Valentines Day_(0)

Valentines Day_(0)

Paul, My lover was working on Valentines Day 2005 and was unable to see me so he arranged to take me out for a celebration dinner the following Thursday, that was an evening that I will remember for ever. He took me to an exclusive country restaurant, the type of place with excellent service and serves wild boar and venison. We were shown to a secluded table in a curtained alcove but it was a little disappointed because the table was set for 4 and the waiter did not remove the additional two settings, Paul sat opposite me and smiled, well it was more like a grin 'Shit, he's going to do something stupid like propose'.. A few minutes later he waved to someone that I could not see and said to me, “my friends are here” – ‘Bang goes our romantic Valentines Day meal’ I thought. The waiter ushered his friends to the table and Paul introduced them as Lissa and Ahmeed. Lissa is a very petite and pretty oriental and I guessed she is Pauls ex, Ahmeed is the biggest, blackest, black man that I remember seeing, he is so black that his skin had a dark blue tint and he was built like a mountain, not fat but all muscle that rippled as he moved, he had tribal markings on his face, neck and the back of his hands.

Lissa sat next to Paul and Ahmeed sat next to me, when he turned to speak to me I was fascinated by his neck muscles dancing as he spoke. But I really was annoyed and was ready to dump Paul and leave there and then, he could see that I was about to explode and he leaned across, touched my hand with his fingers and whispered, "Please Sam, this is my Valentine present to you, just feel how big he is and he’s all yours for the evening". I was still pissed but looked at Ahmeed and put my hand on his crotch just out of curiosity, jeez – what a man.

Anyway we ordered food, Ahmeed and I were getting on OK but he was a little difficult for me to understand because his English was thickly accented. He comes from Nairobi and has been in England for a little over 2 years and works with Paul. Paul and Lissa were whispering and giggling quite a lot and giving Ahmeed and me pointed looks. After the main course Paul leaned over to me and whispered that he would get very excited if I got under the table and sucked Ahmeed off for desert. O.K I thought, why not, it's my present so I did. As he got harder it began to get thicker and difficult getting him into my mouth, he is enormous. I walked my hands up his shaft, 4 hand widths bottom to near the top and still a real mouthful and at the base I could only reach just over half of the way round and just below the tip about three quarters round. The glans was a beautiful, deep purple circumcised dome and purple veins stood proud, crisscrossing his huge black shaft. As he started to cum he pushed my head away so he shot into my face. I clambered out from under the table and sat down with semen dripping off my nose, lips and chin, it was dripping onto my cleavage and my new pink top leaving dark wet patches, Paul looked at me and said, "Beautiful, don't wipe it".

Desert and coffee came; the waiter gave me a very strange look and offered me a fresh napkin and was quite taken aback when I refused. When we left I guess that about half the people in the restaurant stopped eating to stare at me, it really turned me on having all those people know that I had sucked at least one of these guys off during our meal. We all arrived back at my place, In the hall mirror I saw why those people stared at me, my breasts chin and nose were glistening, my left cheek, forehead and hair were covered with white streaks of cum and of course there were wet stains on my top.

In my bedroom, Paul pushed me half on and half off the bed took his dick out and screwed me, no foreplay. Alongside Lissa was being fucked by Ahmeed, he must have cum quickly because the next time I looked she was ministering to his flaccid dick. Paul came but kept on fucking me, his dick shrunk a bit but soon he was rock hard again (Usual for Paul). When he was full hard he said, “99, all change” and jumped up, Paul and Ahmeed changed places and Ahmed aimed his gigantic tool at my love hole and started to slide the glans up and down my slit, Paul started to lick Lissa and they moved to a 69 position.

