let her into a part of his heart that even he had forgotten existed.

But back to his immediate discomfort. He needed to get to the bathroom while he could still hold his bladder from leaking out everywhere. Easing out from behind Anita’s naked butt, he tried not to wake her. She had moved into his bed just two nights earlier, and while he wasn’t used to sharing a bed any more, she was someone he could very easily get used to curling up with. She seemed to prefer sleeping in a spoon position. As soon as the cool morning air hit her back, she stirred enough to figure out that her Dad wasn’t in the bed any more. Gazing around the room, she spotted him heading for the door.

“And just where do you think you’re going, Mister?”, she growled at him in her most authoritative voice.

“Well, good morning to you, too!”, he greeted her. “Unless you really want to redefine the concept of a waterbed, I’ve gotta hit the can. With your Horniness’ permission, of course!”, he excused himself.

She reluctantly grunted her acceptance of his explanation, then added, “Hmm, make it snappy, though, or I’ll have to slap you in the stockades again”, referring to the times she had locked his head between her thighs as he ate her soaking wet pussy.

Chuckling softly, Jim made his way to the bathroom where he relieved his poor aching bladder. Christ, he didn’t believe that one person could hold that much liquid in themselves for that long! Once the golden stream started to flow, he was beginning to wonder if it would ever finish! Finally, out of pain, and relatively empty now, he stumbled back to his -- now their -- bed, crawled back under the covers, and pushed his groin against Anita’s firm little ass. She moaned her approval, wiggled her butt until his cock just touched her crack, then pulled Jim’s arm over and around her, clamping his hand to her breast. She pinned that hand with her own, resentful of the possibility that it might actually escape before pleasuring her.

Jim pressed himself tight to her body, taking the opportunity to lightly run his tongue around the edge of her ear. Anita softly moaned her delight, then pushed her ass hard against his groin. She wasn’t quite awake yet, but if his cock got any closer to her pussy, she soon would be.

That thought started her juices flowing. With a slow rhythm, she began rocking against his cock, feeling it harden just a little more with each stroke of her slit along its length. Within moments it was coated with her juices, and hard as a rock. She could feel it searching for her entrance, and lifted her left leg to grant him access. Jim probed her crotch until his cockhead slipped inside her hot wet cunt, then slowly began to bury his cock deeper and deeper into her over-heated hole. Anita swung her legs up and away from his, allowing him to penetrate her to the full depth of her love tunnel, and groaned in the delight of her cunt being speared so fully. As he continued to slowly pump himself in and out, Jim squeezed and fondled her left tit, pulling and twisting her nipple whenever she least expected it. She met his rhythm with a corresponding rocking of her hips, fucking him back as hard as he was driving himself in and out of her. With each successive slap of his balls against her firm ass, Anita got closer and closer to that massive threat of flooding her Dad‘s cock with her own girl-cum. Jim could feel her cunt begin to flutter and grasp his prick. He moved his hand from her breast to caress her clit, tickling and teasing it until its entire mass exposed itself from under her hood. Flicking his finger back and forth across Anita’s nub, he could hear her gasp with pleasure. God, how he wanted to feel her cum, to erupt on his shaft, to douse him with her cunt squirt! Soon he was pumping himself into her faster and faster, resulting in his nuts lifting as they began to fill the base of his cock with hot sticky goo destined to fill his daughter’s greedy cunt. His own breathing was ragged as the pressure built. Within seconds, they were both groaning and gasping louder and louder, and Anita began to tremble and shake as her climax pushed her over the edge. Now they were both writhing in lust, pushing themselves tighter and tighter to each other’s connection point.

“Dammit, Dad! Fuck me harder! Pump that cock of yours into me! Christ, I’m gonna cum all over your nut sac!”, Anita wailed. Her outburst started his spunk’s unstoppable journey up his shaft as it raced for his jizz hole.
“Fuck, Honey, I’m gonna cum too! Come on, Sweetie, cum all over me! Squirt your cum down Daddy’s cock and all over his balls! A-a-a-h-h-h-h-h-g-g-g-g! I’m C-C-U-U-U-M-M-M-I-I-I-N-N-N-G-G-G!!”, and with that, he shot a massive stream of hot white cream deep inside her, splashing against her cervix hard enough to push Anita over the top and into her second powerful climax. She gasped desperately and deeply, then screamed loudly as the rapture of her orgasm gripped her, blocking all sensation except for her cunt.

