Amber's Revenge

Amber's Revenge

CAW # * Entry

This is a story of revenge and pain. This is a story of love and affection. This is a story of satisfaction and people getting their come comeuppance.

My girlfriend Amber and I were members of a sex club. We both enjoyed going and participating in most of the activities at the club, but she refused to have sex with other women. She enjoyed watching other women in the club, get fucked and she even enjoyed watching other women fuck each other, but she was never able to eat pussy herself. I was puzzled by this, and asked her why. She explained that her mother was a lesbian. Her mother Pam and her girlfriend Cheryl used to force her and her sister Jade to have sex with them from an early age. She hated to do it, and fought with her mom constantly, and was considered the black sheep of the family, while her little sister got away with murder. Her mother had basically disowned her at this point, refusing to help with anything, not even financial aid for collage. This really pissed me off because besides being totally fucking hot, 5'7 , 122lbs, perky natural pierced 36 dd breasts, taut round ass, she was damn close to being a genius. She had been going to collage for her chemistry degree, but had been cut off, once she began to date me.

I felt possibly responsible for this, and was helping her pay for collage. I own my own company and had the money. I told her I hated to see her waste her brains, and refused to let her pay me back, even though she often told me she would. She always asked me what she could do, to pay me back, but I always told her I did it out of love. One day feeling mischievous she asked what she could do, and I told her I wanted to watch her in an all female gang bang with the 10 other women in our sex group

"Isn't there anything else I can do", she says sighing exasperatedly.

Everyone, in our group wants to see it, I reply, besides I'm going to make it worth your while.

I can't think of anything you could offer, that would make me change my mind, she say shaking her head.

Just come to our club tonight, I say chuckling, and I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.

OK, Ty, I'll come, but I don't think your going to change my mind, she replies and then kisses me and heads off to class.

I laugh to myself as I pick up the phone, and make the calls to set up tonight. I had set things in motion a few months ago, with the members of our club all agreeing to help me with this project. We had been a club for almost 10 years now, and even though Amber had only been with us for the past two, everyone liked her and thought she deserved and chance for payback.

I had set it up for her to get revenge ,for how she had been treated by her family. This was not only going to be fun, but also it would prove how much we all cared about her happiness. I sent two of our sexiest female members to her mothers house, they had been “undercover” for almost two months now. Tonya is an absolute stunning blonde. 5'9, blonde hair to the middle of her back, long well toned legs and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of, 42 dd breasts that drew the eye of every man and woman that she came into contact with.

Kita is a 5'4 Latino spitfire. Long silky, jet black hair. Emerald green eyes. 30 b, breasts that were always perky, and as near a perfect ass, as is humanly possible.

They had approached and befriended all 3 of Amber's tormentors, and had been having a sex club of their own at their house. The girls had been talking up our sex club as a Girls Only Club. They had finally convinced the three women to come for an initiation, into the club, and that had set things in motion.

I knew from Tonya and Kita that Jade was a virgin, never having anything thicker than two or three fingers in her pussy, and that the two older women also only used fingers. I smiled deviously as Kita told me this, thinking of how tight those pussies would be. I even made what we were going to do completely legal, buy having all three sign waiver forms, stating that they agreed to go through with anything that was required to complete the initiation. The entire club had a good laugh as Tonya handed over the signed forms. I don't know what images crept into the minds, of the other club members, but I just sighed as I thought of sinking my long fat cock , into Jade's virgin hole, watching it rip apart at the seems as her sister's had the first time we had fucked. We had set a large up as a dungeon and I know we all looked forward to tormenting and torturing these three cunts, who had fucked with one of our own.

Amber had class till about 7 that night, so Kita went and picked the Guests of Honor, at 5:30. No one else had arrived yet, she made them strip, and put them into a cooler for an hour and a half, till Amber got there. I arrived right at 7 , and peeked in and watched them shiver, nipples so hard the must hurt and then ushered Amber into our meeting room once she arrived shortly after . Once everyone had gotten their first drink, and sat down, I started the festivities.

Amber, everyone here loves you, and we are going to help you get over your fear of intimacy with other women, I announce as I stand up.

We want to show you how much we like you, Kita say walking over to Amber and stroking her hair. I know Amber thinks Kita is sexy, she has told me this before. We all have a present for you, she says handing the signed forms too Amber.

Amber does a double take as she looks at the papers.

I don't know what this means, Amber says stuttering slightly, What do you guys have planed.

