The Proposition: Obligations Met

The Proposition: Obligations Met

The Proposition:
Obligations Are Being Met

Jenny and I slept in late Sunday morning. It was after 10:00 AM when we finally crawled out of bed.

“After our shower, what would you like for breakfast?” Jenny asked as she began to roll out of bed. She then got a pained look on her face. “Oh! Uumm, Jim, I will honor our bargain. You can have me any time you like, but if it is alright with you, can we do something else the next time? I am so sore, I'm not sure I can even walk.”

Her soreness was quite understandable. I had to push quite hard to break through her hymen and take her virginity last night. Then just a few minutes ago, I gave her the hard pounding sex she had asked for. She had asked me to do her hard. “Jim, pound me like you mean it.” It's no wonder her pussy was sore this morning.

“Of course, we can try other things, Baby. I really don't want to intentionally hurt you.”

Jenny smiled broadly as I gently patted her butt and then helped her get to the shower. We used our hands to tenderly wash each other from head to toe. The warm water of the shower and my soapy massaging hands seemed to help ease some of Jenny's soreness.

As she stood under the warm spray from the shower head, a mixture of cum and blood slowly oozed from Jenny's tender devirginated pussy. It ran down her legs in thin pink tinted rivulets. I took special care to gently clean her sore pussy. Jenny leaned her back against my chest and laid her head on my shoulder.

As I tenderly caressed between her legs, I lathered her pubic mound and its bush. “Jenny, when you get to feeling a little better, if you wouldn't mind, please shave your pussy. I have always preferred bald pussy.”

She smiled up at me and said, “That will be fine, Jim. I'll shave as soon as I can. I'm feeling better already.”

The hot water was doing its job of soothing her soreness.

We finished showering, got dressed, and went downstairs to the kitchen. Jenny insisted on fixing our breakfast. “Jim, if I'm going to live here with you, I must do my part and do my household chores. I want to take care of you as well as you will take care of me. I feel it is part of my obligation to you. I really appreciate your help in the shower this morning. I feel much better already. Now, sit down while I make breakfast!” We were soon enjoying a breakfast of bacon, eggs, buttered toast, and coffee.

A little after noon, Jenny's soreness had eased to a dull ache. When I suggested we go to the mall again, she agreed. “I think I'm up to it. The walking will probably do me a lot of good.” We headed to the mall a few minutes later.

This time we bought Jenny a pile of conservative clothes she could wear while going to school. Blue jeans, nice blouses, sensible underwear, and a couple pairs of shoes were her primary mode of appropriate dress for school. She also had a list of items she'd need before her classes started. We tried to fill as much of her list as we could. We bought her the make and model of laptop computer specified by the school, a printer to go with it, a scientific calculator, and various other things she would need. That trip to the mall cost me well over a thousand dollars, and we still didn't have all she would need. I told her we could go shopping again after we got her registered for college the next day.

That night we cuddled, but I did not even try to enter her pussy. She was still too sore and was still bleeding a little.

“Jim, it's my turn to give you pleasure.” She then turned in the bed and laid her head on my lower abdomen. She began kissing and licking my cock's head. Slowly, she took my cock into her mouth. Tentatively at first, she kissed, licked, and sucked my cock's head. She eventually took a couple of inches of the shaft into her mouth. As she bobbed her head up and down, Jenny slowly took more and more of my cock into her mouth. She gagged and pulled back a little when she hit the opening to her throat. She backed up and began sliding as much of my cock as she could handle in and out of her mouth.

“Jenny, I'm getting close.” I warned her.

She nodded and kept bobbing her head up and down on my cock.

“Here it cums, Baby.”

Jenny sucked even harder and accepted my entire load of cum into her mouth. When I had finished cumming, she looked up at me, smiled, and swallowed twice. She then grinned broadly and asked. “How was that? I'm sorry I couldn't go deeper.”

“Baby, that was great. I loved it. If you want to go any deeper, we can practice all you want. How did you ever learn to do that?”

“I am a good student. I listened to the other girls talking about going down on their boyfriends. You'd be surprised how much you can learn just by listening to others. Some of the girls said it tasted terrible. Some said they liked it. I think I'm going to learn to like it.”

Still smiling Jenny laid her head on my shoulder and we soon dozed off to sleep.

Monday morning, after our shower, Jenny made us a pancake breakfast. I then took her to the community college to register and sign-up for her classes. It was then that I found out that she had changed her mind about wanting to be a nurse. She then wanted to be an accountant. The change didn't matter much. As a beginning student, her first year or so was all standard classes that almost everyone had to take.

After she registered and selected her classes, I paid her tuition. We then went to the campus bookstore. Holy crap that place cost a fortune. As I wrote the check for her books, Jenny had a look of shock on her face.

