Off the rack

Off the rack


Derek a college frat buddy called me up he was in town for a very high class event and the airline lost their luggage Would I be able to help them out Told him I was glad to help out and gave him the address to my shop

I got them to drop by and quickly found a suit that would fit Derek off the rack his wife was another matter

Kim was very short and had a marvellous hour glass figure Her pixie face framed in Auburn curls to her shoulders So she would have to stand for a fitting Kim immediately pulled off her jacket and stood on the platform and just yoga pants and a sports bra or figure was shapely from any angle at 34DD 28 36 on a 5’2” frame She had curves for days Derek was talking to her almost commanding to spread her legs to raise your arms without me having to say anything

When they had arrived I noticed that she was very deferential to him As to colour and style of dress she would wear

Once I taken her measurements I requested that she come back in a few hours for a final fitting

I recommended they find some Shapeware and return at that time, when they were gone I prepared a dress that I knew would look stunning a purple velvet, silk lined that would hug her curves like a dream

When they returned Derek told her to do whatever I said he was off another errand and will be back in 90 minutes

Testing her loyalty I had her strip immediately to Gauge if she would want the change room to my surprise she immediately stripped to bare skin As she stood there I told her not to move and with the pretence of re-measuring her I fondle her skin in many places there was no objections and she did not flinch from my touch

Emboldened I leaned in and whispered in her ear he told you to do anything small nod the affirmation I got I then proceeded to have her put on the new lingerie they had brought

A deep purple bra and panties with matching garters and a final piece a deep purple half corset she pulled each piece out she held it up seeking my approval

Once it was all laid out I picked I up the bra and used this opportunity to dress her but unlike the mannikins in the storefront I spent my time and fondling her body as I did so, When she was Fully clad in her lingerie I pulled out my phone and took a single photo I then proceeded to the back and pulled out the dress As soon as she saw her eyes lit up and she gave a little squeal we then proceeded to get her into it and it fit every bit as good as I envisioned She spent more than a few minutes turning and looking in the mirror’s Until I brought her attention back to The Stockings to complete her outfit

I was wondering how I could prolong My access to this woman when she made an unhappy sound

She had put the ladder in The stocking I seized on this immediately asking What have you done I don’t know if I have another pair that will match this well you will have to be punished

The look on her face as she dropped her knees and all but begged for me to please punish her, don’t let my husband he will be so disappointed in me he told me to obey you and all things till he returns

I had her bring me a chair set it down so that it was facing the front window I proceeded to sit and have her stand to my right

I had her hike up the dress and pull down her panties and then bend over my knee the sight was intoxicating The purple garter belt framing her ass the ladder stockings and the warmth of your body against my legs.

As you have only ruined one stocking and they are $40 a pair I am going to give you 20 with my hand as your punishment

A meek yes sir was all the encouragement I needed to proceed Count was all I said as I slowly but firmly started my hands action

On the 4 count I felt a wet spot on my leg but not knowing if it was Precum from me or If this was as I suspected exciting for her On the next strIke I pushed a finger between her thighs I am came out very wet so I pushed her knees further apart for better access For the next few strikes I would rub her cunt after each stroke soon after the 10th stroke kim started to moan This kept up till her moan became quite feverish and her bottom started to squirm on my lap Virtually on the 20th stroke She cried out out and fell off my lap to the floor cumming I quickly grabbed some Kerchiefs and pressed them between her thighs no sense ruining the dress and after a few she got to her knees And looked up at me From under those Auburn curls With a fire and lust that fed my own

Kim reached up and released my cock from My pants still looking up at me she opened her mouth and took me inside she took me in and out quickly at deeply with almost a frenzy Far too soon I was ready to blow and I warned her she had better not let any get on the dress She locked her lips around the head of my cock and just grinned as i fill her mouth and never spilling a drop She sat back on her heels and checked the sides of her mouth with her fingers and broke into a Cheshire cat grin’s and proceeded to tuck my member back in my pants Once decent I watched her Wiggle back into her panties went to the counter and procured another pair of purple stockings These she put on with utmost care smoothing down the dress checking everything in the mirrors

She was just slipping on the shoes when Derek reappeared in the doorway

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