Well in exchange for you opening up to us, Kita whispers into her ear, We are going to punish those three cunts that made you feel ashamed of being with a women.

Don't worry Hun, I've been where you are right now, Tonya says kneeling down in front of Amber, It will be one of the best experiences of your life.

You were molested like me, Amber asks with tears beginning to fall on and from her lovely long lashes.
Yes, Tonya replies lifting Amber's chin with her pointer finger looking deeply into her eyes, By men and women. I was a wreck afraid to let anyone get close, but then I found that hunk of man over there, she says pointing to Ryan, and he freed me, and taught me not to be ashamed or afraid of what I wanted. You will feel so much more free, if you can overcome this roadblock, she says then lightly kisses Amber's lips.

We won't force you, I say walking over to her, we want to make it a trade. We help you punish those three bitches, and you give yourself to your friends here, I say sweeping my hand around the room to encompass every member of our club.

You, You, Amber sputters standing up and hugging me close, and bursting into tears, you always say and do the right thing the don't you. How can I possibly say no to this, Amber says speaking a little louder so everyone can hear her, I love each and every one of you guys, I can't believe you guys would be willing to do this for me. You have no idea, she pauses as she breaks down a moment the gathers herself, What this means to me. I have dreamt of getting revenge on them, for years , but couldn't figure a way to do it. Thank you , thank you all so much, she says then kisses me fiercely. So what do you have planned.

As I explain what we have in store for her family, the rest of the group puts the finishing touches on the nights events.

I can never pay you back for this. Amber leans into me and whispers into my grabbing my cock and squeezing it at the same time, but I'll find a way.

Seeing you happy and fully able to enjoy life, I reply, Is all the repayment I need. Let's get started , I say wrapping my arm around her waist and guiding her into the dungeon room.

Kita, Tonya, and Layla walk into the cooler and prepare our guests. They handcuff the three with their hands behind their backs. They attach choker collars and leashes, and the force they women onto their hands and knees. Then they walk them out into the dungeon, like the bitches they are. All three start to protest when they see the assembled crowd includes men and women. They are pulled into a kneeling position, and begin to yell as Amber and I walk into the room.

You fucking little bitch, Pam begins but is cut off by a head rocking slap from Tonya.

Shut up you fucking cunt, you'll not speak unless spoken to, do you understand, Tonya asks pulling on the choker.

Fuck....Pam tries to reply, but is floored with a backhand shot.

I walk over to the three of them and pull out my Desert Eagle 50 caliber hand gun. You three are going to pay for what you put her through, I say waving the gun before their bugged out eyes, and pointing over to where Amber is standing. Now there is a fast way, I yell placing the barrel of the gun against Jade's temple and watch her begin to cry. There is also a way to survive this, and that is to shut the fuck up, take your punishment, and co-operate, is that understood, I say as cock the slide on the gun and place back against Jade's temple.
Yes, they mumble in unison.

Yes what, I yell.

They glance at each other looking confused, and then recoil from three simultaneous slaps to the face.

The first rule of our lesson is when answering a question, you will reply with a yes sir or yes ma'am, Do you understand , I yell into Cheryl's face and watch her cringe.

Yes, sir the yell in unison.

Rule number two is you will do anything and everything you are told to do, is that understood?

Yes sir, Cheryl and Jade answer together while Pam shakes her head no.

Tonya steps behind Pam pulls the choker tight and punches her in the back of the head. Pam falls face first onto the floor and pulls at the collar tightening around her throat. I nod at Tonya, and she lets Pam breath, pulling her back to her knees by her hair.

Is that understood, I say glaring at Pam.

Yes...she gasps and gets punched again , Yes sir, she manages to get out huffing and puffing.

You stand accused of tormenting Amber for most of her life. You will be punished, your account of events do not matter, all three of you are lying cunts, say it I yell them.

We are all lying cunts,sir.

You will each be punished according to Amber's desires, no questions asked. If she wants to see it, she will see it. Amber, how many years have these bitches tormented you?

Pam and Cheryl have been doing it since I was 11 so ten years, Jade has been doing it only for the past couple of years.

Do any of you dispute this, I ask looking down the row of the three of them.

That little bitch..., Pam begins to yell and the has it choked off as Tonya pulls her choker tight. She claws at the collar, and starts to turn read in the face, Tonya releases it when I nod at her.

