Over the road Trucking chapter 5

Over the road Trucking chapter 5

Jill and I arrived in Boise ID. around 5 am.
I fueled the truck and parked it. We went in and had a good breakfast.
She said" she wanted to have me for dessert but in the truck.
And it was anal day."
She told me she "wanted KD up her butt and me pounding her pussy."
I kind of laughed and said "you are going to stick KD up your ass? " ( KD being Kong Dong) This thing is 18 inches long and about 3 inches thick, a little bigger then a beer can,
"You betcha" she says.

I said to her, "You had a difficult time getting me in your butt, What makes you think you are going to get the monster up your butt?"
"Watch me" she said.
This little girl lubed up the kd and started to push it in her butt.
She got an inch inside her and her face had a grimace on it.I asked her did she still wanted it all inside her?
"Yes" was her reply, "can you help me with it."
And watching this taking place before my eyes was getting me hot and hard.
I put her legs up over my shoulders and lubed the kd up some more.
I put my hand on it and started to push it in more. She started to moan, groan, and grunt.I pulled it out just a little to lube it more and pushed it in more.
At this time she had a little less then half of it stuffed inside her sweet ass.
It was turning her on and her juices were starting to seep from her pussy.they were leaking down and coating the kd lubing it up more, making it easier to push it in her ass more."Oh that feels so good" she says as I start to twist it as I am pushing it in her ass.I start putting a finger in her pussy really slow at first and finding her G spot.It was swollen and as I touch it she lets out a loud moan, letting me know I have found her spot.
She is soaking wet with her juices as I add two more fingers inside her hot box.I start rubbing her clit with my thumb and stroking her with three fingers giving her long slow strokes.I can feel her pussy tightening up taking her over the edge to a powerful orgasm.
As she is getting off I push the KD in two more inches.This seems to get her to start gushing, pouring lots of sweet juice down on the killer dildo, making it nice and wet, pushing it in three more inches.Her sweet little ass is stretched open as wide as a beer can.

By this time she is panting heavy. She is on a non stop gush and is making all kinds of sounds.
I pushed the KD in as far as it would go. It stop with 2 inches to spare.
This little girl had 14 inches of this massive monster in her ass and was cumming to beat the band.I was still fingering her hot cunt and thumbing her clit. She was cumming like mad,panting like a dog in heat.

I now was slowly pushing my hand into her wet hot hole, I got it by the knuckles where the top of fingers meet the the hand. I pushed it into her and made it into a fist.
When I did this she let out a scream of pleasure and was really panting now.
With my other hand I was pulling and pushing the kd in her ass.
I got a rhythm going with my fist in her pussy and kd up her ass.
" Don't stop" is all she could say to me.
This was a site to see, this little girl taking this dong and fist fucking and wanted it not to stop. By this time I was hammering her hot holes, driving them in and out of her bringing her to another Big orgasm. She was pushing against them as I was pushing them into her.
" Keep going, pound the shit out of me" she kept telling me
"Fuck me raw Billy Boy"
I opened my hand deep inside her and was wiggling my fingers, touching all her hidden spots of pleasure.

"OMG" she screams, "Your fucking touching spots I've never had touched before !!!"
She was pouring juice from her hot little stretched wide open cunt. It flowing down onto the KD.
I started to twist my fist deep inside of her causing her to start shaking uncontrollably.
I pushed KD deep in her ass, as I'm pulling it out I push my fist deep in her cunt.
I had a good rhythm going, fucking this hot bitch with my fist and KD.

Back and forth, in and out I keep a steady pace and keep her flowing non - stop.

"It is time for your big cock in my ass Hun"
"Yes it is baby doll" as I pull KD out of her hot tight ass.
As I am pulling it out she is squeezing it trying to hold on to it, keeping it inside her longer.
"POP" and out it comes and her asshole is wide open like The Holland tunnel in NYC.

I positioned myself up to ass and never had to push my cock into her.
You could say it just "FELL IN".

As soon as it went into her she clamped down on my hard cock with vise grip muscles.
"I suckered you in on that one, didn't I ?"

"Yes you did you little bitch"
"Good now fuck me hard in both my hot holes".

I must say it was difficult to fist her pussy and fuck her ass at the same time.
But given the chance we make do if you know what I mean?

She still is dripping cum on to my cock lubing it up for the deep pounding she can take.

