Lori And Her Sister Make Four

Lori And Her Sister Make Four

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Lori And Her Sister Make Four

My wife answered the phone, talked for a minute, and then said, “Lori and her sister Judy are coming over. They ran out of booze. Lori actually asked me if they needed to get dressed up or if they could come as they were. Of course I told them to come as they were.”

About two minutes later there was a knock at our back door. I opened it and smiled wide as I invited them in.

Lori said, “Your wife said to come as we were.”

I was looking at two very attractive ladies in their late fifties. The best part was that they were both wearing baby doll nighties with matching panties. Lori was in pale pink and Judy was in pale yellow. Both ladies were barefoot. The baby dolls came to about their crotches and were tied only once just below their breasts, hence the panties were visible.

My wife came out of the kitchen, took one look at the ladies, and said, “I feel over dressed.”

Lori said, “Go change. We’ll keep your husband company.” She turned to me and asked, “Where are our drinks?”

I fixed them what they wanted and then my wife was behind me asking where her drink was. So I made another one. When I turned around to hand it to her I was amazed to see her in a baby doll nightie too. However, hers was transparent, light blue, and she was not wearing the matching panties. I love the short trimmed pubic hairs that she keeps, just to please me.

Lori looked at my wife and said, “Now I feel over dressed.”

I watched as both Lori and Judy removed their panties. They did it in a very sensual way.

Lori said, “It was only a mater of time anyway. Judy gets very frisky when she drinks.”

Judy replied, “So what! At least I’m single. You’re married and you get just as frisky as I do.”

My wife asked, “Does that mean that my husband stands a chance of having sex with both of you?”

Judy replied, “Chance hell, it’s a sure thing.”

Lori added, “If it is okay with you, that is.”

I said, “In a threesome.”

My wife replied, “Lori and her sister make four. I’m included too, you know.”

I said, “Oh wow! A foursome with three women.”

Lori giggled and said, “The only way my husband will be in a foursome with three women is on the golf course.”

Judy laughed and said, “You bitch, you just don’t want him to have as much fun as you have. Right?"”

Lori said, “That’s right!

My wife walked over to Lori and pulled the ribbon that held her top together, then she slipped it off from her. Judy turned toward my wife and let her pull her ribbon and slip her top off. Lori then removed my wife’s top and all three women were naked. They drank heavily and they got extremely sexual.

I had never thought that my cute, innocent looking neighbor was such a slut. She and her sister went into extreme detail about their sex lives. Judy would settle down with one guy for a few months until he got serious, then she would move out, and right into bed with the next man. Lori on the other hand kept her husband happy, actually she kept him very happy, and then she could make other men happy too. She claimed that she was looking for the perfect man…the one that could ring her bell. Oh my God, Lori had never had an orgasm from a man’s cock. Oh, she had had plenty of orgasms, just not from a man’s cock. She could get off with her own fingers, a man’s fingers, and even other women fingering her clit, just not with a man’s cock in her.

Just to prove her point she fingered herself to orgasm, then she let her sister give her another one. My wife took her turn and then it was my turn. I fingered her very sensitive clit until she had an orgasm but I just couldn’t quit there. I fingered her juicy hole while I chewed on her clit to give her another orgasm. Then I mounted her. I pulled her legs up under my armpits and sank my cock in as deeply as possible. I lowered her legs and straddled them, forcing them tightly together with my cock still inside her wonderful pussy. Apparently that was not a normal position for her. My cock rubbed her clit as I forced it into her and as I pulled it out, causing her a great deal of pleasure. Then it happened! Lori started to moan, she started to groan, and she started to thrash about under me. The three of us watched Lori gain tension sexually until she practically exploded. I was panting hard by then and I was thrusting into her like there was no tomorrow. Finally, I slammed into her one last time holding my cock into her as far as it would reach and started cumming. I shot two or three big gobs of cum deep into her pussy. That caused Lori to orgasm. I had succeeded where no man before had. She went rigid and she vibrated under me. I squirted the last few gobs of cum into her as she enjoyed her first ever orgasm from a man’s cock inside of her.

I felt proud of my accomplishment.

Lori opened her eyes and smiled at me. She said, “Oh my God, that was the best sex that I have ever had. You are my Prince Charming and the glass slipper fit.”

My wife and Lori’s sister could not believe that I had rung Lori’s bell, neither could I.

Lori pledged her undying love for me and offered herself to me whenever I wanted her.

My wife granted me a foursome with her, Lori, and Lori’s sister every two months. The funny thing was that my wife liked fooling around with the two women even more than I did. With their help I was able to give Lori an orgasm almost every time that we had sex together.

The End
Lori And Her Sister Make Four

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