New Family Secrets V

New Family Secrets V

Sorry it's been so long but I'm back now... Enjoy

New Family Secrets V

I lifted my head in time to see these two beautiful women crawling up on either side of me. Misty on my left and Kara on my right, as they leaned across me to kiss each other hungrily. I reached up and took Misty's breast in one hand and Kara's in my other and tried to suck the nipples of both into my mouth at once, licking and kissing around and on both nipples. Misty reached down and started rubbing my balls while Kara started rubbing my now re-hardening cock. Kara straddled me and slid down my cock as Misty surprised me by sticking her sticky pussy on my face. Initially I didn't want to taste my own cum but I didn't have much choice with her grinding her pussy all over my mouth. I licked my lips and was surprised at the taste on my tongue tangy and salty. I dove right in lapping up every last drop of our juices which was add to as her pussy convulsed and I was sprayed in the face with more sweet pussy juice. At almost the exact same time we heard Kara's screams of pleasure as she came violently on my dick.

The last spasms of Kara's pussy pushed me over the edge again “I’m cumming” I yelled as my cum splattered the still trembling walls of her hot love tunnel. Just as we started to come down from our sex high we heard the garage door open “oh shit it's Kevin and Kyle, get dressed hurry” Misty said in a hushed horrified tone. Misty was the first to be dressed but as I picked up my pants Kara grabbed my hand and pulled me into the closet to the hidden hallway. Both of us were naked holding our clothes as we pressed into the small space she stopped and turned grabbing hold of my dick which had gotten hard in all the excitement. She dropped to her knees and swallowed my cock in one gulp. “Not here they will hear us, and I can't even shut the door” I said in a whisper. She popped my dick out of her mouth and whispered to me with a devilish grin that we had to be quiet then.

We could hear Kyle come in the room and tell his mother all about his day at the park. The whole time Kara kept sucking my cock. She stopped sucking and let my dick fall out of her mouth. She turned around and bent over slightly, so I went to slide my cock in her pussy but she stopped me and lowered her ass so my prick lined up with her asshole. She started to push back on it until the swollen head of my cock slipped into her tight back entrance. I let out a slight moan and shoved my cock the rest of the way in her tight ass. I jack hammered her ass for all I was worth as she rubbed her clit with one hand and slid two fingers into her pussy with the other. The feeling of her fingers moving in and out of her pussy with my dick in her ass was amazing. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and whispered into her ear “I'm gonna pull out of your ass and your gonna suck me until I cum on your face.” She just nodded her head yes as I slammed my cock all the way into her ass then pulled all the way out. Kara spun around and dropped to her knees as I roughly stuck my dick in her mouth she gagged a little, but I just kept fucking her face hard. When I felt my balls tighten I pulled out and slowly jerked my cock until I fired spurt after boiling spurt of cum all over her face and hair. One shot caught her right in the eye she went to wipe it away and I told her to leave it there.

We walked to the stairs and finally got to my room where I told her to sit down as I picked up my phone and took a couple good pictures of her face. She jumped in the shower then we both got dressed and headed for the kitchen because we had worked up an appetite. We ran into Kevin on our way and he walked with us to the kitchen. Misty was already there making dinner, Kyle was sitting at the table staring off into space as he sometimes did. “Whats for dinner mom” Kevin asked as he poured a glass of orange juice. She told us we were having spaghetti and it would be ready in a few minutes. After dinner Kevin took Kyle for his bath and the three of us sat around the table talking. “So... does Kevin or uncle Derrick Know about you two and your fun time?” I asked once I knew the coast was clear.

Misty told me that they didn't know anything and she wanted it to stay that way. Me and Kara both agreed with big smiles on our faces. About an hour later Kevin came into the family room where we were sitting and talking. “How about a movie guys” Kevin asked as he walked in we all agreed and he picked out a horror movie. I was sitting next to Kara on the couch and Misty sat down on the other side of me as Kevin laid down on the floor after turning off the light. Misty said she was getting chilly and asked Kara to grab a blanket. Kara said okay as a smile spread across her face I knew they were up to something. A few seconds later Kara walked back in with a large blanket and spread it across all of our laps as the movie started. Three scenes into the movie I felt misty moving around when she stopped she grabbed my hand sliding it under the blanket and up her now naked leg to her wet pussy. I slid two fingers into her while Kara reached into the waistband of my shorts stroking my cock. They both seemed to get excited about doing this without Kevin Knowing.

