The Trip Ch 1 The Babysitter

The Trip Ch 1 The Babysitter

The Trip Ch 1 The Babysitter

By Jax_Teller

Miranda, My wife is often away on business and this last time she had been gone over a month. I needed a break from the single parent role to our 3 small children and needed some alone time. That was near to impossible until one beautiful late spring morning I had managed to get a baby sitter for my children. Mary was the daughter of an acquaintance, Denise, and had just turned 18 and was in her senior year of high school.

Mary was a red head and had filled in nicely with a runners’ physique. She had a rounded heart shaped butt and 32 C breasts that had a slight upturn. Mary seemed oblivious to the effect her body had on males. Denise dropped her off and asked if I was going to the camp. I told her maybe but I needed time alone without the drama that comes along with children. She said goodbye and left out. After explaining the rules and showing Mary around I proceeded to leave.

I didn’t get out our half mile long trail of a driveway when the cell phone rang. I saw it was my wife, and I thought ok, at least it wasn’t the babysitter, and I answered. Miranda, said her business had finished earlier than expected and that she was in town heading home. Having been out of state on business for over a month, she was looking forward to seeing the children. I told her I had finally taken her up on her advice and hired Mary to watch the children and I was going to go canoing.

I turned around and went back home and filled Mary in on what was happening. My wife arrived and I told Mary that I would pay her for the day and she could go. Mary tried calling her mom to come pick her up but wasn’t getting an answer so Miranda suggested that I take her home as it was on my way. Mary and I departed after a few minutes of greetings and hugs were over. As Mary turned to leave I caught a glimpse of Miranda looking at Mary’s ass. I shook it off thinking I must have been daydreaming or was mistaken.

I drove out to the main road and she asked where I was going although she knew from our earlier conversation. I told her I was still going to go on my canoe trip down at Dawson Mill a local hot spot. She said it was a great place for that kind of trip. I told her I’d never been on the water there and she asked if I would like a guide. I thought about it as she told there were a few spots that were breath taking and the way she spoke I wanted to see for myself and I agreed to take her with me.

Mary said after all I had already paid for her services. I looked at her as my dick stirred, I quickly laughed with her trying not to let on where my mind had gone. I stopped at the convenience store on my way through town and picked up a case of beer and some snack foods and ice for the cooler which I put the beer in.

I pulled out onto the main road the morning coolness was burning off and the sun was heating up quickly. I noticed that Mary had shed her jeans and was wearing a pair of snug fitting shorts now. It was hard not to look down at her legs as I handed her a beer. She confessed that she’d never drank beer before, but had mixed drinks once at a wedding. I asked if she wanted a soda, but she was already sipping the beer.

The roads here twist and wind through the hills and valleys and staying in your lane is a chore, especially when you’re looking elsewhere. I tried not to look her way but I could see her legs were freckled and the freckles seem to go beyond the edge of her shorts. Again I found my dick getting stiff and I almost drove off the road more than once.
As we got to the old grain mill area on the stream Mary told me where to park so that it would be easier to get the canoe into the water without moving the truck again. We put the beer cooler and bag of snacks in the canoe taking a beer each and paddled off. We were floating down stream and the stream branched, Mary asked me if I want the main tour or a more secluded trip. I wasn’t sure what to answer and she said if we go the secluded way there were places to rest and just slowly float.

The way she talked and shifting in her seat led me to believe there was more she wasn’t telling me but that I should go with it. As I paddled on she turned around to face me and put her paddle up, grabbed her third beer and lay back on the seat drinking. She took her flip flops off and put her feet up on the edge of the canoe. I looked ahead downstream as she talked and I noticed that I could see right up the leg hole of her shorts to the fabric of her silky lime green panties. I tried not to stare but that was too late.

She said like what you see Mr. Davis? I said uhm what? Startled by where I was looking and her timing. She mentioned the view of the stream and the untouched nature. I thought that I was off the hook for peaking at her when she sat up and ran her hands up her legs rubbing the inside of her thighs as she got closer to her shorts. Her hands moved over the fabric of her shorts pulling it slightly tight before releasing it. She asked if I minded her tanning as we floated.

Mary didn’t wait for an answer and as I said yes, she removed her tee shirt. Then she hesitated for a second and gave me a look like watch this and when she knew she had my full attention; she unclasped her bra and removed it. I was staring at her and she said yeah I don’t like tan lines smiling at me. Her freed breasts dropped slightly and then settle. They were a full rounded shape with freckles all over them too.

Her nipples were erect, the bumps on the areola stood out and the vision before me was truly an artistic sight as the light and slight breeze seemed to act in harmony to make them perfect. There was no embarrassment or shyness on Mary’s face at all. In fact she seemed to be enjoying watching me squirm at the obvious sexual tension just under the surface. Then she put her thumbs in her shorts and pulled them and her panties down at the same time.

