The Spirit of Cassy

The Spirit of Cassy

Jason met Cassy in their junior year in college. He was going to change the business world and set it on its ear with his brilliant insight and steadfastness and she was headed into the world of education of our youth by becoming a secondary teacher of English. Both were ambitious but naïve and both of their desires proved to be wrong. It was part of the mush that one learns in our colleges today and they didn’t realize it until they got out into the real world.

But that first meeting between the two of them was something special that changed their young lives forever, for during that eventful event, a bond developed between them that eventually led them down the road into matrimony. They were married out of convenience to hide the fact that they were pregnant before they entered their senior year and Charlie was born before they graduated.

Charlene, not Charles, was a premie; born a good five weeks early to a C-section, and was a little bit of a thing throughout her entire life. But she had the energy and good looks of her mother and the sensitivity and caring of her father as she grew into adolescence, so by the time she reached 12, she was a well adjusted pre-teenager with a caring demeanor hidden in an unbelievable body of good looks and bubbling personality.

As for her parents, their lives took them in a different direction from what they started out to be. Jason did start his own business but in the trades field by becoming a licensed contractor and a home builder. He had framed all through his college years so when he graduated, he had a family to feed so he stuck with the thing that he knew and eventually started his own business.

Cassy, decided after two years as a classroom teacher that she wanted to do other things rather than babysit oversexed teenagers so after much soul searching, she became an editor for a local publishing company and learned that not only was she good at it but she really loved her job. It took the best of her two worlds and combined them into a perfect scenario for which she thrived off of.

They grew as a family as most young families do, starting off in a rented apartment, then upward into a rented house and finally into a house that they and the bank owned. They filled it will furniture, first ratty, then nicer and most important, they filled it with the love for each other beyond belief. They would play and laugh and sing their way through the years of growing until that fateful day when Cassy found a lump in her right breast.

For two years the three of them fought it with all of the might. The surgeons cut into her three times, she tolerated the Chemo Therapy for just over two years and the Radiation cost her the little dignity that she had left, but just over two years after they diagnosed her with cancer, Cassy passed away and the family went into a grief that only those who have suffered such a loss can ever imagine.

Charlie was 12 when she was diagnosed and 14 went she passed; right at the age when girls need their mothers most. Charlie had none and although Jason tried, he could not fill the void left behind by Cassy’s passing. No one could and Charlie was left to suffer.

It was no “cake walk” for Jason either because his soul mate, his lover and his wife was taken from him at a much too early time in his life. He was only 35 when she left him with their daughter and with his business thriving, it didn’t leave a great deal of time for him to be a nurturing father and mother all rolled into one. Again, Charlie was left to suffer and there was nothing that he could do about it.

Their once happy little family turned into a complete dysfunctional one in a matter of two short years as each of them continued to grieve in their own way; Charlie by searching for the affection that she craved and Jason by burying himself in his work. It had to come to a head before it was too late and it finally did one Saturday afternoon.

This particular Saturday was like no other because it just so happened to mark the four year anniversary of when they got Cassy’s diagnosis. It had been building up in Jason for almost a week and when that day finally arrived, it hit him pretty hard. He told himself that it was just another day and it was no big deal but he could not feel anything but total remorse when it got there. He found himself completely distraught and by the mid afternoon on that day, he was in his bedroom sobbing his eyes out longing for his beautiful Cassy.

All of his grief, all of his pent up remorse came gushing out of his eyes in a torrent of sobs and tears. The greater he vocalized his loss the more he needed to let it out. He was wailing very loudly behind his locked door as he buried his head in his hands. There had to be an end somewhere to his emotional release but it was nowhere close so his tears continued to flow.

Charlie heard him from the family room as he started his ordeal but as it turned into an out crying of all of his emotional turmoil that he had kept inside of him, the escalating volume forced her into checking it out for the well being of her father. She crept down the hall and listened in at his bedroom door as he continued to wail his grief louder than she had ever heard it before and wondered what she could do to sooth him out of this nightmare.

