Brandy Breaks the Work Dress Code

Brandy Breaks the Work Dress Code

Hi, I’m Brandy. I’m 28 yo Bi Sub, 5”4”, 115 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, 32C breasts with permanently erect nipples (have been my whole life), and a waxed pussy … yes, I got tired of shaving and waxed myself damn that hurts. I’ve been a Sub most my life although I didn’t know it for quite a while. I do prefer men, but I am now a very well trained obedient Sub and will do whatever I’m told to by a Dom or Femdom. If you’ve read my some of my other posts about my journey finding out who I am and what my needs are, I hope you enjoyed it; if not let me repeat a little of the intro. My OBGYN once asked me how often I liked to have sex and I told her at least 2 hours a day. She seemed to have misunderstood and asked how many days a week and when I said every day she paused, wrote something in my chart and told me I was “oversexed”. I asked if that was a problem and she said only if it interferes with your life. I almost laughed as it is my favorite part of my life and told her it wasn’t a problem. She didn’t ask any more questions, but I suspect she realized that explained the various marks and bruises in private areas of my body.

I have several Doms I see often and even now two Femdoms that I visit infrequently. But I like variety and my sexual appetite is almost insatiable so I need to see different people for different experiences. I am upfront with them and my Doms all know about the others. Everything in my life was fine until one of my Doms contracted COVID-19, so I had to quarantine for 10 days and get tested regularly; well guess what even though I had no symptoms I tested positive which means I had to remain in quarantine until I had 3 negative tests on three separate days. So if you’ve read my latest post “Brandy Returns to the Ranch” you’ll know I’m free again and have been making the rounds with all of my Doms and Femdoms to satisfy the pent up sexual desires from being quarantined so long. After writing about two of my Femdom experiences I realized that I really like being with girls almost as much as I do men, so I’ve spent a good deal of time with 3 of my Femdoms; one of which gave me a new extreme experience that I may write about in a later post.

I met one Dom right after I graduated college that was exceptionally strict. Another Fem Sub that I knew told me about him and said he was too strict for her, but she thought he would be a good fit for me. She was definitely right about that. He trained me very well, including training me to cum only on command which let me tell you is not a course I’d recommend to anyone not able to handle a lot of punishment over a long period of time. My Doms all know about this now and use it to ensure I cum when, and only when, they want me to. But this is not what this post is about. Now that I no longer need to post as an outlet for my needs, I’ve decided to do it occasionally just for fun. So this post is about how I can be very bad and tease men even though I am a Sub. Note that any names are made up but the story is true. Also, I’ve intentionally omitted all of our tattoos and piercings so that everyone I write about can remain anonymous.

I am very good at math and am very lucky to have a great job in a major company located in the Financial District of Manhattan, NYC. I live close enough that it’s just a reasonably short subway ride with no transfers to get from the station at the end of my block to one that is two blocks from where my office is. This post is about what I sometimes wear and do around the office; at least did do before they locked most of it down and now almost all of us are working from home indefinitely. But that’s OK because I can spend the time I used to use getting dressed for work and commuting to see more of my Doms.

The organization I work in is comprised of almost all men except for me and one other woman who has been there a long time. I made it clear in the very beginning when I started working there that I don’t date anyone that I work with and over time even though several asked me out anyway, they have come to accept that. Of course they don’t know why, but I certainly can’t have anyone I work with find out what I enjoy as a Sub since I know men talk about their sexual exploits and word would spread quickly leaving me with a huge problem to deal with. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t give them a little peak now and then at what they are missing out on.

I have two favorite ways of teasing the men in my office. First I have this very snug fitting navy dress that is low cut and comes down to just above my knee. When I wear this dress with a sheer bra, everyone can see my permanently erect nipples stand out and the curvature of by breasts. I pretend not to notice when they stare at me as I walk by. The second is more overt and really is over the top when it comes to even what I’d consider flirting. I have an emerald green dress that fits comfortably, but it only comes down to my mid-thigh. I wear a thong with this dress and when I know someone is watching I’ll find a reason to bend over to reach for a file or pretend I dropped something and reach to pick it up. When I bend over, my dress slides all the way up to the top of my butt, exposing my thong leaving very little to the imagination. Sometimes I even “accidently” slide the thong between the lips of my pussy first which leaves almost nothing to the imagination. Many times I’ve stood up and turned around to see a guy staring at me with a telltale bulge in his pants. They always turn and walk away quickly, but I really enjoy knowing that they want me and can only imagine what they are thinking they would do with me. Little did they know if I could I would have loved to be a Sub at work and let them all do whatever they wanted to me, but alas that would end my career forever.