My dick jumped to full attention as I tried not to stare. Her skin was covered with freckles from her head to her toes and there were no tan lines at all. She was a typical red head that would usually have very white skin, but hers was tanned to a warm orange tint. She looked at me and said its ok, look all you want I’m not ashamed of my body. I told she shouldn’t be that she was beautiful.

She gave me a look I couldn’t identify and then she said “Mr. Davis?” questioningly, and I said call me Mike. She said “Mike” and paused, I said “yeah,” and she said “your cock is hard” with a wicked grin. I said “yeah I know it’s because of you” smiling back at her. She suggested that I should remove my clothes and get some sun too.

Although there was a building sexual tension, I still wasn’t expecting anything to actually happen with her. I thought it was just flirtation. I thought that she was a cock tease and at the end of the day she wouldn’t give it up. I thought what the hell she knows I am hard already, so I took my clothes off. If it was a show she wanted then I saw going to give it to her. I wasn’t ashamed of my body either.

At forty years old six foot five inches and one hundred and eighty pounds I was fit. I wasn’t athletic or buff, but I didn’t have a beer gut either. My cock was seven inches hard, thicker than average and shaved completely. She made no secret of looking at my shaved cock and balls as I lie back on the float cushion in my seat and let the sun bask over me. I noted a small breeze on the bare skin of my cock. It was nice for a change being naked and not in the shower or having to worry about the children walking in on me.

I remembered my younger years, when being naked was much more common. Since Miranda and I had children that changed and there never seemed to be opportunities anymore. But here I was with all these deep thoughts about being naked with my wife and a Naked 18 yr. old in front of me eyeing my jewels.

Other than her mother knowing me, Mary and I had nothing in common up till this morning and in fact we had never had a single conversation. All I knew of her came from Denise, her mother, and Miranda talking with or about her. She said as matter of fact “your cock is great.” I thought what to say to that and she continued that it was nice and thick and hard and she liked it being shaved. I thought again to say something and she asked “can I suck it?”

I thought for less than a second before half yelling YES! She slithered over to me trying to be sexy which she didn’t need to do, and knelt in front of me. As she moved her breasts were pushed together by her arms as she slid her hands along the edge of the canoe. I made a mental note to stuff my cock between them someday. She bent forward and took my left nut into her mouth.

Grasping my cock at the base she began working it slowly up and down. She alternated sucking on one nut than the other and then licked my cock from the base to the tip and back down. She did this several times and then slipped her mouth over the head. She began a regular pace of bobbing her head up and down. Soon the saliva was dripping down my balls and crack. She traced her free finger down my balls and picked up the pace with her mouth as she reached the underside of my balls.

I thought she was going to grab my balls but kept going farther until she took her wet finger and pursed it at the entrance to my asshole. She slowed her actions for a second looking me directly in the eyes and slipped her finger in my ass. She sucked harder now and faster using her hand at the base of my cock to jerk my cock in rhythm with her finger fucking my asshole. After a few minutes she slowed again looked deep into my eyes and she shuddered.

I could tell it was just a mini orgasm, but not many women knew how to suck cock like her let alone enjoy it. She slowly extracted herself from my ass and let my still hard cock loose. She sat back on her seat and took a drink of water. I said that was great, thanking her for the wonderful blow job. She said ““yeah but why didn’t you come?” Didn’t I like it or her?” I told her that I really loved the blow job and that it was perfect. I told her that she was gorgeous and any man would be lucky to have her, but I am an old man and there were times when orgasms just took a lot more.

She looked surprised and somewhat confused. She said no man had ever lasted that long with her before and that sometimes she wouldn’t even get her relief. She said although the “men” using her fingers to make the quote signs, they were really high school boys and then made her finger and thumb about an inch and half apart and repeated “boys”. I gathered that she’d never been sexually active with an older experienced man. I told her to lay back and let me return the “favor”. She returned to her position with her legs up and feet on the edge of the canoe. I knelt in front of her looking at all those freckles thinking how long connect the dots would take. I kissed my way up her thighs and made a mental note of the absolutely hairless pussy in front of me. I thought no stubble from shaving or other signs of hair removal.

I kissed her on the nakedness above her mound and kept kissing down the left side lip and slightly brushed my tongue over the bottom rim over her vaginal opening and then moved back up the other side stopping short of her clit. Her clit was poking out from the hood and she was rotating her hips into my face as I kept licking and kissing her. I felt the urgency of how she grasped my hair and pulled me into her and I began to suck on her clit. She shook in a wave of her orgasm as it hit her and her pussy flooded my mouth with her juice.