You will not be the one to be shot, I say walking toward them kneeling next to Jade's and caressing her check with the gun, I'll shot her first, then her, I say pointing the gun at Cheryl, then starve you to death, which takes about 4 or 5 weeks from what I hear. Do you understand me you fucking stupid cunt, I yell into her ear.

Yes sir, she replies gasping for breathe.

Bring her over here and hook her up Tonya, I say grinning wickedly at her.
Tonya and Ryan uncuff Pam and hook her arms into the rig, so that her arms are raised above her head, then re-cuff her her wrists, and raise the apparatus so that her toes barely brush the floor. Her leash is thrown over a board, to give it more leverage. She is not bad looking for a woman of 45. Short blond hair, her large tits are just beginning to sag slightly, she has a little wear and tear on her, but she is remarkably taught for a woman her age. She glares at me as I walk over and pick up a thin dial rod and hand it to Tony.

I'm going to go over your list of offenses, you will answer yes sir after each offense, and then the members of our jury will decide you punishment, I say waving an all encompassing hand around the room again. After your punishment you will beg Amber for forgiveness, if she forgives you we will move onto the next charge in the list, if not the punishment will be repeated until Amber feels you are sincere in your apology. Do you understand the system here?

Pam just glares at me until she feels the choker tighten around her throat and then screams, YES SIR.

Good, I say as I walk over and slap her left breast as hard as I can, and grin as she winces.

I want to do this myself, Amber says walking over to Tonya and taking the dial rod out of her hand. I've been waiting for payback for years you fucking cunt, she yells at her mother then slaps her across the face with all her strength.

Please stop...Pam tries to get out, but is silenced with another slap, and watches Amber smile at her as blood begins to trickle from her nose.

You are accused of forcing Amber to participate with you and your lover at the age of eleven.

Yes sir, Pam replies hanging her head.

Punishment jury, I inquire looking around the room.

They all huddle for a moment, and then reply Four face slaps from every woman here.

Amber steps in front of her mother and slaps the crap out of her four times rocking her head side side. Tonya, Kita, Peg, Layla, Sloan, Steph, Erica, Monica, and Rene all taking their turn, and step away with Pam hang her head barely looking conscious. Amber grabs two alligator clips as she lays the rod down on the table, and clamps them onto Pam's nipples, making her come fully awake, again.

I'm sorry, Pam says reluctantly.

I'm not satisfied, Amber yells and begins to slap Pam again after pulling the clips from her nipples.

All the women take their turn once again and Pam hangs limply from her wrists. Amber clamps her nipples again, and Pam shrieks in pain and lifts her head squinting at Amber from her nearly closed left eye.

I'm sorry, I have felt...gah..gah.. she finishes as Amber pulls on the leash behind her.

When I let this go , you better make me feel it, Amber screams at her mother and tugs a little harder on the leash.

I'm so sorry, I should have never done that, I beg you to forgive me, Pam spits out as blood flows down from her nose onto her tits.

Most of us men are getting turned on by this. I see Ryan, James, Randy, Dan, sporting wood, and chuckle to myself. I knew this would be good, Amber s a nice as nice can be, but don't piss her off.

I stand up my 14 inch cock straining to bust out of my jeans. Amber smiles at me knowing I'm getting horny since with both enjoy BDSM, nothing this harsh though.

You are accused of being a bad mother, I say to the room, punishment?

They huddle up again and speak amongst themselves for a few moments. Piercings Kita says with a smile walking to the table. She and Sloan each grab one of Pam's legs and chain them to the floor, so that she is almost doing a split. Amber pulls a needle from the table and watches as Sloan begins to suck her mother's right nipple to get it hard. Rene picks up a pair of pliers from the table, and then grabs Pam's nipple once it get hard, and Sloan begins to work the other nipple. Amber jams the needle through her nipple, and laughs as her mother yells. Sloan begins to suckle Pam's clit feeling it grow hard in her mouth, and feels her body jerk, as Amber spears Pam's left nipple. Rene kneels down and clamps Pam's clit between the pliers arms, and winces as she watches Amber impale her mother's clitoris with two needles. Pam screams in agony, and then goes limp as she passes out.

Amber, please stop this, your going to kill her, Cheryl pleads.

Amber walks over to her and kicks her lightly in the face, knocking her onto her side. I want to kill all you fucking cunts, Amber replies kicking her in the stomach repeatedly, I hate...all of you...