Paul is quite big but I felt my vagina stretch to the limit as the tip of Ahmeeds dick started to enter me. I was well relaxed and lubricated with my own juices and Pauls semen but as he pushed with more force It felt like my vagina was tearing, like he was ripping me apart, I felt every inch forcing my vagina to open more for him. It took few minutes of very painful pressure before he hit bottom, there was nowhere near all of him inside me and I felt absolutely bursting with dick. He began to pull out and I thought he was taking my insides out with him. Just as my lips were closing over his glans he thrust in quite fast, all the way in one “long stroke”, pulled fully out then rammed in hard, he hit my cervix and I screamed, he jerked all the way out again and then in hard, I felt something give I screamed again, god it hurt like hell. Out again and slam back hard and I gave a bit more, with each thrust a little more of that monster disappeared inside me as my cervix gave way to brute force. The next time he hit bottom he just kept pushing, I tensed in a spasm of agony as my cervix popped open, he slid all the way in to his balls. This guy was so deep inside me that part of his dick was actually inside my womb, he pushed until absolutely everything he had was enveloped, then he rested, absolutely still, filling me completely. I could feel an orgasm building from deep in my stomach, I felt cold all over except where his penis was inside me and there was sweat running off my body. He started to twitch, no body movement but flexing his penis inside me, I exploded and then he was fucking me full stroke with thirteen inches of very thick dick, sweat was pouring off me and I was cuming and cuming and cuming.

Paul and Lissa must have stopped chewing on each other because my legs were being lifted off the floor; Ahmeed took hold of my ankles and pushed my legs into the air, spread very wide and fucked and fucked me, his balls slapping on my ass. It must have been Paul that lifted my legs because he appeared from behind Ahmeed and lay on the bed alongside me, kissed me then slid down a bit and began to kiss and massage my breast. He stopped for a moment and whispered something to Lissa, then he turned his head so he could see his friends’ giant dick ramming into his girlfriends cunt. As he licked and nibbled my belly, Lissa climbed on the bed over my head and squatted over my face, she was gaping wide and I could see inside her, she was dripping cum onto my lips, she sat on my face and slid her cunt up and down rubbing her juice and someone’s semen into my face. She stopped sliding, covering my mouth and nose with her sopping wet cunt preventing me from breathing for a few seconds, she was kneading and squeezing my breasts violently, pinching my nipples and part suffocating me in sex. Paul was kissing, licking and biting my lower belly, Ahmeed was ramming that black monster “where no man has been before” and I was cuming like I have never cum before. Not just centring on my clit and just inside my vagina but along the whole sex canal from clit to womb, my whole body was an agony of ecstasy, shuddering with constant orgasm, every time his sulcus flipped past my cervix, his glans rammed into my womb and his pubic bone hit my clit I orgasmed from clit to womb, I started to cum again before the initial rush had finished from his last stroke and it was building up into a crescendo of orgasm on orgasm on orgasm.

Just before I thought I was going to pass out Ahmeed shouted to Paul to move, he pushed my legs up so my knees were together on my chest, he thrust faster and harder until he was moving like a machine, each stroke felt like I was being kicked in the stomach. Lissa covered my face again so I could not breath and Ahmeed rammed in so hard and deep I thought that I would die, I was suffocating, all the orgasms felt as nothing compared to the explosion of rapture erupting through my body as I felt his red hot semen flood into my womb, pulse after pulse of burning cream for what seemed like eternity. Slowly he collapsed onto me, pushed Lissa away, as I gasped for breath he pushed his tongue into my mouth and kissed me, his hard muscular body crushing me as his dick slowly shrank. I felt totally sated, I was exhausted and dripping with sweat, I have never been so utterly fucked in my life,.

After a few minutes Ahmeed said, “OK Paul, see if you can touch the sides” and he pulled out of me and rolled off. I felt hollow and empty inside like a huge void had opened up. Paul stood between my legs and entered me. “Jeez love” he said, “you just sucked me in like you were swallowing spaghetti, you’re gaping wide, I bet you can’t even feel me” and I couldn’t, there was just an empty feeling where Ahmeeds dick should be. Paul fucked me hard and fast and deep (ha!), he put everything into it, but it was funny, all I could do was giggle because even the size he is he kept dropping out.