“Jesus, fill me up with your cum, you fucker! Fuck my cunt til it falls off! Take me, God dammit! Split me wide open and let me know that I’ve just been fucked out of my head!”, she screamed at her Dad.

As soon as she finished her demands, there was an explosion of lights in her brain that seemed like a fireworks display. She almost lost consciousness as her cum overpowered every other feeling in her body. Before it had begun to subside, Jim’s cream sprayed her again, and again, and again, as he blasted seven hard ropes into her, each one creating another burst of orgasmic sensation. Her walls gripped and grabbed his cock, milking the sperm out of his balls.

As the intensity of his climax became almost unbearable, he drove his cock as far up her cunt as possible, and held it there until every drop of semen had been expelled into her. He continued pressing himself into her until she began to come back down from the adrenaline-induced peak that had consumed her. Returning his hand to her breast, he slowly swirled his finger around her areola, lightly brushing her nipple with each orbit, gently extending her heady afterglow sensations, while fighting to regain control of his own breathing. Both of them were bathed in sweat. Jim could feel the flow of the combination of his cum and her cunt juices dripping down her gash, over his balls, then dribbling down his thigh on its way to the sheet below him. The force of his cunt-pounding had splashed and sprayed Anita’s entire pussy with hot juices, both his and hers, and the slightest movement from either one produced a slurping, sucking sound that reminded him of gumboots wading through wet concrete!

Relaxing after the physical ordeal of satiating their passion and lust, Anita rolled her head just enough to caress her Dad‘s forehead, moaning in the warmth and glow of their lovemaking. She’d suffered from the best orgasms of her life at the mercy of this man now buried deep in her cunt. Of all the guys she’d been with, he was the only one that had made her cum on his cock! All the others had gotten their dicks in her, shot their wad, and gotten back out before she even had a chance at enjoyment, let alone received any pleasure. Sex with her Dad was a different story, though. He always made her pleasure a priority, giving her an orgasm that was stronger and more intense than the last one. He filled her up with his cock, and his seed, making her feel more like a woman than she had dreamed was possible. God, how she loved him!

“Mmm, Mr. Super Lover. You still alive back there?”, she moaned as best as her exhausted body would allow. As desperately as she wanted to roll over and kiss him, the feel of his slowly-softening cock inside her was mesmerizing. She refused to even twitch before she had to endure the emptiness of its eventual departure from her body. Clamping his cock with her vaginal muscles in an effort to hold it in her as long as possible, she felt her Dad jump at the unexpected contraction on his semi-hard erection, but it eventually popped loose. She issued an involuntary moan of disappointment as she lost contact with its warmth and wetness.

Slowly regaining some semblance of composure, Jim struggled to answer Anita’s inquiry. Hell, he was so spent that it was agony just trying to remember what the question was!

“Mmm, Baby! I’m not sure about you, but I think I just got fucked to death! Give me a moment to get my heart started again, then I’ll get back to you on that”, he mumbled with a mix of exhaustion and afterglow.

“So, does that make you the fuck-or, or the fuck-ee?”, she teased in a quiet voice.

“Umm, not sure. Let me go to the next question, then I’ll come back to this one! Jesus, Girl! Last night you sucked my nuts right out of their sac, and this morning you fuck my ass off! Lucky for you it’s Sunday! That’s my day of rest, and if I don’t get some soon, you’re not gonna get anything for a week! Haven’t you learned yet that you can’t fuck a dead man?”, Jim teased back.

“Asshole!”, she muttered, “Tell ya what, Stud. You go make the coffee, and I’ll share a shower with you after. I’ve got cum on me in places that I never knew I had before! Shit, are you ever messy!”.

“Okay, so what are you planning on doing while I’m beating the crap outta Juan Valdez and his coffee beans?”, Jim quizzed her.

“Oh, nothing much. Probably just lying here, oozing collective cum all over our bed! Why? Were you expecting me to do a Special Request show for you or something?”. She might not be as good as her Dad at comebacks, but she figured the practise couldn’t hurt. Besides, maybe one day . . . .