She reaches around me and sticks her index finger in my ass.
She is trying to keep stroking me like I am pounding her. She pulls out her finger and scoops some of her cum onto her fingers and stuffs three fingers into my ass.
She starts to rub my prostate and is making my balls tighten up.
I can feel myself getting ready for an ass blasting orgasm.

She clamps her ass as tight as she can and it sent me over the edge.
I blow a record setting load inside her ass and it was so intense My hand went to a big fist sending her off to a mind blowing, pussy gushing orgasm.
She is screaming as loud as I am from this mind blowing orgasm.
She is pushing her fingers into me faster and making me cum with laser cutting force.
Jet after Jet of cum blasts her insides, her pussy keeps soaking us both, I keep blasting her with baby batter.
Her ass hole is milking my cock for every drop of cum it can get out of me.

I start to go soft and fall out of her hot wet cum dripping asshole.
I collapse on the bunk, my fist still inside her, she keeps fucking my arm and cums again and drops next to me into a heap of shaking cum soaked woman.

"I have been waiting for anal day Hun"
"That was the best ass fucking and pussy ramming I have ever had"

"I am glad I found you in that truck stop," she said.

"Who knew I could get lucky and bag a sex stud like you?"

"Hell baby doll, Who would have thought I could have landed a horny little bitch like you and drive all over the country and fuck my brains out 24 / 7.

We took a nap and woke up and started to head for my final delivery point.

On the way she wants to go back to flagstaff and spend a couple days fucking and seeing the sites.
After we drop this load I planned to return to Flagstaff, rent a car and go see the grand canyon.

"Can we fuck in public, I want you to fuck my brains out on top of a cliff, can we, can we?"

"Yes baby doll we can."

chapter 6

We woke at 8 am sunday morning had breakfast and drove the last 250 or so miles. We were going west on I 84 / 30, following the hood river.
It was a really nice view mountains to the left, mountains to the right a very wild river and trees trees trees.

This was the best part about trucking, you got to see the beautiful country we live in.I myself always tell my travel agent to send me north in the summer and south in the winter.

Our last stop before monday morning was Jubitz truck stop on I 5 Portland Oregon.
If we get there by 2 pm we can have 18 hours of rest before am delivery.
She said REST?

Well more time to play I said, that brought a smile to her lovely face.

We got there around 215 pm fuel up the truck and found a spot that had shade and was close enough to the resturant.

We went in and got lunch and got one or two things to snack on and keep us from getting hungry during our workout.

Back in the truck we go, she hops in back ready to go, I told her I have 30 minutes of paperwork first then we can go at it.She gave me that bratty look not getting me into the back for action.

I explained to her this was part of the job and it does not get done with us fucking our brains out. Besides we have until 6 am tomorrow to kill ourselves.
Am I to much for you old man she says? Not at all my little sex kitten, in fact I have a new toy I am going to use on you today, You better get ready for it.
Really, Really, What ya got she says?

Go back there and get yourself relaxed and ready and as soon as I'm done I will get it for you.

I have a Sybian for girls under the bunk. Little does she know or for that matter has ever seen before that it is a fucking machine.

I finished up my paper work and said to her I need to lift up the bunk and get your toy. Her eyes were wide as truck tires.
There she was standing there bare assed and wide eyed and I picked up this 4 ft long box.

What the fuck is in there she says?
This is your toy doll. Toy? That looks like a store full of toys. Well it is, sought of. It is many toys in one.

I opened the box and pulled out the killer. For all those who don't know what a Sybian is it is a toy for women, they sit on it and sit on a rubber dildo that humps them, turns in them and fucking vibrates their pussys to exploding orgasms.I have yet to meet a woman in this world who hates this toy.

She asked me what the hell is this?
I explained to her it is a Sybian toy for women. If you look at it I'm sure you can see what it is for and what it can do to you.Oh my God she says, Mouth wide open, jaw on the carpet. You want me to sit on that and then what?

Climb on I said to her and take it for a rest drive.
Now Past women who I have had used this want one for their very own.
I told her that this is the remote and she has the control of it. Lube yourself good doll because once you get going you are not going to want to stop. I knew better after I said it, Once she hit the on button her juices were going to flow out of her like the big spillways at hoover dam.

I went out and started the generator only because the truck stop does not have the electric outlets at each parking spot, like the other stops do. The others have broadband wireless cable and electric outlets at each parking spot. Trucking has come a long way over the years and made it more comfortable for the drivers.
You pay a small fee and you can hook up your own litte AC machine to keep your truck as cold as a reefer. It gets mighty hot in these lots during the summer and you save fuel by not running your truck and burning fuel up to stay cool.
However this generator was put on the truck by my company when the fuel was almost 4 dollars a gallon.