Now don’t get me wrong, despite me being what I overheard one guy call a “cock tease”, I am very popular around the office. It’s not just that men find me very attractive; I’m also very sociable and outgoing. I almost always go out with them when invited to group events like lunch, dinner or after work drinks. I enjoy their company and they seem to jockey for position to try to get my attention and talk to me whenever we’re away from the office. Even in the office I’m respected as even though I’m just an associate I am a top performer and always do more than my share of work; plus willing to help others if they get backlogged. So what happened next came as a complete surprise to me.

One day my manager Frank called me in his office. Frank and I knew each other well; he was the one who hired me. Frank was always very nice to me, and he and his ex-wife even took me to a really nice dinner for my 25th birthday. Frank worked harder than all of us, almost always there before we got to work in the morning and also still there when that last person left; plus he would also often come in on weekends. He was clearly in line to make Partner soon and I know he had aspirations to become a Senior Partner. Unfortunately he left his wife alone too much and after more than 15 years of marriage she had multiple affairs and they wound up getting divorced. Frank asked me to sit down and held in his hand a single sheet of paper that he had removed from my Human Resources folder. He said, “Brandy I have received a complaint signed by several of your colleagues saying that you dress inappropriately and that this needs to stop”. I was stunned; I couldn’t believe they would have done this to me. I too had career aspirations; maybe not Senior Partner but I always received an outstanding performance rating and believed I could easily become a Partner some day. But this letter in my file would likely delay or even prevent that, so I needed to think fast.

I hatched an idea quickly, it was going to be a desperate move on my part but I was hoping if I moved quickly enough I could make this go away. I asked to see the letter and Frank told me I could not because it was confidential. I said to Frank “I’m sorry I offended anyone, but I didn’t know there was a dress code” to which Frank responded “well, there’s not a formal written dress code but according to what is in this letter you knowingly have been exposing yourself inappropriately to multiple people in our group.” So far this was going as planned, but the next step would be crucial. I said, “I want to issue a formal open apology to anyone I offended and I know exactly where it should be posted.” Frank replied “Brandy, that’s not necessary” but I had already stood up and opened the door saying “let me show you the spot I’d like to post it.” Frank hesitated but decided to humor me, put the letter down and got up to follow me. I led Frank all the way down the hall to the very back of the office and opened the door to a room with filing cabinets. I opened the door and Frank walked in first, after I entered I closed the door and quietly locked it behind me. I pointed to a long low two drawer filing cabinet and pointed over the top of it and said “look there, I think that’s the perfect spot”. Frank turned to look at it and when he did I quickly slid the sleeves of my dress and bra straps off my shoulders and pulled my dress and bra down fully exposing my breasts. Frank started to say “Brandy, I don’t understand why you think” but as he turned around he saw me standing there with my breasts exposed and lost track of what he was saying.

Frank said “Brandy, what are you doing ?!”, but by the time he finished that sentence I had already dropped to my knees and pinned him against the cabinet; quickly removing his belt then pulling his pants and boxers down to his ankles. By the time Frank realized what was happening I already had his cock in my mouth and was sucking on it while I stroked his shaft. Frank was a large man probably over 6 feet tall 220 lbs in his early 40’s, he had been an athlete in college many years before but he was still fairly solid and very strong. His cock matched the rest of him and although not huge was much larger than average and barely fit in my mouth. He grabbed my head and initially started to push me away but I suspect Frank hadn’t had sex since his divorce over a year ago and the pleasure was too much for him to make me stop. So he just held my head between his hands sighed deeply and let me suck on his cock, rubbing his shaft with both hands and flicking my tongue against the sensitive spot right under the head of his cock. Once Frank’s cock was fully erect in my mouth I took one hand and I slipped my panties off down to my knees then took his cock out of my mouth.

I stood up still holding his cock, slipped off my shoes and panties and turned him around. I sat on the file cabinet and spread my legs wide saying “I don’t think rules are meaningful if they don’t have consequences. I think you’re going to have to fuck me so that I understand why the dress code is so important” and with that I wrapped my legs around Frank pulling him toward me and guiding his cock into my wet pussy. Despite already being wet I had to pull hard to get his large cock inside my pussy and could feel it stretching me wide. Without saying a word Frank grabbed my waist and started to fuck me slowly at first and then as his cock became more lubricated with my juices he moved a little faster but clearly had learned a lot about how to fuck properly with his many years of experience. I stuffed my panties in my mouth to muffle my moaning so no one would hear me as Frank continued to stroke the inside of my pussy with his large cock. Frank’s cock was so large it pressed hard on my g-spot and the way he stroked it moving slowly back and forth made my body tremble with pleasure.