Crawling out of bed, Jim’s eyes wandered to Anita’s firm little ass, and he gave it a light but playful swat, adding, “Hmm, nice ass, Girl! Can I play with you for a while? I’m tired of playing with myself . . . “. It was an old cliche, but had gained new meaning over the weekend. He patted her butt one more time.

“Umm, I’d watch what you’re smacking, Buddy! Last time you did that, you almost lost your manhood. Next time, you might not get off so lucky!”.

“Oh, knowing you, Honey, I’ll for sure get off . . . and then you’ll be the happy one!”. Anita rolled over and gave her Dad one of those looks that only a woman can deliver, as she groaned to him that his comebacks were getting really, really bad. He agreed with her, of course, but claimed “debilitating sexual circumstances” for the poor performance.

“Dad, get the fuck outta here, before I beat you over the head with my cum-soaked panties!”, Anita howled at Jim.

“Nice try!”, he retorted. “You left them off yesterday, remember?”.

“That’s it, Buddy! Either go make the damned coffee, or I’m gonna have to get out of this nice warm bead, pound you into the ground, then squat over your face and drip!”, and she whipped back the covers in a mock gesture of pursuit. Jim broke into gales of laughter, then walked over to his daughter’s side of the bed and sat on the edge. Leaning over her, he tenderly kissed her while caressing her ear and running his fingers lightly through her hair.

“I just might take you up on that. Eventually, you’ll run out of my cum to mix into the batch, and I’ll get to provide a refill! Yep, I like that plan!”. Then he was off to the kitchen as Anita groaned in mock disgust at his stupid remark. Maybe today she might get the better of him in the comeback department, because he was sure as hell running rusty!

Retreating to the calm of the kitchen, Jim started the coffee brewing. He heard the water in the shower as Anita set the temperature, and he rushed back upstairs to join her. She was already under the spray as he entered the bathroom, soaping her chest and abdomen.

“Hi, sexy lady”, he crooned. “Can I give you a hand with any of that?”.

He entered the stall as she handed him the soap, then began to lather her back from the nape of her neck to the middle of her thighs, paying particular attention to her firm round butt. Slipping a soapy finger between her butt cheeks, he massaged her from the top of that crevice to her tight little rosebud pucker. Tickling it lightly, he retraced his route back up to her neck, then used the palms of his hands to spread the lather across her entire back. Turning her to rinse the soap off, he was unprepared when she grabbed his limp penis and began to softly stroke it.

“Unngh! Caught me off-guard there, Lover. But, if that’s for my benefit, a little faster please?”, he whined mockingly. She looked up at him, then smiled and sped her hand’s movements on his cock.

“Umm, Dad? You forgot to finish rinsing my asshole, ya know. As much as I love the feel of your finger teasing me there, I’m not a big fan of greasy ass cheeks. Besides, aren’t you the one that keeps telling me that a job worth doing is worth doing well?”, she teased.

“Oh, so that explains why you’re jacking me off, I suppose? So you can take my hard cock up your cute little ass?”, Jim quizzed her with a twinkle of humour in his eye. Anita wrapped her free arm around his neck and pulled his lips to hers, her tongue demanding access. “Okay, okay! I was just teasing, Sweetheart!”, he apologized, but saw her expression turn to one of semi-seriousness.

“Umm, Dad? I know I couldn’t give you my cherry, as much as I wish I had been able to. But you did get to take my throat, and if you ever seriously want my virgin asshole, I’d give that to you in a heartbeat, too. Honestly, I never thought I’d say that, but when your cock was rubbing my ass this morning, I realized that I do want to feel you filling my butt, filling me up back there with that hot cream of yours. Seriously, I do”.

Jim stepped back a pace and looked Anita straight in the eye. “You’re serious, aren’t you? You really would like to have your ass fucked, literally! Hmm, I’ve never taken a woman up her butt, but then, I’ve never been presented with such a pretty backside as yours either. If you’d mentioned it earlier, I might have been able to accommodate you, but after this morning, I’m going to need a splint on my cock until it recovers! I think you fucked my nuts off for the rest of the day! Well, until bedtime, anyway. But yeah, when you’re ready, I’d be honoured to take your other cherry, Sweetie”.