Well I climb back in the truck and she is sitting on the killer. I told her she can go when she is ready. Well she turned it on and the face she made was the priceless.
I told her when she gets used to it she can turn the speed up to increase the pleasure.
Now I had one woman use it one day and she thought she was going to go full blast on it, little did she know that this thing is one mean fucking machine. My favorite line is Slow, Medium and who needs a man.

More men should buy one for their women and enjoy what it does for and to them.

Well Jill turns it up a little more and when she does her face gets contorted and she smiles at the feeling and what it is doing to her. Now this thing will drive in and out of her pussy at 300 strokes a min. and turns at the same time and vibrates like a concrete vibrater you know the kind concrete contractors use to get the bubbles out of fresh poured concrete.

I figured by letting her use this it would give me a small break and wear her out a little. Besides when she fucks herself to death with it she might want to stay with me and do another trip with me.
Either way I will let her have fun for now.

She turns it up to 30 % and is starting to drip juice from her pussy, it is taking her to places she never knew were out there. She is riding this thing like a horse, only this thing is riding her.It is stroking her at 30 strokes and turning inside her and really making her flow. it is the worlds best and fastest vibrator.
Up it goes to 35%.
Her eyes are closed and she is wimpering and making all kinds of sounds I never knew she could make. This thing is fucking the juice out of her. At this rate I'm going to have to give her gatorade to keep hydrated.
Up it goes to 40 %. How many times have you gotten off so far I ask her, Oh my oh maybe 10 times so far.
It was hard for to to talk and you could tell it was hitting all her spots and then some.
Watching her got me as hard as a blue steel bar. Now I was going to get in back of her and stick my cock up her ass and ride her at the same time.

She was so wet I didn't need to lube her up, I slipped right into her and what a feeling this gave me.I could feel the thing stroking her, and it turning inside of her and the vibes were intense. She was going up and down on me and the dong and I reached and grabbed the remote and turned it to 50%.
She cried out and it took her over the edge again. Her juices are gushing out of her as this thing keeps up a steady pace. It never stops, it just keeps on going, never tirers and you don't need to feed it.

It was getting me close to the point of no return, I can only imagine what it is doing to her. Up to 60 % I turn it.She is humping this thing and me like a wild female dog in heat. She is slamming up and down with force and pouring pussy juice all over the place. Up to 70 % I turn it. This is not even half way yet and I know she is going to explode and fall off of it. I grab her around her waist to make sure she can't get away and turn it up to 80 %

She starts to cry out, it starts to get more intense and bring her over the edge every min.She is having an orgasm every 30 seconds and it is climbing too 4 a minute.

I myself know I'm ready to go off real soon and turn it up to 100%
She is screaming now and gushing like a waterfall, I blow a load in her and it keeps going, drawing all the baby batter out of me. I keep cumming and cumming and cumming.

Stop it, Stop it please she begging me. I turn it up to full and turn it down to zero.That last blast made her jump up and off me and the machine. She landed on the bunk and was shaking like she was cold, only I knew I just short circuited this horny little bitch.
She was shaking for a good 10 minutes before she could ever speak a word.

Holy fuck she says, That thing is a fucking killer.
Yup is all I said.

Her pussy was still drooling out her tasty nectar long after she was starting to calm down. Why did you wait until now to bring that thing out she asked me. I told her I needed a break and it was a good time as any to introduce her to it.

Are you trying to replace yourself she says, No I said to her I am only giving you a great fucking time on this trip.
After all You must know by now I want you to stay with me and continue this fun trip.

Well I'm Glad you want me to stay with you, I was going to ask you if I could or not.
I really am glad You took me with you, the truth is a left my Boyfriend and wanted to get as far away as I could. He was mean and only thought one way, HIS!!!
Meeting you at the truck stop was the best thing that could have happened to me. You are a really nice man and I would be honered to stay with you and keep going on this trip.

Ok I said and are you glad I showed you this toy? Hint Hint.
She said I wanted to stay with you from the start. Now I really want to stay with this toy here now that you showed it to me. She was giving me that Bratty look again.

Ahhhh I said it was the toy that changed your mind, NO SILLY it was you, OK OK I understand and are you ready for another go round yet?

No I would rather we had fun now, I will use it again after I fuck you to death she said, Well I looked at her and said Game on little girl, I guess my rest break is over.
I picked her up and she wraps her little legs around me and we are off to the races again.

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