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Bait and Switch Ch. 16

By the time Lela was done explaining the entire situation to my sister, I was exhausted, and could barely keep my eyes open, though Summer seemed to get oddly excited by the whole ordeal. For some reason the two females seemed to get along just fine, despite being from different species, much less planets. I don't remember getting back to my mom's house, much less falling asleep. The front door slamming woke me up. I figured it was just mom finally getting home from up north, and I tried to roll over, but I ran into something. Or rather, someone. My...


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My sons in love with me 2

I’m a shameful mother, what kind of monster am I? I let my 16 year old son take me into Taking his virginity. I felt sick and since that day I have not human Right to speak. To call myself a mother! I-I could say no, The thought of him losing it to trashy slut. But looks who’s talking, I stared at the sink, I’ve been here 20 minutes. I felt so blue, sad, I had already finished washing the dishes what ells am I good for now. I felt arms wrap around my stomach and soft curved Lips kiss my...


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Brother's Incestous Bet Chapter 8: Little Sister's Horny Passion

Brother's Incestuous Bet (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Eight: Little Sister's Horny Passion By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Maria Reenburg I was trembling in delight as Mom sat down at the conference table in my father's office at the State Capitol building. His secretary, that whore-bitch Vanessa, was sitting across from Mom, the cunt looking arrogant like she had nothing to fear. She had her arms crossed beneath her boobs, lifting those fake tits and thrusting them out before her, her stretchy top barely constraining them. A haughty sneer curled her lips, her ebony face appearing unafraid. She hardly glanced at the...


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Living The Dream - Chapter 2

I woke early the next morning in Katie's bed. The first thing I was aware of was Katie, laying down the bed a little, her hand slowly stroking my morning erection. I smiled down at her. Good morning, I said, causing her to look up at me. Good morning, she said, leaning up and kissing me. I've been waiting for you to wake up. You have, I asked with a chuckle. And why is that? Because, I'm eager to begin fulfilling our fantasy, she said and she got up and walked to her bedroom door. I admired her sexy, nude body...


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My Photogenic Mom Chapter 2_(0)

2 Michael’s first objective was to get a few of the pictures in Kathy Thompson’s hands. After that was accomplished the rest would be easy. He went to the church and took the envelope with the pictures out of his pocket. He was not worried about the pictures being traced to him. He knew that very shortly Kathy would know exactly who took the pictures. It was important that she thought she was the only one he had contacted. Michael left the church after taping the pictures under the last pew. He went to the pay phone at the gas station...


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New Family Secrets V

Sorry it's been so long but I'm back now... Enjoy New Family Secrets V I lifted my head in time to see these two beautiful women crawling up on either side of me. Misty on my left and Kara on my right, as they leaned across me to kiss each other hungrily. I reached up and took Misty's breast in one hand and Kara's in my other and tried to suck the nipples of both into my mouth at once, licking and kissing around and on both nipples. Misty reached down and started rubbing my balls while Kara started rubbing my...


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How my sister made me cum - without knowing it

The following is not a story I'm necessarily proud of. It isn't a very long story either, for the actual event lasted for a very short time indeed. It is awkward, it is little flattering, and, perhaps, it is even a bit wrong. It is, however, a true story, one that happened a while ago, and because I think some might actually like it, I am willing to describe it to every last detail. And thus, without further ado, I present to you the story of how I accidentally came all over my sister - and managed to get away with...


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The Succubus Chapters 5-6

Chapter 5 2 weeks later The incubi have been defeated thanks to my new power, and they are our slaves. The whore house has just opened and we are waiting for our first customer. We get our first customer, an older man looking about 65, and he walks up to my desk. I ask, “What kind of girls do you like. Specify age, race, and anything else you want about your girl.” He looks surprised and says, “You have that many girls?” “You don’t know the half of it,” I say with a smile. “Okay, fine then. I want a white...


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Date Rape Drug

Fbailey story number 733 Date Rape Drug It started out innocent enough but sure changed in a hurry. I had invited three of my friends over for the afternoon to plan our science project. The teacher paired us up but that was fine because I had known all three since we started school, years ago. We didn’t hang out together because I was a nerd, Jim and Bob were jocks, and Hank was just a pervert. My mother and sister had been out shopping and asked me to help them carry bags in from the car. The guys took one look...


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My cousin_(0)

When i was 17 i went on holiday with my parents and our aunt and uncle and their two daughters. My cousin (emma) who had just turned 16 the day before was always flirting with me and i was enjoying it alot. Well one day everyone had gone out and left me and emma at the camp site. emma was wearing a short grey skirt and was lying on a sun lounger. When i sat down i could see up her skirt and i saw her white knickers. she noticed me looking and never made an attempt to cover herself up...


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