She decided that she should respond so she gently knocked at his door and said in a low voice, “Daddy, are you alright?”

She heard his cough and sniff and then he blew his nose and answered, “Ah yeah Charlie, I’m just, I’m just, ah,…” and then he opened the door to his confused daughter.

“Oh Charlie, I just miss your mother so much and, well, today it just got the better of me that’s all. I’m sorry you had to hear me breakdown like that but, well, today was the day that we found out your Mommy had cancer and it was the beginning of the end for her and me, and you too Baby. I know that I haven’t been much of a father to you these last couple of years but I just couldn’t be. You needed me to be a good Daddy and a good Mommy and I wasn’t either. I’m so sorry Baby,” he blurted out and started his tears all over again.

Charlie joined him on the bed and fell into his arms and started to release her own emotions. She cried on his shoulder and he sobbed into hers as they once again began to wail away at their sorrow. They stayed like that for the longest time with Jason stroking her back and Charlie rubbing her daddy’s back.

Charlie broke the silence with a question that she had wanted the answer to for a long, long time. It was a question that she thought she knew the answer to but decided that this was a good time to confirm it. “Daddy, we used to have so much fun every Saturday morning watching cartoons in your and Mommy’s bed. I would bring the Cheerios in with me when I came in and the three of us would joke and have so much fun just watching the TV. Then when Mommy got sick, we stopped having all of that fun. We stopped having any fun at all. I know how sick Mommy got and all but we stopped having any fun doing anything. Was it because you were sad back then also and how long will it be before we can start having fun again?”

He lifted his head from her shoulder to look his daughter in the eye. He studied her soul deeply through the windows that were open to him and what he saw turned his heart to mush and his mind to thinking about the last couple of years. Of how he had shut her out of his grieving and his life and how ashamed it made him feel. “Soon Charlie,” he said with a smile on his face. “Real soon.”

That was the start of a healing time for Jason at least, and a time of discovery for Charlie. It was a bazaar chain of events that led them to a whole new world of fun and adventure, while at the same time, taking them into the unknown element of spiritualism. It was a time that would change both of them forever.

After thinking on Charlie’s question for the better part of a week, on Friday night, Jason informed his daughter that he thought that the next morning would be a fun morning to rekindle some old habits and start having fun again.

“Tomorrow, we start up the tradition of watching cartoons in my bed again so bring the Cheerios and your pillow because I’m taking the whole day off,” Jason announced just before bed time and it was met with a laugh and a promise to be there right on time. Charlie was so excited about this time with her Daddy once again that she could hardly sleep after hearing the news.

“We’re starting to become a family again,” she thought. “Just me and Daddy, watching cartoons on a Saturday morning.”

That next morning, Jason awoke to the sound of rustling in the kitchen and he knew that his daughter was getting the Cheerios ready for their breakfast feast so he hustled into the bathroom to empty his bladder and jump back under the covers just in time for Charlie to make her appearance carrying the box full of Cheerios and her pillow. She came bounding into the room wearing her tee shirt for pajamas and her long bare legs sticking out of it. She plopped herself down on the bed next to her Daddy and sat right up on her pillow for support.

“Turn on the Cartoon Channel Daddy,” she said with her gleeful voice.

Jason flicked on the remote and tuned it in to the channel as Charlie pulled out a fist full of Cheerios and stuffed them into her mouth. She was munching away when Jason said with a twinkle in his eye, “Hey, don’t be such a hog, save some for your ol’ man.” She smiled and handed his the box and they shared their breakfast as if they didn’t have a care in the world.

When she had had her fill of the dry cereal breakfast, she repositioned herself out of the sheets with her head facing the TV and lying on her front with her head resting on her hands and elbows. She was watching the cartons intently as she wiggled her hips in an attempt to get comfortable. In so doing, she managed to expose her little panty covered butt to the world and didn’t even realize it.

Jason soon took note of it and marveled at how much his little girl had grown up. He had never noticed that she had developed a nice curvaceous behind that he was just now looking at but he must have known that she had grown some hair down there also. As he was ogling her rear end, she suddenly turned her head and caught him looking, so she smiled and said, “You can touch it if you want to.”