I kept at her as long as she was coming and slowed down until she released my hair and then I stopped eating her. I moved up her body licking some kissing some until I grasped her luscious breasts in my hands and put my mouth over her nipple. I let my mouth form to the shape of the nipple and then slightly brushed my teeth over the protrusion as I moved to the other nipple. As I looked up and she was looking right into my eyes and I said come for me and she shook again as I felt her juices on my knees. She calmed and I moved up kissing her on the mouth letting her taste herself on my mouth as we kissed our tongues twining on one another.

I broke the kiss and she said no one had ever made her come by simply telling her to. I said I think we’d better move on don’t you think? And she looked thoroughly disappointed but said yes and I retreated to my seat. We both dressed and had a beer before moving on down the stream. We paddled and talked, she confessed that she was so turned on by having an orgasm just by being ordered to.

I thought to myself “ordered” was correct. She went on to tell me how she wanted to be taken care of and that she really liked loosing herself in pleasing others. The turn in the conversation to her sexual preferences sort of caught me off guard. I had never thought to ever have sex with her, but that boundary was vanishing. It was clear that she wanted something from me and that it seemed I was the only one who had it.

I told her how when I was younger I had been into BDSM and she asked what that was and how it worked. The look on her face as she turned to face me listening intently told me that she was very turned on by the subject. I told her that we’d pick that up another time, as we met the return boat and hooked in and road back to the landing with them. I asked Mary if she wanted to hang out some more or if she wanted me to take her home.

She said that she was only eighteen and couldn’t go inside to the bar, I said that I was planning on hanging out in the sandy area outside so I could hear the live band play, but still drink my beer. Mary said cool and we took the cooler after we loaded the canoe into my truck and went to the sand bar. We sat out and had a few beers, and talked between the music. After the last set was done and the band signed off for the night I asked her what she wanted to do and she said she didn’t want to go home.

I called Miranda and she said why don’t you bring her home, let her stay the night here. I suggested her plan to Mary and she said sure. Once in the truck Mary asked about BDSM. I told her what it stood for and the basics of power control. She asked about pain and I told her that it could be part of the play but not if the participants didn’t want to. I told her that I actually enjoyed causing pain to those who enjoyed it.

She asked how could someone enjoy, especially sexually, pain. I told her it was or it wasn’t and that everyone had their own tastes and pain tolerance. I told her some people like to spank, others like edge or fire play and that there were thousands of ways to vary the delivery of stimulus. While I drove and talked, her hand had wandered to her inner thigh and was nudging her pubic mound, lightly grinding on herself.

When we got home the children were asleep and Miranda was sitting at the fire pit. As we joined Miranda I asked if anyone wanted a beer and got two yeah and brought them both beers. Miranda told Mary how beautiful she was in the light of the fire. Mary seemed taken back slightly but thanked her. Miranda told us a brief synopsis of her business trip and how she had no time at all to herself. I extracted the fact that she was horny from what the words not said.

The radio was on in the back ground and Mary having had a few beers got up and started dancing to the music swaying her hips and throwing her arms up. Miranda was right behind her, dancing along and they turned to each other and began dirty dancing with each other and then moved over in front of me. I sat there watching them dance and thought this evening is shaping up nicely. My dick was getting hard and the girls knew it and were playing on me, teasing me.

The song ended and a string of advertisements came on. Mary and Miranda grasped hands facing each other waiting for the music to start again and Mary dropped her arms still holding Miranda’s and pulled Miranda to her and kissed her full on the mouth. Miranda’s hands went behind Mary’s back and Miranda took an aggressive step into her, still kissing as the next song started.

They parted and began dancing separately again. This time though instead of teasing me, they began rubbing up against each other and touching intently focused on the sexual aspect. Miranda was the first to break up the dancing and sat down on a queen size bed that we keep for sleeping outside on hot summer nights. Mary sat back down next to me. I turned to Miranda and asked if she was up for some playtime.

To us that was the key to starting our master slave roles. Either of us could ask, but the other had to agree without pressure. Miranda said yes sir~ in that tone that let me know she was definitely ready for whatever I had in mind. I held Mary’s hand and asked her if she was ready to tell Miranda my loving dedicated wife what she, Mary, had done to me in the canoe. Mary looked slightly confused and embarrassed. I said now come on you don’t remember stripping naked and sucking my cock while floating downstream?

Mary looked to Miranda to judge her reaction, and Miranda held up her part of the game and said “you what?” in a tone trying to be convincing that she was upset, but as she saw Mary start to squirm and fidget, Miranda broke out laughing. I hugged Mary and asked if she’d like to be my slave for the night. She said yes without hesitation. I told her that because she was new to us that a safe word was needed and she thought for a second and said coat. I said ok coat it is and Miranda repeated coat.

I told Miranda to strip her clothes off to the music for Mary. She gave me a brief look as though she would have rather it been for me but complied. She got up and stood in front of Mary dancing and removing her clothes until she was completely naked. Now my Miranda was almost twenty years older that Mary, but she was in great shape. She worked out and kept herself in shape.