She pulled me into a back corner of the bookstore and quietly said, “I am so sorry, Jim. I didn't know it would cost so much for books. Do you want to change your mind?”

I took her in my arms and hugged her tightly. I kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear. “Not on your life. I knew this joint would be expensive. The bookstore was expensive when I went to college as well. I had just forgotten how expensive it could be.” I gently patted her ass and told her, “I am sure you will be more than worth the expense of your education.”

I then squeezed her ass and added. “I may want a little piece of this sweet ass tonight.”

Jenny's eyes widened, and then she giggled at me. A smile brightened her face. “I did agree to do whatever you want me to do, didn't I?”

I grinned at her, squeezed her ass again, and gently kissed her.

I paid the bookstore clerk a little extra for delivery charges. I wanted to have Jenny's books and other supplies from the bookstore delivered to my home later that day rather than lug them around with us all day. I also opened an account for Jenny and put three hundred dollars in it in case she needed something we had forgotten.

Jenny took my arm and pulled it tightly to her tit as we left the bookstore. We then toured the campus looking up her classroom locations and other areas she might need to find. I didn't want her to be totally lost on her first day of class.

On the way home we stopped at a well stocked office supply store. There we picked out a nice desk for Jenny's study. I liked the oak piece. She wanted cherry. We got the cherry. I added a matching book shelf and stereo cabinet so her study wouldn't look so spartan. This stuff would be delivered this afternoon as well.

We stopped for an early dinner then headed home. Her furniture and bookstore purchases were arriving as we pulled into the drive. After having the delivery men carry the furniture and books up to what would soon be Jenny's study,she busied herself with arranging and putting it all in it's place.

I stepped into her study just as she was finishing her arranging. Jenny was bubbling with excitement. When she finished arranging her things, she sighed. “Jim, I am so excited. I really am going to college, and I owe it all to you. I'll do my best to get good grades and honor the bargain we've made.”

I hugged her and replied. “Just do your best, Baby.” She turned a little sad when I added, “You may add whatever artwork or pictures you wish to the walls if you like.”

“Thank you Jim, but I don't have any pictures. Everything I had like that was destroyed in the fire.” A tear appeared in the corner of her eye.

“That's alright, Baby. I'm sure you will find a few things you will want to hang on your walls over the next few years. You can start with your high school diploma. You can set a goal of putting your community college and university diplomas next to it.”

Jenny's smile returned. Then her eyes widened in surprise. “University?”

“Yeah, I don't want you to go only half way. Besides, if you agree, I may want to extend our deal.”

Jim, I know what I want to put up first. I want a picture of you to hang on my wall. If not for you, I would not be going to college at all.”

“If you really want a picture of me, I'll have one made just for you.”

Later that night, Jenny went up to the master bath a little early. She seemed to spend an extra long time in there. I figured she was soaking away some of the days stress and any remaining soreness her pussy may still be feeling.

When I grew tired, I headed up to bed. When I entered my bedroom, I was greeted with an enticing sight. Jenny was already in the bed. She was on her knees with her head on her pillow. Her cute little ass was pointing my way.

Jenny looked over her shoulder, grinned, and giggled. “Jim, you said you wanted a little piece of my ass? You have taken my virginity and fed me my first taste of cum while I sucked your dick. I think I'd like to give you my last cherry if you want to take it. I have cleaned myself well so I can give you a nice piece of ass.” She then lowered her head back onto her pillow and wiggled her cute butt at me.

I chuckled at Jenny's “nice piece of ass” comment and patted her firm butt. “Baby, your ass is so cute. I'd love to have a nice piece of that thing.”

I then climbed up behind Jenny's ass and began rubbing her soft smooth cheeks. I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed the tube of suntan cream I had bought earlier in the day just for this very possibility. This particular cream would provide lubrication needed to ease my cock's entry into Jenny's ass. It also had a mild numbing effect so it would be a little more comfortable for her as well. I have used it with other girls several times in the past with good results.

As I continued to rub Jenny's butt, I teased her tightly puckered little brown ring with a well greased finger. Her asshole was soon well lubricated with the suntan cream. Jenny cooed as I used my finger to shove a large glob of the cream into her ass. I then greased up my cock and placed it's head to her asshole.

“Are you ready, Baby?”

Jenny looked over her shoulder and smiled. “As ready as I'll ever be. Jim, my ass is yours to take.”

I took a hold of her hips and, with a gentle push, the head of my cock slipped past her tight sphincter.

Jenny's head popped up from her pillow. “Oh Jim! Please be gentle, but go ahead and take my ass. It's the last virgin thing I have to give you.”

I reached up and gently caressed her face. I then took a firm grip on each of her hips. With a slow and steady push, I shoved my cock fully into Jenny's ass.