As I recovered I began to notice my surroundings, Lissa was sucking on Ahmeeds cock for all she was worth and squeezing his balls, it was totally flaccid and she was determined to make it hard again. Ahmeed was just lying there alongside me, exhausted, letting it happen to him. For the first time I noticed that the tribal marks continued to his upper chest and arms. His muscles were taught and quivering, god he must have some strength and he had completely exhausted himself fucking me.

Paul slipped out of me and said, “It’s no use, it’s like throwing a pencil up Oxford street” and he rolled me over and slid his slippery dick it into my ass. I was still fascinated by Ahmeeds body and obviously Lissa was having the effect she wanted because he was getting hard again. When he was full erect she said to him, “You fuck her one more time, yes”. He said “Roll over Paul, bring Sam on top”, so with Paul still in my ass, Ahmeed just rammed his whole length into me, He was thrusting so hard that I was sliding up and down on Paul’s’ dick so as Ahmeeds pubic bone hit mine I slid up Paul’s dick, as he pulled out he pulled me back so Paul slid deep into my ass, it was not long before I could feel Paul’s dick pulsating as he shot his load, he said to Ahmeed that he was done, Ahmeed lifted me up off Paul, Ahmeed was standing upright, his arms around my waist, I was impaled on his dick and lying straight out from his body and he was as steady as a rock. He moved up the bed and lay me down next to Paul; I lifted my legs because I wanted him as deep as possible inside me. He took my ankles again and rested them on one of his shoulders the leaned forward a little and pounded into me for a few strokes then pulled out, again that hollow feeling.

He took aim at my ass, slipped the tip in and then rammed. Shit did I scream, it started in the ultrasonic and ended in Southampton. I’m sure that I felt muscles tear, Paul jumped up and went to pull him off me but I said, “No, no, I’m fine, it’s OK”. Soon the pain subsided and Ahmeed was opening my ass out as much as he had my cunt, I looked down and could see my belly bulge when he pushed in, he was slow and steady, sliding as much of the magnificent shaft into me as he could with his thick fingers massaged my clit and probed my gaping and dripping cunt. I don’t usually come for anal but I did this time, again and again. I flung my head to the right and Paul was hammering away at Lissa, I turned just in time to see his back arch as he came inside her. Ahmeed pulled his dick out of my ass, jumped onto the bed straddling me, held his dick in one hand and pulled my head towards it with the other. He pushed it into my mouth and began to fuck my mouth then he pushed right in so that the head was in my throat and came in great gushes. I gagged and tried to swallow, difficult with a dick in your throat and ended up almost choking with semen dribbling out of my nose

We’d been at it for a couple of hours and I guess everyone was tired so I said that I would make something for supper. First I went into the bathroom to clean up a bit, I probed my vagina and rectum, both were gaping, the muscles stretched so far that they were unable to contract. There was a little blood around my anus so I applied some antiseptic cream, must remember to keep putting it on for a few days.