Anita was still slowly sliding her hand up and down the length of his shaft, but at a pace that felt relaxingly good without demanding that it become erect. It was a wonderful and enjoyable sensation. Jim reciprocated by lightly stroking her outer pussy lips, both where they came together, and along the outside edges. Just as she wasn’t demanding that his cock harden, he stayed away from her highly excitable clit, and similarly avoided the temptation to finger her cunt. She moved in to lean her head against his chest, revelling in the soft glow that his touch imparted in her heart.

“Mmm, that feels good”, she said softly. “It’s relaxing, without getting me all horny again. Know what, Dad? As much as I love the feel of your cock pounding my cunt, right now that’s the perfect touch. Only you would think of something sensual like that. So how did I get to be so lucky, and find my perfect lover? Hmm?”.

Jim leaned down and kissed Anita passionately. He wanted to be a lover that genuinely cared about the happiness of his partner more than his own. His left hand continued to massage her pussy as he pulled her tight to him with his right. They were at such an angle that she could still stroke him, and the softness of her touch on his rod felt heavenly.

When they broke their kiss, Anita looked down at her Dad‘s semi-erect cock as it slipped through her clenched fingers, than back into his eyes again. Neither of them wanted this feeling to ever end. But they were both dimly aware that the hot water supply was finite. Maybe, when it ran out, they’d think about leaving, but not until then.

“Dad? This might sound a little kinky, but you know what I’d like?”, she asked quietly.

“No, but I’ll bet I’m about to find out. And, if it isn’t too kinky, I might even consider it”, he replied.

“Don’t laugh, but some time, I’d love to watch you jack off”. Her voice was almost a whisper with a trace of worry that he’d be offended.

“Umm, let me see if I have this right. You want to watch me stroke myself in front of you? For how long? Until I cum, or just until I get one hell of a hard-on?”.

“Until you cum. The thought of watching you pump your jism out of your cock turns me on. To see what it looks like when you’re filling me with that hot cream fascinates me. I dunno, too kinky?”, she tried to explain.

“Umm, no, not really. I mean, after the last couple of days, it strikes me as a waste of a perfectly good orgasm, but if watching me turns you on, I’d happily do that for you. But. There’s one condition”.

“What’s that?”, she asked in a tentative whisper.

“You join me. You watch me while I watch you. There’s something erotically exciting about watching a woman finger herself to a cum. I guess it’s the same thing as you getting turned on to me jacking off”, he quizzed.

“You mean you’ll do it?”, her tone flooded with incredulity.

“Sure. Just not right now. If you want to see me spurt, my poor worn-out balls need time to recuperate and reload first! In the last 24 hours, you’ve probably gotten me off more than I have in the last 24 months! Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining, but an old guy like me gets to be out of practise. Hell, if I’m gonna have to try and keep up with a 19-year old semi-nymphomaniac, I might have to go into a regular training routine!”.

“Hey! I like that idea! Maybe I could be the official trainer?”, she squeaked with excessive enthusiasm.

“Unghh! Where’s the cold water when I need it?”, he groused mockingly. Just as the words were out of his mouth, they could feel the spray’s temperature beginning to drop.

“Asshole!”, she cursed. “You did that deliberately! I’m outta here, before you freeze my ass off!”.

“Aw, Sweetheart! I wouldn’t freeze your ass off! It looks so good on you, ya know! Besides, if I did that, what would I have left to fuck?”, he teased back at her as he turned off the water and stepped out of the stall. Grabbing a towel, he wrapped her in it, then began to gently rub her dry. When he was finished, he gave her a loving pat on the butt, then mentioned that he liked cream, but no sugar, in his coffee. Oh, and she might want to think about putting her robe on, as it was still a little chilly in the house. In his haste to join her in the shower, he’d forgotten to turn the thermostat up.