Amber, I say as I run over and grab her to stop her from kicking Cheryl again, let her wait her turn. Don't rush it, enjoy it savor it. Amber turns and hugs me tightly, I can feel her shaking, with anger.

They won't get their first beatings yet, but let's give these two cunts some fun too, Amber says thinking to her self for a minute. Put Jade in the fellatio chair. The fellatio chair is a hard wooden chair where the slave arms are cuffed behind the back to their ankles o that their pussy is pressed into the hard surface. Then a a spreader is place in the slave's mouth so they can't close it. The chair can the be moved into a variety of positions, while the slave is face fucked. Jade struggle as she is being strapped into the chair and Monica pinches her nipples till she screams and goes limp realizing that it is a futile attempt.

Your going to suck and swallow every cock in this room, you little bitch, Amber says to her sister slapping her face lightly, and just remember breath through your noes. And you Cheryl your going to take every one of theses cocks up your tight little stuck up ass, you act like there is a stick up there anyway so where going to stick one up there.

We bend Cheryl over a saw horse, we have set on an height adjustable platform. After her wrists are handcuffed to her ankles, we tie her legs together tightly at the knees and then again at the mid thighs, to make her ass so much tighter. James strips of his clothes and positions himself behind Cheryl as Peg shoves an enema bag full of oil into her ass. James has a decent sized cock, 10 inches by about 5 around. He rubs his cock around Cheryl's ass and thighs, to oil it up. Cheryl screams in agony as he rams his cock into her tight asshole.

Don't cum up there, cum in the dumpster over there, Amber says pointing to her sister in the chair.

Amber sticks smelling salts under her mother's nose as the rest of the member's begin to strip. I'm positive everyone is thinking what fun this will be.

How do you like that big cock your ass bitch, Kita asks Cheryl pulling up her head and looking int her face, and laughing as Cheryl closes her eyes trying to block the pain. I can see the tears streaming down her cheeks and laugh at her. I watch Jame's pound her ass until I notice Pam is awake again.

You are accused of treating Amber as less than your daughter, punishment, I say to the room.

They huddle together once again , this time we agree to put her in the breast stockade. This device is designed to hold the breast very tightly near their base, leaving most of the breast hanging out to be tortured in any manner you chose. It has the added element of surprise, because the person who's breasts are exposed can't see the person who is torturing the breasts. Dan and Randy pull Pam down from the hanging device, remove her collar, and carry her nearly limp body over to the stockade. I watch tits turn purple after only a few moments after being locked in. Amber and Peg, both grab dial rods from the table and begin to beat Pam's breasts with them. Pam yelps with the pain of each hit, and often winces before she gets hit, expecting it to come at the wrong moment.

I am getting a raging hard on watching this, and see Jame pulling out of Cheryl ass and moving to Jade's mouth. Kita sucks Jame's balls as James mouth fucks Jade slipping further and further down her throat. I listen to her gag again and again, and then ram my cock into Cheryl's, and watch the top of her hole rip. She screams as loudly as I have ever heard anyone scream in my life. No, Please she alternates pleadingly with each thrust into her bleeding asshole.

I look up to see Pam pleading with Amber that she is sorry. Amber is loving every minute of this, and I pull out of Cheryl's ass and walk over to her. I see Randy ram his foot long cock into Cheryl's ass moments after I walk away, and cum streaming from Jade's mouth as James blows his load. I watch Jame's and Kita meet Rene at the couch and begin to stroke and lick Kita's pussy

Amber grabs my cock in both hands and slides it between her thighs. I can feel the heat of her pussy as she slides it back and forth over my cock. I love you , she whispers in my ear, I love that you set this up for me. She squeezes my cock with her thighs and whispers Let me know when you are ready to watch, I'll eat every pussy in the world for you.

I glance around watching everyone getting hornier and think to myself it is almost time, for Amber to break her pussy eating cherry. Dan rams his large cock into Cheryl's ass as Sloan strokes his balls and her pussy with the other hand. Randy cums down Jade's throat and then grabs Layla and walks to the couch. He begins to finger her pussy and listens to her moan as he begins to suck her clit. Steph joins them on the couch, and licks and sucks Layla breasts and nipples as Layla fingers her pussy and rubs her clit.
Lets give your mom her last punishment, I whisper to Amber as Peg and I both begin to play with her pussy.

OK, she moans in ecstasy beginning to wiggle on our fingers.