Many men lusted after Miranda without ever approaching her because she was so naturally beautiful. Miranda was five foot eight inches tall, a 34 D cup and had a round pear shaped ass that was inviting and parted at the top of her thighs a good four inches apart. She had blond hair when we met but was now almost a brunet. She shaved her pussy leaving a small landing strip of hair. She had breast fed all of our children and her breasts still kept their shape only sagging slightly.

To me it seemed to give her a real woman look, nothing fake or hidden. As Miranda took her panties off I told them to switch positions, and for Mary to strip for Miranda this time. Mary began moving as did Miranda. Miranda said yes sir as she sat down putting her knees together and pulling Mary on her lap for a lap dance. Mary played it up like a professional stripper. Even after she was completely naked she kept on dancing, grinding herself on Miranda’s lap in a reverse cowgirl.

Miranda play spanked Mary’s butt and raised her hips to meet the trusts from Mary. I went inside as the song was ending and told the girls to wait for me on the bed. I went in turned the radio down and checked on the children who were asleep. I pulled out a bottle of baby oil and headed back out. In the light of the fire and moon I could see Miranda kneeling between Mary’s legs licking her pussy.

As she saw me approach she said sorry Sir~ I couldn't resist her. I looked her over and said get your face back down and your ass up slut. She gave me that look, which I could tell that just my tone was enough to bring her close to orgasm. As she resumes eating Mary’s pussy I used my hand to spank her ass, alternating from one side to the other. I spanked her slightly harder than I normally would have considering how long it had been since her last spanking. Her butt was a nice glowing red now.

I watched as Mary raised and lowered her hips to match Miranda licking at her clit. I took my clothes off and began using the baby oil in the crack of Miranda’s ass. I lightly pushed the tip of my finger in her asshole. She wiggled slightly and I pushed my finger further in her. I pulled my finger out and put my cock up to her asshole teasing lightly poking at her asshole but not pushing in her.

Then as she maneuvered and pushed back to put my cock in her ass I moved my cock down and let myself slip into her sopping wet pussy. She lifted her head and said loudly “Jesus Christ” I leaned into her until my balls were at her pubic bone. I fucked her as fast and as deep as I could and immediately she, moaned loudly and within moments she shook and I felt her mini orgasm wave over her. I grabbed her up by the hair and told Mary to turn around so she could lick Miranda’s pussy at the same time, making them into a sixty nine position.

I never missed a stroke as Mary changed positions and as Mary’s mouth made contact with Miranda’s clit I began pummeling Miranda harder and deeper my balls hitting Mary in the face. It wasn't long before Miranda screamed that she was going to come and before she got the words out I felt her cunt grasping my cock milking it. I was close to coming myself, I could feel the tension building but I wasn't going to give it to Miranda.

I moved around between Mary’s legs and moved up in and Miranda lifted her head and took my cock in her mouth and sucked hard on it for a minute before I pulled back and guided Miranda into a sitting position squatting over Mary’s hungry mouth. I pulled Mary’s legs up by the knees and then pulled them apart holding her ankles. I slid in further and pushed my cock into Mary’s slick wet pussy.

I began a rhythmic pounding of her pussy as deep as I could go and back out. I kept a steady pace and leaned forward and sucked on Miranda’s nipple. As I felt Mary getting wetter and wetter I picked up the pace and Miranda took over holding Mary’s legs apart for me as I pistoned in and out of her. I knew I was close to my orgasm and when I felt Mary’s pussy clench my cock and felt her fluids leaking out, my cock twitched and I knew I was about to come.

I felt Mary’s orgasm begin to subside and I told her to stick her finger in Miranda’s asshole. As she did, Miranda and I came together looking in each other’s eyes as we had many times before but not quite like this. Mary began sputtering and spitting and coughing and Miranda moved off Mary and onto her side. Mary was drowning in Miranda’s come.

I guided her up and Miranda’s come was dripping out Mary’s nose as she sat up, and I led her over to face Miranda and they kissed. Licking and sucking each other’s tongues swapping Miranda’s come between them. I knelt beside them and they both took turns licking and sucking Mary and my come off my cock. We all collapsed on the bed and drifted off to sleep, Miranda on one side and Mary on the other.

As I began losing consciousness I heard Mary say, his cock is still hard, and Miranda say yeah isn't it great. That was the last thing I remember of that night. The next morning we all got up as we heard the children waking up inside and began finding our clothes.

Being Sunday morning we all got showers and dressed. I asked Mary if she would like to join us for breakfast in town. I had a tradition of celebrating my wife’s return when she’s been away with a meal out. Miranda turned to me and said “hmm, I think the way we celebrated last night would be a good tradition too honey” I about lost it laughing and Mary laughed right along with us.

The End Chapter One

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