Despite it being a Sunday, they decided to make it a clean-up day and take care of some of the household chores that had been neglected. Anita stripped off both beds and washed the sheets, and caught up on the rest of the laundry as well. She also scrubbed the bathroom so that it was as clean as an operating theatre. Jim chased the vacuum cleaner over every square inch of the house, washed, dried, and put away all the dishes, then tackled the grass and weeds outside. By the time 4:00 came, they had accomplished what they had set out to do, Anita offered her Dad a coffee. As he sat at the table, she demanded he stand up, then ran her hand over his cock. Asking her just what she was doing, she laughingly replied that she needed some cream for her coffee! Jim laughed softly at the joke, patted her butt lovingly, and they relaxed at the table for half an hour as they swapped details of chores they’d finished in their cleaning spree. The subject of what to have for dinner came up, as neither one had given it much thought. Jim remembered that there were a couple of steaks in the freezer, and suggested they thaw them out. He’d fire up the barbeque and grill them. Anita was all in favour of that idea, as it would cut down the number of dishes that needed washing after.

After their break, Jim put away all the yard equipment, then helped his daughter finish off the last of the inside work. The place looked spotless, and even Anita, who tended to be a fussy housekeeper, was proud of their accomplishments. As they tidied up the last of the basement, she suggested that her Dad was overdue for a shower.

“Phew!”, she told him. “You smell like a horse that’s run all six races! Get your ass upstairs and get that stink outta my nose!”, she scolded him.

“Yeah? Well, you don’t qualify as Miss Chanel yourself, young lady!”, he pointed out. “But I have an idea that might save us water . . .”, he added.

Anita accepted his invitation and ran up the stairs. Jim followed her, but not at her break-neck speed by any means. All the work he’d done outside had produced soreness in muscles he’d forgotten even existed. By the time he’d gotten clean clothes, then stripped out of his old ones, Anita had the water running and was waiting for him to join her. The warmth felt good on his aching muscles, but she had another muscle in mind to exercise. Softly stroking Jim’s flaccid cock, her mind seemed to be someplace else.

“Sweetheart, didn’t we have this conversation earlier this morning?”, Jim mentioned as he recalled how good it had felt when she’d fondled his penis before breakfast. His daughter’s attention slowly came back to the here-and-now as she lifted her eyes from his cock to his face.

“Dad, remember what I asked you this morning?”, she inquired.

“Umm, you mean about jacking off?”, he recalled as she continued to focus on his organ of pleasure.

“Yeah”, she reminded him. “The thought of watching you has got me kinda horny, and I was wondering if you still want to go through with it?’, she questioned.

“Sure, but now?”, he asked.

“No, not unless you want to. But maybe tonight, after dinner some time?”.

“We’ll see, Honey. But you’re right, it would have to be after dinner. I’ll need all the energy I can get! I mean, that masturbating stuff can be a lot like work, ya know!”, he quipped. The warmth of the spray felt so good as his tired muscles relaxed that the thought of playing exhibitionist was having a hard time settling into his mind. The vision of his daughter pleasuring herself popped into his brain, and he could feel the blood begin to engorge his manhood. Maybe it wasn’t such a weird idea after all.

Dinner consisted of the barbequed steaks, baked potatoes, garlic bread, and a garden salad. They both enjoyed the meal, then moved out to the back deck to sip the last of the rosé wine and relax in each other’s company. As the evening temperature started to drop they moved inside and sprawled on the sofa, with Jim putting his arm around his daughter’s shoulders and holding her close to him. The smell of her hair was intoxicating as she snuggled on his chest, her right arm wrapped around his stomach as her other one sought the warmth of his back. He kissed her inquiringly on the top of her head, and she reacted by leaning up to seek his lips. When her request was met, she ignited into a flaming ball of passion, finding it almost impossible to resist the desire to seek her Dad‘s tongue and engage him in a duel of lust.