His eyes got as big as saucers as he stated in shocked distain, “Charlie! I wasn’t thinking of any such thing! You’re my daughter for heavens sake. What made you say that?”

“Well, Mommy said that if you ever wanted to touch me that I should let you,” she said in a matter of fact sort of way.

“What did you say?” he asked not believing his ears.

“That you could touch my butt if you wanted,” she repeated herself.

“No, no, who told you to tell me that?” Jason asked once again.

“Mommy, last night in my dream,” she said. “I had a dream last night and in it you were wanting to touch me all over and then Mommy came up to me and told me that it was alright to let you because you hadn’t touched a woman since, well, you know,” she said diverting her eyes just a little.

“Charlie, that was just a dream,” he told her. “Mommy really didn’t come up to you and tell you anything. You just thought that she did. Mommy couldn’t have talked to you because she’s, ah, passed to heaven.”

“I know Daddy that Mommy is dead,” she exclaimed. “I was there don’t you remember? But I swear that Mommy talks to me sometimes.”

“Talks to you? You mean last night wasn’t the first time that you’ve had this dream?” Jason asked.

“No.” Charlie answered. “She talks to me all the time. Whenever I have a question about, well you know, girl’s stuff, she always comes to me and answers my questions.”

“Well, Charlie,” he said in his disbelieving voice, “the next time you mother comes to you would you tell her that I’m not going to touch your rear end, no matter what she says.”

“Okay,” she said turning back around to watch the rest of the cartoons.

Jason’s mind went to the conversation that they had just had and wondered if he needed to check into counseling for his daughter. Maybe he had better keep a better eye on her for her own sake because fantasizing about seeing her dead mother must be some sort of symptom for something. But as he looked down at her rear end once again, he wished that it was true because he was enjoying looking and fantasizing over more than ogling over her cute butt cheeks.

They continued to watch cartoons until the morning had turned into afternoon. They got up, changed and went out to the park and had a wonderful day, so wonderful that they swore to a repeat it the very next Saturday. But that next week, their conversation about seeing Cassy and having her talk to his daughter weighed heavily on Jason’s mind. He couldn’t get the image of Charlie’s little butt showing out of her tee shirt and he wondered what was hiding under the gathered material between her legs.

Jason convinced himself that Charlie was having some sort of hallucination or something when she reported that she saw and spoke to her mother. There could be no other logical explanation for her saying such a thing. He told himself that he would get to the bottom of this no matter what it took but first he would talk with her one more time and see if her story persisted.

That next Saturday morning, Jason awoke early and went into his bathroom to relieve himself and to get fully woke up before Charlie made her appearance. He was wearing his pajama shorts as a bottom and an old sleeveless tee shirt as his top. He made sure that everything was tucked in properly as he made his way back into the bedroom and as he was getting into the bed, Charlie knocked at the door to announce that she was coming in.

Her smile lit up the room as she leapt onto the bed and settled down with her Cheerios and pillow and crawled in next to him under the covers. She was wearing a short cotton night gown that barely covered her rear end and was kept up by two broad shoulder straps. Her panties were also cotton and were a light colored horizontal stripe. He thought about telling her to not wear that sort of apparel when she was in his bed but decided that he would broach that subject later.

They turned on the TV to the Cartoon Channel once again and settled down with their breakfast to watch their shows and after she had her fill, she again crawled out of the covers, switched positions and got comfortable on her tummy to watch the cartoon. Jason eyes were transfixed on the striped panty material that she was so proud of and it was all that he could do not to place his hand down on it. He thought for a second about what to do and then decided that this was a good time to bring up Charlie’s hallucinations again.

“Been talkin’ to Mommy this week?” he blurted out in an almost sarcastic tone to his voice. He realized the instant that it left his mouth how it sounded so he instantly added, “I mean, did she come to you in any more dreams?”