“Oh shit! Damn you feel so big in my ass. It hurts but not nearly as bad as when you took my cherry Saturday night. Go ahead and fuck my ass. I want you to fuck my ass like you really want me. I want you to be deep in my ass. Fuck my ass hard like you fucked my pussy Sunday morning.”

“Are you sure, Baby? That will probably make your ass sore like your pussy was.”

“Yes, damn it! If I'm yours then take me like I'm yours.”

With no further talk, I tightened my grip on her hips and rapidly slammed into her ass over and over. “Umph, umph, umph!” Jenny grunted each time I drove my cock deep into her asshole, but she didn't resist or cry out. It didn't take long for her tight hot ass to have my balls ready to cum. With one last almost violent shove, I buried my cock in Jenny's asshole and pumped a load of cum deep into her bowels.

“Oh yes, Jim. I can feel you cuming in my ass. It feels so warm, so nice.” She then slid her legs out from under her hips. She laid flat on her belly with my cock still in her tight ass.

I held my cock deep in Jenny's butt until I softened and the muscles in her ass squeezed my cock out. She then rolled onto her back and smiled broadly at me.

We cuddled for a while before I spoke. “Damn Baby, you are one hot young piece of ass. But I have to ask you a question. Baby, why did you want me to fuck your pussy and now your ass so hard? You were sore as hell Sunday morning and you will probably be sore in the morning.”

Jenny thought for a moment before answering. “All my life, I've had to be a good girl. I've not dared let a boy get physical with me. Now, I have some freedom, I'm still on the pill, and want to make up for all that I've missed. When you fucked me hard, I felt like you really wanted and needed me. You need to be prepared. Over the next few years, I plan on fucking your brains out. I have three holes that are now open for your exclusive use. I've also heard some of the girls talking about getting something called a titty-fuck. Do you know what that is? Will you do that to me? I want to give you all that I can. I know I've only known you a few days, but I feel like I could easily fall for you.”

“Yes, I know what a titty-fuck is, and I'll be happy to do that with you. Jenny, I am so glad you stopped last Saturday and asked for my help with your college expenses. Otherwise, I may have missed out on meeting a very special girl. You are a girl that I'd like to get to know very well and not just in a sexual way. I'd like to see you hang around a long time. I too feel a strong attraction to you. Who knows what the future will bring.”

The next two weeks were busy ones for Jenny. Her textbooks we had purchased from the bookstore had been accompanied by an outline for each of her courses. Being the excellent student she had been in high school, her study habits were still good. She began reading ahead in her texts so she would be prepared for her classes. When she wasn't doing her chores around the house, Jenny was reading one of her textbooks.

A little over two weeks after she had made her proposition to me, Jenny nervously headed off to the nearby Community College. Later that day, she came bounding in the front door. Her face was almost beaming with delight. She shouted as she came through the door. “JIM, I CAN DO THIS!”

“Of course you can. I never doubted it.”

She took a deep breath and spoke a bit softer. “We had short versions of all my classes today. We went over what the courses would be like. Jim, so far there is nothing I can't do. I promise to make you so proud of me. I will make the very best of your investment in my education.”

Jenny then ran to me, leaped up, threw her arms around my neck, and wrapped her legs around my waist. She smothered my face with kisses. “This would not be happening for me without your help.”

To keep her from slipping down, I cupped her butt with my hands and pulled her tight to me. My cock responded to her hips she was rocking on it. Holding her by her butt, I carried her to our bedroom. She continued kissing all over my face.

Once in the bedroom, I lowered her feet to the floor and stripped her. In the mean time, Jenny worked on my pants. She soon had them and my underwear on the floor at my feet.

When she hugged me again, I grabbed her butt's cheeks and lifted. Her legs again wrapped around my hips. I raised her a little higher. That allowed my cock to spring out and point directly at her moist pussy. Slowly, I lowered Jenny down my body.

“Oh! Ooooh!” Jenny had not been expecting to be impaled while hanging from my body. A broad grin spread over her face as I continued to slowly lower her body down mine. My cock wormed its way into her tight pussy. “Oh Jim, that's different! It feels so good. I've been wanting you all day. Ever since it sunk in that you made it possible for me to be a college student, I've been feeling a need for you to fill me.” She then rocked her pelvis to allow my cock to slip in deeper.

We were soon bouncing Jenny's pussy up and down on my cock. When I lifted her butt she used her legs around my hips and arms around my neck to help raise herself up. “Umph, umph, umph!” She grunted each time we dropped her pussy down on my cock and it impacted her cervix.

“Here it cums, Baby.” I huffed.

“Oh God yes, Jim. Give it to me.” Her whole body seemed to quiver as she let her pussy fully settle on my erupting cock.

While still impaled on my cock and hanging from my body, Jenny kissed my neck and whispered. “Jim darling, I love you.”

Over the past two weeks I had come to realize my feelings for her had grown as well. “Jenny, my dear sweet Jenny, I love you too.”

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