Jim was having his own temptations, starting with Anita’s breasts. With his left hand he sought, and found, her right breast as he slid his hand under her shirt, bypassing the confines of her bra and conquering the swell of its roundness at the peak of her nipple. His victory was complete when that nipple hardened in a sign of capitulation to his thumb and forefinger as he twisted and teased it lightly. Anita’s moan of delight made him wonder if he was really the victor, or just another captured pawn in her game of lust and love. But as her hand slid down his stomach and established a fortress at the top of his thigh, he didn’t much care. His hardening cock put up a valiant attempt at becoming a banner of battle, one she promptly smothered with her soft, warm hands as she declared her dominance. It was a battle that he was quite willing to lose. But there were other arenas that came to mind that also needed engaging, and Jim moved his hand down her belly to the juncture of her thighs. It wasn’t much of a battle, though. Anita yielded to his invading hand and fingers almost immediately. His finger rubbed her slit on the outside of her khaki shorts as he inspected the spoils of her treasure trove like a winning General. Anita mewled her surrender, but maintained her battle of supremacy in the war in his own crotch. Having overwhelmed the half-hearted defences of his cock against her seeking army of fingers, she initiated a new attack, sliding her hand down to claim total victory of the dungeon of his balls. His defeat was final and without resistance. As she breached the last confines of his pants and shorts, he groaned loudly for the welcome of her troops of conquest, lifting his hips to signify total surrender to the invaders. Anita took full advantage of her victory, plundering the last vestiges of his defences by laying bare the spoils of her attack.

In a last ditch, retaliatory manoeuver, Jim undid the button at the top of Anita’s shorts and latched onto the waistbands of both pants and panties, easily overcoming any possible resistance from the occupants. With that skirmish to his credit, he initiated another attack on her fortress of lust, driving his finger deep into her cunt as he sought to overpower the throne of lust that was her G-spot. It was a hollow victory, though, as there was virtually no resistance to his advances, and the boulevard to her throne overenthusiastically surrendered to his advancing charge. To emphasis that hollowness, her walls not only stepped aside for his capturing finger’s progress, but seemed to be cheering him on as they fluttered and grasped the invader, pulling him in further and further. His overthrow of her erogenous G-spot’s defences was greeted with a cheer in the form of her gasping inhalation as her throne completely fell to his lance. Well, he had won the battle, but his cockhead, now moist with her attack on his jizz hole and pre-cum, indicated that he definitely hadn’t won the war! His home castle was defeated, and her soft ministrations on his nut sac told him that his defence had been completely overtaken by her advancing army of digits!

The defeat of Anita’s cunt was replaced by her victory dance against Jim’s frolicking finger as it swirled and twirled inside her, his fingertip teasing the ridges of her G-spot. She happily encouraged his victory dance, pushing her pussy tightly against his hand. As the quickening of her breathing was augmented by the shallowness of it, and accentuating by its resultant raggedness, Jim anticipated her pending climax, looking forward lustily to being rewarded with a toast of her sweet cum for his approval. Just as she was about to explode, she unexpectedly pulled his hand away from her pussy, then answered his questioning stare by placing it on his own shaft, and slipping hers over her pubic patch.

“Stroke it Dad”, she whispered. “Make it spurt for me! God, I want to watch you jack yourself off! Unngggh!”.

Jim acquiesced to her request and began sliding his fist up and down his prick in slow, deliberate moves. She responded by slipping her own fingers past her pussy fur and over her outer lips, splaying them apart to expose her engorged nub to him. Jim’s eyes locked onto the vision of her displayed open pussy. Slowly Anita began to rub herself, smearing her juices over her sensitive spot. As if to heighten her exhibitionism, her index finger dipped suggestively into her cunt seeking more of her lubricant, then returned to its original perch on her love button. The effect on her Dad made his stiff cock even harder, and Anita’s gaze locked onto the sight of his masturbation.

“Damn, that makes me horny!”, she growled at him with encouragement. “I’ve always wanted to see a guy jack himself off, but never thought it would be so hot! Show me! Let me see you give yourself an orgasm! Daddy, make it cum!”, and her finger disappeared up her love tunnel in search of her recently vacated G-spot.

The sight of her fingering herself excited her Dad more than he had anticipated, resulting in his hand moving faster up and down his own throbbing cock shaft. She wanted to see his spunk explode out of his jizz hole, and he felt helpless to refuse her request! If jacking off for his daughter gave her pleasure, he’d happily pump his prick for her any time! With renewed enthusiasm, he stroked his cock with the growing desire to provide her with a shower that she’s appreciate!

“Sweetie, make you cunt cum for me! Show me how you squirt your girl juices!”. He couldn’t believe how horny it was making him to not only pull his pud in front of his daughter, but also watch her deeply finger-fucking herself! This was a demonstration of pure animal lust combined with an overwhelming need to climax! More importantly, the exhibitionist part of it all felt so much hotter than jacking off by himself!