I went down and made some soup and toast, when I arrived back in the bedroom Paul was not to be seen, Ahmeed was laying on his back on the bed, Lissa was working on his dick (again). She was tying one of her stockings tightly around the base of his dick and his balls, as she pulled tight his dick seemed to grow and every vein bulged, the tip swelled up and became even more livid purple. She looked at me and said, “You ride him now”, I put the tray on the bedside table and straddled him. As I was lowering myself on to his engorged dick, Paul walked in, stood and watched as inch after long inch slid into me. I rode Ahmeed slowly and gently, savouring every inch of his rock hard dick as I slid down and every inch as I rose up. I looked down to watch that wonderful, glistening ebony pole slide pleasurably in and out of my welcoming cunt. As it entered me I could see my stomach swell and when I lifted myself up my stomach shrunk back. I lowered myself until I felt the resistance on my cervix and rested there for a few seconds, then I dropped a little more and ‘plop’ no pain and he was in my womb again. Slowly I dropped all the way so that I was sitting on his thighs. I put my hands behind and took hold of his tightly bound balls; they were hard and constricted with the stocking tightly binding them. I tugged gently down and felt his dick shudder inside me; I relaxed my grip then squeezed and tugged again, then again tighter and harder. Ahmeed was groaning and sighing as I worked on his balls this way and soon he was spurting his thick, potent semen into my womb again. After he has finished I felt my belly, probing with my fingers and could feel the hardness of him well past my navel. I looked at Paul who was standing there masturbating while he watched me. I beaconed to Paul to come over and stand in front of me, he did and I took him in my mouth and began to ride Ahmeed faster and faster. I rose so that he was almost out then dropped right back down. He was beginning to go soft on me but then I felt something hit my back side as I dropped, Lissa had taken Ahmeeds balls into her mouth and was sucking on them while squeezing the base of is cock and pushing down, he began to swell instantly. I sucked on Pauls dick while I rode, rising until the lip around the sulcus plopped out of my womb, then dropped, my cervix juddering as squeezed passed. Almost a miracle, I began to cum with a shuddering orgasm and dropped onto Ahmeed so he was completely inside me as I came, Paul shot into my face and hair and Ahmeed flooded my womb at the same time.

That was it for me, I just could not take anymore, my anus was throbbing and beginning to tighten again, my vagina was a sore gaping wound and my pussy lips were so swollen and sensitive that just touching them made me quiver. My breasts were tender and slightly bruised, my nipples were rock hard and aching, I was completely and utterly sated, ecstatic and exhausted. I just wanted to sleep. Lissa on the other hand had not finished, I staggered into the spare bedroom and dropped onto the bed. I fell into a deep sleep to the sounds of Lissa moaning with pleasure as the boys took turns to fuck her.

I woke with Paul lying asleep next to me, one arm protectively across the top of my head the other resting between my legs. I was sore, like I had just had two orifices reamed out with sandpaper, my stomach ached, my back ached, my legs ached, but I was feeling wonderful. I reached down to his dick and took him in my hand, he moaned, “Ohhh, no more”

I needed the bathroom, when I got out of bed there was the stain of a pool of semen about 8 inches across in a rough heart shape that had leaked out of me while I was asleep. I gave myself a good examination; my rectum was still slack but returning to normal, makes it very easy to have a shit, just sit down and whoosh, you’re empty. My vagina was very sore but seemed to be back to normal but my pussy lips were still swollen and looked bruised and there were definite finger bruises on my breasts which were still tender, especially the nipples. As I sat there voiding waste and semen I decided that I had to write all this down, I will never forget our Valentines Day 2005 celebration but, hey, I’m told that the memory can play tricks on you as you get older.

Footnotes: (written over a week later)

Lissa and Ahmeed had gone when I looked around the house, the bed cover in the main bedroom was stained and stiff in some places, in others where the semen was thickest it was still damp, there were also several red/brown streaks of dried blood where it had been wiped from the guys dicks as they rode in and out of Lissa and me.

When Paul woke up he insisted on examining me, he is a doctor (as is Ahmeed) at the local hospital. The diagnosis, contusion and abrasion of the vagina and anus, a little rectal muscle damage and contusions to both breasts, a couple of bite marks on my stomach, shoulder and neck, all of which will heal nicely within two to three weeks, by which time I should be ready to do it all over again (according to Paul). “Hay lover, give it a bit longer, don’t think I could take too many night like last night without getting addicted” was my reply.

I don’t know if you want to know this but I was six days before my rectal muscles began to return to normal and I needed to strain a little to have a shit, in between times it was an incredible experience just sitting down on the toilet and splash, I’m empty.

When Paul came to visit the following Thursday I was still so sore for any kind of vaginal or anal play was a definite no go, he wound up getting very excited reading this and so I had to give him a blow job (on medical grounds).


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