Charlie did not answer immediately but just lay there motionless. Then she rolled to her back and looked up into Jason’s eyes and asked, “You don’t believe that Mommy talks to me in my dreams do you?”

“Well,” he said, “I think that you think that she does and I think that you get a great deal of pleasure out of imagining that she does.” He stopped for a second to gather his thoughts and then said, “Charlie, no matter how bad you want it and no matter how bad I want it to be otherwise, your mother, and my wife, is dead and no amount of fantasizing about her coming to you in a dream is going to make it any different. Don’t you see that Honey. I wish that it were true but “No” I don’t believe that Mommy comes to you in your dreams.”

Charlie slowly propped her head up on her elbow. Try as he might, Jason could not control his gaze and when it went down to look at her panty covered crotch, she caught him looking and kind of gave off a shy smile but didn’t pull her night gown down. She just lay there looking at him with this funny look in her eye and then said, “Mommy told me that you would not believe me. When she asked me if I would allow you to touch me all over, she told me to tell you that “You should touch me the same way that you touched her the first time back in the library at college.”

Jason’s mouth flew open with disbelief at hearing this old memory brought to light. How could she have known about that, he didn’t even remember it until she told him that very second. What the hell is going on here anyway?

“Charlie, what do you know about the first time that I touched your Mommy” Jason asked his daughter with an earnest face.

“Well, all I know is what Mommy told me the other night. You were in the library, supposedly studying. She was wearing a pull over blouse and skirt and she had a sore muscle in the shoulders so you volunteered to give her a back rub. You stood up and walked behind her and started rubbing her neck and after awhile you started moving your hand down the front of her blouse. You began feeling her up under her bra and that it was the first time a guy had ever felt her boob. That’s what she told me anyway. Is it true? Did you feel her boob just like she said?”

Jason’s eyes grew wide in disbelief as he stammered out his response. “How did you…did she tell you that before she…that is so personal I can’t believe…Charlie,…” he paused a moment, “that’s exactly what happened. But where did you hear that story?”

“I told you, in a dream Mommy came to me and told me all about it to convince you that I’m telling you the truth, really, cross my heart,” she told me again.

Jason was dumbfound with confusion, not knowing whether to believe his daughter or to scold her for tell him such a whopper of a lie; not to mention a very sensitive lie at that. He could not think clearly so after a few seconds past, Charlie continued.

“Daddy, I wouldn’t make up a story like this. I couldn’t begin to imagine what Mommy has told me to put it into a believable story to tell you. And why would I tell you such a lie? It would hurt you as much as losing Mommy in the first place and I would never want to hurt you like that. I love you Daddy and I would never do anything to hurt you. You know that don’t you?” she asked.

Jason just sat there on the bed next to his daughter’s legs. He was looking at her but not seeing her lovely body that was partially exposed to him. He didn’t know what to say he was in such deep thought and somewhere during that deep thought he placed his hand on her leg and started to absentmindedly caress the soft skin on her thigh.

Charlie felt the thrill of his touch as she relaxed under the warmth of the contact. She laid her head back down on the bed and closed her eyes to enjoy the soft sensation of her Daddy’s caress. He rubbed the top of her thigh with his finger tips and the side of her leg with the back of his knuckle. Slowly and gently he alternated his fine light brush as he allowed himself to continue to touch his beautiful young daughter’s leg as he tried to grasp what was happening to him.

“You can touch me anywhere that you want to,” Charlie said softly bringing him back to this world. He stopped rubbing and looked deeply into her eyes and then smiled a little. Very slowly, looking directly into her eyes, he moved his hand up to her tummy as he moved her night gown out of the way to feel the warmth of her bare skin of her stomach. She closed her eyes once again and let out a slight, soft sigh of anticipation.

Jason looked down at his daughter as she lay there under his soothing touch. He didn’t know whether to believe her or not. He wasn’t particularly religious or anything, he didn’t know about what happens to you after you die. He didn’t know if this was an elaborate ruse or the honest to God truth but, now looking at his beautiful daughter, he really didn’t care. He was going to enjoy the moment the best that he could and let the chips fall where they may.