“Daddy! It’s happening! God, my cunt is going crazy! You made my clit so sensitive, and now I can’t stop! Shit, I’m gonna cum, gonna squirt my juices for you! Cum with me! Show me how your spunk gushes! F-u-u-u-u-c-c-c-k-k-k! I’m c-c-u-u-u-m-m-m-i-i-i-n-n-n-g-g-g!”, and with that her body began to tremble, although she forced her eyes to stay focussed on her Dad‘s hard cock, lusting for the sight of his seed bursting out his jizz hole and into the air! Her lustful discourse was all it took for Jim to pump himself more insistently as his balls tightened and pushed the massive load of cum up his shaft. In answer to her pleas, he blasted a long thick rope of his hot sticky goo out his cockhead! Upon reaching the height of its attempt to overcome gravity, his cream arched its trajectory back to his upper chest.

“Fuck! I’m creaming, Baby! My hard cock is gonna spurt, just for you!”. He couldn’t believe just how much he wanted her to see him cum! The pressure in his cock almost felt like it might rupture him, and he didn’t care! A second white hot rope left his cock, joining the first on his chest, and the sight wasn’t lost on Anita. Her fingers flew in and out of her cunt, becoming almost a blur as she forced her climax higher and higher! Jim’s attention was rivetted on the pulsing flow of her foaming white juices gushing from her fuck-hole, escaping past the restrictive passage that her inner lips attempted to erect. He could just see the excited state of her clit as her thumb massaged it back and forth, and its prominence made him want to cum in rhythm with her flashing fingers and thumb. In answer to his desire, a third and fourth wad shot out of his cockhead, landing on his belly, and extracting a groan of approval from Anita. Her eyes were forced as far open as she could, with a glazed film of lustful hunger covering their focus. As the last spurt from Jim’s cock got confused between being a spurt or a dribble, Anita lost her focus, threw her head back, and screamed ecstatically as she hit the peak of her ascent. The sight of her Dad‘s gushing geyser of goo overloaded her senses as the mind-numbing eruption of her orgasm consumed her very being!

As the manic massaging of her cunt relaxed, she refocused on her Dad‘s still-stroking fist wrapped around his cock. Although he still massaged himself from tip to base, milking the last drops of his baby-making mixture from inside him, he had slowed down enough that his cock’s sensitivity wasn’t overstimulating. His eyes were still rivetted on the flow escaping his daughter’s cunt as the last of her girl-cum flowed down her ass crack and onto the sofa cushion. Shit, she must have cum with as much force as he had! The full impact of their erotic exhibition began to seep into his overloaded brain, igniting his recognition that he had, indeed, loved to watch his daughter finger-fuck herself while he pumped his prick for her! By the look on her face, she might have enjoyed it even more than he had!

Despite a burning desire to keep the silence that maintained their post-masturbatory glow, Anita groaned with an attempt to regain some semblance of composure. Jim saved the energy to convince his body that it was okay to breathe again, and his heart rate to slow down to less than light speed.

“Fuck, Daddy, that was wild! I’ve never cum so hard on my own fingers in my life! If I’d known that seeing you cream would have that result, I’d have put a hidden camera in your room years ago, to watch you jerk off and make me go crazy like that! Shit, do you always cum that much, and that hard?”, Anita wanted to know.

“Probably not. But seeing you squirt, your cunt oozing girl-cum like that! Wow! I’ve never seen anything so hot in my life! That got me so worked up, I really did expect my nuts to shoot out! I’m not sure which was more exciting, watching you finger-fuck yourself, or having you watch me jack off! Fuck, I’ve never enjoyed masturbating as much as that! How about you? What was the best part for you?”.

“I think it was spreading my pussy open and showing you my cunt hole, at first. Then when I got to see your hand sliding up and down your cock, I wondered if it felt as good to you as it does for me when I stroke you. But when you blew your load, I went into overload state! God, when you shot that first wad, my climax hit like a Mack truck! And then I couldn’t stop cumming! I mean, I love feeling myself squirt, but those ones were so strong, I thought I might actually hit you in the nuts!”. Gazing down between their legs at the puddle of her cum juices, she added, “Fuck, did I squirt all that? Shit, it’s a good thing this sofa is leather, or this room would smell like a brothel for weeks! Jesus, I’ve gotta clean that up, but my muscles are on strike! Dammit Dad, I can’t move! What have you done to me, huh?”.