We pull Pam from the stockade. James helps me carry her over to the same saw horse that we have Cheryl attached too, we chain her in the same position, and the place the fuck machine behind her. Both dildos on the machine are ass big as Pam's forearms. I lube neither of them, and place them near her holes.

You are accused of being an asshole to your daughter, I yell out as everyone looks up. Your punishment is both holes getting fucked by the machine until you pass out. Dan pulls out of Cheryl's leaking asshole and then stuffs his 10 inch cock down Jade's throat, watching it bulge out. I turn on the machine and watch the two forearm sized dildos pump in and out of her , alternating holes every two seconds. Pam writhes and screams in pain. We unhook the other two and throw them naked back into the cooler. They immediately grab each other, for warmth and comfort, as Jade cries into Cheryl's shoulder. I shut the lights off in the cooler, and walk over to where Pam is being pounded in both holes.

This is just your first day, I whisper to Pam chuckling, you have another nine days to regret what you did. I can't wait for you to watch the other two get their turn.

You deserve worse you bitch, Amber says before slapping her mother in the face again, But I have time to think.

We all walk into the adjoining room and sit on the various couches. Amber kisses me deeply and then stands up.

I want to thank all of you for this, I finally feel like I'm free to live my life how I want too. I want to make love to all of you, but for tonight I just want it to be me, Kita, Tonya, and Ty. We have ten days, I promise I'll share my pleasure with all of you, but these three did the most to set this up. I want all of you to watch.

The four of us lay down on the bed and begin to kiss each other. Amber gently begins to rub my cock, as Kita and Tonya kiss deeply. This day is about you, I whisper to Amber, and lay her down on her back. I begin by kissing her thighs, sliding closer and closer to her hot pink pussy. Kita joins me at Amber's pussy, kissing, licking, sucking, kissing each other, as Tonya and Amber kiss each other, and fondle each others breasts. I look around and see that everyone else has paired up into pairs and threesomes.

Amber squirms under Kita and my lips. I feel her juice squirt onto my lips as Amber orgasms for the fist time tonight. Tonya straddles Amber face and holds her legs in the air for me, ass I slid into Amber sopping pussy. Amber moans and then buries her face into Tonya's sweet pussy. Tonya closes her eyes in ecstasy and moans as Amber licks and sucks her newly dripping pussy. I begin to pump Amber's pussy, with my huge cock, and feel her pussy convulsing around it each I hit bottom. Kita and Tonya finger each other as Amber pulls her face from Tonya's dripping pussy .

You taste so good, Amber moans out as I hit bottom again and again, then buries her face back into Tonya's pussy making her gasp.

Tonya and Kita begin sucking and fondling each others tits as they continue to finger each others sopping cunts. Amber tries to arch her back and just shudders as she cums for the second time in five minutes. The women switch places and continue to finger each other, as Amber dives into Kita's pussy. Kita begin to wiggle on Amber's face, arches her back and screams as she has a leans forward a squirts all over Amber's face. squirt like a man Kita, Amber squeaks out as I pound away. She gasps and moans with another orgasm, her tight pussy clenching and unclenching around my stiff cock. Kita climbs off of Amber's face and the women join fingers on Amber's clitoris rubbing firmly and quickly. I know she is about to cum again. They women bend down and take a nipple a piece in there mouths, and suck them like a new born baby.

Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes, Amber screams convulsing on the bed.

I pull out of Amber's pussy and Kita tries to swallow my entire length. I watch my cock bulge in her throat, and then pull it out. Tonya is the next to bob down on my cock, not getting down as far as Kita,but tighting her lips around it and sucking the tip like it was a nipple. Amber climbs over my cock, and slides her asshole down over it. I watch her wince, knowing it hurts, but seeing that she it enjoys it ass well. Tonya and Kita once again each take a nipple and finger Amber's pussy, as she rides my cock with her asshole. Amber feels my cock stiffen in her asshole , climbs off and dives face first onto my cock, trying to swallow it whole as I explode into her mouth. The three of them lick, all the cum from each other and me. We fall into a contented pile on the bed, and lay there listening to our friends fuck around us.

I'm so glad you did this for me, Amber leans over to whisper in my ear. I know that's not all you have in you tonight, just let me know when your ready to ride again cowboy.

I will, I say kissing her forehead.

This is my entry for the Calling all Writers #8 contest, I will finish the story there are another 9 days of punishment left. Any and all comments are appreciated and all votes will be greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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