What a surprise2

What a surprise2

It was early Saturday morning and Steve and Angie were laying next to each other after a night of non-stop sex. Steve looked at his watch - it was 4am. Angie's was still sleeping but her naked body looked to good to go to waste. He slide under the blankets and opened her legs to lick her pussy. As his tongue was sliding in and out Angie made a little noise. Her pussy become wetter and he knew she was waking up.
She lifted herself up so he can slide under her pussy and started to feel for his cock to put in her mouth. Although she was still sleepy his cock tasted so good, she woke up sooner than what she expected. Steve just couldn't stop thrusting his tongue in and out of her juicy pussy. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH Steve don't stop!!!. He covered her pussy with his mouth to suck more juice. Angie had his cock in her throat and tasted the pre-cum as he was ready to come. Cum in my mouth Angie said and she sucked his cock harder. I am cumming he said as he felt the tension building in his cock. Angie sucked furiously and Steve shot the first load in her mouth. He was so horny that he couldn't stop cumming in her mouth. After the last load she sucked him dry to make sure nothing was left.

He rolled out under the blankets and kissed her tasting the salty cum on her cheeks. They fell asleep in each others arms and when they woke up it was about 9am. She kissed him goodmorning with her tongue firmly in his mouth. She rolled on top of him and slide his hard cock into her wet pussy. She was squatting and he could see his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. OOOHH Steve she said. Don't stop he said as she kissed him and sucked his tongue. I am cumming Steve. He could feel her body was shuddering and knew she had an orgasm. He started pumping harder and in no time he squirted a load into her pussy. She fell on top of him and said how much of this are we going to have. As long as your pussy is willing to take my cock I will be ready.

They talked about their sexlife and decided to have sex at least twice a day (at night and in the morning before they go to work) during the working week and five to eight times a day on weekends. Angie said I would like to suck your cock a lot so put on pants that will be easy to pull down. She said I would wear short skirts and sexy panties and sometimes no panties at all. He said I would wear short pants and boxers and sometimes no boxers. When we go for walks on the beach or in the bush we would fuck in public if no one is around. We will kiss wherever we are and he can always have his hand under her skirt whenever he wants.

She decided to tell him about her best friend who has no boyfriend. Her name was Julia. They knew each other a long time and shared a lot of secrets. She told Steve she told Julia about him and their wonderful sexlife. I told her how we made love, how we fuck all night, how you like to pick me up and turn me upside down to lick my pussy. Steve said I don't mind as long as you are cool with it. She might think I am a sex maniac he said. Would you mind fucking her Angie asked. If you don't mind I would do anything for you he said. She is coming to see me later this morning. I told her what to wear and what you like. Julia said she couldn't wait to meet you.

Half hour later there was a knock on the door. They just got out of bed and Steve was still in his boxers and Angie was in her short nighty. It was Julia. She wore a mini skirt with a t-shirt with no bra under it. She gave Angie a hug and as Steve came out of the bathroom they were still hugging. He could see her white panty as the skirt she wore was really short. This must be Steve she said and gave him a hug. He felt her boobs against his breast and his hand slide down to her butt.

She sat down on the barchair and crossed her legs. Angie was doing the dishes and Steve was standing next to her. He had his hand on her butt while facing Julia. His boxers was making a tent as he could see her pussy and her pussy hair. Angie turned around and saw what was happening behind her. Go over to her and fuck her she told Steve. Julia smiled and Steve walked over and started kissing her. He loved her well formed legs and lift it up while kissing her. She sucked his tongue while he pull down her panty. Are you going to throw me over your shoulders Julia asked because that was my main reason for coming. He picked her up and started to put his tongue in her pussy. He could taste the pussy juices as it was flowing freely. He basically ate her pussy as her lips slide in and out of his mouth. Angie came closer and she started licking Julia's butt. Julia was on fire as she didn't have sex for a long time. OOOOOH Steve keep on licking and sucking my pussy. He started to walk to the bedroom while Angie wanted to kiss him. On the bed he undressed her slowly and looked at her well formed boobs. He licked her boobs while Angie was opening her pussy on Julia's mouth. Julia sucked her pussy and Steve put his cock in Julia's pussy and started to pound it. Steve kissed Angie and pounded Julia's pussy at the same time.

After ten minutes of fucking, Julia was ablaze with lust and turned over to suck Steve's cock. Angie turned around and got her tongue into Julia's pussy. They were sucking and licking each other for about fifteen minutes. Steve could feel Julia's orgasims as she was sucking more furiously on his hard cock. He could feel he was cumming and warned her. Steve said I wanted to fuck your tits and she put his cock between her tits. Julia squeezed his cock with her tits and he knew it was only a matter of time. OOOOOOHHH I am cumming he said as he started squirting load after load in her face and on her tits. She was showerd with cum when Steve stopped but it was something she didn't mind for as she waited for something like this for a long time. The three of them just laid there in silence for a few minutes.

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