I took my panties out of my mouth and breathlessly said “if you think I need to orgasm just say ‘cum’, but if you don’t I will restrain myself”; then I stuffed my panties back in my mouth, leaned back and started moaning again. Frank just kept fucking me slow and steady for a several minutes, I wasn’t even sure he heard what I had said until he took his right hand off my waist and still holding me firmly with his left hand he pressed two fingers firmly on my clit and rubbed it fast. I moaned very loudly, the panties barely suppressing the sound as my body shook with pleasure. Finally Frank said “cum” and instantly my whole body went rigid and then began to convulse with an intense orgasm. Frank had paused fucking me, but continued to rub my clit fast and hard making me want to scream in ecstasy; instead I bit down hard on my panties and made a strange guttural sound that I had never done before. I suspected his ex-wife Joanne had taught him how to do this.

Frank waited until my orgasm subsided and putting his right hand back on my waist resumed fucking me slow and steady as he had before. My chest was heaving from cumming so hard and his cock was still stroking my g-spot sending little jolts of pleasure through my body. By fucking me slowly he was able to last a long time before I felt his pace pick up and began fucking me hard and fast. He was breathing fast and hard; I was sure he was going to cum any moment and hoped he would tell me to cum again, but instead he suddenly pulled his cock out of my pussy. I quickly realized I never told him it was OK for him to cum inside me, so I dropped to my knees, grabbed his cock, put it in my mouth and started sucking hard while I rubbed the shaft hard and fast. It took only seconds before I heard Frank cry out so loudly I was afraid someone would hear him and I felt the first shot of cum hit the back of my throat. I stopped sucking but squeezed his balls gently while squeezing and pulling the shaft of his cock each time he ejaculated; milking every drop I could get out of him. He came a lot and filled my mouth with that warm sticky and tasty fluid I loved so much. I slid his cock out of my mouth and looking up at him showed him my mouth full of his cum, then I closed my mouth and swallowed every drop and opened my mouth again to show him it was now empty. Frank was looking at me with a combination of intense pleasure and bewilderment; I suspect what I had just done was ruled off limits by ex-wifey Joanne and I had given him a new experience. Still I wasn’t done with him yet; I was still holding his cock and I ran both hands from the bottom to the top of the shaft squeezing tightly until the last trickle of cum dripped from the tip of his cock. I licked up that cum eagerly swallowing it and then licked his entire cock until it was clean from my pussy juices; then I dried his cock with my panties and removed my hands allowing it to hang in front of me.

I really wanted more; I wanted Frank to whip my butt with his belt until it burned and then fuck my pussy hard this time cumming inside me, but I knew I had pushed my luck as far as I could go and let Frank pull up his pants without saying anything. I sat on the file cabinet and spread my legs wide so Frank could get one good last look at my wet pussy which was now gaping open from his large cock; then I slid my damp panties on and slipped my shoes back on stood up and straightened my dress. I said “I think we should leave separately just so no one sees us together and he nodded”. Frank left first and I waited a couple of minutes using my fingers to straighten out my hair as I waited. I then left the room and went to Frank’s office, the door was open and I went in closing the door behind me and sat down.

Frank started to apologize saying “Brandy, I’m really sorry things got out of hand back there it’s just been so long since Joanne left and I”, but I cut him off and said “Frank, I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I thought we had a very productive and professional counseling session where you helped guide me in advancing my career. In fact, I’m sure that’s what it was and if anyone were to say differently I would strongly disagree”. Frank thanked me and said “about this letter, it was Norma who instigated this and I’m sure she pressured a few of the others to sign it”, then turned around and dropped it in the paper shredder next to his credenza saying “I’ve looked into it and I find it to be baseless, so I’m going to disregard it. Oh and you can wear whatever you want at work as long as you continue to perform your job s well as you have been”. Now it was my turn to thank Frank which I did, then asked “why do you think Norma would write that letter ?”; she was the only other woman in the office and I didn’t think I did anything to offend her. Frank explained Norma had been there much longer than me and I was clearly more talented than her, plus she was jealous of all of the attention the men paid to me and not her. I had never even considered that. I stood up and told Frank I was happy he was pleased with me.

I left Frank’s office and went back to my desk and tried to work, but I found it hard to concentrate thinking about Frank and all of the things we could have done in the right place and time. I did take it to heart that Norma felt threatened by me and asked her to have a drink with me the next night. We did go out and had a friendly chat over drinks; I made it a point to make sure whenever she was nearby and there were a group of guys around me to call her over and make her part of the conversation. Over time Norma and I became friends, so it all worked out in the end. And yes, I now have set of new outfits to wear to work to tease and drive my male colleagues to distraction; assuming we ever get to go back to work in the office again.

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