My cock was throbbing in Kara's hand when misty clinched her legs together around my hand and started cumming on my hand. Kara laid her head in my lap like she had fallen asleep facing me she pulled my dick out of my shorts and started sucking me hard. While she was mouthing my cock Kevin got up and turned to walk to the bathroom. Hearing him move she held my cock in her mouth motionless. He just walked right by not noticing my dick in her mouth in the dark room. Once he was out of the room she returned to sucking my dick as Misty started rubbing my balls. She pushed down on Kara's head with her other hand forcing my cock down her daughters throat. When the head of my dick was squeezed by her throat I came hard down her throat as she swallowed my cum. We heard Kevin coming back as Kara put my dick back in my shorts still laying on my lap. After the movie ended we all went to bed saying our good nights.

The next morning at breakfast Kevin asked me if I wanted to go play football with him and some friends. I told him I would and Kara asked if her and a couple of her friends could come watch the game. Kevin said it was fine, I went to my room and put on some shorts an old eagles jersey and pulled on my shoes and I was good to go. We met Kara at the Car and set off to pick up her two friends Jennifer and Kayla.

The first stop was Jennifer's house a big two story house with a wrap around porch. When we pulled up the door was open and she walked out to the car. Jenifer is about 5'6” white with Straight shoulder length blonde hair, with a nice plump ass that filled out her volleyball shorts nicely, And big ultra firm tits. She got in next to Kara in the back seat. Kara introduced us and told Jennifer that I was her cousin “but he's white” Jennifer blurted out. Kara told her how our mothers had different fathers that my mom's dad was white and Misty's dad was black.

Kevin and I just laughed at how confused Jennifer was apparently she wasn't the brightest person. We stopped at an apartment building and Kara Called Kayla and told her we were there to pick her up. My jaw dropped and my cock jumped up when I saw her the first time. Kayla is 5'5” mixed Black and Asian with jet black hair down past her shoulders, slender frame, with average sized perfect tits, a small bubble butt and the prettiest face I've ever seen. She got in the car and Kara made the introductions and Jennifer informed her of why I was white and my cousins were mixed.

Finally we got to where we were going which turned out to be the football stadium of the high school I would be attending starting the next day. We got out and headed through the stadium to the field where there were ten other guys standing around talking or throwing footballs around. “Finally what took you so long fucker” said one of the guys to Kevin. He apologized then told him that we had to stop and pick up the girls. He introduced me to the guys and the one who asked him what took so long was Curtis. “ the name's Curtis but everyone calls me Curt” said the 6'7” monster of a man who was a junior defensive lineman for the high school football team. Most of the guys there were either on the team or going to try out this year. “so do you play ball Ryan” Curt asked. I told him that I played linebacker for my old team. “oh shit looks like we found your replacement captain, your on my team” he said. “ What you don't want to be on my team” Kevin asked Curt said he wanted to see how good I was. Standing at 5'11 weighing about 210lbs I am in good shape.

Well the game went as games go we played til almost dark. From time to time I would steal glances at the girls. One time Kara blew me a kiss which shocked me and I heard one of the other guys say that he thought she liked him so I relaxed. At one point I thought I saw Kara rubbing Kayla's ass but I knew that couldn't be what I saw. When we got to the house Misty was there she asked how the game was. “Ryan did very good he impressed me and the guys” Kevin replied “yeah he made the other team look bad” Kara said with a smile. “Okay...okay hit the showers boys dinner will be ready shortly” Misty said.

When we all met back at the kitchen Uncle Derrick was there, he was home early from his trip. I thought to myself well there goes my fun for tonight. During dinner Misty told Derrick she was taking me and Kara shopping for clothes for school. Since school started tomorrow I needed new clothes. After dinner the three of us went to the mall to go clothes shopping which turned into so much more...

To Be Continued...

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