“What else did Mommy tell you about that evening back at the library?” he asked.

“She said that when you touched her breast, she got so excited that she suggested that you take her back to your apartment. She said that you did and when you got there you took her into your bedroom and slowly took off your clothes. Then you removed her clothes and then you lay down and made love to her,” she said not opening her eyes.

“Is that all?” he asked her.

“Well, that it was her first time with anybody and that it hurt a little when you put it in her but that she really liked it and…”

“That’s enough details for now,” he interrupted her descriptive dialogue.

He touched her waistband of her panties as his eyes were feasting on her crotch area. He slowly ran his touch from side to side around the elastic, inserting his middle finger tip under it as it went. Then he withdrew it and ran his caress up to her navel and slowly ran one finger around and around the indention until he reached the bottom.

Jason was sitting cross legged right beside her right hip as he moved closer to her, barely making contact with his bare, hairy leg to her smooth soft skin. The new sensation sent chills down Charlie’s spine as she wiggled her hips just a little towards the exciting stimulus. He caught the movement and the contact so he upped the ante by raising his touch up under the night gown to her rib cage. She stopped all movement and took in a deep breath.

He was starting to get aroused with this contact with his young daughter and the blood was rushing towards his penis. His hand had a mind of its own and it continued to advance upward with every circular motion he made over her ribs and upper stomach. He then felt his finger tip brush up against the rise in her chest signifying the edge of her swelling breasts and they both stopped breathing entirely.

Jason looked down at Charlie and he could see the anxiousness in her face. She wanted him to touch her developing breasts but was apprehensive about the actual contact between her skin and his hand so she bit down on her lower lip in an expectant little strain on her face and waited. On the next circle over her chest, Jason stopped his motion and raised his hand up off of her skin, taking the night gown up with it. He raised the thin white sleeping garment off of her chest exposing the small firm mounds to his sight. He groaned and his heart melted.

Charlie was a tiny little girl in every respect and more so than most for a 16 year old but she had developed into a smaller version of her mother, more than you would imagine from your first look. She had the beautiful smooth facial features, the long blonde hair and the subdued yet perfectly proportioned body that, after you saw it, made you want to see more of it but all in a miniature sort of way. Her proportions were correct but in a much smaller package. So when her Daddy caught his first glimpse of this miniature Goddess, he almost lost his mind.

There before him were two of the most beautiful objects that he had ever seen. How could he have missed knowing that she had developed in such a way that made him now shell shocked? They were perfect in every way; they were perky yet soft, firm but pliable. Her pink little areoles were set upon her white soft fleshy mounds and they allowed her two little pebbles to stand up tall, begging for his attention. He felt that he must touch them; he had to taste them each.

Jason lowered his palm down slowly to make contact with her white breasts as they rose and fell with her every breath and, as that contact was made, he could hear a slight moan escape from her lips as she subconsciously raised herself up from the bed to assist in his caressing touch.

He relished at the softness of her mounds and the hardness of her nipples. He took one, then the other between his thumb and forefinger and twisted them gently, applying enough pressure with his fingers to stimulate it into an erect pointy hardness that reeked with the sense of wanting. Her eyes were closed tightly and her chin was raised towards the ceiling as she relished in the sensation that his hands were giving her. Then she felt his entire palm encompass each breast and she let out her breath with a gushing sound before she sucked it all back in.

As Jason bent down to kiss each one of her nipples, he slid his hand back down to the front of the panties that she was wearing and just as he passed over her waist, she rotated slightly to her right, bent both knees up in the air but then lowered her right knee back down to the bed. She had given him the invitation to explore her most private parts with this action and also opened up to his lustful intentions.

He welcomed her invitation and didn’t keep her waiting but pressed down with his palm on her abdomen and slid it down to the junction of her two thin legs. She wiggled her hips away from his presence for just a second as she let out another moan from the excitement but then she pressed her hips back into his persistent hand and fingers. He was pressing deep into her crotch over her panties but he detected a spot of moisture starting to develop down there so he started rubbing the thicker material of the crotch into her slit and to her opening just as she cried out, “Oh my God.”