Jim’s own lethargy was compounded by the loss of energy that his orgasm had precipitated. He tried vainly to raise himself up off the sofa, but surrendered to his exhaustion just as his spine was about to lose contact with the sofa’s arm piece. He conceded defeat, softly informing Anita, “You’re not the only one, Sweetie. Fuck, just thinking about moving is tiring enough! Shit, I’ve gotta get a cloth to wipe all this jism off me! Guess I should get you a couple too, huh? One for the sofa, and one for your pussy? Unless you’d rather lay there and ooze girl-cum. I have no objections!”, he teased at her.

“Oh fuck off and get some rags. Mind you, if I ever cum that hard again, I’ll be on the rag every day of the month! Fuck, do I ever leave a messy battlefield!”, she shot back at her Dad.

“Hmm. You have to admit though, it was different. We’ll have to keep that one in mind, won’t we? Like maybe on our way to Lumby Lake? The car has leather seats, too, so you can gush and squirt to your heart’s content. Personally, I’d rather have it smelling like warm pussy juice than that car smell! What do ya think of that idea?”, he chuckled at their snide remarks.

“As long as you’re driving and not me”, she muttered back at him. “I refuse to be the cause of our deaths because we fell off the road due to excessive orgasming!! Course, sucking you off at 60 miles an hour might have the same effect. Wonder how the coroner would write that up ? Cause of death: Got his cock bitten off!”.

“Fuck! You sure know how to hurt a guy!”, he muttered to her as he finally attained a vertical stance again. Glancing at the clock on the DVD player, he added, “Holy shit! We’ve been flashing each other for almost two hours! No wonder my cock feels like I pulled all the skin off!”, then he wandered upstairs to find a couple of moistened face cloths, and a rag to wipe up their combined goo from the sofa.

Once the last of the evidence was cleaned up, they both agreed that it was, indeed, time for bed. Jim had to be at work by 10:00 AM, and Anita had classes in the morning. Exerting most of their remaining energies to climb the stairs, the two lovers flopped into bed, resting their weary bodies a few moments before dragging the covers up and over themselves.

“Dad? Can I ask you a question?”, Anita softly inquired.

“Sure, as long as I don’t have to answer it until breakfast. But your wish is my command, Your Horniness. What’s on your mind?”, he whispered in her ear that was beside his lips. They were in their customary spoon position, with Jim’s left hand cupped just under Anita’s corresponding breast, his fingers lightly swiping back and forth across her still-erect nipple.

“Umm, any chance you can get it up again tonight?”, she wondered.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding! My poor cock feels like it’s run the Boston marathon six times in one day, and you want it to do what?”, he groaned, then added, “Sweetheart, I could probably get it up enough to fuck you one more time tonight, but to be honest, my cock feels so sensitive right now that I’m not sure whether or not I could make you cum before it falls off”.

“No, that’s not what I had in mind, Goof! My pussy’s so sensitive that just thinking about being fucked is painful! I just had a desire to fall asleep with your hard cock up my ass. Are you up for something like that?”, she mused.

“Baby, as much as I love the idea of taking your last remaining virginity, tonight might not be the best time I’d rather wait until I’m feeling strong enough to pleasure your butt with all the attention it needs and deserves. Can you wait until tomorrow night for me to deflower you?”, Jim quizzed her softly.

“Yeah, I can”, she cooed, “but I expect one hell of an ass-fucking for the consideration of deferral, ya know! You’d better be all rested up, too, because I’m gonna ooze your spunk all over both of us after you fill my shit-tube up! Might even get lucky and have you glued inside me after it dries!”. She could feel his cock twitch against her butt cheeks as her suggestive idea finally registered in her Dad‘s head. The wonderful realization that she had that much effect on him was the last conscious thought she had before sleep overtook her.

Jim missed her reply completely. Sleep had taken him to a land of lust and loving with his daughter, and hell would freeze over before he ever wanted to leave that place for his return to the land of the living.

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