Jason’s mouth and tongue were working over Charlie’s young tender breasts as his hand was flat against her open pussy. His fingers were digging into her opening and pulling out a fresh coating of juices as it strained through the crotch of her soaking panties. She was started to get this funny feeling deep from within her womb and she wanted something to happen to relieve it but she hadn’t the foggiest idea what would scratch her itch.

She started to buck her hips up in time with Jason’s penetrating fingers as her instincts took over her body. She had her eyes closed tightly and her teeth were working over her lower lip when she felt his hand go the waistband of her cotton panties and slide down inside of them. She sucked in her tummy to assist with his movement and then she felt the thrill as his hand made contact with her soaking wet lips and she couldn’t help but cry out her excitement.

“Oh Daddy it feels so good to have you touch me like that. I love the way you make me feel down there. Oh Daddy, I want you to touch me everywhere,” she cried out through her open lips.

Jason felt the velvety soft pubic hair barely covering her mound and then the wetness of her opening spitting out her fluids and his raging cock jerked its way out of the fly which moments ago contained the monster, leaving it sticking straight out at its target. He was starting to go a little crazy over his lust for his daughter and he wanted her more than he ever though possible. It had been such a long, long time and now it was right there in front of him. He had to have her but would she allow it?

He shifted to his knees and hovered over her little body as she spread her legs out wide inviting his hand full access to her bountiful treasure. He balled up his fist in her panties as he began to rub her slit wildly in an attempt to send her over the top. With his other hand, he took her tiny little hand and guided it towards his raging cock and as soon as she felt it, she cried out with excitement.

She began to rub it all along the shaft in time with his fingers penetrating her slit. She was bucking her hips up off of the bed in rhythm also as she was nearing a release to the wonderful build up that about to happen. She had never experienced an orgasm other than those she had brought on by herself so this one snuck up on her but it promised to be the best of all the rest.

Jason could feel his own build up in his loins and he knew that he had to stop her pumping or he would explode all over her body. But it felt so good, it was so memorizing that he just couldn’t break the rhythm and then it was too late. He knew the sensation from before but this one was greater than he remembered the urge could possibly be. It built and strained his testicles up into his sack as if it was the very first time. He grimaced and forced his breath to come out but, try as he might, he couldn’t expel his air as he tightened up every muscle in his body. Just as he was about to explode, Charlie cried out and climbed up his hand with her arched body and felt the force of her father’s hot sticky cum as the first rope shot out of his cock and struck her on the silky soft skin on her face.

She recoiled away from his fluids but after ducking on the second one, she allowed him to empty out his essence all over the front of her body. It was such a mixed emotional state for the both of them with each reaching orgasm exactly the same time as the other. They each wanted to experience their own and the other’s release but it was hard to distinguish between the two. So they just let it happen and as they each subsided into a soft rhythmic rocking, Jason laid down next to his daughter, draped his leg over hers and went fast to sleep.

They rested that way for most of the morning until Charlie woke up with a need to go to the bathroom. Sliding out from under Jason’s leg, she woke him up so he followed her into the bathroom to take a needed shower. He turned to his squatting daughter and asked, “Want to join me?”

She wiped her butt, flushed the toilet and said, “I think that I need it after you shot your stuff all over me,” and grinned. She hooked her night gown with her fingers and pulled it over her head. Tossing it to the floor, she looked into his eyes, smiled and pulled her panties down around her knees and let them fall to the floor also. Kicking them off with her toe, she stood there for a second in a pose that allowed him to check her out and then walked over to him and helped him off with his pajamas.

They entered the running shower and took up their positions under the spraying shower nozzle. Charlie turned her backside into the water and tilted her head back to get her hair wet. Jason soaped up the wash cloth and soon began to apply the soapy suds all over her glistening little body. They each enjoyed the soothing suds of the wash cloth and Charlie was enjoying it for the warmth and relaxing motion of the one doing the scrubbing while Jason was enjoying rubbing all over the naked body of his beautiful daughter.

As he guided his hand down between her legs, he dropped to his knees right in front of her and asked her to spread them for his convenience. She smiled but complied with his request. He looked up at the rivets cascading down her flat tummy and gathering in a torrent right at her two swollen pussy lips. Combining the force of two streams coming together straightened out the kinky pubic hair in its way downward and finally fell to the floor, letting the kinks return to her hair. As he watched this marvel unfold he moved his washcloth back into action and soon she was feeling the thrill once again of having her sensitive little pleasure button stimulated by his rubbing massage.

Her knees buckled a little as she reached down and grabbed him by the armpits to pull him back up into a standing position. She had to grab hold of something so she threw her arms about him as they embraced each other and mashed their two bodies together just like two lovers. He held her close and then bent down and kissed her passionately on her lips. She complied by kissing him back with all of her might as she slowly gave herself to his desires.

“This is so wrong kissing you like this. It is so wrong in so many different ways,” he said through his many kisses. “But I can’t stop myself. I have to kiss you. I have to show you my love. I have to love you. I have to love you completely. I have to love you right now.”

He reached to turn off the nozzle, picked her up into his arms and carefully stepped out of the shower. She was looking into his eyes for a hint of what was to come but as she was carried back into his bedroom, she soon got the picture and a sense of dire anticipation started to grow in her wet little body. Beads of water were running off of their bodies as he carried her into his room but he laid her flat down on the sheets and crawled in next to her.

“Mommy said that it would hurt the first time, just like it hurt the first time you made love to her. Will it hurt much?” she asked with a dreadful look in her eye.

“I hope not,” Jason responded. “I will try and go slow if it will help. Know that I do not hurt you on purpose, it’s just something that has to happen. So you want to go through with it?”

Charlie bit down on her lip again and then said, “Uh huh,” and closed her eyes.

He crawled between her young slender legs and positioned himself over her outstretched body. She was the proverbial virgin awaiting to be deflowered and Jason knew that it was up to him to make it as pleasant as possible for his 16 year old daughter. He decided to take it as easy as he could, not rushing into it but taking it as slow and pleasurable as he could. He decided that she needed to be kissed first and he needed this also.

He lay down with half of his weight on her but half of it off at the same time. He put pressure on her crotch by pressing his knee up into her junction but resting his body right next to hers. He then leaned forward and met his lips to hers in a sensuous kiss. They grew together during this exchange and before long they were intertwining themselves into a massive expression of the love that they felt for each other.

He pressed his body into hers as he put his arms about her slender body and rolled her over on top of him. She spread her legs on either side of his hips and ground her crotch into his. She could feel his massive cock as it slid up between them and became hard as a log. She shuttered at the thought of him putting that thing into her tiny little pussy but vowed to give it a try.

Jason wanted the oral satisfaction of licking her breasts and her pussy plus he would be able to excite her better than just with his hand, so he hooked his arms between her wide spread knees and raising them up to his face, positioned her directly over his mouth. She was shocked at first but when he began to open up her lips with his tongue, she started to relish the unbelievable thrill that it caused. When he hit her hooded node, she screamed out loud and ground her snatch down onto his pointy tongue.

He loved to lick pussy and his daughter’s was no exception. Her fresh young taste sent a chill throughout his entire body as he lapped at her juices that were beginning to flow. Her head was back and her mouth was open as she stifled a cry of ecstasy. She was starting to gain momentum towards another massive orgasm and she knew what to expect this time. She pressed her hips down into Jason’s oral assault just as the thrill of another eruption overtook her young body. She squealed and rammed his tongue into her clitoris as she gyrated around on his mouth. He moved his assault to her opening and she let loose with another gushing flow of juices that escaped from that very hole.

He took most of it into his hungry mouth but the rest oozed down his chin to settle on his neck. She was grinding away with her rocking action as he picked her up and moved her down so that her chest were just above his mouth so that he could suck on her breasts. She relished the feeling of having her tender young breasts taken into his mouth but she still had some fluid that wanted out of her pussy so she ground it back and forth across his stomach, trying to wipe it away from her opening.

He rolled her onto her back with him landing directly between her legs as he didn’t loose the contact between his mouth and the breast that he was suckling on. She was once again gaining towards yet another orgasm and he felt like he was getting ready to make it happen. He got up on his knees and guided his massive cock towards the opening to her vagina. He made the desired contact between her lips and waited there for a second.

“I think that you are ready Sweetheart. Do you want to go through with it?” he asked.

“Yes, but I need Mommy to help me,” she cried out through her clenched teeth.

“Cassy, if you are here and watching, give our little girl all of your love and attention. Please Cassy, you wanted this and now it is about to happen so if you are really here and this is your doing then please give us a sign,” Jason pleaded.

Charlie opened her eyes and gazed over his shoulder as her eyes grew wider. “Oh Mommy, you are here and you will protect me from any pain. I know you will. I know it,” Charlie whispered.

Jason started to press forward with his hips and his engorged cock started to separate her tight little lips and then began its entry into his young daughter’s virginal vagina. It was unbelievably tight in there with her unspoiled walls giving way reluctantly to this intrusion. But after a few inches, Charlie cried out to stop.

“Oh Daddy, it hurts too much! It’s too big, I can’t take it in anymore,” she insisted through her tears. “Oh Daddy, I want it so much but it will not fit!”

Jason rolled onto his back and took his daughter with him. His cock never left her opening as he explained to her, “Now that you’re on top you can judge your own pain tolerance by lowering yourself down on me. We have all day long so there is no rush. Now if you want to go through with this, then take your time and lower yourself down.”

Her eyes were open and the look was one of fear. But his words were reassuring in her ears so she gently started to ease her way down onto his cock and she made many faces of discomfort along the way. One was at her barrier when the pain got so great that a tear actually escaped her eye but not another sound of regret. She finally came to rest with his entire cock impaling her tight young vagina and she started to tear up just a little.

“Stop and rest awhile,” Jason instructed her. “You’ve made it all the way in so now there won’t be anymore pain, just pleasure.”

She closed her eyes once again and started to come off of his rod and as she withdrew it mostly out, her face turned into one of excitement and then she settled her weight back down upon it. Her eyes closed again and her mouth opened wide as her breath left her in one glorious rush.

“Oh my God,” she exclaimed. “You’re right. It feels so much better now. It feels satisfyingly huge buried deep in me. Oh my God, Daddy, I can feel your every movement deep inside of me!”

He rolled her over onto her back again with his cock still inside of her pussy. He began to pump his hips slowly at first until they got an excited rhythm going and they began to fuck in earnest.

“Oh, oh, oh Daddy,” she kept repeating. “Oh it feels so good. Yes it feels so good. Oh God, YES, OH YES. PLEASE PUT IT INTO ME! THAT’S RIGHT, HARDER, OH PLEASE HARDER, HARDER!!”

Jason’s hips were a blur as he rammed his hard cock deep into her pussy. She was meeting his every thrust with one of her own as she was building, building, building up to another orgasm but this one was vaginal instead of clitoral and that meant that it would be gigantic. She was straining every muscle in her body when it hit. Her back was raised up off the bed and her hands were pulling at her Daddy’s butt cheeks trying to pull him in further. Her breathing was non-existent at this point and her lungs were ready to burst and then she felt his first shot of sperm splashing off of her cervix and that was the release that she had been waiting for.

She screamed out at the top of her lungs in an excruciating long cry for joy as she gushed out with her orgasmic release and the fluids flowed out of her vagina. He was slapping his cock into her pussy wildly as he ejaculated himself into submission deep inside of her womb as she called on her Mommy spirit to guide her back into sanity. Finally they both collapsed into an exhausted state of consciousness that soon turned into slumber as they rested from their ordeal. But before Charlie fell asleep, she opened her eyes and told her Mommy, “Your welcome, Mommy. Daddy is going to be okay now. I’ll make sure of that.”

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